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Alex and Lectures

this is from an ask that @queercapwriting got. here. Cap, thank’s for the inspiration from your lovely anons, I love them so much. I hope I did Alex justice and Adrian was stubborn but he at least had a few bites of veggies. Okay, here we go…

On the drive there, Alex can’t stop wiping her hands on her pants and off the steering wheel at every light, every stop because, what if she can’t help these kids? What if they laugh at her stories? But Maggie had told her that she was going to do great, and that is what she would do. Entering the college, Alex signed in at the front desk, pinning her visitors pass onto her shirt. There were people walking in all different directions, going from one lecture to another, getting food to eat, meeting up with friends, and, hopefully, going to Alex’s talk. Adrian’s college was the first place that Alex had ever gone to lecture anyone on anything. At first it had been on science, encouraging people to pursue this amazing field, but with encouraging from Maggie and Adrian, she had started to do talks on LGBT+ topics, coming out, acceptance and heaps of other things that she thought would help these kids.

Alex would never forget her first talk that she had done, Maggie had come with her and she had held her hand walking to the hall and she had kissed her before letting Alex walk up to the stand to talk to these open eyed queer kids with tears in their eyes because finally, they were safe in this hall. Safe with this woman who talked with such experience that it could only mean that, maybe, just maybe, she was queer too. And Alex had proven these rumours true when she had stepped down from the microphone and Maggie had run up and hugged her. Which, of course, had turned into a kiss. Which of course, had caused the whole room to erupt in cheers.

Alex smiled at the memory and walked into the hall, hands still shaking even after all the times that she had done this. Every time was different, different kids, different topics because “no way am I going to have palm cards, Maggie,”

There were so any amazing kids with so many different styles sitting in front of Alex. On some of their wrists were different coloured bands, most of them being rainbow. But others had trans colours on their wrists as well, asexual, non binary colours, so many different identities coming together to hear Alex speak to them. They didn’t know exactly what Alex was going to say, the flyer had just said an LGBT+ talk, but that had been enough.

Alex cleared her throat and smiled at a certain dapper young man sitting in the back of the room, smiling back at Alex. Adrian waved at her subtly and gave an encouraging nod. He looked so comfortable and Alex felt a surge of love for Adrian, proud of how far he had come since Maggie had found him. Pulling the microphone on the stand towards her, Alex cleared her throat.

“Hi everyone, my name is Alex. My pronouns are she/her,” There were a few tentative head lifts at Alex’s mention of pronouns.

“Being LGBT+ is hard, I’m not going to lie. Finding out that you’re queer, coming to terms with that. It’s hard. And it will be hard for many of you to accept that about yourselves. But I’m not saying this to make you feel bad, or ashamed. I’m here to help you,”

“I want to tell you one of my favourite quotes that I once read. “Fairy tales are more than true, not because they tell us that dragons are real, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten,”” Alex dried her hands on her jacket and continued.

“We all face our own dragons, and I’m sure that everyone in this room has faced their own. But I want you to know that you are not alone. Ever. I mean,” Alex spread her arms, “Look at this room, look how many people are in here. We are all here to fight the same dragons. Being queer is hard, but it is never something to be ashamed of, it is never something to hate. We are so lucky that we have this community of amazing people to support us. And I know, that you can feel alone sometimes, you can feel like there is no one to talk to. But I am here for you. I’m here for you now to help teach you guys about things that this heteronormative, cis, college can’t,” All eyes were on Alex now and she could see Adrian in the back, beaming like it was christmas.

“So,” Alex said, “What do you guys want to know?”

Almost as if coordinated, every hand shot up straight (A/N haha) in the air, which led to giggles spreading through this group of ragtag kids who, they hoped, had finally found a place where they belonged.

After the lecture, Alex had taken Adrian to meet up with Maggie at a diner near the college. They sat in one of the corner booths, laughing and sharing funny stories. Adrian squealed when Maggie placed her vegan salad in front of him and made him eat at least a few bites because “you don’t know if you don’t like it till you try it, Adrian, and I’m pretty sure you live off of Jessie’s pizza, so no complaining.”

Adrian mock frowned, “Fine, Sam-I-am. But just so you know,” he put a bit of the green leaves in his mouth and grimaced, “I most definitely do not like green eggs and ham.” Maggie laughed and took her food back, digging into it, leaning against Alex happily. Adrian laughed along with both of his queer mums as he ate his, most definitely not vegan, meal.

As Adrian walked back to his dorm room, he saw a group of kids from the lecture walking through the quad, laughing and having fun. Adrian smiled, putting his hands in the pockets of his jacket, and kept walking, glad that these kids had found a place where they could be happy. He would have to ask Alex to come back again soon…

A/N I might be coming back to this for a second parter where Maggie comes and helps with a struggling queer kid.

Where Oswald Makes the Colour Purple his Own

The first time Oswald wears purple again after coming back from the dead it isn’t his choice. He’s sitting upright in a hospital bed, the bandages wrapped round his abdomen tight and restrictive to the point where he can barely move. He’s been left a pile of clothes on the visitors chair; jumpers, shirts, slacks. All off the rack and nothing at all like the tailored suits and dramatic coats hanging in his wardrobe back at the Van Dahl estate. Cold in the thin hospital gown, he reaches out to grab the nearest jumper, breath coming out in short huffs as his stitches pull and scream out in protest. It’s only once he’s successfully got it on, sweaty and red-faced with exhaustion, that he realises the colour: mauve. It’s nothing like the deep, rich purples he used to wear yet he still hears the soft ‘I’m partial to the purple’ and before he knows it he’s muffling sobs into the slightly too-long sleeves. He’s alone. He’s totally alone.

The second time is when he finally has access to his old clothes. What with his power and influence having fizzled away into almost nothing the second his back hit that icy cold water, he’s had a lot of work to do. Planting seeds, encouraging whispers. Penguin’s back, they say. Awed and nervous and baffled. A steady stream of old but loyal informants and allies have been trickling back to him and he’s thankful that even after everything he still has Gabe, still has Zsasz. And now he has his battle armour, too. Going through the clothes, he takes out a pinstripe suit followed by a purple tie. He lets the silk glide through his fingers in consideration before eventually slipping it round his neck. Its weight is a comfort. As if Ed’s there with him, murmuring encouragements ‘you can do it, Oswald, I believe in you’. He goes down stairs, by-passing his portrait with the obnoxious question mark now blazoned across it and into the lounge to join the gathered crowd all eager to hear what his next plans are. He touches the knot of the tie gently with the tips of his fingers and straightens his back.

The third time he’s standing in front of the newly opened Iceberg Lounge, press from every paper and news station in the city gathered around him. Journalists call out questions to him; how he feels about his success being dubbed the comeback story of the century, does he have anything to say to those who said he couldn’t do it, what’s it like being more influential than ever before. He rearranges the purple pocket square so the small flash of colour will show up clearly in every photo taken that night. Deliberate. Mocking. He smirks into the cameras, chin cocked up in defiance. Look what I’ve done, Eddie. And all without you.

The fourth time he has a gun pressed into the small of The Riddler’s back. He forcefully walks Ed to a nearby chair and orders him to sit down. He drops down into it, long legs awkwardly drawn towards him as Oswald crowds in close. Now facing him, Ed’s eyes flick down and away from Oswald’s face to take in the colour of his waistcoat. Purple. Elegant and dark. They widen slightly in realisation and he opens his mouth to say something when Oswald roughly grabs him by the jaw, effectively interrupting him before he even can even begin. He presses his fingers into Ed’s skin, his nails leaving little crescent moon indents, and rakes his gaze from the tips of Ed’s polished brogues up to the curve of his hat.

“Never did like green,” he sneers with distaste.

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Fluff Prompt: In a different life, Locus stays with Siris rather than Felix.

Yay another sideways detour from a prompt!  XD

What Little Girls Are Made Of

  • Characters: Samuel ‘Locus’ Ortez, OCs
  • Rating: T for late middle-school bs
  • Word count: 1057
  • AO3

“I’m sorry, Sam, but this is exactly why we put you down as an emergency contact.”

Sam pinched the bridge of his nose, knowing his friend couldn’t see him but would know about it anyway. “I know. I know. But–” He sighed. “Mason, what am I supposed to do?”

“What else?” Mason laughed. “Give ‘em hell.”

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Kindergarten Teacher MC RFA+V+Saeran

Anonymous said:

*peeks* Hi there (/ω\) i want to tell you that in the masterlist, the depressed hc’s link doesn’t match with the content after u clicked it. And i want to ask you if u can do a HC where MC is a Kindergarten teacher and the kids love them very much. So one day RFA+V+Saeran visit MC in their class, the kids will start pranking them and being overprotective over MC. Thankiess~

Gah! Sorry, it should be fixed now! But the masterlist will go inactive soon so I can make appropriate adjustments due to new posts. Also I love this prompt! I really liked my kindergarten year and I had to read to kindergarten students

Yoosung -

Yoosung loved that you taught kindergarteners. Though sometimes you would come home not so clean, and sometimes students’ parents would scold you for stuff that probably wasn’t your fault. He knew you loved being helpful and making a difference, and he could tell by that bright smile on your face every day. So what was the trouble in paying a visit to the class you taught? He loved kids for pete’s sake and they would love him too right?

His visit was a slight surprise but he wanted to bring you your lunch, since in your rush to get to work, you had left it on the kitchen counter. He had his little visitor tag on his shirt and looked presentable. He was even in his uniform for his Veterinarian job since he would go there after he would leave the school. He wasn’t supposed to go in today, but he wanted to get some overtime in.

He smiled and gently knocked on your class door and walked in when he heard your soft voice tell him too. He opened the door, and he could have sworn, that ALL the children looked over to him. This wasn’t nerve wracking at all. He gave you a hug and kissed your cheek, handing you your lunch. He stayed for awhile, and some of the student would stick their tongues out at him. (He would probably do it back) The children picking on him didn’t bother him THAT much, since he was a veterinarian, he has dealt with lowkey bratty kids in his office. One day he got permission to bring in a pet. Kids didn’t pick on him anymore. (They refer to him as vet man)

Jaehee -

Now she herself, she’s a very patient woman. It takes a lot to deter her, but if there’s one thing she can’t stand, it’s loud and noisy kids. Most times, she can ignore them, but she wouldn’t have the patience to work with them the way you do. After all, kids can get pretty intense. When you first told her that you were a Kindergarten teacher, she developed a newfound respect for you.

Despite some of her initial reservations, she decided that it wouldn’t hurt to spend a day with you at school, so she asked you if it was alright if she tagged along. She wasn’t prepared for the kid’s reactions though. Upon her stepping into the classroom, they all stared at her. Once you introduced her to them, they only began to act even more suspicious.

They began following her around and kept pestering her with questions, some of which she found slightly inappropriate for five year olds. It took you constantly reminding them to sit back down for them to finally calm, but even then she swore that they were giving her dirty looks. She pretended as though she didn’t see it, and would keep reminding herself that these were children, they didn’t necessarily know what they were doing. However, it did bug her slightly. She decided to see if she could make them like her, and what better way to do that then to bake some sweets for them? Needless to say, they all adore her now and love it when she visits.

Zen -

When you first told him that you worked with Kindergarteners he would have found it adorable. The love of his life, surrounded by adorable children?? The man was ready to faint. He knew that they were probably hyper all the time and was honestly slightly confused as to how you managed to keep up with them. He may work out a lot, but the idea of taming wild children is honestly beyond him.

Of course he agreed when you asked if he wanted to visit! He made sure to look approachable and couldn’t wait to see you in action. But, the instant that the kids started picking on him he didn’t really know how to react. On one hand, these children were all friggn’ adorable. But on the other, they weren’t letting him anywhere near you! One kid kept trying to pull his hair to keep him away. Eventually, he’d just leave it (although he is slightly peeved but they’re kids he can’t punch a kid in the face), and just sit in one corner of the room sulking.

Once the two of you were home, he’d pull you into a big hug, complaining about the kids and how they “separated to prince from his princess”. He’d make up for the hours that he had to stay away from you with excessive cuddling. He’d swear to himself to win them over, and did so by putting on a one-man show, making all of the kids laugh and cry along. To date, it’s one of his favourite performances.

Jumin -

Jumin fucking Han, he can be a child himself at times, no offense to him on that, but it’s true. He loves that you can take good care of children, that means you’ll be an amazing mom! He loved the fact that he was offered to go to your class! Didn’t really like the fact he couldn’t bring Elizabeth III. You had to explain to him that like Zen, some of the children have allergies, but they could be worse, like Epi-pen needed worse.

He immediately understood, he had been around people who have needed an Epi-pen. The moment he walked into the room and gave you a quick kiss on the lips, the children stared him down, and he didn’t think anything of it. That was until he found his phone with one of the 5-year-olds. Wait how did that get with the kid get his phone? He tried to get it back from the kid, but the kid ran and hid under a table.

HOW DID YOU DEAL WITH THESE KIDS OMG! He calmed himself down, reminding himself that they were only kids, they probably didn’t know any better. He managed to get his phone back.

I’m going to be honest, the only way he ends up getting these kids to like him, is when he manages to convince the school to let him do a revamp of the ENTIRE school. They even put a plaque that said that he donated everything.

And some could read. So when they read Jumin Han, they immediately saw him as one of the teachers and it’s like. BAM. He has respect.

Saeyoung/Seven -

In all honesty, I can’t see the kids disliking him in the least. He’s pretty much like a big kid himself. He’d instantly try to get the kids to warm up to him, even if they seemed a bit reluctant. He’d join in on the activities that you set up for the kids, and you’d even have to discipline him like one of the students since he was acting out more than the others! Any of the kids that had some reservations about him initially would laugh as they saw him get put out in the time out corner, complaining about how boring it was there.

However, there was one kid who just didn’t seem to like him. Or, anybody in fact. They stayed apart from the rest of the other students and you had learned that they just preferred to be alone, so you didn’t say much. Saeyoung took this as a challenge. He first sat with the kid, trying to initiate conversation. When that didn’t work, he’d try making funny faces, and then move on to making silly jokes. It wasn’t until he sighed, saying something about how they reminded him of Saeran that the kid seemed to perk up a bit.

He’d start telling them little stories about the younger twin, getting them to laugh along with him. They opened up a little, telling him that they had a younger sibling at home too and that they wanted to be just like Saeyoung, and be the best older sibling ever and that got him right in the heart. He knew he hadn’t been the best brother ever, and he didn’t want this kid to have to live with the regret that he did so he’d give them all the advice they needed to be an amazing older sibling. Afterwards, the student would always ask you when Saeyoung would be coming to visit, because they just had so many things to tell him. Thanks to the redhead, they had finally been able to open up to everyone else.

Jihyun/V -

His heart immediately melted when he heard that you worked in a school. That was just so amazing that MC could deal with so many kids at one time. And even though he was semi unable to see, he could get his way around. So he asked if he could come with you to class to take some photos. Of course you said okay and sent a letter home with the kids for permission from parents, MC got all the parents signatures.

So he arrived with his camera and such and the kids stared at him for a moment. Some compared his blue hair to the sky, some pointed out his sunglasses and cane. You carefully introduced him to the class. You informed him of his eyes gently and they all nodded. They all would make small remarks about it, but they didn’t exactly make fun of him.

They all tried to sneak up on him, but due to his bad eyesight, it improved his hearing and other senses. So they couldn’t really sneak up on him easily due to that. So they all decided to befriend him. Plus they liked the photos he took, some asked him how he took photos. He taught them how he did it and let a few kids use him camera and printed the photos the kids took so they could take it home to show their parents.

Saeran -

He wasn’t the one to ask if he could go to your class. You kind of dragged him along? You thought that maybe it’d be a good bonding experience for you two! Plus, you wanted to find out if he was maybe secretly amazing with kids or if he might even crack a smile. He was a bit reluctant at first, but when he remembered how fondly you would talk about them, which is what finally convinced him. He agreed and went along with you to your school kindergarten classroom.

He normally stayed near you for the time being, he remained somewhat silent, watching you teach the kids what they needed to know for the first grade. He saw a certain glint in your eyes that he liked, it was the glint of happiness. You really did like this job. He watched before he noticed that a small child was tugging on his shirt sleeve, so silently he looked over to the small girl. Her hair was in a braid and she was wearing a sunflower dress with long sleeves.

She kinda just stared at him for a moment before she spoke to him softly, informing him that some kids were picking on her because she was smaller and shy. He furrowed his eyes in confusion because this kid trusted him enough to ask for help? But nonetheless, he went over to the group of kids, asking carefully what the problem had been. He talked carefully to the children, informing them that picking on kids was never a nice thing to do. Yeah, the kids called him a goody two shoes. He took a deep breath, calming himself down. The kids just kept picking on him and the little girl so he just calmly grabbed ahold of the small girl’s hand and walked to a different area of the room. Only to have small paper balls thrown at him and the girl, who promptly hid behind him scared.

He cleared his throat a bit and pulled out his phone for a moment in secret. MC wasn’t in the room and he was supposed to look after the kids for a moment. MC wouldn’t mind if he messed with the bullies for a moment. So he tapped some code into his phone on a certain app. Closing his phone and putting it away just as MC walked back in. The bullies tablets, now had bad apps on it. He looked at his nails innocently.

Not only did he make a new friend, the kids who were picking on him and the small girl, got in a whole lot of trouble for the apps.

Probably the most enjoyable change I have ever made to TK is that his fashion sense is solely whatever is closest when he rolls out of bed because he is incredibly lazy. Doesn’t know what he looks like, works the shit out of it anyway.

Will probably start dressing properly when Frank organizes his house.