DISNEY COLLEGE PROGRAM: the shit they don't really tell you. PART 6.


Okay so Disney World has a long never ending list of shit you can get termed for. Unfortunately, they don’t really tell you all of it and some DCPers had to find out the hard way that some things they thought they were allowed to do, were not okay. Aside from the obvious underage drinking type ones, ill tell you guys the not-so-obvious ones too, so you can make sure you don’t make a mistake that can cost you your program.

FYI: THESE ARE NOT ASSUMPTIONS OR JUST “SHIT I HEARD.” these are actual reasons, that people i actually know, actually got termed for.

This is one of the main reasons people get termed. There are two types of call-ins; Sick or Personal. Some locations say you can go to the parks if you call in personal, some locations say you can’t go to the parks no matter what kind of call-in you make. I don’t think anyone even knows for sure, but I’ve seen people get in trouble either way. DO NOT use your cast member ID for ANYTHING if you call-in. You can’t get into the parks from backstage if you call-in. And your locations WILL check. You CAN go to downtown Disney, just be sure not to use your ID number for any discounts. You can show them your ID if it’s a third party store (like the harley davidson store, or one of the non disney clothes stores) but don’t use it at a store that sells disney merch that disney cast members work at.

Okay, this is the actual main reason people get termed. If you’re going to drink underage, you better be smart about it. DO NOT let anyone take pictures of you holding ANY type of drink or with ANY type of drink in the picture. My first program they called 16 of us into the housing office because someone saw a picture on Facebook of one of my friends with a box of beer in the background of his picture. We all would have gotten termed but he took the blame for it and went home instead. I’ve had friends who had snapchats of them drinking screenshotted and shown to Disney. You can’t trust none of these hoes. Don’t let people take pictures of you no matter how on point your outfit looks. Also, don’t stumble into your apartment complex obviously shitfaced. I had a friend get termed for this too.

This one is fucked up because if your parents come visit and you want to buy merchandise with your discount, you CAN NOT let a cashier see you take the money or credit card from your parents hand. A friend of mine bought over $1000 worth of merchandise, the cashier saw him get a credit card from his mom and wrote down his ID number and he was termed the next day. He didn’t even realize he was doing something wrong. Make sure you get the credit card or money from your parents before you go into the store.

If you lie about being convicted of something or whatever on your initial application, and they find out when they run your background check, you will be termed the first day. Even if its something that happened a long time ago. Don’t lie!!

This one is fucked up too because I had no idea they could do this until it happened to my friend. The Disney housing security apparently smelled weed outside their doorway at 4am. They literally banged on the door at 4am and woke them all up. They then made all of the girls go into the living room while they rummaged through ALL OF THEIR SHIT IN THEIR BEDROOMS. I mean ALL of their shit including their underwear drawers . They can straight up violate your shit and look through whatever they want to look through. Its fucked up but they are allowed to do whatever they want. Just be careful.

Don’t post anything negative about your job, disney, a co-worker, a roommate, ANYTHING on the internet. Anyone can turn anything around and Disney literally shows no mercy. Don’t hashtag “disney problems” or anything. A friend of mine posted a meme with mickey mouse giving the middle fingers or some shit like that, and a co-worker of hers turned it around and said she posted it about her and she got termed. She later got un-termed because someone else stuck up for her and its a long story but just dont post stupid shit or anything negative about Disney on the internet. They have people whos literal JOB is to search the internet for shit like that and its really not worth it.

Do not EVER walk around the parks EVER with your Blue disney ID showing on your lanyard. If a manager or anyone sees this and is feeling extra asshole-ish that day, they can have you termed. (Managers are allowed to wear theirs, but if you see a fellow CP with theirs showing, be nice and tell them to put it away because sometimes people forget!)

If you are going into the parks on your off-day, you are considered a guest and must enter and exit the same way the guests do. Technically. Most CPs don’t follow this rule. I got screamed at by Epcot security backstage for doing this, and YES it is grounds for termination, so be careful. If you end up getting caught, just say you worked earlier and changed so you can play in the parks, or you had to go to costuming, or your costume is in your locker and you’re changing for work.

This one is obvious, if you get caught sneaking people into an apartment complex you will get termed, but the security guards DO do random trunk checks on occasion, so don’t put anyone in your trunk. Also, I heard my first program people got termed for going into the complex sitting in the bed of a truck, obviously not trying to sneak in.

Apparently you’re not allowed to have another job while you’re on the DCP. People still do it, just don’t post about it online anywhere.

If you use your maingate passes to get people into the parks, you’re supposed to stay with them. Disney has a creepy way of knowing if you stay with them or not. Don’t be obvious and let them in and walk in with them and then turn around and exit right away.

I don’t know how the HELL my first program roommate got away with selling literally all of hers, but the amount of people that got caught selling theirs my second program was ridiculous.

If you go out to eat or anything with co-workers after work, make sure you take your nametags off! You can get in troubsssss.

By this I mean, stay the fuck awake. If you fall asleep at work (Lifeguards, Attraction Tower positions, etc) You will get termed on the spot. Having your phone out at work too can get you termed on the spot. Also, my friend in QSFB was termed for LEANING ON THE COUNTER AND NOT SMILING although he was already in deep shit at his job and they hated him. Just be a good worker and if you’re not one, fake it.

If you fuck with the curfew rules, obviously you can get termed. Like if you are caught leaving Vista at 3am and you’re housing ID says patterson. Security doesnt really check when you’re walking out of the complex but just pretend youre on the phone so they don’t say anything to you.

Unless you’re housekeeping, you don’t get to keep any tippys. If you do and someone knows about it and rats you out, you’re done.

Yep. Dont do that.

Thats all I can think of for now. Aside from the obvious attendance reprimand stuff, which can be slightly confusing SO if anyone has questions about that let me know!





DCP: Choosing Roommates

My advice about choosing roommates, plus everything you need to know about housing and the roommate application process for the Disney College Program. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

DISNEY COLLEGE PROGRAM: The shit they don't really tell you. PART 3.


Hopefully this post will help you decide the perfect apartment complex for you, and hopefully it will make you feel better about being placed in one that you didn’t want to live in. I’ve lived in two out of the four, but I’ve been to all of them. They’re all wonderful.

I’m going to start with Vista Way because this place totally and completely has my heart, and it’s where most of you will probably end up. If VW wasn’t your first choice (It wasn’t mine) but you we’re placed here and for some reason you’re upset about it…stop. Stop right now. Wipe your tears, you lucked out. Vista Way is the place where you meet people that will forever change your life. Its where the party doesnt stop until the sun comes up. Its where all of the internationals live. (And trust me, they are the greatest friends you will make.) It’s where all the buses are at. It used to be where the hot tubs were but they removed them this week. Its where I fell in love for the first time in my life. It’s where all of the brazilians came to my apartment to party. Its where we punched holes in walls and broke glass bottles and threw pumpkins off the third floor. I will never ever forget living here. It was the greatest experience and blessing I could have ever asked for.

If you’re one of the last arrival groups, count on being placed in Vista. Vista is the oldest and biggest complex, so yeah, the inside of the apartments are really shitty. Here’s what mine was like when we first moved in. I was apartment 3903, ground floor, all the way in the back. The microwave had no handle. The fridge was broken. The Dishwasher door was hanging off. There was no modem. The towel racks were not existent. The couch had a hole in it where a coil stuck out and if you leaned back you get impailed. There was a dorito under my bed, The kitchen had cracks in the floor and muddy water would come up. The toilet overflowed when we weren’t home. There were roaches. I could go on forever. We were on a first name basis with the maintenance men….for all the time they spent fixing out apartment up, they should have been paying rent too. Can you believe I still love this place? We made our apartment into one of the nicest ones in VW. It is in no way luxurious, in fact, theres such little storage in the kitchen that my roommates bought a bookshelf for their room to keep their stuff. But it is the most fun place to live in Disney. I know some people aren’t into that, but if you get placed in Vista involuntarily, just know that its an amazing place, and you’re going to make friends from all over the world.

other info:
The pool is nice (theres 2), The gym is do-able, if you’re nice to the front desk people they’ll come back to your apartment and kill the roach for you…or help you mop up when you accidentally put dish soap in the dishwasher (MY BAD). Theres a beach volleyball net, Tennis courts, basketball court (poppin at night), Service center is in building 21 and if you go in they’ll give you free cookies. Theres a chick fil-a, wendys, walgreens, chevron, applebees, 711, cici’s, and a ton of other places IN WALKING DISTANCE. (Friends, you can walk to buy liquor.) Most of the apartments are still wood floors, some were renovated with carpet. The third floor apartments have a huge high ceiling and giant window, which rocks, but theres no balconies. 3 bedroom apartments have only 2 bathrooms. There are washing machines in each buildings first floor, a lot of them don’t work. Nice people will leave notes on the broken ones. Its easy as anything to sneak people into Vista passed the curfew. Theres ALWAYS an afterparty. Don’t be afraid to call maintenance for literally ANYTHING. thats what they’re there for and its what you pay for. If you have problems. Call them.
—-If you like to party, if you like to meet people, if you like going to the gym, if you value new friendships more than luxury, if you’re not high maintenance and you like to have a good time, if you want your college experience to be absolutely unforgettable, if you have off every monday night (ill explain why later..), you want to live in Vista.—

I lived in Chatham for my first CP and I loved it. Its beautiful. The apartments are carpeted. The fridges are bigger than Vistas. You get a whole pantry closet in the kitchen. 3 bedroom apartments have a bathroom in EVERY BEDROOM HALLELUJAH AND THEYRE HUGE. The pool is absolutely beautiful, the gym is TINY (better off using Pattersons). Most of the housing events are in Chatham. Theres a bus stop. You can walk to patterson and the commons. You can walk to the outlets. All apartments have balconies. Theres beach volleyball. Its a really nice place to live. When I lived there, we partied all the time. Security at Chatham is more uptight, the VW security guards rock. I hear its quieter nowadays. My Fall program I didn’t go to Chatham ever, but there was always Chatham kids hanging out at Vista. Its definitely nicer inside than Vista, but it’s much quieter. Certain buildings have washing machines so you have to walk a little with your laundry but its no big deal really. Its right across from Mickeys Retreat (where lifeguards take their Ellis course and theres pools and boating and stuff)
—If you like occasional parties, like to have nice things, dont feel like sharing a bathroom with 3 others, like a quieter complex, like to go to bed early, like to focus more on work, not really into the whole party all night thing, you’ll love Chatham.—

The newest complexes. This place looks like a fucking resort. Palm trees everywhere, gorgeous apartments, Beautiful pool, Big gym, balconies for every apartment. Guys. Patterson is literally a dream. You have to walk to the chatham bus stop but its just down the street. Theres really no party life here, its very very quiet, but super beautiful. The inside of the apartments are pretty and new. Often referred to as the “retirement community.” It feels like you’re on vacation. I ran from Vista to Patterson to use their gym a ton of times. Its about 2.5 miles one way, and you can also walk to the outlets from here, as well as Walgreens, Publix, the Post office, and a few other places
—If you’re all work and no play, if you dont drink or party, if you want a nice apartment and dont mind the quietness, if you’d rather stay home and hangout than go out, if you literally want to feel like you’re living in a resort, you’ll love Patterson—

Commons is really nice inside too, but probably my least favorite, appearance-wise. The cool thing about Commons is that every apartment has a Washing Machine in it, a lot of events are here, it used to be where the internationals lived, but now they mostly live in Vista, though some are still placed here. They’re fairly new, Similar to Chatham. Right next to Chatham and Patterson so you can walk to the outlets and all that from here too. There’s a bus stop, its nice. It’s “eh.” The pool is nice, its not too loud, I never really hung out here at all.
—If you have a shit ton of clothes and want to be able to do your laundry anytime in your own apartment, if you like quiet, if you like meeting people from other countries but aren’t into partying in apartments too much, you’ll love the Commons—

Okay I hope that answered some of your questions about which apartment complex is best for you, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!!

My apartment in vista during Christmas…
External image

Coming sooooon: Party Bus, Happy Mondays, other things that count.


Chatham’s over there!

Every CP should know this song!


Revenge of the Disney EmployeeSwoozie

This is the video that the “vista wayyyyyyyy” reference originated from!

Chronicles of a Cast Member

Episode XI 
A guide for the Disney College Program:
Where should I live?

For those who are reading this and are going to the DCP… CONGRATULATIONS! 

This post is both a story and information for future CP’s who don’t know which housing complex to choose.

I had a rare opportunity to live in 2 apartment complexes and had 3 roles during my program. So I have a lot of knowledge regarding this issue.

Choosing either Vista Way, Chatham Square, or Patterson Court is as difficult as a choice between picking Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. 

I lived in both Patterson Court and Chatham Square so I’ll give you pros and cons of those and some second-hand knowledge of Vista Way.

Patterson Court
As you may have heard, they are the newest of the 3. The apartment complex is much quieter than the others, and it feels like a legit apartment complex. Not many trees around and it’s kinda bland with the colors. However, the kitchen is much larger than Chatham and so is the family/dining room. The appliances are relatively new as well as you’ll have a couple extra storage closets that I noticed Chatham lacked. The Pool/gym/and offices are also centralized making it easier for anyone to walk a short distance. 

I think the main reason some would be deterred from choosing Patterson is the bus stop location. This complex does not have a bus stop as you have to walk to Chatham to get on the bus. It’s about a 2-4 minute walk to the bus stop so those hot and long days at work don’t get much better when you’re walking home. It lacks that homey feeling that some people would like. The speed bumps are horrendous! I apologized to my car after ever bump! 

Chatham Square

It has that homey feeling with all the trees and people walking around. The bus stop is literally just outside your complex so there should be no reason why you shouldn’t take the bus. I mean $5 for a gallon of gas??? Disney hosts many events in the fields inside and across the street of Chatham Square which makes it really easy for you to go to. I noticed the bedrooms in Chatham are slightly bigger than Patterson’s.

The pool and offices are in separate locations. The pool being on one side of the complex so if you live on the opposite side, the incentive isn’t as glamourous. It’s the most chosen of the 3 complexes so the day you check in, ARRIVE EARLY so you can get the apartment complex you want. The kitchen/family room/dining room are noticeably  smaller than Patterson’s. I also ran into some issues with the appliances in Chatham, but that was just my apartment.

Vista Way

Take note: I never lived in Vista Way so again, this is second hand knowledge

You also have a bus stop, but this time it’s inside your complex. It’s also the main bus hub so if you happen to be running late, the bus usually hangs around Vista for about 5 minutes while they change bus drivers or to have a coffee break or something. This is also the cheapest complex to live in. It’s also the only complex with a basketball court, which I was sad the other 2 didn’t. If I’m not mistaken, every building has a laundry room rather than a separate building like Chatham and Patterson. You can also hear the Disney fireworks from your room when living in Vista as well ^_^

Don’t listen to what everyone says about Vista Way. It’s a nice place and that’s where you’ll be checking in and if you have any questions regarding your program. I don’t know many cons about Vista as I have never lived there but I hope this helps your decision a bit more.

In the end, when I choose where to live, I would choose Patterson Court. I felt much more comfortable there with a bigger kitchen (I like cooking) and a bigger family room (I brought and will bring Rock Band). However, I wouldn’t mind living in Chatham again.

For those of you who are going for the Fall 2012 season, I’ll be seeing you there! 

Much love future and current CM and CP’s,

Jimmy Love

DCP Apartments - Part One!

I got a request to give out some info on Disney Apartments So here is part one. It’s more about how you request your preferences and prices. Part two will be more about the differences between them regarding what each of them has to offer :)
This is all information from the Disney Blogs if you want to find the page where I got the information from.

10 days before your arrival date, Disney will e-mail you a link to access DORMS (Disney Onsite Resident Management System).

There you will be able to request;

  • Apartment Community (apartment complex)
  • Unit size
  • Name(s) and roommate number(s) of individuals with whom they would like to live

Disney’s Program Blog says, “We will do our best to accommodate all preferences, but we cannot guarantee any specific placement requests.” so keep that in mind. You may request Chatham, but you could get Vista Way. 

The site to request roommates will look like this;

There are four different apartment complexes;
Vista Way
Two Bedroom = $96.00 a week
Three Bedroom = $86.00 a week
Chatham Square
One Bedroom = $101.00 a week
Two Bedroom = $101.00 a week

Three Bedroom = $91.00 a week
Four Bedroom = $91.00 a week
Patterson Court
One Bedroom = $101.00 a week
Two Bedroom = $101.00 a week

Three Bedroom = $91.00 a week
The Commons
One Bedroom = $105.00 a week
Two Bedroom = $105.00 a week

Three Bedroom = $93.00 a week
Four Bedroom = $93.00 a week

The form on DORMS to make your requests looks like this;

Your housing payments are due every week. (That is why the prices are listed per week). Your payments will be taken directly out of your paychecks! I believe that if you want to pay your apartment upfront you can. I also believe that if you had to miss days a work and your paycheck will not cover that weeks rent, you can just pay it out of pocket at an office down there. 

Stay tuned for Part Two :) 

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Revenge of the Disney Employee

Where is your house?

Okay so I know it’s Sunday, I promised this on Wednesday. Very sorry my internet has been the pits and I was gone this whole weekend, but without further a do! Here is your housing options for College Program. 


Well you have 3 choices if you’re a CP! You have Vista Way the original housing complex, you have Chatham Square, and the newest addition Patterson Court. If you’re on the ICP program CRP you are eligible for The Commons only. So let’s get started! All housing has options for 2 people up to 6 in an apartment, they aren’t co-ed so boys and girls can’t live in the same apartment BUT they can surely live on the same floor and building. All housing has 24 hour security and there are bus stops as well as computer labs and you can rent books and movies. You have pools and tennis courts as well as basketball courts and a gym. So you have plenty of options for the night. WARNING: The Commons is not serviced by the Magic Kingdom bus, if you live there and want to go to the Magic Kingdom you have to walk to Chatham. Also between the hours of 8AM and Midnight (I think it is, if not it’s 11) you can travel freely between complexes, no overnight guests etc etc. (if you guys want I can show you how to bend the rules a teeny teeny bit let me know?)

Vista Way. Oldest and First CP housing (post Snow White Village). 

So Vista Way is the cheapest out of the housing. When I lived there, I lived with 5 other girls and paid 77 dollars for my rent. It’s located off of Apopka and Vineland so next time you drive you can see it, and you usually spot it as you come off of I-4. 

Vista is where you sign in when you first arrive, so all CP’s have to pass through this housing complex. This complex has a reputation for partying, boozing, it being loud, dirty and old. 

It’s not the case, some of the apartment’s are actually well kept. Some aren’t, I had the misfortune of having one that wasn’t in the best shape and we had some issues with mold and such. It happens like it would anywhere else, you have to take the bad with the good. 

The good part about Vista that if you are social, you can for sure meet people and be able to make some great friends. We used to walk from our apartment to our friend’s and spend the night there playing games and such, it was a lot of fun. The good thing about Vista is that there are always people out and you can talk to them. 

ALSO WARNING: Vista has retention ponds, I don’t know what they are little lakes? But they tend to smell a bit since they are standing water, I know when I was on my CP they were gnarly I have heard they have been cleaned up since. But still I wouldn’t edge too close to them or fall in. 

Though it’s a double edged sword, some nights the partying is really loud so you may lose a bit of sleep. And security is a bit dimwitted, I had them knock on my apartment about a noise complaint that never occurred because we were sleeping. But it happens and you deal with it. 

I like Vista because it’s social. You can always make new friends and spend time with them, the best part about Vista it has the bus stop inside which is awesome (there’s that rule bending again). 

Vista is also located next to a Walgreens, a gas station, the Chick-Fil-A and a Bennigans (I don’t know if it’s closed), so you can get some essentials at Walgreens to hold you over till your next Wal-Mart or Publix trip. Also with Vista if you like to party the infamous Party Bus picks you up right in the Walgreens parking lot which is nice. 

External image

Chatham Square. Post Vista. Located near Mickey’s Retreat. Shared bus stop. Both Patteron and Chatham are located in Little Lake Bryan. 

Little Lake Bryan is right off of Apopka and Vineland to the right hand side as if you were going towards the crossroad shopping center and Downtown Disney. It’s a lot quieter back there and right near by is the Professional Intern housing. 

So Chatham is a newer the Vista obviously, and it is a bit nicer in some sense. The housing is the same as mentioned above. The difference with this one is that fact it is newer. It does have it’s stains, and odd smells too like I said it happens with every apartment. 

It’s 10 dollars more to my knowledge but it is quieter. Chatham is a lot more quiet than Vista also the laundry facilities are located in a building at Vista they are located on the first floor of each apartment. Another fact about Chatham is that it is located near Mickey’s retreat. It shares an external bus stop with Patterson and security isn’t as dimwitted I have heard. 

External image

Patterson Court. Newest housing. 

Patterson is located right next to (albeit behind since the entrance is pushed back on a cul-du-sac) Chatham Sqaure. It is the most expensive of the 3 since it is the newest. Like Chatham it’s a lot newer and a nicer than Vista. I can’t say it has the odd stains and smells, because the one time I went the apartment smelt so new it didn’t seem to have time to have a weird stain. 

It’s quiet like Chatham and shares it’s bus stop with it. Patterson also has the nicest pool complex out of all the housing, making it the best spot for CP parties. 

I can’t say too much about Patterson since I was only there one time. Any input on Patterson from former CP’s it is appreciated. 


External image

The Commons. Little Lake Bryan. International housing. 

There isn’t much I can say about CRP housing being that I never went in or had a reason to be there with the exception of one time. It’s really nice from the outside as you can see. I also know the A Bus (Services Magic Kingdom, West Clock, and TTC (Ticket and Transportation Center) does not service this housing. 

Here is the only thing I know about this one, the bus stop is in after security and also you can cross to the outlet’s from there. I know the housing is nice because it’s relatively new, and I know it’s probably priced between Chatham and Patterson. 

If there is anyone who can talk more about this housing please contact me. 

So that is it on housing, if you have any questions don’t be afraid to contact me. If you have anything to input please let me know so I can add more information. Or address housing better. 

TIP TIP TIP! Here is a tip: All the beds suck, doesn’t matter where you live the beds are terrible. So if you can bring a mattress pad or purchase one DO it, it will save you a headache and the back ache plus they make a terrible squeaking noise when you move on them without it. 

Good Luck!

(Credit for the housing sign photos to their respective owners)

Check In Day!

Okay, so you’ve done it. You’ve paid your fees, scheduled your classes, finished everything on DORMS, and the day has come. It’s time to head to Vista Way for check in!

First things first. You’ll be given some paperwork to let you on to Vista Way’s grounds. You’ll be given a time to come in to get all of your papers processed. THIS IS WHEN YOU FIND OUT WHERE YOU’LL BE WORKING AND GETTING YOUR RESIDENT ID SO LOOK PRETTY AND IN DISNEY LOOK! If you don’t know what that is, check out THIS page. Now remember, your parents and friends that aren’t doing the program can’t be with you in the check-in building but they can wait with the other parents and friends! And don’t worry, everyone else is really nervous too, so take a chance to meet some people, strike a conversation up, you might meet a good friend to go to the parks with!

I know when I did my first program, I wanted to know EVERYTHING I could before I went but there wasn’t much out there, so I’ll try to do my best and retell the story…

I woke up about an hour earlier than I should have. I had picked up my roommate from the airport the night before and he was up too. We left the condo at about 8AM even though we were supposed to check in around 9AM. It gave us plenty of time to find out where we were going, which wasn’t too hard to find. There were signs everywhere. 

Once we got to Vista Way, we showed security our papers and we headed to the far back. We parked and got in line. There were a few people already waiting too and once we got to the door, we were given our Program Guides.

After getting inside of the building, we were separated by last names and we got our itineraries for the next few days. It also had where I would be working (Magic Kingdom but didn’t tell me what ride. I wouldn’t find out until my Be our Guest for our Guest class at the mouseketeria.). We then moved to get our keys to where we’d be staying and who it was with. I found out it was Patterson and I was pleased. I really didn’t care where I was. 

After that, we went into groups and had someone explain the disney look, go over some i9 forms and all that fun stuff. We then talked a bit about our schedules and when we would go to Casting, Traditions, and all that fun stuff. I was nervous I was going to not know where to go, I was going to be late places, but literally, it was so easy. There was always someone helpful to tell us where to go! And it helped I had a roommate with me…

But I luckily didn’t have to go to Casting yet. I had a chance to go back to my new apartment and drop all of my stuff off! Brandon had to go to Casting first. I unpacked a little bit and I was the first one there so I got to choose my bedroom. 

After that, I headed back to where my friends and family was staying and took the rest of the night off before I had to go to Casting in the morning!