Gravity Rush 2 x NieR Automata Costume DLC will be available for free on PS Store Japan starting tomorrow. But it’ll be available only for a limited time (April 27 - May 9). It contains 2B outfits on Kat. It’ll be available on 2 versions, with and without visor. 

That Free DLC will also head to the West on May 5. Shunsuke Saito, Gravity Rush 2 character designer, created an artwork of Kat x 2B crossover in commemoration of the collaboration .

one of the most popular stories that all hockey players here is of gretzky walking by the islanders dressing room after they won the cup and realizing they weren’t celebrating because they were all injured to hell. it’s an iconic story. it’s passed on to everyone. it’s used to show what hockey is like, how hockey is different from other wports. nhl players are crucified for being anything that can be twisted as cocky or selfish by media members. one of the biggest hockey figures in the world is don cherry who thinks visors are for soft players and dangerous hits are the best thing that happens in hockey. a joke literaly everyone has heard before is “i went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.”

and you seriously believe this is a leafs gm/coach/ownership problem? you really believe this is isolated to a single group of men who are making these decisions? you seriously believe this is as easy as saying “well we care about you so don’t do this”? 

it’s complicated. there are layers to it. it is wrong but as long as we want something to actually happen we can’t blame this on one person or one team. we need to attack the culture of it to actually change it. 

I commissioned the talented @kimoidane to draw my boyfriend and I as Mercy76.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think this is amazing!  I love their rounded faces and the way they are looking at each other.  AND JUST LOOK AT THAT DETAIL (hair shine, halo shine, shading on the visor, shading on the armor/suit).

I think the best part is just how they are looking at each other.  I’ve caught my bf, Andrew, with a similar smile a few times.  It’s usually whenever he’s super proud of me or when he catches me doing something either ridiculously cheesy or cute.  And I often times find myself giving him that look whenever he does something I find swoon-worthy or thoughtful (like when he cooked me dinner because I was working late/too hard).

For not knowing us, Kimoidane did an awesome job capturing our personalities!

This is flippin awesome.  I cannot thank @kimoidane enough.  If you’re ever looking for a hella awesome artist to draw something sweet for you, 10 out of 10 recommend Kimoidane <3

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Gah, I accidentally run into this Bleach AU idea where Ukitake ends up as Visored (instead of Rose) and in consequence Kyoraku is ... different(cold, scary). It's not fully fleshed out idea but there is character designs for them both found at deviantArt and livejournal. The Artist is Scatter-Muse. Just... aaah! The angst!

That art is so inspiring and it’s terrible because I thought I was out of the black hole of Bleach but this is dragging me back in. D:

“Hey Gabe, come here,” Jack said.

Gabriel had been sitting underneath his heating blanket, letting the blunt and bone deep heat seep into his age worn and injury ravaged legs and unwork the pains that almost bit bone deep. While the blanket worked its magic, the former Talon agent <i>had</i> been sewing a hole shut in Jesse’s serape, but choose to put aside his project to look to his boyfriend.

“What?” He asked, not wanting to move away from the wonderful heat of his blanket.

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non-superhero! aged up! au :

  • gabriel isn’t a fashion designer and adrien isn’t a model. instead; he works at a fast-food place.
    • he has to wear those visors they wear at like, mcdonalds and it messes his hair up every. single. time.
    • he smells like french fries constantly !!!
  • marinette goes there a lot. enough to where adrien takes notice and starts to give her two cherries in her milkshakes instead of one.
    • “just a little something extra”
  • when they introduce themselves, the poor boy forgets he wears a nametag and introduces himself anyway. marinette is just “yeah, i-i know, you wear a name tag lmao” aaaand !! cue an embarrassed adrien
  • after a while, he offers to take marinette out to lunch when she’s free and she jokes about them eating lunch at his job, at the table in the back with old initials scratched into it.
  • the kid rides a bike to work until he saves enough money to get himself a moped.
    • bonus : when he and marinette start dating, he buys her a helmet so she can ride with him places.
    • double bonus : HELMET HAIR X2
  • when he gets fired from the fast food place, marinette offers him a job at the bakery as a delivery boy. 
    • he starts to smell like the cakes, cookies and pastries that he delivers.
  • adrien mopedding to school and then walking to marinette’s house just so he can walk back to school with her !!
  • marinette bringing him croissants for breakfast every morning !!!
    • bonus : marinette bringing breakfast for the whole squad ayee
  • plagg is a black kitten that adrien finds that ends up taking a liking to him and follows him around, and sleeps on his moped seat most nights.
  • tikki is a ladybug with exactly five spots that always returns to marinette’s flowers on her balcony and basically lives on the plant now.
  • adrien lets marinette drive his moped but practically bites all his nails off because wHAT IF BOTH OF HIS PRECIOUS THINGS GET HURT!!
    • #adrien worrywart agreste amiright
  • adrien plans out their special night bow chicka wowow but accidentally makes it on a sunday way to go buddy and he has a heart attack when he sees the date ‘maRINETTE GET UP WE HAVE SCHOOL ITS MONDAY WHY DONT I PAY ATTENTION TO CALENDARS’ so they gotta bolt tf out of there and thank god she lives across the street. they still get there late though lmao. alya and nino waNT THE DEETS.
  • they have a study group on marinette’s balcony with a lot of coffee because group project due tomorrow leTS HIGHTAIL THIS SHIT and marinette causes adrien to fall asleep on her because she absentmindedly plays with his hair while she writes and he’s out like a light tbh
  • the squad goes to the beach and blondie turns into a lobster and nino slaps him on the back. rip dude

i affectionally refer to this chapter as the one where walking disaster sara ryder launches herself off a cliff to avoid talking about her feelings (but it’s ok, because she has jump-jets). ao3 link.

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3. All Roads

Maybe the antsy feeling she’d been getting underneath her skin had just been restlessness from staying in one spot for too long. Sara smashed the head of the nearest challryion inside-out with a well-placed biotically enhanced fist, grimacing as the blood splattered up onto helmet’s visor.

“Was that really necessary?” Cora asked, her tone laced with barely-disguised amusement. As a fellow vanguard, she knew all about getting up and personal with one’s enemies. Not that these creatures were even enemies. They were just the wildlife. Exceptionally hungry wildlife, as it were.

Sara placed her hands on her knees, leaning over as she fought to regain her breath. “Where the hell do they keep coming from?”  

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I have a great idea for a Genji skin

His normal skin, but he has a pink tutu, a pink bowtie, his armor glow is pink. Those cat ear looking things on his visor? Have a pair of those fake cat ear headband thingies instead! Pink ballerina shoes, with little bows on them. Oh and his dragon glows pink and has a pink tutu as well. 

Bonus; While wearing this skin, the chances of Genji saying “What’s wrong Hanzo, don’t you recognize me?” to Hanzo, increases by 500%

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84. i didn’t realize i needed your permission. - For Satya/Genji please?

“You can’t go in there,” Angela says, barring Genji’s path. 

“I didn’t realize I needed your permission,” Genji raises a brow under his visor. “Seeing as that’s my apartment.”

“Satya is busy finishing something and would be upset if you interrupted her,” Angela explains, looking a bit sheepish. “Come back in a half an hour or so.”

“Alright,” Genji says slowly, confused. What could his wife be doing that he couldn’t be in the apartment? 

…Setting up a new ‘toy’ for their use?

“Satya?” Genji calls, knocking on the locked door. “Can I come in now?”

“Yes,” Satya says, throwing her voice slightly so he can hear her. “I’m in the living room.”

Genji unlocks the door and takes his visor off, placing it on the table by the door. He can faintly smell jasmine and something spicy, probably chai. He follows the smells to the living room, where Satya is sitting on the couch, an untouched cup of tea in front of her and studying a small piece of fabric on her lap. 

“Satya…are you okay?” Genji asks, brow furrowing slightly in worry. 

“I am…no, rather, we, are fine,” Satya smiles, gold eyes catching his dark brown.

“We…?” Genji trails off, eyes going huge as he realizes what the piece of fabric Satya’s holding is. 

A baby onesie.

“I just got the news from Angela. In seventh months we’re going to be parents.”

WidowTracer Week

Day 4: Saccharine

“Don’t forget your cap and come back safe, Cadet Oxton..”


@awkwardfortuneteller of course i’ve seen that tweet


he just wanted to see genji’s smile