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Can you tell the metronome story? Idk it

ajdlfhkajgf okay. so

in high school i was in the marching band and in my junior year i was co-section leader and i carried a metronome in my backpack to use in rehearsals after school

to preface this story, the day before The Event we had a lockdown because there was a “suspicious person” circling the building (it was a confused parent. i spent two hours in the percussion closet. can you fuckign image, with my level of anxiety. anyway) so everyone was kind of on edge

so in this particular year of high school i had math first thing in the morning, which was awful, so i liked to go visit my english teacher because she was my favourite and i liked hanging out with her in my free time. so i set my backpack down and i leave the room

it gets close to time for class to start and i start heading back to the classroom, and @starrymonk and another friend of ours come running up to me and they tell me that our math teacher thinks my backpack has a bomb in it

apparently, when i set down my backpack, the metronome was in the bottom and got turned on and started beeping

now bombs haven’t fucking beeped or ticked since the goddamn 1960s but fuck that logic, our math teacher was actually. fucking ild and had never heard of an electric metronome in her life and was shouting at students to evacuate the wing 

so im running up and trying to explain to this fucko that the beeping in ¾ time at 120bpm is not, in fact, a bomb, but a device for making sure my section is in time, but she’s fucking losing it and makes us evacuate to the cafeteria

the students in the cafeteria are losing their shit. yesterday they thought they were going to be the next victims of a school shooting and today they think they’re going to die via metronome bomb. im running around trying to find a fucking sane faculty member while simultaneously telling everyone i run into, “it’s not a bomb, it’s A FUCKING METRONOME”

i finally find the vice principal and tell him, “dude, it’s not a fucking bomb, it’s a metronome, you know me, i’m in the band, literally there are only like five hundred fucking students in this school you know exactly who i am”

so he grabs me and another staff member and we start heading back toward the wing with the fake bomb, and already the three officers that we have patrolling the school (because of the incident the previous day) and the principal are gathered near the classroom and they shout at us to stop at the end of the hall (which is no more than fifty feet from the classroom, if that, and yeah that’s totally far enough to save us in the event of a bomb going off, right)

so the vp shouts to them that i think it’s a metronome, and i’m like no, i know it’s a metronome it’s my backpack and im a band student for the love of god

so they’re like nah we’re gonna call bomb squad

so fucking, i’m sent back to the cafeteria and this is how things happen as my band director filled me in later that day

apparently, the principal calls my band director down at the opposite end of the school and he’s like “hey darren, could you identify the sound of a metronome over the phone???” and my band director has no clue what’s happening because he isn’t involved in this nonsense, he doesn’t have a class during first period and was probably napping in his office, but he’s like “yeah, probably??” and the principal holds the phone up to the noise and my band director says it sounds like a metronome

skipping about an hour of hysteria and me telling everyone repeatedly that they aren’t going to die, the intercom comes on and tells the student body to gather in the gym for an assembly, presumably so we can all die in one place when the metronome bomb goes off

i’m still telling everyone i can grab that the bomb isn’t real and we aren’t going to die, and then i sit in the bleachers, possibly the angriest i have ever been, while everyone gathers in the gym

the principal and other important faculty whoever the fuck come in and start talking about the previous day’s incident and how tensions are high, so someone may have been stressed and mistakenly thought a metronome (which he pronounced as “metrodome,” which i like to think of as a giant beeping sports stadium) was a live fucking bomb

meanwhile i see the doors to the gym open and my band director slides in. he looks around for a minute, then sees me, and fucking grins like the asshole he is and starts edging his way around the room to me

when he gets over to me, he turns to face the people talking about threats and mistakes and bullshit to cover the fact that they know nothing about music education

and then slowly and slyly he pulls my metronome out of his pocket and hands it over to me, and then separately hands me the two batteries to it and starts giggling

if you don’t believe me, i made the fucking news

It’s weird how you can be so happy to graduate, to move on, to be free from it all yet that the moment you visit old teachers or listen to songs you grew up with, the butterflies stop and sink.
—  c.t.//I’m scared to graduate and I have a year left//

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Hey! Could you recommend some bnha fanfics (preferably sfw)? I'm having some trouble finding some, so I wanted to see which ones you like! Thank you!

i’m laughing at the ‘preferably sfw’ part of this ask because literally every single fanfic i’ve ever read for MHA is safe for work

none of them are nsfw

none of them

ANYWAY here’s a list. there is a lot

One Life for Them All (If That’s What It Takes) by @athanatosora - a wonderful time travel fic where Future Izuku goes back in time to create a better future. it’s more like Izuku changing little things here and there, and there’s lots of great Dad Might and little character moments. [Multi-chap / ongoing] [no ships]

Bad Days by @forgedobsidian - Toshinori’s scar sometimes gives him bad days. He still needs to learn how to ask for help, tho. [3 chapters] [complete]

No Trouble by FlameEmber - All Might saves Inko and young Izuku. Inko finds out who All Might really is, and he slowly becomes part of their family. [Toshinko] [multi-chap / ongoing]

Heroes are for Fiction by @ladymischievous - REALLY FANTASTIC modern AU where Toshinori is a writer who writes a series of novels based around a superhero called All Might. lots of fluff and drama. lots of Dad Might. [Toshinko] [multi-chap / ongoing]

Dorm Life series by @blacknovelist55 - a REALLY SUPER CUTE series of fics about Class 1A acting like a family. lots of Dad Might and Class 1A bonding. [multi-chap / ongoing] [Toshinko]

Spoken with Love by @sevi007 - Toshinori helps Izuku with english practice. PURE DAD MIGHT FLUFF WITH ALL MIGHT AND IZUKU. [one shot]

Sense to Protect by @guardianlioness - All Might takes care of his students, even when he doesn’t really know what’s wrong. [one shot]

Parent-Teacher Meetings by @yousayrun - A SUPER AMAZING FANTASTIC TOSHINKO FIC. lots of fluff and drama and fluff and Dad Might and fluff.  [multi-chap / ongoing]

Smile again and Smile again AU by @sevi007 - a slight AU after the fight between All Might and OFA, where Toshi stays in the hospital for a longer time and has depression. Izuku helps him through his issues, and other things start to domino. [multi-chap / ongoing] [some potential Toshinko]

Implode by @milkshakederbygal - Bakugou slowly finds himself having feelings for Uraraka. [one shot] [Kacchako] 

Sunny Afternoon by @thecrowmaiden - a super cute Dad Might fic where Izuku and All Might play catch. [one shot]

Just another night by @sevi007 (follows the Dorm Life series) - The Class 1A kids set Toshinori and Inko up on a date. The kids follow, and the date goes better than expected. [one shot] [Toshinko]

There’s a Visine for That by @thecrowmaiden - super cute fic where Class 1A helps Aizawa. [one shot]

Home Away from Home by @ladymischievous - the Class 1A kids find out that All Might doesn’t have a stomach, and isn’t properly taking care of himself. they intervene. [one shot]

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine! by @thecrowmaiden - Uraraka and Izuku find out that Iida can sew. [one shot]

Laugh Lines by AeoniCyunfold - Toshinori falls. Hard. [one shot] [Toshinko]

I’ll Carry You Home by @renesvetta - Izuku collapses after training one day and All Might has to carry him home. SUPER ADORABLE DAD MIGHT FLUFF. [one shot]

Cards of All Sorts by @luna-reverie - the kids all write All Might some get well cards after his fight with All for One. [one shot]

5 Times Izuku Had to Sit on Someone’s Lap and the 1 Time He Did It Willingly by @thebuttonharlequin - exactly what it says in the title. super super cute. [multi-chap / ongoing]

Curiosity killed Kacchan by acesexual_takigawa - Bakugou tries to find out if Izuku really is All Might’s kid. Hilarity ensues. Dad Might. [one shot]

Second Chances by @ladymischievous  - Inko wants to make up for a bad first impression. very light Toshinko. [one shot]

Father Almighty series by Wet_Diamonds - lots and lots and lots of Dad Might and Izuku bonding. currently on Hiatus, but still worth the read

i fucking LOVE YOU, i think you’re pretty by Authoress - Uraraka makes Bakugou a bento while he’s in the hospital after the whole kidnapping incident. Bakugou may or may not be crushing on her now. Hilarity ensues. [one shot] [Kacchako]

Get Well Soon by brickboat - Jirou finds out some things about All Might and Izuku’s relationship and some secrets she probably should never have known. Dad Might. [one shot]

Father’s Day by Fallende - Izuku gets All Might a father’s day gift. super fluffy Dad Might stuff [one shot]

Shoes by @swiftwidget - Toshinori visits Inko for parent teacher meetings about Izuku. she notices his shoes are several sizes too big, and gives him a fitting pair. romance ensues. [on going] [Toshinko]

i got most of these from my faves on AO3 so i’m probably missing A LOT, but these are some of my favorites!!! i hope you enjoy them!!!

BTS as Things My Friends Did In Class:
  • Jin: *actually knits a beard and wears it the entire day to imitate our teacher*
  • Suga: *sleeps on desk and still doesn't wake up even when teacher pops 3 loud plastic bags*
  • J-hope: *writes a 4 page essay explaining to the teacher why the class should watch the "It" horror film* *teacher reads it and agrees*
  • Rap Monster: *leads the class in forming a cult of lumberjacks in honor of a substitute teacher*
  • V: *looks up unusual words that sound dirty and shouts them across the room* "DICTUS!" "DOODLE SACK"
  • Jimin: *visits teacher at his strawberry farm and asks for free jams* *gets free jams*
  • JungKook: *writes a Shakespearian sonnet ranting about why SpongeBob has to live in a Mango instead of a Pineapple*
A-level Tips

1. Pick subjects you enjoy. There is no point in picking a subject because you need it for a career even though you hate it.

2. A-levels are a massive jump from GCSE and as a result you will fail at least one test in the first month. Don’t worry about it.

3. Start studying straight away. You may have a free period on your first day back, use at least half of it to review material you covered that day.

4. Seriously, use study periods to actually study. Visit teachers of you need to, but get work done. Don’t talk to your friends for the whole period.

5. Sit on your own in study, if needs be. Shut down conversations if you want to study. Put earphones in if it helps.

6. Stay on top of everything. Use a planner, you will most likely have two teachers per subject giving you different deadlines for different homeworks/tests in the same subject.

7. Keep up-to-date with your notes. Don’t do them the day before the exam. It will not help. You won’t remeber all that much.

8. Your teachers are your ‘new best friend’s if you don’t understand a topic or a theory, ask for help. You won’t be able to bluff your way through it now.

9. Past Papers! Do all the past papers from your exam board. Ask your teachers if they have any older ones. They are particularly helpful in maths as you learn the style of questions asked.

10.Actually read and use the text book. Some of my note from school left information out or included irrelevant information.

11.Post-It notes are great for adding information to text books without writing on them. Carry some with you in your pencil case.

Can anyone think of anymore?

Above all else, if you need a break take one. If you want to spend the day watching Grey’s Anatomy, do it. Don’t burn yourself out, it’s not worth it and if you’re struggling ask for help from anyone you trust.

Good Luck!

A Visit To The Teacher.

Request - Happy with an art teacher?? Lots of freedom:)

I’m not sure this was exactly what you were thinking but I hope you like it all the same! :) - Red_w00dy xoxo


Leaning back into your chair with a heavy sigh, you lifted your head to stare out at the empty classroom in front of you, with the exception of Abel Teller. You were an art teacher at the high school in Norco, California and Abel was proving to be one of your more difficult students. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have any talent, in fact he was probably one of your best students, but he also had a habit of losing his temper for no apparent reason. Lately he had been drawing a lot of disturbing images during class, something that worried you which was why you were sat here after hours waiting to have a meeting with one of his emergency contacts. It wasn’t the first time, you’d had many meetings with his mother, Wendy, and his other guardian, Nero, but they had been unable to make it due to work engagements which meant they were sending someone else. A man named Happy Lowman.

A knock at the door broke you out of your train of thought, calling out a tired ‘Come in’ to whoever was in the corridor. The door opened to reveal an incredibly good looking man chewing on a toothpick, the tattoos that covered his arms making you just that little bit more attracted to him. You pushed yourself up into a standing position after Abel grunted in acknowledgement, gesturing for the man to take a seat on the chair next to you. It meant Abel couldn’t see what was on the desk in front of you, and therefore delayed the inevitable tantrum that he’d throw when he saw what you were showing his parents’ friend.

“My name is Y/N Y/L/N, I’m Abel’s art teacher” You held your hand out for him to shake, wincing a little when he gripped it tightly before sitting down next to you.

“Happy,” He replied gruffly, his deep tone sending shivers down your spine as you pulled Abel’s art folder towards you. “So what has he done now? Wendy says this ain’t the first time you’ve called a meeting”

“I haven’t done shit,” Abel defended from the back of the classroom, his arms folded over his chest and his eyes narrowing in your direction. “She just enjoys getting me into trouble for no fucking reason”

“Stop swearing, kid. It ain’t big and it ain’t clever” Happy snapped, glaring at the blonde haired boy and therefore rendering him silent. You were gobsmacked. You had never seen anybody manage to shut Abel up so quickly before.

“Abel, perhaps you’d like to go to the cafeteria while me and Mr Lowman talk? Or maybe the metal workshop, I know Mr Stone is eager to talk to you about some motorcycle he’s working on” You suggested, your eyes following the lanky teenager as he pushed himself out of his chair and slung his backpack over his shoulder.

“See you later, Uncle Hap. Don’t listen to anything she says, she’s full of shit” Abel scowled, squeezing the older man’s shoulder before exiting the room with the door slamming behind him.

A silence fell between you after the boy’s departure, unsure of how to start a conversation with the man next to you. Upon closer examination, he was more attractive than your first impression. His deep brown eyes were swimming with a combination of mystery and darkness and he had various scars that contrasted against his tan skin. It was his tattoos that drew you in though. The way in which they all merged into each other to decorate his body, a mixture of several different colours causing the black outline to accentuate the design perfectly. It may have been the fact you were a fan of Japanese culture but your attention was immediately captured by the lotus flowers tattooed on his wrists, confirming that they would be how the conversation started before you put a dampener on your meeting by showing him Abel’s disturbing artwork.

“Are you interested in Japanese culture then?” You said slowly, receiving a confused look from Happy in response. “I noticed you have two of them on your wrists, I just assumed…”

“Oh right,” he chuckled deeply, his gaze flitting to where his hands rested in his lap before returning to stare back at you once more. “I guess I like the spiritual meaning behind them, the whole purity and harmony stuff”

“I get that, I have a couple lotus flowers myself” You grinned, pulling your shirt back to reveal the Japanese themed sleeve tattoo that covered the majority of your right arm.

“Hey they’re pretty cool,” he commented, his fingers wrapping around your wrist to pull it towards him and examine your tattoos closely. “You need a few of these touching up though. Not in a mean way! I’m a tattoo artist, I notice these things”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it,” You shrugged, covering your tattoos with your shirt once more and flipping Abel’s art coursework folder. “Anyway we’re here to discuss Abel, not my poorly done tattoos”

Happy laughed a little at your comment before falling silent at the sight of Abel’s drawings. To say they were troubling were an understatement. The pair of you spent the next fifteen minutes flipping through the folder, pausing at the more disturbing images to take in the amount of detail that had been put into them. There was one of a blonde haired man holding a gun, a cigarette dangling from his lips and blood coating his face. Another consisted of a slightly overweight man lying on a bench outside, his eye and several fingers having been removed horrifically judging by the blood and bruises that surrounded them. The most alarming one had to be his most recent piece of work though. It portrayed a thin, dark haired woman slumped against a blood splattered wall, a carving fork embedded into the top of her head whilst a considerably older woman wept in the corner, surrounded by broken crockery and a gun that lay discarded by her feet.

“As you can see, they’re pretty horrifying” You declared once you had finished looking through, slipping the folder into a drawer in your desk and turning to face the bald man, his eyebrows knitted together with worry.

“Um yeah, just a little,” he stuttered, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously whilst figuring out what to say. “I assume you know the shit that he went through when he was younger?”

“I’ve read his file. I know all about his adoptive mother and his father’s suicide if that’s what you mean,” You flashed him a sympathetic smile, knowing that he’d been close to Abel’s Dad when he’d been alive. “What concerns me is the amount of detail, like he witnessed all these events first hand”

“I can assure you that he didn’t, it must just be something that he’s imagined. I’ll talk to him though, see what’s going on with him and try to sort it out” Happy said honestly, pausing as if he wanted to say something else but obviously thinking better of it.

“Feel free to say what you like, Mr Lowman,” You urged, knowing it’d be likely that you’ll probably see him again in the near future. “If it can help Abel then I’d love to know what you’re thinking”

“I was just wondering whether I could take that first drawing? It’s of his dad and I know my friends and I would really appreciate it if we could have it” He asked cautiously, his eyes searching yours for any indication of you turning denying his odd request.

“But of course, Mr Lowman,” You nodded, opening the drawer and removing the picture he’d been talking about, handing it to him and accidentally brushing your fingers against his. Your eyes met his at the conact, unable to deny the spark of electricity that had coursed through you when you had grazed his calloused hands.

He shot you a grateful smile as he stood up from his seat, nodding at you whilst tucking the drawing under his arm and exiting the room with a slight swagger in his step. You let out a frustrated sigh once the door had closed. You couldn’t believe that you had been so stupid as to let him leave without your number, especially when you were so attracted to him. You spent another five minutes in your classroom before making your way out to the lot, not catching sight of Happy leaning against your car until you stopped rummaging through your bag in search of your keys.

“Mr Lowman…” You began, stopping in front of him when you finally reached the beat up Sedan that you’d had since you were seventeen. “Is there something else you’d like to ask about Abel?”

“Call me Happy. And no, actually I wanted to speak about you. I was just wondering whether you’d want to hang out sometime, maybe go for a drink or something?” He smiled, raising his hand up to take a drag on his cigarette as your eyes flitted to where Abel was sat waiting on the back of a Harley Davidson, shaking his head in disbelief.

“I’m not sure whether that would be appropriate, Happy,” You sighed, although deep down you were feeling like an excited teenager all over again. “I don’t usually date one of my student’s guardians, even if they do have as many as Abel does”

“I’ll pick you up on Friday after school, don’t forget to bring a helmet. I’m all about that health and safety when it comes to riding bikes” He winked as he clearly ignored your previous comment, giving your hip an affectionate squeeze and making his way over to his motorbike where Abel high fived him triumphantly.

As you climbed into your car, you couldn’t fight the smile that had crept onto your face. He looked over his shoulder at you one more time before he pulled out of the lot, flashing you one of his lop-sided grins as he kicked the bike stand with his heel and set off at an alarming speed. A small chuckle escaped your lips at his amount of attitude. It looked like you were going to have to go buy a motorcycle helmet on your way home.

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Mormon gothic/Mormon gothic aesthetic

Cold, cold cold. The chapel is always too Cold. The men complain about the heat. A grandmother brings blankets for herself and the elderly lady who always sits next to her. One day you go searching for the thermometer. It is never cold again. The men complain about the heat.

The pulpit is raised. The pulpit is lowered. The pulpit is raised. The pulpit is lowered. Th

A child is screaming somewhere behind you.

The floor beneath you is a sea of blue. You wonder if you will ever sink into it.

A child appears from underneath the pew. You do not know where it came from. It stays for 4 minutes to make conversation about the toy it brought along. It ducks back underneath the pew.

There are Spanish hymnals under the pew. Your sister pulled one out. You reach below but there is only an empty box. You check the pew a little farther. A little farther. All the boxes are empty.

The congregation opens their hymnals. Suddenly the room is a choir. Loud, like angels, you sing. Your ears continue to ring long after the song is over. The sound of books shutting waves over you.

Who changes the song numbers?

You once met an elderly lady in the lobby. She was 80 or so years old. You have never met her before, but she feels kind. She comments on the testimony you shared some minutes before. She says she felt prompted to talk to you. She tells you about her grandson. You both break into tears. When she is finished, she walks out of the building. You are too stunned to help her. She was not in your ward, or stake as far as you know. You do not see her ever again.

The building is all hallway and doors. Your cousin’s building has a staircase. You do not know where it goes. Your cousin does not know either.

What is in the mother’s lounge? You have vague memories of it from your childhood, but that is all they are. Vague.

Amen. The word shakes the building.

There are things not spoken. You want to speak of them, but the words do not come out of your mouth.

Burlap is everywhere. The tan scratchy texture accompanies your childhood memories of Sundays. As you watch the children run their hands up and down the walls as they walk, you know it will stick with them as well.

You do not walk through the multipurpose room in the dark. You know everyone in your ward. You trust them. You believe the stake to be trustworthy too. You still not walk through the multipurpose room in the dark.

You think you hear the sound of a basket ball bouncing against the waxed court floor, but there is none.

You walk past the primary room. The children are shouting, but you can translate it as singing. You know this song. “They wished they had listened, when they saw the rain… Follow the prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet…” You do not smile. You wish it was cute. You walk away.

When everyone separates, where do the men go? What do they talk about?

You walk around the church grounds with one of the youth. It is hot. The grass is dead. They tell you they do not believe in God. You feel bad for them, not for their atheism, but because church must be hard.

When everyone separates, where do the women go? What do they talk about?

You clean the church building every Saturday. Sometimes 30 people show up. More often then not it is somewhere between 3 and 6. It averages at 5. You were vacuuming the chapel when you saw someone wearing white, standing between the organ and the sacrament altar. They were watching you. You apologize, ask if they were there to help clean; they reply they weren’t, but were willing to help. You give them the task of making sure there was hymn books in all the pews, as most of the work was already done. They begin to sing while they work. You remember the sound of a congregation, and know your previous metaphor does not come close to the sound of an angel. You stop in your tracks and tears come to your eyes. Their song becomes your favorite hymn.

You hear stories of people seeing angels, but you don’t believe them. Your visiting teachers bring you a pan of lasagna. You have been living off of beans burros and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the past two weeks. You have not told anyone. They knew. You saw angels that day.

It’s raining when church gets out. The children shout with laughter as they run through it. You cry.

You play hide and seek. There are too many doors. Thousands of doors. Hundreds of thousands. Some have blackened windows on them. You are scared of the doors.

There is a speaker above the bishop’s office. It gives out static noise.

Everyone shakes hands. Everyone. At the doors two men are posted so you have to shake at least two. You can come in late to try to get past them. You sneak in the chapel; people will suprise you to shake your hand in the lobby. After the meeting, someone comes up to you anyway to shake your hand. You give in.

You hear your parent’s stern voice. “You are going to church, if you like it or not.” You sneak out of your youth classes with a few others down to the dollar store down the street. You buy a few cold sodas and wait til you have to go back. The cool liquid calms your heart. Your friends laughter gives you courage. Whether or not God is real, you know he would want you to choose for yourself.

One day, for combined mutual, the youth go swimming. It’s not too hot, not too cold. The day just is. There are also hotdogs. I think someone brought watermelon. The leaders do not swim.

You feed the missionaries. These two are different then the ones you fed two weeks ago. Two more will soon replace them.

You hear your parent’s stern voice. “You will not go to church with those devils, whether you like it or not.” You sneak out well into the meeting, but you are there for the closing hymn. The words calm your heart. The melody gives you courage. You know God is with you.

You look up and count the tiles on the roof. You are convinced the amount changes every time you count. You have your brother count with you. You both get two different numbers.

You do not walk down the hallways with the lights turned off.

Who rings The bell? How do they ring The bell?

Deep doctrine. Deep false doctrine.

A deacon messed around with the microphone in the chapel once. His voice boomed down the halls, filled the classrooms, and the multipurpose room.

A kid asks for scrap paper from the library every Sunday for 7 and a half years. One year, they stop. The librarians never knew what the child did with the paper, and regretted never asking.

Food in the serving area is devoured. No food left unattended will survive. Claiming it in Sharpied names does nothing to detour the devourers.

I may add more later. Feel free to add more too


  1. Always comment your code
    Commenting your code is a great way for you to not only help solidify what you’re writing in your head, but it makes your code so much clearer for you and anyone else who may be reading your code. Of course you don’t always have to document every line, but documenting lines that you find difficult to remember is a good practice to keep.

  2. Document your methods/functions
    Documenting your methods is a great way to keep track of what methods do what - create a doc-box above them and list the name of the method, what arguments it takes, what it returns, and the purpose it serves to the program. This can also serve as a quick reference so you don’t have to dig through your paper and find out what it’s supposed to do.

  3. Develop your own style of coding
    When you first start coding, you may end up with code everywhere - Brackets in weird places, inconsistent spaces between parentheses, etc… Over time, you should start developing your own style of coding that is yours. Decide how you like to type your brackets, how you like your parentheses to look, your general variable naming style, etc… It makes your code so much easier to look at and read.

  4. Know the official website for the language you’re working in
    If the code you are writing has an official website, use it! Languages like C++, Android, Java, and a ton of others have a website that has an extensive dictionary of libraries available to you and how to use them. Some of them even have example programs that you can use to help you. I keep all of mine in a bookmark folder.

  5. Experiment on your own
    If you look below, you’ll notice my tip #4 for assignments - Don’t over-complicate your code. This is best saved for your own experimenting, so do it! In your down time, learn new techniques and new ways to optimize your code to the best it can be. Doing this in your own time is the best way to do it, as you don’t jeopardize any of your points if your code ends up not being able to work or if the teacher is extremely to-the-book on their assignments.

  6. Debug as you go
    Debugging all at once sucks. You may get so far just to find out that your code is broken at the way beginning and that nothing else works. Instead, I suggest that you debug as you go to avoid the hours of debugging and possible re-writing at the end.


  1. Take your time time reading the prompt
    Nothing sucks more than finishing up the assignment after a week of coding than finding out that you completely skipped a crucial part of the program. If you need to, print out the prompt and highlight the crucial parts and make a note of anything else that you might forget.

  2. Put document boxes at the top of your code
    These are more of a preference, but I prefer to put document boxes at the top of each of my files. I normally put my school id, name, assignment #, file name, and purpose of the file at the top of every file.  This helps me remember what file is supposed to do what and keeps my code clean and keeps my programming time shorter.

  3. Make a list of your variables
    Programming is one of those things that will frustrate the heck out of you at times. You will spend days trying to debug one thing, just to go in to the TA to find out that you missed a semi-colon or you misspelled a variable. My recommendation: Make a list of variables that are used globally as well as which ones are used privately in their respective files. You can either do this in a doc-box or you can use old-fashioned pen and paper. I also put what the variable is used for and use the sheet for quick reference.

  4. Don’t try to over-complicate your code
    When you’re given an assignment, do only what the assignment says - don’t try to go above-and-beyond unless you’re told there’s extra credit or another incentive. This means; not using a switch when you’re specifically told to use if-else statements or anything else similar.

  5. Visit your TA or teacher if you need help
    They are there to help you - don’t just rely on stack overflow to teach you something that you don’t understand. Sure, you may be able to fix your code from that forum post, but do you actually understand it?

  6. Pair programming is great if you do your own part
    Don’t just rely on your partner to do everything while you get the grade. You won’t learn anything that way. Evenly split the work and code when you are both present. This will allow you both to learn how to do the program and prepare you both for the exam to come. Pair programming is a great way to get a more real-world experience, as many projects in the real-world are done in groups or teams. ** Pair programming may not be available for you, ask your professor first **

  7. Do your own code
    Aside from pair programming, do your own code. Do not rely on git hub to have the old assignments from years past and do not rely on your friends to write your code for you. Copying code from online is not only plagiarism which can earn you a 0 in the assignments, but some schools even have a strict policy where you can fail out of the class for plagiarizing. It also does not help you to learn the material.

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In eighth grade we used a creepy old baby doll as a hall pass (Hall Baby). At some point a kid found a sock in the Galway and put it on Hall Baby's head as a hat. We wrote the room number on the sock in case we lost it. This year (three years later) I went to visit the teacher and Hall Baby is still wearing the sock we found in a hallway. Kids carry it to visit the office or other teacher.

hall baby is my aesthetic

I think you're cute| Kurt Wagner

Request by anon:
“I’ve nv really requested before amd idk if you write this kind of stuff but can you do a nightcrawler imagine where the reader is outgoing when she’s with her friends but when she meets Kurt she gets shy bc she thinks he’s cute and like a lot of fluff and stuff?”
I hope you like it anon, even if it’s crap, bare with me pls.
Sorry it took so long.
Also the English is probably shit, sorry y'all.


Requests are open

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Talking has never been a problem to you.

In your group of friends you’ve always been the extroverted, the one that had no problems with making new friends.

A little ray of sun peeks out of your curtains and falls on your face, making you whine in disapproval.
You turn around and open on eye, trying to reach out for your phone.
You sigh and look at the ceiling.
‘Just two months left’ you think.
The alarm of your phone goes off and take it to turn it off.
“Let’s do this” you say as you grab some clothes on the chair next to you.

You hop out of the bus, waiting for your friend.
“…and then he said that I was being over dramatic, like, me over dramatic” says your friend shaking her head.
“Maybe you were” you say, grinning at her.
“Whatever” she whispers and starts to walk faster towards the gate.
When you arrive there, you see all of your friends waiting for you.
“You finally made it”
“Guess who didn’t want to wake up tho morning” you look at your friend, grinning once again.
She crosses her arms and rolls her eyes.
A little laugh escapes from your lips and you grab her arm.
“C’mon, we need to go”

You walk in the hallways towards your locker laughing and making faces at your friends.
You are making an impression of your maths teacher when you hear someone clear their throat.
You turn around and wide your eyes open.
‘Oh fuck’
“I want to inform you, that our school is doing a project with the Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters, and that you’ve been chosen to show our school to the students that are coming here to visit it”.
Your head teacher glares at you and you look at the ground, trying to suffocate a laugh.
“You have to meet him at lunch, don’t be late”
He looks at you one last time and walks towards his office.
When you hear the door slam, you burst in a laugh and your friends follow you.
“He almost got me this time” you say wiping away the tears.
“Okay, we had fun but now we have to go”
Your friend grabs your arm and drags you to the first class of the day.
“You’re so boring”
“Shut up”

“Don’t be late he said, and now he is late” you complain.
You feel someone tap on your shoulder and turn around. Behind you there was the cutest boy you’ve ever seen.
You stare at him, your mouth slightly open.
“My name is Kurt Wagner, I’m here for the tour”
You open your mouth and close it a few times but nothing comes out.
Your friends look at you, confused.
“Let’s go” says one of them.
He follows your friends but your best friends stays with you.
“What the fuck was that?”
“I don’t know, I don’t know what was that, I don’t know what happened. He probably thinks that I am a freak now, shit”
You hide your face in your hands and sigh.
“Are those…feelings for someone that isn’t shown on Tv, Y/N?”
You hit your friend’s arm and shake your head.
“C’mon we gotta go”

“Thank you for the tour, I had fun” says Kurt.
“It’s fine, don’t worry, it was a pleasure” says your friends.
You smile a little and look everywhere but at him.
Your friends start to chat between them and you get lost in your thoughts until Kurt snaps you out of them.
“Why didn’t you talk at all?” he asks you.
You look at the ground, your cheeks a little red.
“Is it because I look like a monster?”
You furrow your eyebrows.
“No, absolutely not, it’s because I-I think that you’re cute”
Kurt smiles, his eyes sparkling with joy.
“Thank you”
“Maybe we could, you know hang out sometimes?” you close your eyes at your stupidity.
“I would like to”