visiting puerto rico


Although my visit home to Puerto Rico was only 10 days long and I was only able to use 8 of those days to the fullest I definitely lived them to the fullest. Visiting friends and family, spending time at parties, climbing cliffs and swimming in the ocean, eating all the amazing food I could and bathing under the warm sun in the welcoming sand; it felt like days and months had gone by. It felt like I had never left. I didn’t want to leave. There is such a nostalgic feeling when one returns to a place they call home, where they feel truly connected to the nature and the people around, where they smile when they hear the music and the air fills their lungs with familiar smells. I missed the smell of salt in the humid air and nothing beats the feel of the sun hitting your skin after being exposed to the cold for so long. Thank you @smokingmydekushrubs for letting me stay with you so many days, dragging me around to all these adventures and being an awesome brother.

All photos taken by me (el-sol-oceanico) except for the first one taken by @smokingmydekushrubs

Yo soy boricua. Yo amo a mi patria.

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You know years ago I went to visit family in Puerto Rico and I saw pinky and the brain graffiti on a building somewhere and I hope its still there it was pretty cool