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Le visiteur du futur is a French webserie that gained a certain popularity within the French youth. Because it’s funny ? Because there is a lot of poo jokes ?? Who knows ? ;)

The first episode has for a description “The Visitor from the Future - He comes from the future… to visit us !”. Yes, basically. Seriously, the plot is growing along the episodes, and you catch yourself being attached to plenty of characters. Low-cost. Science-fiction. Zombies. Some guy searching friends. Robots. Time paradoxes (too many of them). True French romance. Drama!!!!!

All episodes can be found on Youtube with English subtitles here. Which is great.

Seriously the first season is very small and enjoyable. Have fun ! :)

Future Man – “Pilot” Episode 101 – A janitor by day/world-ranked gamer by night is tasked with preventing the extinction of humanity after mysterious visitors from the future proclaim him the key to defeating the imminent super-race invasion. (Photo by: Brandon Hickman/Hulu)

It’s time you knew.

Hi, thank you for sending in this request! I’m not sure if I was able to write Bart properly because unfortunately I have yet to finish watching season two of Young Justice (I kept getting distracted by other things) so I hope this is a tad bit alright? It was fun writing this though so thank you for that! I was supposed to finish this yesterday but I had a lot of meetings to attend as well as trying to settle my major classes and to finish off the night, had an event too! Hope you enjoy reading this!

You should have known that when the doorbell rings at this time during the day – it’s only about 10AM at the moment – it probably would be none other than the visitor from the future (as you have lovingly dub), Bart Allen. Somehow, from what very little Bart has mentioned as well as the rather vague things Bart tries to tell you occasionally, you have managed to deduce that Bart is apparently someone who your older self is close with, in the most platonic sense. You wonder briefly how that happened.

When you open the door, to no one’s surprise especially not yours, Bart Allen is standing right in front of the door, hair tousled nicely and with a smile so bright you almost had to stop yourself from stepping back. You momentarily allow yourself to envy the young speedster – able to run fast, hair looks very nice and tousled and not even out of a breath!

Upon seeing you, Bart grins widely. “Hi, Mrs. T!” Bart greets cheerfully and you step back from the door to allow Bart to walk in to the house. He drops by your place quite often that he practically knows where you keep the cookies, snacks and he can manage himself fine around the house.

Bart glances around the house before looking at you from over his shoulder. “The Mr. isn’t around yet?” Bart asks coyly and you roll your eyes as you close the door. Bart must be feeling cheeky today. “You should probably get around to that, Mrs. T.”

“Cheeky brat.” You roll your eyes and close the door behind you. You pad over to the kitchen and Bart follows after you. “So what’s up?” You hand him a mug and right after Bart picks up the mug from you, the next second he is sitting on the chair by the table, blowing on his hot drink.

Bart continues to blow on his hot drink and once he is satisfied enough, he takes a sip and sighs. “Teas from the past are so nice.” You had to chuckle at that – Bart can be so random at times. “So, are you sure you don’t know how the Mr. is yet, Y/N?”

You shrug your shoulders before turning around to make your own cup of tea, setting out another mug for Jason and Roy to use once they arrive. Just as you finish making your own coffee, you hear the front door unlocking and a moment later, you hear Jason’s voice as well as Roy’s.

“Oh.” Bart’s eyes move from you to the door of the kitchen.

“Why am I not surprise to see you here?” Jason looks at Bart, amused and Roy immediately heads over to your jars on the counter where you keep all your freshly made chocolate chip cookies. He walks over to you and pulls you in to a hug. You giggle and wound your arms around him – it’s been a while since you have last hung out with Jason and Roy, what with the two of them going on missions quite often. “Miss you,” Jason pulls away to give you a smirk.

You laugh before shoving him off of you. “Go make yourself some coffee.” Jason chuckles before reaching for the mug you have set out for the both of them and begin making his coffee. Roy is now holding one of the jars to himself before walking over to you, giving you a one-armed hug. “Did you not have time to eat proper food?” You eye the cookie jar in his arm.

Roy shrugs his shoulders. “When do I ever have time to eat proper food?” He tells you before hip-checking you. You laugh and shake your head before bringing your own cup to the table, taking a seat beside Bart. When you glance at him, he is looking at you expectantly and you almost have to reel back from how intense it is.

“What are you looking at me like that for?” You ask him before taking a sip of your own drink. Sometimes you think Bart is trying to tell you something but instead he just continues to look at you – that is until Jason literally puts his hand in between the two of you so both Bart and you look at him.

Jason is staring down at Bart and Bart grins. “Yo, Mr. T.”

Four things happen right then: you choke on the drink you had been sipping, coughing viciously, Jason is worried about your wellbeing so he places his mug down to rub your back, Bart looks as if he wanted the earth to swallow him whole because his fun is probably now ruined and Roy is just standing there looking at everything unfold with a very confused expression on his face.

“What?” You ask, incredulously as you wipe the corners of your mouth with a tissue. “Can you repeat what you have just said, Bart?” You grab on to his hand before Bart could even make the move to run out of the house and he looks at you skeptically.

Jason stops rubbing your back and turns to look at Bart, narrowing his eyes at the latter. “Speak – now.”

Bart gulps before laughing sheepishly. “Um, the two of you are married and you have kids?”

This time, two things happen. Roy starts coughing very loudly before he guffaws and Jason is staring at Bart in disbelief. You let out a sigh. This is really going to be such a long day. Glancing at Jason, you can see the gears turning in his head and he looks away from Bart to stare at you.

“I mean – it doesn’t really happen anytime soon if it makes any better? Um, what did they call it? Both of you were slow-burn and when you got married, everyone was happy! Your weddings – “ You immediately cut him off.

“Weddings? As in plural?” You look at Bart.

Bart furrows his eyebrows as he tries to remember what happened before. “Yeah, weddings.” He nods his head. “I mean it isn’t as bad as what you’re probably thinking about, Mrs. T, but like you had a very small wedding at first and then one that was simply meant for the world, I guess and you have kids too! They’re – “

Jason, overwhelmed with information, simply places his hand over Bart’s mouth, muffling the rest of the speedster’s words. “Okay, I think that’s enough for one day, Bart – I need to process all of this and I’m sure Y/N would like to process everything too and Roy, can you shut up your goddamn mouth?” Jason exclaims at Roy who up to that point had still been laughing – he had only laughed harder when Bart said the both of you were ‘slow-burn’ – and Roy waves Jason off as he turns back around to make his drink; this is probably one of the reasons why he likes to come over whenever Bart is around.

“Now, I’m going to lift my hand up okay, no more talks about Y/N and my future life together.” Jason tells Bart who slowly nods his head and Jason sighs as he lifts his hand off of Bart’s mouth. Despite his agreement to Jason, you can see the mirth in his eyes so he looks the both of you in the eyes.

“You have two kids by the way; one girl and one boy.” Bart tells you happily and runs out of the kitchen just as he finishes saying that, causing Jason to groan, shaking his head. 

Super-Mega-Foxy-Awesome-Hot Olicity Fic Recs!

I felt the need to share my favorite fics with the fandom to help survive this hiatus, Hope you enjoy :) 


Blind and Unable to Speak Oliver is Blind & Felicity Can’t Speak + A Dangerous Situation 

*Hide Aways “You keep - ow! - ace bandages inside your jacket?” Felicity is mind-boggled by this. “Like - inside?”“Yes,” Oliver says calmly, like this is no big deal at all, like it’s totally normal for somebody to sew medical supplies into custom-made Italian businesswear, like everybody does it and Felicity is the one who’s weird for questioning it.

Write It Right Felicity leaves Oliver messages by writing on his arm, and he starts doing the same to her.

*Six Times Felicity Uses Post-It Notes and One Time Oliver Does Olicity being adorable and hilarious 

Little Black Dresses and King-Sized Messes Canon divergence during the Summer of Unbearable Sexual Tension. Kissing on a mission undercover.

Challenges Made, Promises Kept When Felicity issues Oliver a challenge that includes her on his back while doing push-ups, it becomes a daily moment for the two and their friendship strengthens because of it.Otherwise known as the “Felicity sits on Oliver’s back while he does push-ups” fic

Not Just a Close Shave While at a gala, Isabel Rochev notices a speck of blood on Oliver’s face, Felicity steps in to cover and finds out that Oliver might not be as okay as they all think.

I Woke Up Like This The morning after the night before. Felicity isn’t feeling flawless. Adult content (sexytimes).

Tight Spot and a Hard Place While on an undercover mission, Oliver and Felicity find themselves in a tight spot. Oliver is forced to become suddenly very aware of his attraction to his beautiful little IT girl. A humorous one-shot.

Flashback Thanks to The Flash, some visitors from the Future help to give Oliver a new perspective on some things. Season 3, humorous. 

Not So Platonic Feelings Felicity has a horrible migraine, Oliver knows how to help. But will he be able to keep his feelings in check?

Lean on Me Post Flash 1x08. Felicity helps take care of injured Oliver after his fight with Barry. Aka they are so married and they don’t even know it

But You Stood By My Side Night After Night (You Loved Me Back To Life) Oliver and Felicity stuck in a trunk, queue felicity squirming and Oliver really notices.

Reaching For You Oliver comes back from a bad night out as the Hood, and when Felicity refuses to leave him alone, the lines of their friendship are tested. 

No Talking The one where Felicity loses her voice.

I Wore the Wrong Shirt Today A distracted Felicity leaves the house with a dark bra under a light top, Oliver has trouble keeping his eyes on her face. She has no clue why he seems uncomfortable.

Darling heart, I loved you from the start (But you’ll never know what a fool I’ve been) For Oliver Queen, the soul mate mark was a curse, at least until it was a blessing. Soulmate AU. 

Branded with your mark (I wear it proudly on my chest above my heart) “I’m very happy it’s you,” he said. Soulmate AU.


*Forever Is Composed Of Nows Oliver & Felicity future toddler shows up because the future is to dangerous for her in season 2. THE BEST fanfic I have ever read. Words can not describe how awesome this is, just read it, even if you hate future fics give it a try. 

*Monsters in the Dark Lets just say I have re-read this more than any other fic ever. Felicity has the ability to see guardians, spirits that protect the majority of people. Some guardians talk, others don’t. Oliver Queen’s is a sassy, chatty beast. She starts helping Oliver, forming Team Arrow, and getting drawn into the pull that is Hurricane Oliver. 

Tango After a mission goes wrong Felicity and the team have to deal with the ramifications, and how to handle her going undercover once again.  Oliver tangos, enough said. 

What Happens In Russia… When Diggle disappears, Oliver and Felicity travel to Russia to track him down. But their trip is interrupted by the presence of Isabel Rochev, and things do not go as planned. What happens in Russia doesn’t always stay in Russia…

Technical Assistance  Felicity Smoak swore she’d provide technical assistance to all who need it. She’s just not prepared for her newest client.A story that shows another way Felicity and Oliver could have met. Major slow burn. 

What happened in Vegas… It’s all fun and games until you wake up hung-over and married to a stranger. Five years ago Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak made a drunken mistake that could never be corrected. After years on a hellish island he comes back as a man on a mission only to find out that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. (Season One Rewrite)

The Offer The evidence was stacked against her. The murder of her boyfriend was a crime that she didn’t commit, but the judge and jury didn’t see it that way. Felicity was preparing herself for the guilty verdict and a life in prison. Except that the night before her final trial, a masked stranger offers her another option. The opportunity to disappear, live a life in the shadows. A chance to get justice for others, justice that wasn’t awarded to her.

Remove All Doubt “Really shouldn’t that list have been titled ‘Oliver Queen’s Top 5 Ways To Turn You On?”When a group of Oliver’s former flames decide to spill the illicit details of his private life, Felicity cleans up the mess but not before her babbling inadvertently lays down a challenge.

Times Like These A man from Felicity’s past she never thought she’d see again suddenly appears in Starling City, bringing with him memories she’d rather keep forgotten, and a new threat. Felicity is Kidnapped Fic. 

I Could Get Used To This Oliver offers Felicity a place to stay while she looks for a new apartment.

Fifty Bucks Says When Oliver Queen lets Felicity Smoak move in as his platonic roommate, Tommy, Thea and Digg don’t believe for a second it’ll last. So of course they’re going to try and make money off of it.

Although I can’t promise you will love all these fic’s as much as I have, I sincerely encourage you to at least try the ones with a * star next to them, they will give you all the feels, and they are still my favorite fics of all time :) Check out my blog if you would like & please send me recommendations for more fics  :) @overwatchsmoakk

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Just wrapping up my Fallen Angel recap and the MSR in this episode is giving me Quantico throwback feelings. This too close too soon vibe is exactly what inspired the story.

Part of me is tempted to drabble a Quantico universe vignette around the motel gif above but also, I feel like this finished exactly how I wanted it to and I don’t wanna mess it up. So I’m contenting myself with my first full series repost of the fic. If you’re a new follower, this is probably what I’m best known for writing wise :) If you’re old, enjoy the moodboard and forgive my notstalgia!

One Week At Quantico 

Pre-Series || NC-17 || MSR || 33.5k words || Complete || AO3

What if Mulder had been lecturing at the FBI Academy during Scully’s training.

Monday Night is Laundry Night || Tuesday Night is Taco Night || Washout Wednesday || Three Acts on a Thursday || First Thing Friday || Friday Night by Headlight || Sunrise Saturday || Words for a Weekend || So Long Sunday

Quantico - 1992

Scully hadn’t thought twice before thrusting her hand into the air. The visiting lecturer had concluded his analysis of a recent killer’s profile, one whose anonymous notes to the police claim that a visitor from the future told him to kill his victims, by asking if anyone would disagree with the assessment that the man was delusional. The second her hand found clear air and Agent Mulder’s eyes met hers she realised the question had been both rhetorical and a joke. Damn it Dana! But even as a flush rose up her neck to the tips of her still outstretched fingers she found herself unable to back down in the face of the challenge in his eyes.

‘You have an alternate theory?’ His voice barely shifts from its easy monotone.

‘Yes sir.’ She says firmly. ‘For the purposes of academics anyway. The man is almost certainly delusional. But for the sake of argument, quantum physics doesn’t actually rule out time travel. Given the profile posits the suspect to be a man of exceptional intelligence, it’s not outside the realms of extreme possibility that he has either experimented with the theory surrounding time travel and achieved some sort of breakthrough… or that he at least believes he has…’ she trails off. Sniggers have broken out at the back of the room among the muscle club of the cohort and are spreading through the lecture hall.

‘Interesting.’ is Agent Mulder’s only assessment before he holds up his hand for silence. ‘While your classmate’s theory still points to a man suffering from a delusion, she raises an important point. That of nuance. A good profile deals in specificity, in finding those points of individuality that point at a single person rather than an entire demographic. Insight like the time travel factoid may seem ridiculous, but the fact that we may be looking for a physicist, or someone with an interest in the field of quantum physics is certainly worth considering.’

This time when he meets her eyes there is something different in them.

Curiosity. Or maybe even respect.

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Future Man Episode Descriptions

Episodes 1-6 - Contains spoilers

S1 E101 ‘Pilot’

Original Streaming Date: November 14, 2017

Josh Futturman feels stuck in his dead-end job as a janitor so all he really does is play Biotic Wars, an unbeatable videogame the rest of the world has given up on. But when Josh beats the game, mysterious visitors from the future appear: the world is in danger, and Josh is the only one who can save it.

S1 E102 ‘2 Future 2 Man’

Original Streaming Date: November 14, 2017

In 1969, Josh, Tiger and Wolf launch a mission to infiltrate a fraternity party and prevent Dr. Kronish from contracting herpes - but the destruction they;ve left in their wake quickly catches up with them.

S1 E103 'Back to the Future Man Part III’

Original Streaming Date: November 14, 2017

Tiger and Wolf decide it’s time for Dr. Kronish to die. Josh reluctantly agrees to help-but when he realizes he can’t go through with it, he finds himself caught in Tiger and Wolf’s sights instead.

S1 E104 'A 4Ray Into Danger’

Original Streaming Date: November 14, 2017

In the wake of the disastrous attempt to assassinate Dr. Kronish, Tiger and Wolf kick Josh off the mission. When they realize their Time Travel Device (TTD) is compromised, Josh makes a deal: if he can get them more fuel, they’ll let him back on the team.

S1 E105 'Justice Desserts’

Original Streaming Date: November 14, 2017

Tiger, Wolf and Josh work to unmask the Biotics undercover at the Kronish Labs Christmas party. Meanwhile, Josh grows closer to his coworker Jeri as she helps him avoid the obsessed policeman hot on Josh’s tail.

S1 E106 'A Blowjob Before Dying’

Original Streaming Date: November 14, 2017

With just twenty-seven minutes before a bomb explodes in the head of their captured Biotic, Josh, Tiger, and Wolf hold a high-stakes interrogation in Josh’s bedroom while Josh’s unwitting parents host a holiday dinner party downstairs.

anonymous asked:

hello! i was wondering if you have any favorite kakashi fan fics? I feel like I've read them all and I'm looking for some new ones! i love your blog btw! XD

Sup anon! I do have some favorites. However, I ship Kakashi with Obito, so I’m not sure if that’s your cup of tea or not. In any case, here are my favorites:

Ghosts in My Machine
An alternate Naruto ending, in which there are ghosts with a plan, teams reunited, apologies, and happy endings all around.

The Earth and the Sea 
Kirigakure captures Kakashi instead of Rin, leaving him the Jinchuuriki of the Three-tailed beast. Kakashi finds salvation in his supposed-dead friend Obito, but their reunion comes at a price neither of them were prepared to pay. With the turtle demon sealed defectively inside of him, Kakashi and Obito must master their new abilities before it’s too late. AU, Kakashi/Obito.

Team Minato gets visitors from the future. Unfortunately for the mental states of both parties, the pair are from a post-canon KakaObi universe. Time travel, of a sort. Rated T for language and mild sexual humor. [Cracky, but still contains some semblance of plot.] [Contains slash, if it wasn’t obvious already]

Two adult ninjas don’t know how to talk about their feelings. Team 7 decides to give them a little push. Obito-returns-to-Konoha-after-the-war AU. Narusasu and Kakayama side pairings.

When Words Fail
Kakashi pines after Obito and tries to make himself obvious but Obito has an over active imagination.The bridge mission happened and Obito gave Kakashi his eye but no one died. In fact, no one has died, this is a no-one-dies-au.

The Real World
Kakashi and Obito try to sort things out after the war, therefore they retreat to their Kamui dimension and talk.

The Shinobi war is over. The battle against Madara has been won, and Obito has been taken into custody, rotting away in jail with his chakra sealed off. Trying to gain his way into Obito’s heart and regain his friendship, Kakashi promises to visit him every day in jail. Obito is not pleased.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you know any fics where past CS get a glimpse of theire future as married couple? I was searching for it everywhere, but it seems Im the only one who needs something like this in theire live... im desperate :)

Hey nonnie. I don’t really know of any fics with that exact plot, so I asked my bestie @peggyyswan, who is a font of all fanfic knowledge, and though she couldn’t recall any specifically with that summary, she did pass on this one:

Here & Now by AlliedHeart on FFnet.
Summary: “Time is the longest distance between two places.” Emma realizes exactly how much will change when the time portal reopens, only this time bringing two visitors from her future. One-shot.
(Emma and Killian get a glimpse of their future when their kids drop through a portal.)

If I come across anything else close to your summary, I’ll reblog this post with links to it :)


Le Visiteur du Futur // The Visitor from the Future: one gif set per episode

1x06: Le Policier bis // The Police Officer, part 2

“What’s odd is that when you came yesterday, you didn’t recognize me.”

“To be honest, by the time I’ll be sent here, I won’t remember talking to you.”

“Ah. Time paradox?”

“No. I drink. A lot.”

“…I’m sorry to hear that.”