Visitors At Twilight || Tom + Gretel

A lot of the time, Gretel liked to pretend she was just as happy as she ever had been. Especially when her brother was watching her; she became acutely aware of being monitored, and put on a smile whenever she could, cracking a joke and leaving her art supplies out on purpose. To show him and whoever came looking, that she was just fine. She was handling herself well, she was rekindling old hobbies and staying proactive.

But when her brother and her best friend were both not around to see her, Gretel allowed herself the benefit of a few sad tears.

The night was dimming slowly, turning from bright crimson and orange to warm pinks and purples. The moon pulled itself above the forest treetops, kissing the sun goodnight, and Gretel watched it all happen from her front porch.

It was warmer now in Knighton, but still somewhat chilly at twilight so her fingers clutched a shawl close around her shoulders. She pulled her feet out of her slippers, nudging them aside as she sat in front of her cottage, it’s chimney puffing away high above her head.

"How do you stop wanting something so much?" She asked the stars desperately that began to twinkle above Knighton, her nose red and eyes becoming glossy with tears. She didn’t have to hide it here, with her moment to herself on her front porch.

Gretel wanted to run down the road, slipping on pebbles to get to Andy’s home at the other end of town. She wanted to throw herself to her knees and apologise until her throat ran dry. She wanted him to know that she hadn’t meant all of what she’d said, that she missed him. But part of her wondered that even if she did, would things really return to how they had been? Would he really pay her the attention she wanted? Give her the love she desired? 

The questions and sniffing gave her a headache on the matter, of which she was thankful for the sudden distraction of a squeak coming from up ahead by her front gate. Fearing it might be a person she knew, Gretel quickly used the corner of her shawl to wipe at her eyes and she breathed in quickly. No. She had not been crying on this beautiful night.

I would really appreciate it if Lockheed Martin would stop creeping on my blog like this. This pattern of visitation has persisted every single day this year. Last year I only noticed these hits once every other month or so. Now it’s every fucking day I get nearly a dozen hits like this. No referring links, whatever page of mine they visit is “unknown”

Lockheed pls go

You’re not even CIA, what did I ever do to you? Should I call corporate and just straight up ask?


Can you imagine
Flying all that way

To find us here
Like this
Poorly dressed

Warring and
Amongst ourselves
Over such
Trivial details

And wholly
For this visit

Imagine their shock
When the aliens
Found out
We’re not that intereresting.

And it sounds so
When we claim
We’re an advanced society

But really
We humans
Are so disappointing.

That was all they could
Think about
On the long trip back

litglob © 2015

He said it was glowing and blue. It hovered, still and silent. And then so sudden, up and gone. In such a rush. There must have been someplace better to go. I have no reason to doubt what he said and what he saw.

At the heart of our mission, the Brooklyn Museum strives to connect artworks in our diverse permanent collection and special exhibitions with the unique experience of each visitor. With each installation, we are interested in how works of art resonate with you—what questions they spark, what interpretations they inspire. Through #BKMDraw, a series of conversations with visitors paired with illustrations of the artworks that catch their eye, we will highlight the voices of our visitors and capture snippets of the conversations that enliven our galleries.

What attracted you to this work of art? I noticed you looking at it and then reading the wall label. 
Jenny I am a musician. I teach music at Williams College,and I teach a course called “Men, Women and Pianos,” and I am a pianistmyself—that’s how I got into music. My mother played the piano, and she wanteda duet partner. And so, I studied piano from the time I was five. It’s alwaysbeen an instrument that was a gateway for me into what matters most in my life,besides this guy! [embraces Joe] 
MCR That’s fantastic. Have you heard it play? 
Jenny I haven’t. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make itplay. How does that work?  
MCR It comes on every 30 minutes, and it’s kind of haunting inthat way. It surprises you. Sometimes you catch the music in other areas of the galleries. But it plays “Strange Fruit.” 
Jenny I didn’t make that association until I read [the label] that that was the inspiration, but that too was a connection for me, because my former husband was African American. My children are biracial, so being conscious of that history is deeply meaningful to me. And, Billie Holiday is the best. 
MCR She is the best. Thank you for letting me borrow a minute of your museum going experience. 

Posted by Margo Cohen Ristorucci
Illustration by Sam Kelly