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The first time Jesse kissed Hanzo, it was because of something Jack said.

“How do you know if ya love someone, Jack?” Jesse asked him while they were staked out in Eichenwalde, waiting for Winston to give them the go ahead to attack.

Jack’s visor covered his eyes, but an eyebrow raised. “Why do you ask.”

“Well, I got the feeling I might just love someone but I…well , I never loved anyone before. Not really, anyway.”

For a moment, Jack didn’t say anything. His head was looking towards the sky, his deep scar visible in the moonlight. Then, soft yet firm, Jack muttered, “The trouble is, kid, you don’t really know how much you love someone until they’re walking away.”


Jack didn’t answer. Instead, he sighed. “Just tell ‘em, Jesse. Before it’s too late. I damn well missed my chance. Don’t you miss yours, too.”

When the fighting was over, and they were all going back to the dropship, Jesse made sure to pull Hanzo aside just out of sight before cupping his face and kissing him soundly. To his relief, Hanzo immediately pulled him in and kissed him back, wrapping himself around the other man.

With a feeling unlike anything he’d ever felt before burning in his gut, Jesse found that he’d answered his own question.

omfg @ everyone look at the early symmetra design from 2014

-she was so brave and so fucking orange

-she had some kind of light-glove on the hand that now wields her photon projector 

-her photon projector was PART of her prosthetic arm (damn)

-her visor completely covered her eyes and her helm covered the top of her head

this is so cool to see, her design has come so far

Scandalous (M) | 01

PARTS: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

Summary: When you meet Taehyung in a bar one night, you don’t expect to fall for him. He was different, tattoos inked along his arms and a bright smile on his face. He was the opposite of everything you were; he was free – or so you thought.

Genre/Warnings: Socialite!AU, Badboy!Taehyung. Angst + Smut; It’s filth. That is all.

Words: 9.4k

A/N: First of all, I want to thank Dannie and Tay aka @pinkjxmin + @jungblue for helping me out with all of the plotlines and where I wanted to take this fic. I was originally going to make this all one fic but halfway through writing it, I realized it was going to surpass 20k and I wasn’t about to make everyone read an excessively long fic lmao. But here’s the first part to it! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. xx.

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Autistic Garnet
  • Speaks in a monotone. Her voice rarely conveys any emotion. Even her jokes are delivered flatly.
  • Partially nonverbal. Only speaks when she finds it absolutely necessary.
  • Obsessive tendencies. I give a specific example here.
  • Skips smalltalk or other unnecessary speech. Everything she says has a purpose.
  • Doesn’t like making conversation with people she doesn’t know.
  • Panics during phone calls (example: on the phone with Connie’s mother).
  • Rarely expresses her emotions verbally. Mostly shows her love for others by fighting to protect them.
  • Doesn’t like bright lights, which is why she’s constantly wearing her visor that covers her eyes.
  • Hardly socializes outside of the Crystal Gems, and even then spends most of her time alone.
  • Has strong beliefs as to what is right and what is wrong (mostly related to fusion).
  • Has difficulty forgiving people who she feels have seriously wronged her and letting go of the issue (example: when Pearl tricks her into fusion).
  • Incredibly, fiercely loyal (probably an extension of Ruby and Sapphire’s incredible loyalty to each other).
  • Starts and ends conversations abruptly. No unnecessary greetings or goodbyes. Abrupt transitions.
  • Her gauntlets are a weight-related stim; she likes the feeling of wielding them because of how heavy they are.
  • Her tight clothes are a pressure stim.
  • Ruby and Sapphire are both autistic as well, which is why Garnet is.

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@overwatchfanfic who i kind of sorta challenged to do this with me with a prompt outta fun and I was only going to do like, 2 paragraphs and now it’s like 2k words. well. RIP.

Reader X Soldier 76

There was an expected wave of emotion the moment you discover Jack Morrison, the former face of Overwatch and your boyfriend, was alive. Hope, happiness and relief, all too brief, before all the pain of anger and grief from the past six years of believing he was dead came bubbling to the surface, consuming whatever else there was.

As a result, your first reaction upon seeing those familiar blue eyes (how you had loved those eyes) after this man, this stranger who had been standing in your living room, who held up his hands in defeat when you understandably got angry at his being there, pulled down the visor and mask that covered his face, was to clock your (former?) boyfriend in the jaw.

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Peridot’s Visor

Heeeyy, so.. I don’t want to be “that person” but there’s something I’ve been meaning to say. There’s been some discussion about Peridot’s visor, some theories that it’s there to protect her gem and that by being there, it’s in the way of her summoning her weapon.

But… I don’t think the visor is covering her gem. I’ve never thought this because in the show you can see her gem sticking out above the visor.

I’ll show you some screencaps from the episodes she’s in to illustrate my point:

The Return/Jailbreak

Keeping it Together

Friend Ship

And now, of course, Catch and Release

Yeah, I think you get my point. I don’t want people to think I don’t like the idea that her visor exists to protect her gem, it’s a great idea (and she clearly kind of needs it since she keep smacking her face into things), but her visor wouldn’t be in the way of her gem projecting things.

Keep drawing your amazing art tho, I love so many of the things people have made in regard to her gem weapon and the visor getting in her way (who knows, maybe it does still impede her gem in some way?). I still look forward to seeing if there is a purpose to the visor!

hey actually I wonder, what EXACTLY gave away garnet as a fusion to jasper?

like okay hear me out on this:

  • garnet had both her weapons drawn when jasper came onto the beach so her gems were concealed
  • drawing two weapons isn’t an exclusive talent to fusions as amethyst and pearl have drawn doubles of their weapons before
  • her visor is covering her eyes
  • she wasn’t strangely tall either, in fact I’m pretty sure jasper was taller than her? since the height of opal makes it pretty obvious

maybe she just recognized garnet as a ruby and sapphire fusion? since im p sure it’s implied there are more gems with the same gemstone on homeworld, maybe they all typically take the same body appearance??? so when rubies and sapphires fuse together they usually take on the form of a (albeit more strange looking) garnet??? or maybe it was just to move the plot along and im thinking too deeply idk 

Junkyard Duel

Arganan sat on a ledge of some scaffolding at Sternbild’s Junkyard, waiting as he got his crossbow ready. He’d asked Barnaby to meet him there, and he was hoping that Barnaby accepted. Last time they talked was over knife throwing. Now this time they’d be talking over dueling each other, maybe.

He was in costume, sans the helmet that had the visor to cover his face from view of the others. He was aware that it was probably dangerous to be out here like this (especially with Kotetsu having met him before already) but he really wanted to talk with Barnaby Brooks, vigilante to Hero…

Because he was the NEXT that wanted to talk with Barnaby.

He sighed, looking around.

“Where are you, Barnaby Brooks…Junior…?”