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DCP Apartments - Part One!

I got a request to give out some info on Disney Apartments So here is part one. It’s more about how you request your preferences and prices. Part two will be more about the differences between them regarding what each of them has to offer :)
This is all information from the Disney Blogs if you want to find the page where I got the information from.

10 days before your arrival date, Disney will e-mail you a link to access DORMS (Disney Onsite Resident Management System).

There you will be able to request;

  • Apartment Community (apartment complex)
  • Unit size
  • Name(s) and roommate number(s) of individuals with whom they would like to live

Disney’s Program Blog says, “We will do our best to accommodate all preferences, but we cannot guarantee any specific placement requests.” so keep that in mind. You may request Chatham, but you could get Vista Way. 

The site to request roommates will look like this;

There are four different apartment complexes;
Vista Way
Two Bedroom = $96.00 a week
Three Bedroom = $86.00 a week
Chatham Square
One Bedroom = $101.00 a week
Two Bedroom = $101.00 a week

Three Bedroom = $91.00 a week
Four Bedroom = $91.00 a week
Patterson Court
One Bedroom = $101.00 a week
Two Bedroom = $101.00 a week

Three Bedroom = $91.00 a week
The Commons
One Bedroom = $105.00 a week
Two Bedroom = $105.00 a week

Three Bedroom = $93.00 a week
Four Bedroom = $93.00 a week

The form on DORMS to make your requests looks like this;

Your housing payments are due every week. (That is why the prices are listed per week). Your payments will be taken directly out of your paychecks! I believe that if you want to pay your apartment upfront you can. I also believe that if you had to miss days a work and your paycheck will not cover that weeks rent, you can just pay it out of pocket at an office down there. 

Stay tuned for Part Two :) 


Chatham’s over there!

Every CP should know this song!

Housing: Vista Way Edition

Housing is such a big part of the college program experience. Where you live becomes more than just a temporary apartment or living assignment. It becomes your home. It’s where you vent about your job with your roommates after a long day. It’s where you rush in squealing when you get your first four key’s card. It’s where you spend holidays and late nights talking with your roommates. It becomes a place with a thousand memories and once you turn in that Housing ID at the end of your program, you have little opportunity to visit again.

There are 4 complexes to choose from if you choose to live on-site. Patterson Court, Chatham Square, The Commons, and Vista Way.

Vista Way is the most talked about complex. It was the first Disney College Program complex and it sits away from the other three complexes next to a few popular fast food chains and gas stations. It’s also the cheapest of the four complexes.

There are pros and cons to living in Vista Way. For some, it’s their first choice complex and for others it’s the absolute last. Personally, I never lived in Vista Way. That being said, I had many friends who did. My girlfriend lived there, all of my international coworkers lived there, and even my roommates lived there before the move. Below you’ll find what living in Vista Way is actually like and if it’s the fit for you.

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Chronicles of a Cast Member

Episode XI 
A guide for the Disney College Program:
Where should I live?

For those who are reading this and are going to the DCP… CONGRATULATIONS! 

This post is both a story and information for future CP’s who don’t know which housing complex to choose.

I had a rare opportunity to live in 2 apartment complexes and had 3 roles during my program. So I have a lot of knowledge regarding this issue.

Choosing either Vista Way, Chatham Square, or Patterson Court is as difficult as a choice between picking Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. 

I lived in both Patterson Court and Chatham Square so I’ll give you pros and cons of those and some second-hand knowledge of Vista Way.

Patterson Court
As you may have heard, they are the newest of the 3. The apartment complex is much quieter than the others, and it feels like a legit apartment complex. Not many trees around and it’s kinda bland with the colors. However, the kitchen is much larger than Chatham and so is the family/dining room. The appliances are relatively new as well as you’ll have a couple extra storage closets that I noticed Chatham lacked. The Pool/gym/and offices are also centralized making it easier for anyone to walk a short distance. 

I think the main reason some would be deterred from choosing Patterson is the bus stop location. This complex does not have a bus stop as you have to walk to Chatham to get on the bus. It’s about a 2-4 minute walk to the bus stop so those hot and long days at work don’t get much better when you’re walking home. It lacks that homey feeling that some people would like. The speed bumps are horrendous! I apologized to my car after ever bump! 

Chatham Square

It has that homey feeling with all the trees and people walking around. The bus stop is literally just outside your complex so there should be no reason why you shouldn’t take the bus. I mean $5 for a gallon of gas??? Disney hosts many events in the fields inside and across the street of Chatham Square which makes it really easy for you to go to. I noticed the bedrooms in Chatham are slightly bigger than Patterson’s.

The pool and offices are in separate locations. The pool being on one side of the complex so if you live on the opposite side, the incentive isn’t as glamourous. It’s the most chosen of the 3 complexes so the day you check in, ARRIVE EARLY so you can get the apartment complex you want. The kitchen/family room/dining room are noticeably  smaller than Patterson’s. I also ran into some issues with the appliances in Chatham, but that was just my apartment.

Vista Way

Take note: I never lived in Vista Way so again, this is second hand knowledge

You also have a bus stop, but this time it’s inside your complex. It’s also the main bus hub so if you happen to be running late, the bus usually hangs around Vista for about 5 minutes while they change bus drivers or to have a coffee break or something. This is also the cheapest complex to live in. It’s also the only complex with a basketball court, which I was sad the other 2 didn’t. If I’m not mistaken, every building has a laundry room rather than a separate building like Chatham and Patterson. You can also hear the Disney fireworks from your room when living in Vista as well ^_^

Don’t listen to what everyone says about Vista Way. It’s a nice place and that’s where you’ll be checking in and if you have any questions regarding your program. I don’t know many cons about Vista as I have never lived there but I hope this helps your decision a bit more.

In the end, when I choose where to live, I would choose Patterson Court. I felt much more comfortable there with a bigger kitchen (I like cooking) and a bigger family room (I brought and will bring Rock Band). However, I wouldn’t mind living in Chatham again.

For those of you who are going for the Fall 2012 season, I’ll be seeing you there! 

Much love future and current CM and CP’s,

Jimmy Love


Vista Way Apartment Tour.

I have a three bedroom apartment at Vista Way.


Fake Disney CP interview done as a prank. I know the guy being interviewed. He was one of my best friends and co-workers at Disney. He never mentioned getting punked like this. I know the guy who pranked him also. Dick move, man!

Funny thing about CP security...

On Sunday, I had gone after work to change at my friends apartment in Vista, before going to Epcot. I was in the car, while she filled out the paper so I could be let in. One of the security guards was behind my car taking my license plate, then she comes up knocking on my window, I thought I was in trouble or something! So I open my door, and she’s like “when did you finish your CP?” HOW THE HECK DID SHE KNOW I DID THE CP?

Well I answer her, and then another security guard comes up and he was like “I knew I remembered you!”

Turns out he still remembered me…. Almost 6 months later. Then again, he was the one I usually saw at Chatham.

Reasons You Should Be My Roommate!

So, in addition to my Disney Bucket List and (future) Reasons to Do the DCP List, here’s a list of reasons I’d make a great roommate! :D

  1. I love buying people presents. If you’re my roommate, I will surely buy you a present at some point. I can’t go shopping without thinking “Oh, such-and-such would just love this!” and then I’m compelled to buy it for them. Especially since we’ll be there over Christmas? Expect some magical gift giftin’ with expert wrapping. 
  2. I cook! I’m by no means a chef and I only have very basic skills, but I still enjoy cooking, especially for other people. I’m sure I will cook dinner for my roommates at some point. Hopefully you like to cook too, and then we can have cooking parties! 
  3. I love doing activities! You want to go to grocery bingo? I’m there! You want to go to the park and get in line over and over again to meet Cinderella 10 times in one day? I’m there with you. You wanna do something, I can be right by your side. 
  4. I’ll have a car. Self explanatory, from beach trips to grocery shopping. 
  5. If you start choking, I’m CPR certified. 
  6. I shall most likely have a TV.

More. To. Come.