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I hate it when my mum brings friends over unannounced.

 Like, maybe I was planning on actually coming downstairs today but no you traitor I’ll just stay in my room like always. 

Maybe I needed a shower, but now that’s put on hold. 

Maybe I wanted food but I have to walk past the visitors to get to the kitchen. 

Maybe I look like shit so please don’t ask me to get dressed and come be polite. 


cuore-di-leonessa asked:


“Oh!” Mei, off guard by the sudden hug, looked up towards the person who did this. Hmn. She seemed so familiar, but she can’t find the name. All she knew that it started with a C.

“Thank you….” Memories soon started to trickle in, leaving her to stutter until- 

“Chiara..Chiara!” Of course she remembered her! Even though it took her time, it was impossible to forget Her. She threw her arms around her and she too hugged her happily. “I missed you so much!” She exclaimed, bringing herself to smile, something she hasn’t done since her slumber. 

Quarr Abbey by Jason Rodhouse
Via Flickr:
Quarr Abbey, Isle of Wight. I had to be very patient for this shot, waiting for numerous visitors to pass out of view. I also planned an alternative shot, but after waiting a long time for people to pass, including a very rude brainless moron (It`s not just Leamington Spa railway station) who stood right in front of me (seperate photo to be uploaded soon!) and by the time he had got out of the way, what happened next? A tractor pulled up with a trailer, stopped right in the middle of my shot, bloke got out, and walked off. This was surely an episode of Candid Camera?!?!?