I miss this place like crazy. I miss having five other roommates, personally it was an interesting learning experience living with five other girls. Sometimes you where not looking forward coming home depending on how people where treating each other, or just to a crazy scene you could not explain whatsoever if you tried. There where days where you where very homesick, had a long day, and just felt down walking into seeing five smiling faces. Sometimes it was fun to be the first person home from work, and welcome everyone back.

But the kitchen and the living room/dinning room area was the best place in the apartment. Lot of bonding going on in there. Late six in the morning talks surrounded around the coffee table like you where the cast of Friends in the coffee shop. Whenever you had guests it was a big gathering. Those where the moments where I never minded sitting on the floor because it was uncomfy, I was surrounded with my family that is my far away from home family, the only ones who understand what it is like to be on the program. Where you could have conversations with only them because they know what this world is like, unlike your family in the outside the bubble.

I never seen pictures that sum up these apartments in Vista Way so much. I have a feeling it was someone taking pictures to show their friends, family, and also the world what the apartments looked like that they where living in. I can still feel the ground, I can still smell the smell of the coach and chair. I can still feel touching the fridge, stove, counter, dishwasher, and the kitchen sink. I can probably guess which cabinets the glasses, bowls, and the plates are. What door probably the silverware is.

Sorry I wrote like an essay, but I seriously miss these apartments a lot!

DCP Apartments - Part One!

I got a request to give out some info on Disney Apartments So here is part one. It’s more about how you request your preferences and prices. Part two will be more about the differences between them regarding what each of them has to offer :)
This is all information from the Disney Blogs if you want to find the page where I got the information from.

10 days before your arrival date, Disney will e-mail you a link to access DORMS (Disney Onsite Resident Management System).

There you will be able to request;

  • Apartment Community (apartment complex)
  • Unit size
  • Name(s) and roommate number(s) of individuals with whom they would like to live

Disney’s Program Blog says, “We will do our best to accommodate all preferences, but we cannot guarantee any specific placement requests.” so keep that in mind. You may request Chatham, but you could get Vista Way. 

The site to request roommates will look like this;

There are four different apartment complexes;
Vista Way
Two Bedroom = $96.00 a week
Three Bedroom = $86.00 a week
Chatham Square
One Bedroom = $101.00 a week
Two Bedroom = $101.00 a week

Three Bedroom = $91.00 a week
Four Bedroom = $91.00 a week
Patterson Court
One Bedroom = $101.00 a week
Two Bedroom = $101.00 a week

Three Bedroom = $91.00 a week
The Commons
One Bedroom = $105.00 a week
Two Bedroom = $105.00 a week

Three Bedroom = $93.00 a week
Four Bedroom = $93.00 a week

The form on DORMS to make your requests looks like this;

Your housing payments are due every week. (That is why the prices are listed per week). Your payments will be taken directly out of your paychecks! I believe that if you want to pay your apartment upfront you can. I also believe that if you had to miss days a work and your paycheck will not cover that weeks rent, you can just pay it out of pocket at an office down there. 

Stay tuned for Part Two :) 

Funny thing about CP security...

On Sunday, I had gone after work to change at my friends apartment in Vista, before going to Epcot. I was in the car, while she filled out the paper so I could be let in. One of the security guards was behind my car taking my license plate, then she comes up knocking on my window, I thought I was in trouble or something! So I open my door, and she’s like “when did you finish your CP?” HOW THE HECK DID SHE KNOW I DID THE CP?

Well I answer her, and then another security guard comes up and he was like “I knew I remembered you!”

Turns out he still remembered me…. Almost 6 months later. Then again, he was the one I usually saw at Chatham.


The Vista Way song<3

Moved out of Vista today

And thus ends my summer. I have panic attacks when I think about it, because this routine has settled into my life, and these people that I hang out with are my people - such a strange smattering of people from all over the world, all over the parks and resorts, all over Orlando - and to imagine next week not continuing with them makes my chest feel tight and I stop breathing for a second. Most of them will continue on here, with the life that I have chosen, and it’s like a death of sorts to leave this chaos.

I learned a lot about myself this summer. So much. A frightening amount. A lot of people dissapointed me, but more importantly, some people surprised me, and it’s worth the heartache and tears for that moment when people can positively surprise you.

I had guests throw up on me and hug me in the same day (once it was the same guest… too many grand marnier slushie’s from Epcot’s France Pavillion). I’ve had guests tell me their life stories, on countless occasions, which can be heartbreaking and inspiring. I’ve had guests make confessions of love, and I’ve also been so hungover in the Florida heat at work that it took all I could to not hurl all over everybody.

I love my co-cast. They understand the unique situations we go through on a daily basis. They can laugh and cry with me and go to IHOP at 2 am and bitch about brazillian tourists with grabby hands right along with me.

I watched Wishes in the Magic Kingdom and cried my face off with my arrival group. I am not a crier, but my life here has been so fast, so packed, so exhilerating, and really unbelievable. I have felt everything in the rainbow spectrum of feels. I have slept the bare minimum and met hundreds of very lovely internationals.

Happy Mondays with the World Showcase cultural reps. Initiating into the Canadian Girls Drinking Team. A lot of drunken mistakes. A lot of Italians. Always so many Italians. Amici’s. Oldtown. Mexico’s drinking team, I love you. Cowboys. Fence hopping. VoluntEars. Miami Beach on the party bus. Concerts at Downtown Orlando. Ew, Downtown Orlando. Walgreens at 2 am far too often. 

I have so much to look forward to, so as heartbroken as I am to leave, there is something to get busy about. Grad school, man. A Masters Program. Painting again. My Art Tarts. A new city, a new University, more fresh starts, and less hair destroying humidity.

God, I’ll just drink to that.


Confessions of a former Disney Cast Member…


Chatham’s over there!

Every CP should know this song!


Revenge of the Disney EmployeeSwoozie

This is the video that the “vista wayyyyyyyy” reference originated from!