A teammate’s face gets closer to yours…how do you react?

Panarin sees Kaner’s face getting closer: Whoa, too close there, buddy…pulls away.

Kaner sees Jonny’s face getting closer: nbd, no surprise (he probably does it all the time ;) haha) 

Headcanon Time!!!

Back in the Milky Way, Vic was obsessed with Broadway, and had substantial talent, although she was very shy about this and preferred to focus on more ‘academic’ pursuits. 

Fast forward to Andromeda, and she keeps all of the 20th and 21st century classics in her visor, occasionally playing them over the speakers of her quarters. If the crew is lucky, they can overhear her singing along. Liam and PeeBee sometimes camp out near the door, and they get Jaal and Vetra in on it after a while. 

After Jaal and Vic get together, he makes the error of asking her what Hamilton, a recurring feature on her playlists, is.

Few things get Vic visibly excited. Ice cream, cuddles (in private), new challenges get her somewhat excited. 

But talking about musicals?

Tora tries to warn Jaal, and fails miserably. Jaal is stuck there for three hours as his normally quiet tiny girlfriend is animatedly describing 18th century human politics.

He is afraid. Very afraid. Especially when she starts rapping Guns and Ships. 

But look at how happy Vic is!

It’s like… impossible?? To misinterpret a protag because there’s….. nothing there to misinterpret, but I’ve seen so many people think of Nate as like this airhead that couldn’t do anything right, or they mold his character to fit a ship and I’m like “ :)))))))) wanna fight ”. 

Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Symmetra and Reinhardt

[Submission by @drunken-pilot ]

It’s clunky, it’s crazy, but Symmetra doesn’t hate all the armour. It keeps her safe. 

And we all know how much Reinhardt loves his armour - but I think he’d really enjoy wearing something that breathes a little better. It’s the eccentricity in him. 

Thank you for the submission! 

Cheap and easy visor tutorial!

Her is what you need:

- 1.5/2l bottle (the shape at the top is important)
- cardboard/paper (pattern)
- scissors, stanley knife 
- (glass) markers in green and optional yellow
- rubber foam
- glue
- gem (not included in this tutorial!)

You start with the pattern. I recommend using real glasses - especially safety goggles for reference.

Fold it in the middle to make it symmetrical. Messed up one side and you don’t want to redo the whole thing? Just patch it up with some tape. :)

Try it out before translating it to the bottle! 

Once you are content with the shape hold it to the top of the waterbottle, draw alongside the edges and cut it out. Be careful, the bottleneck is tough. Better use a stanley knife for this part.

Next step: lines! I added a bit of a cartoony style so the visor will stand out a bit more from my face. For this I drew a thin line with green glass marker at the bottom of the visor.

And once dried I added a yellow one to blend it in with the face paint later.

Due to it’s form the visor will sit on your face on it’s own but I recommend adding some crafting foam where the gem will sit so avoind it being in contact with your forehead completely.

Try it out - you can also add some rubber foam on the sides because these parts will be covered by your wig anyways :)

Now you only need to attach your gem!

(There’s only a green line on the visor on this picture because I added it later.)

I decided to keep the visor itself clear since I still want my eyes to pop. Sadly tinted pvc tends to flatten your facial features underneath.

To still have the “glow”/tint effect I used face paint underneath! 

Once all is done I will give make a face paint tutorial as well ;)

Good luck with your visor!! 

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