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I Got You

Word Count: 1904

Pairing: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Angst, mentions of a car crash, drugs, alcohol, abusive relationship, fluff at the end don’t worry 

Request by Anon: Can I request a Tony x teen daughter one where she lives with her mom. She kept her hidden from Tony for 14 years. Tony finds out about his daughter when she got sick and ended up in the hospital. He also finds out her mom was horrible to her and kept her in poor living conditions. So he shows up at their door with a lawyer and papers to find her doing drugs with friends and his daughter locked in her room. He takes her home where she feels safe for the first time

Author’s Note: Yay I finally got another request done! Sorry for the wait end of the school year is always fun. Anyway hope you enjoy it :)


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You never liked hospitals so you tried to stay far away from them as possible. If you did get sick you would suck it up for a few days until your illness passed. Though, as fate would have it, you ended up in the building you hated. You were taking a cab home when a car pulled out too quickly hitting your side of the cab. No major injuries but you needed surgery to repair a ligament in your leg that tore in the crash.

Your mom, however, didn’t have that kind of money or at least you though she didn’t. When she instantly had enough money, you grew curious. Your mom could never hold a job for long and the jobs she did find weren’t high paying. When you asked her, she just brushed you off telling you that this was a discussion for later. You knew too well that she wasn’t going to bring it up unless she had to.

So now, here you were sitting in your hospital room alone while your mom goes out and parties with of few of her friends. Ever since you could remember, your mom always put partying before you. She rather get drunk or high with a few of her stoner friends than ever care about your well being. You couldn’t just leave even if you wanted to. Though she was a pain in the ass, you had nowhere to go. You never met your dad and he was probably just as bad as her.

What dampened your mood, even more, was that fact that you had to keep off your leg which meant you were trapped with your mother. You sighed sadly flipping through tv channels wishing you didn’t get in that cab so you wouldn’t be in this situation. Zoning out a bit, you didn’t notice someone was knocking on your door until you saw someone pop their head it.

“Miss (Y/L/N)?” A woman said as you sat up if your hospital bed.

“Yes,” You answered quietly trying to figure out who this lady was.

“I’m Mrs. Reynolds and I work with social services. I wanted to talk to you privately, your mother has already been informed.” She said as your blood ran cold. They were going to take you away and put you in the foster care system - something you did not want to end up in. “Miss?”

“O-Oh that’s fine,” You began clearing your throat, “What do you need to talk about?”

“Your mother recently reached out to your father when you needed surgery and he would like to meet you. He’s a persistent man so he’s currently waiting outside of your room. I wanted to make sure you were ok with this before I send him in.”

You stared at the women blankly as you tried to wrap your head around what was happening. Your father after fourteen years wanted to meet you. You always wondered what he looked like but your mom never kept any pictures of him. She didn’t even tell you his name after asking her many times. But here you were about to meet the man you always thought about. Nodding quietly you prepare yourself for the worst as Mrs. Reynolds leaned out into the hall summoning him in.  

You expected a nobody, someone who either had no idea you existed or just now realized he made a mistake. But your were dead wrong, instead walked in someone you immediately recognized. It was Tony Stark, Tony freaking Stark. Your mouth dropped in shock as you stared at the man claiming to be your father.

“So (Y/N) right?” He said sticking his hands in his pockets unsure what to do next.

“Wait is this a joke? How? I mean, I know how but it’s been-”

“I know fourteen years. To be honest I didn’t know you existed until your mother randomly called me asking me for money.”

“Oh,” You quietly said trying to process everything.

“How’s the leg? I heard it wasn’t serious but surgery is surgery.”

“It’s ok,” You answered unsure how to act around Tony.

Watching him sigh, he walked closer to bed trying to think what to say next. He seemed just unsure of you as you were of him. You didn’t know why he even bothered to come, he missed most of your life already and now after one phone call, he’s here. Still, you were grateful he actually was a good person than some druggy who couldn’t get his life together.

“Look I know this is awkward,” He sighed looking at your uncomfortable posture. “But I don’t want to leave this room and not see you again.”

“Me too.”

“Well then let’s start this off right,” He spoke excitedly extending his hand out to you. “I’m Tony and your name is?”

“(Y/N),” You replied with a small smile on your face.

And that was a start to a new beginning.

Three months later you were still visiting your father often but instead of taking a cab there, he made his driver Happy take you to him. After the cab incident, he made sure you didn’t have to ride with anyone else but Happy. Life was good for the most part, your mother was the same but you could tell she didn’t like you hanging around your dad.

He was pretty clear that she wouldn’t get a dime out of him unless it was for you. Once she heard that, she started taking her anger out on you. Your mom still had full custody and every night she would threaten to stop you from seeing your father. You had to beg her just to go see him even if it was an hour or two, just to get out of the house and away from her.

You wanted to tell your dad what your mom was like but you knew he didn’t want to fully adopt you. He was an Avenger and billionaire, he didn’t want some kid ruining his style. So you kept your mouth shut and enjoyed the time you had with him. That, of course, didn’t make this easier on you at all.

“W-Where are you going?!” Your mother slurred as her friends started to snort random drugs. “You know I don’t like you leaving when we have guests!” She was definitely high from whatever she was smoking. Your mom couldn’t function like an actual person when she was like this and that scared you.

“D-Dad’s,” You whispered as her face turned to rage. “I-I’m sorry I-I’ll go back to my room.” You ran quickly as your mother continued to scream from behind you. Slamming the door, you quickly locked it as she banged loudly against it.

Sending your father a text that you couldn’t make it because of homework, you slid down to the floor trying to calm your breathing. Eventually, the banging stopped but you were too afraid to move from your spot.  

Tony sighed reading the text you just send as he ate a handful of blueberries. He had a bad feeling that something else was happening back at your place. He knew your mother and she wasn’t as stable as she thought she was. Though he couldn’t just take you away from her, she still had full custody. This was something that he was going change.

He called a lawyer down beforehand to try to get custody and today he was going to ask you if you were ok with him proceeding with it. Tony was going to try and ask your mother first before trying to take this to court. He was even ready to offer her some form of money just to get you away from her.

You never mentioned how horrible your mother was to him but he had a feeling when you kept showing up with a few bruises every now and then. So when you said you couldn’t make it, he knew something was definitely wrong. Without even thinking, he was out the door with his lawyer ready to finally get you away from that hellhole.

Even after three months, he never actually saw where you lived. Happy always picked you up a corner farther away from your house. Your apartment was definitely not what he expected it to look like when he pulled out front. Some windows were boarded over while some were just broken. The roof looked old along with the cracked brick covering the apartment complex. Walking into the building was whole other story.

The smell was awful and you could hear bricking a few doors down. The wallpaper was peeling and the ceiling was littered with water stains. Tony knew more than ever, that he needed to get you out of here. When he arrived at your door, he knocked only for the door to slightly open. Pushing the door open and walking into the apartment, he called out to your mom.

When he got no answer, Tony walked further into the room, only to find your mom and her friends passed out surrounded by empty beer bottles and drugs. Without even glancing at his lawyer, Tony watched as his friend pulled out his cell phone to contact the police. Now all was left to do was find you and get you out of here. Stepping over a few bottles, he made his way over to the hall where he heard a few sobs coming from behind a door. Realizing that was you, he tried to open it only to find that it was locked.

“Leave me alone,” You whimpered. 

“(Y/N), it’s me. Open the door,” He said hoping nothing happened to you.

Tony heard shuffling behind the door before he heard the lock quickly turning. Then the door flew open as you jump straight into his arms. You started crying harder finally letting out all the emotions you bottled up. Wrapping his arms tightly around you, he made sure you felt safe.

“Shhh, I got you, I got you.”

Once your breathing calmed down, you wiped your tears away before hugging your dad once more. “M-My mom,” You hiccuped as tears started to form again.

“Don’t worry, I got her taken care of. Let’s go back to my place ok?” He said as you nodded following his lead.

Once the two of you were back at the tower you were still shaken up but you managed to calm yourself enough to explain what happened to your father. He knew you didn’t want to cause any trouble but you were clearly not in a good environment.

“You’re not going back there,” Tony said feeling the anger boil in him. “I won’t let you, that women will not be coming near you again.”

“But she still has full-”

“Not for long. I have my best lawyers working on it, she won’t come near you again. And after than stunt she pulled today she won’t have a case.”

“Really?” You asked as he nodded. You smiled widely as you jumped up from your spot and hugged him tightly. “Thank you, dad. I glad I tore a ligament that day.”

“Me too kid, me too.”

At the end of the day, you knew your father was there for you and would project you no matter what. After fourteen years with your mother, you finally felt safe and found a place where you could call home.

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Please don’t fall in love without me

Word count: 1.3K

Summary: Tom is out with friends a lot, the reader feels a little hopeless about it

Warnings: A bit of negative self talk, angst and fluff, 2 or 3 swear words

Note: This was kind of based off of what I like saw when I listened to I Can’t Fall in Love without You by Zara Larsson. The story isn’t based on the song, more just the feeling of it if that makes sense. Enjoy!

You set your phone onto the bed sheets that pooled around you. An arm was thrown over your eyes as sobs raked through your body. One text. Sorry darling! I’m meeting with Zendaya and Haz tonight, I’ll be home later. Love you. You scrolled through texts only to read the same message with a different wording over and over again. It was two weeks since you two had actually hung out together. You knew it was utterly stupid to be jealous, and you loved Zendaya with all your heart but come on. Zendaya is beautiful, funny, good at dancing, unbelievably nice, and overall just perfect. What could you give to Tom that she couldn’t?

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A Week in Montreal

Highly requested! This follows Millennial Love, Part 2 in my series I’m calling: “A Modern Love Story”! 

Preface/Summary:  A few weeks after Tom’s initial offer of meeting, you had finally agreed to visit him in Canada. A week of shenanigans ensues. 

“Flight 203 to Montreal, now boarding.” 

You anxiously grabbed your bag and waited in line, fiddling with your passport and boarding pass. Once you got onto the plane, you quickly texted Tom: “On the plane! Excited to finally meet you 😘” 

Wow, you thought. I’m finally meeting him. A wish that so many fans dreamed of was finally coming true. After his first mention of you coming to Canada was implanted into his brain, he asked you to visit weekly. Your refusals were due to your worry that your visiting would interfere with his work, and his rebuttal would always be that he “wouldn’t have mentioned it if I didn’t want to see you.” 

You smiled, butterflies filled your stomach. Bless the internet, you said, really enjoying this feeling. How did this even happen? This is insane. Your phone vibrated with a text from Tom. 

“Perfect! Text me when you land, please. See you soon!!! ❤️ “

A couple hours later… 

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You are My Heaven Pt 2 [End] (Steve Rogers fic)

Characters: reader, Steve, Sam, Natasha (mentioned), Maria Hill

Summary: Falling for a good man, who happened to be her training partner, was unavoidable. What if you can’t stay away, even after heartbreak? Is it possible to be friends with some one you’ve fallen for? Life rarely unfolds the way we hope it would. (Events take place after CATWS)

Warnings: lil fluff, lotta angst. Heartbreak. I’m sorry.

Word Count: 2.8k

Song Inspiration: Litost by X Ambassadors

Tags are at the bottom

A/N: This one hurt. Once again, I drew from my own personal experiences, so it took a lot out of me to write. I hope you enjoy it? I’m considering an epilogue, so let me know if that is of interest! Please let me know your thoughts! Special thanks to @buckyywiththegoodhair for helping edit. Bless you!  

<<<Part One   Part Two   Epilogue>>>



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The next morning after a maximum of 3 hours sleep, you dabbed on some concealer to hide bags under your eyes and got dressed. Hopefully you could blame your ‘illness’ on not looking your best. Once you arrived, it seemed you didn’t have to worry. Apparently Nat was a little too good at telling the story that you’d been sick. When you walked into work, everyone was shocked that you were “up and around” so soon. It was like you had the plague or something.

Assuring everyone you were fine, the office was back to business as usual. However, partway through your first day back, a mission report update arrived from Steve. Upon seeing the email, your breath quickened with a twist of your still-tender heart. You sought refuge in the bathroom until the pain in your chest subsided and tears dried. 

The rest of your week passed without incident, the only unusual being your lack of visiting the gym. Even without Steve there, too many memories lingered. You kept yourself distracted by catching up on work and spending time with the other Avengers. That weekend, you actually made an effort to go out with friends and socialize. The pain in your chest still lingered, but less sharply than before.

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interconnection | myg

summary: you can never trust anything in the wizarding world. not even your own goddamn journal. 


pairing: yoongi x female reader
word count: 8k
genre: fluff
a/n: all poetry in y/n’s journal written by yours truly! obviously, anything written in yoongi’s journal is written by him. also, i know the word count’s pretty short in comparison to my seokjin fic, but a majority of this fic is in messaging format, which explains both the great physical length and the shorter word count. inspired by this drarry fic, which rocks and u should read.

“all art is quite useless.” — wilde, 1890.

The first thing your mother bought you in Diagon Alley, age eleven, was a worn, brown leather journal, its pages tinted and stained but empty nonetheless. She got it off of the highest shelf in the top corner of the crowded bookstore, stretching her arms and legs to reach it, the last of its kind.

“What’s this for?” You asked as she placed it in your open, waiting palms.

“For you to write in while at Hogwarts,” she said. “I find that words always seem to have a better way of flowing when on paper rather than out loud. Don’t you?”

“I dunno,” you responded, shrugging your little shoulders as you placed the journal in your cauldron along with the rest of your required schoolbooks. “Isn’t it dumb to keep a journal?”

“Only if you treat it as such,” your mother replied, as sage as she always was. “Come, let’s get you a wand.”

With the mention of a wand, your mind wandered far from the beaten leather journal in your cauldron as you skipped out of Flourish and Blott’s, unaware of how significant the journal would end up being in your later years at Hogwarts.

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As Usual

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Unnamed OFC

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Business!Baron, what’s not to love? Tagging our usual suspects of @tox-moxley and @oraclegazes, as well as the head of the Baron’s Bitches Pack, @writergrrrl29 and but of course it would not be Thirst Party Saturday without our Steerforth, @hardcorewwetrash! Enjoy!

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A/N: Inspired by Riverdale’s last episode and if you want it to be a part two just let me know ❤️

You started your new year on Riverdale, everyone misjudged you, you came to Riverdale to start over, but that became just a dream, you looked tough someone you shouldn’t mess with, someone to be afraid of and that’s exactly what happened.

Everyone avoided you and looked you as if you were a criminal, maybe because of the scars that people could see on your legs and arms, this scars were the result of several physical abuses from your father, he was ruthless.

So you ran away with your baby sister, she was about to turn 10 and you wanted what was best for her, at the time, Riverdale seemed to be the best.

Then, the Serpents recruited you, or most specifically, F.P Jones, that’s when things got nasty.

Since you became a Serpent you also became a suspect of Jason Blossom’s murder, which was obviously ridiculous since you just moved in, but they didn’t care, for Riverdale, Serpents meant a threat and you were a Serpent.

As you expected of every small town, the rumors spread, people were looking, judging. That irritated you, and you decided to step up, you wouldn’t quiet down. So one day you stood up in an empty table on the cafeteria and whistled really loud, all looks were on you

“Listen up, I know this town loves gossips, but since you’re talking about me, I wanted to make something clear” you stopped to look at the crowd of teenagers “If you’re gonna talk about me behind my back I’ll like that things to at least be truth, so here it is” you took a deep breath

“My name is Y/N Y/L/N, I came here to scape my abusive asshole of a father, he is the reason of every single one of my scars” silence and tension fell on the place, you smiled “This for example” you lifted up your sleeve showing a big irregular scar that was a dark shade of pink “Was made by a burning frypan” you explained and the whispers filled the room

“I am a Serpent and I don’t care what you think about me, the only opinion I care about is my little sister’s. Holly” you smiled at the thought of her “So everyone else, I welcome you to kiss my ass” you sassed hopping down the table.

Then you saw him, Jughead Jones, F.P’s boy, you smiled in his direction before leaving the place.

The next time you met Jughead, it was a causality or maybe meant to be, you found Jughead crying inside a phone booth, you opened the door and Jughead stared at you in silence until you slowly and awkwardly put your arms around him, pulling him into a hug, after a few moments he seemed to relax and hugged you back softly.

You offered to take him to Pop’s since you knew that was his safe place, so when you got there he leaned his head onto the window, his eyes puffy from all the crying, you didn’t said a single word, you just sat there next to him.

You weren’t sure of what to do, you didn’t were a social person, you didn’t have friends so you didn’t know how to confort someone, your gaze fell on the hand next to you, and without really thinking about it, you put your hand on top of his.

After a few seconds of feeling his cold skin against yours, you decided to slowly lock it with his in a gentle squeeze.

Jughead lifted his head up at the sensation, when his gaze fell on your hands he smiled weakly, he examined the small scars on your hand and ran his thumb across them.

A shiver ran down your spine, the feeling was oddly reassuring, it felt nice, so you let it be, enjoying the moment.

But that moment ended when the bell of the restaurant ringed, announcing someone’s entrance; the people that entered where Jughead’s friends, at the sight of you they all shared puzzled looks, specially because you were wearing your Serpent jacket.

Betty looked at you and you suddenly felt uncomfortable “I better leave you alone” you said standing up but a hold on your hand stopped you, you turned your gaze towards the raven boy, his eyes were pleading for you to stay by his side

“Stay” he said in a low voice, you bit your lip “Please” he said, you sighed and finally sat back down

Everyone awkwardly sat on the booth and as if it couldn’t get worse, Betty sat in front of you.


Everything was a mess, F.P was on jail, Jughead was now on Southside High and about to move to a foster home and since F.P was in jail he made clear he wanted you on charge, it took you by surprise, but you proudly agreed.

A week ago you went to visit F.P and his words were still on your head

“Take care of my boy Y/N, keep him on track for me”

So, after a lot of calls and pulling some strings, you were also transferred to Southside High. You were scared to be honest, but you needed to keep Jughead safe, of course he could take care of himself, you were there just to remember him who he was.

The Jubilee ended a few hours ago and the Serpents decided to go see Jughead, you bagged on the door several times until the door was open, the surprise on his face was obvious.

“Hey, we found out your dad hasn’t said any names” one of the boys started out “…and we wanted to let you know that no matter what happens to him, we got your back” he smiled at the words

“Serpents take care of their own” you smiled and his eyes light up at the sight of you “This is yours if you want it” you said handing him the leather jacket, he took it and nodded before putting it on, a big smile plastered on his lips “Looks good, boss” you said

“Juggy?” You heard Betty’s voice inside the caravan, she looked at you and then at Jughead, she looked hurt, betrayed even.

“I’ll see you at school” you said before walking out the place, after that uncomfortable encounter the Serpents dropped you off at your place, you closed the door behind you, letting out a deep breath

“Y/N is that you?” Your sister’s soft voice called out, you couldn’t help but smile
“Yeah kiddo” you said and not long after that you heard her loud steps walking towards the door, at the sight of you she squealed in joy
“I missed you!” She said happily hugging you, you felt all your worries wash away

“I missed you too Holls” you said kissing her cheek and put her up to place her on your hip

Between the Serpents, the new school and his book Jughead barely saw Betty and his friends and as they drifted apart, you two grew closer, since you had to take care of Holly too you would sometimes bring her to the bar, of course everyone avoided being spotted drinking by the little girl.

Right now you were pool with Jughead as Holly sat on a table near, having the best view, you focused on the bright red ball, if you managed to get it in you would win the game, you took a few seconds before finally making your move and luckily, the ball did go in

“Looks like I won” you said walking over to him, he laughed
“2 out of 3?” He teased
“That’s what losers say” you joked sitting on the pool table, he laughed and raised an eyebrow
“That hurt my ego” you smiled and tapped his chest jokingly
“You’ll get over it” you both smiled and Jughead stepped closer, making his way through your legs, his eyes never leaving yours, he slowly placed his hand on your lower back under your Serpent jacket, bringing you even closer, he stared at your lips until his eyes were closed, finally your lips locked together and you melted in his embrace

For Jughead this was a whole new discovery, for a moment everything seemed so far away, time was going slower, when his lips found yours you confidently kissed him back, putting one arm around his neck, pulling him down, the hand that was on your lower back gripped onto you tighter and his other hand lifted up your leg to his hip.

His ministrations were so firm, determined and you didn’t remembered one time in your whole life something felt like that, it was almost overwhelming, it was like a teenager trying drugs for the first time, it was so intense you needed more.

“Juggy?” You heard a low voice say, both of you froze in your place, knowing perfectly who was there, Jughead turned to her, the tears were filled up in her eyes, the betrayal and amusement written all over her face.

He slowly pulled away from you to look at his girlfriend, when you saw her face guilt ran all over you, what were you thinking? He had a girlfriend and for her you were nothing more than a slut, and that’s exactly how you felt, like a shameless slut.

“Betty…” he whispered, she shook her head, a few tears running down her cheeks as she ran out of the place, Jughead came after her and when you watched him leave you felt your heart breaking, but you took a deep breath and put an unreadable expression as you turned to everyone

“You saw nothing” you called out firmly and everyone turned back to what they were doing, you walked over to your little sister and picked her up, then you went inside the bathroom and placed her on the floor.

The knot on your throat was unbearable, you put your hands on either sides of the sink and looked down at it letting your tears fall as you held tighter onto it, your breathing became heavier

“Please don’t cry” your little sister pleaded and you laughed before sniffing your nose and turn to her, cracking a smile
“I’m alright, kiddo, I just… need to cool off” you explained and she came over to you, lifting her arms up
“Need a hug?” She asked sweetly and you couldn’t help but smile and nod before lifting her up and hugging her tightly “I love you” she whispered on your ear and you let out a deep breath nodding to yourself
“I love you too Holly”

Yale College 1769-1773

Ever wonder exactly how Yale College was at the time of Benjamin Tallmadge and Nathan Hale? Yale College was founded on October 9, 1701 in New Haven, Connecticut where in remains today an Ivy League school. In 1769, the year Tallmadge and Hale began their freshman year, “the western front of the green” faced Yale College’s Connecticut Hall (the main building) which was a three-story, rebrick building built on top of a “spacious and large” cellar. The entire college was three buildings total: the main building (Connecticut Hall), a library and then a church. From this point, one could look to the east and manage a squinting glance of the Long Island Sound and just over the horizon, the Atlantic Ocean.

New Haven was settled in 1638, it thrived with “maritime aesthetics” and deep-seated Christian values (in Connecticut it was illegal not to attend church) and was established by its founders on the principles of “community, education, economics, and… religion.” The thick of the city was Chapel Street. Nathan Hale’s childhood home was sixty miles north from New Haven and was a forty-eight hour travel time by horse. Most students of Yale barely visited home and beyond a visit to the house of the school’s physician Dr. Eneas Munson, the local tavern, or a shopkeeper nearby, the students rarely ventured beyond the surrounding neighborhood and kept most of their socializing confined to campus.

The bustling sea port of New Haven was situated on the “jagged” coastline between Stamford and Saybrook. Merchant there sold mainly sugar, pewter, nails, timber, fishing gear, compases, sextants–coopers and shiphands loitered the docks in search of work with businessmen kept note on coastal offices and warehouses. New York was a half day’s sail south, and Boston farther at a day’s sail north. The harbor prospered and sustained a “growing economy”. The backdrop was a “neatly painted frame houses of many of the town’s influential families.” Yale was but a short walk from the Atlantic Ocean. New Haven housed two Congregational churches and alongside was one Episcopal which also set the tone for Yale’s strict and rigorous Christian curriculum. Tuition to the college was twelve shillings per year, for each child. An amount that Richard Hale (father of Nathan and Enoch Hale) could not afford immediately in cash. In 1769 colonial New England, it was unusual for a household to send even one child to college.  

Benjamin Tallmadge and Nathan Hale both arrived at Yale in the fall of 1769 in the month of September. At the age of twelve, Tallmadge’s father, Reverend Benjamin Tallmadge placed him as a student among others the Reverend was preparing for college. “I had acquired such a knowledge in classical learning, that President Dagget, on a visit to my father,” Tallmadge recalled in his autobiography, “examined and admitted me as qualified to enter college, when I was twelve of thirteen years old.” But, because his father “deemed it improper for me to go to college so young” and therefore “kept me at home until the Autumn of 1769, when I became a member of Yale College.” Fall of 1769, Tallmadge, having just turned fifteen the past February began college life at this age.

Both Enoch and Nathan Hale were prepared for Yale by Dr. Joseph Huntington, who held classes at him home, two miles from the Hale family farm. More they studied under were Jonathan Trumbull Sr.; John Davenport; Timothy Dwight; and Dr. Nathan Strong (a relative from their maternal side). Enoch was fifteen upon arrival in fall of 1769 and younger brother Nathan was a year behind at fourteen.

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Baby Teeth

We really should’ve known that there was something up with this child when we received a call from the social worker. Daphne answered the phone at around ten PM, a few minutes later I was shaken awake and told that we had to get ready- there was a kid who needed a place to stay. Immediately.

My wife and I are foster parents, have been for over fifteen years. We’ve kept our eyes peeled for ‘the child’, but they never seemed right. We sent them on when they found their forever home, and it was sad, but we were okay with the fact they’d be loved and always welcome to come visit.

The first thing that was really seemed off was the urgency- in all our time fostering we’d never been told we’d be receiving a child within hours. The lack of explanation was disconcerting but accepted. I thought we would be dealing with a child quickly pulled from a neglectful or abusive situation, perhaps their parent was attempting to track them and they needed to move them.

The second thing that was off was that Aisha was six months old. We’d never taken in a child below five years.

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Tender Feelings

Who: Jughead Jones
Quote: Since you’ve been around, I smile a lot more than I use to.

[Y/N] had only been in Riverdale for a total of three months. Ninety days of stumbling into a whirlwind of a small town looking for a murder within its walls. It took roughly six weeks before she was able to calm down and enjoy the friendships she had made. Everyone was a little on edge about Jason Blossom’s death but at the same, mostly everyone was welcoming and made [Y/N] feel right at home. 

Her parents didn’t seem to like the idea that she had signed up for the Blue and Gold. [Y/N] spent a lot of her time with Betty and Jughead trying to piece together who could have murdered the high schooler. They felt that it wasn’t right for her to get in the middle of all it and above all else, feared that it would get her killed. However, they were trying to be lenient and allow her to follow her dreams in being a journalist but when she arrived home at three in the morning with a bruised lip and a black eye, they halted her investigation and locked her down. Grounded with no phone and no visitations from any of her friends she had made. The only interaction that was allowed were during school hours. 

[Y/N] didn’t know how long she was going to be put on lock-down but all she knew was that it was killing her to be hold up in her room all weekend and nights. 

She was lying on her back, a tennis ball in her hand as she threw it against the wall for it to come back to her. [Y/N] had created a game with herself, her record for keeping the streak was 417 before she just got so unbelievably bored and forgot to catch it. 

“[Y/N], your father and I will be out late. I’m not sure how long this dinner party is supposed to last.” [Y/N]’s mother walked into her room, giving her a stern look. “Don’t think for a minute you can skip out. I will be calling the house phone every hour to check up on you.” Setting down the cordless telephone on her night stand, she bit her lip, bent down and patted her daughter’s head. “This is for your protection, honey. I’m sorry but this town has a lot more demons than we thought when we bought the house.” 

“Whatever.” [Y/N] mumbled. Pressing her lips, she nodded and headed out the door. Sitting up, she leaned forward until she heard the car door shut and the engine turn on. Creeping up towards her window, she slyly watched as her parents exited their long driveway before she lunged for the house phone. 

Closing her eyes, she tried to rack her brain. Smirking, she dialed Jughead’s number. “Juggie! Hey, it’s me. No, I didn’t get a new phone….yeah it’s my house number and yup I’m still on lock-down.” Pacing back and forth in her room, she sighed, “I’m dying over here Jug, come over? Well my parents are gone till whenever…..I guess we’ve switched roles. They never used to socialize back in [random state] and now that I’ve been incarcerated with a very limited social life, they’ve miraculously found friends.” [Y/N] laughed at Jughead’s response, “But, seriously come over. We can watch movies or something. If the wicked witch of the west hadn’t promised that she’d call every hour, I’d be at Pop’s in a heartbeat.” Leaning against her dresser, she smiled. “Okay, I’ll see you in a little bit!” 

[Y/N] pouted as Jughead smeared pizza sauce all over her arm, “Jughead!” Laughing, she took spoon she had used and wiped it on his cheek.

Jughead chuckled, reaching over he plucked a few paper towels from the roll and cleaned off the sauce from his cheek and then from her arm. “Okay, okay! Truce?” 

Taking his hand, she nodded. “Truce but you’re the one who started it.” 

Shrugging, he smiled. “It was tempting.” 

Shaking her head, she used the pizza cutter to cut their homemade pizzas. “Alright, let the movie night begin!” Instructing him to grab the cups and plates, she juggled the two pizzas up their stairs. 

“Why are you going to your room for this?” 

“Because if my parents come home and I don’t hear their car coming up the driveway, it’ll be easier to hide you then if we were living room and they walked in.” Getting comfortable in her bed, she patted next to her, “I’m not supposed to be hanging out with you, remember? You could get me killed.” Rolling her eyes, she shuddered at the long conversation her parents had with her about her whole involvement with the Blue and Gold. 

“I’m sorry you got dragged into it.” He said softly. 

“I’m not.” She spoke with such certainty. “Jug, I’ve lived in [state] my entire life and never did I once ever had a friendship like I do with you guys. I love it here despite the murderer on the loose ordeal. I have friends who I can trust and depend on.”

Jughead looked at her, a smile instantly on his lips. Pulling away from her gaze, he looked down at his plate of pizza, “You know,” looking back up at her, “since you’ve been around, I smile a lot more than I use to.” 

[Y/N]’s breath hitched her throat. She had denied her growling feelings for Jughead for days now. It hadn’t really been something she had noticed until she became grounded and her nightly ritual of going to Pop’s every Tuesday and Thursday to drink milkshakes and eat fries had come to stop. She missed those alone moments with Jug. Not that she didn’t enjoy the gang but there was something about the two of them being together that made her feel different in a good way.

Clearing his throat, Jughead shook his head. “You don’t have to say anything, uh, um, I can’t really imagine a proper response to that.” 

Smiling softly, she whispered. “I do.” 

“You do?” He asked with a raised brow.

Nodding, she placed a gentle hand on his face and brought it closer to hers. Looking into his eyes, she smiled again before placing a sweet, tender kiss on his lips. 

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I'm legit not coming for you but, you call yourself a feminist, So how could you like someone like Taylor swift? Genuine question tho lol. She is the literal meaning of white "feminist".

Well, I started liking Taylor Swift years ago, when I was 19 or 20. Speak Now had just come out when I was breaking up with this guy who treated me pretty badly and had cheated on me. Her album quite literally “spoke to me” (pardon the pun) and was helping me get over him, when I met this new guy.

He and I started dating. We ended up being together for 4 years. But when Taylor went on tour that year, he bought me two tickets to her show as a Christmas present and went with me. He knew that those songs reminded me of my ex, but he also knew that I had gotten past that time in my life THANKS to that album, and wanted to celebrate that. So we went together, and he sat there and watched me dance the night away, surrounded by teen/tween girls screaming in his ear. And he had fun. Because I had fun. He even bought me a Taylor Swift blanket and surprised me with it at the end of the show. That’s when I knew I had a good guy. 

The next Christmas, he and I got engaged. But he was an alcoholic, and eventually it became too toxic for me and I had to leave him. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. But he wasn’t getting any better and needed a catalyst for change so I left. Right around that time, Taylor’s next album, Red, came out. I also met one of my best friends around that time, who happened to also love Taylor. She was the only other person in my life that I knew who also loved her. She, along with the Red album, are quite possibly the reason I was able to stay strong through the break up of my engagement. This friend literally took me into her mothers house (along with my dog), went on road trips around the country with me, played Red over and over again until the record scratched. This went on for months and months and she never tired. 

Then I moved down to Florida and I met my most recent ex. The person I fell more in love with than anyone I have ever met. Like that overwhelming, can’t think straight, I’m a gonner, you are everything, kind of in love. I remember the song “State of Grace” playing over and over in my car when I first started dating him, so excited that I had found a new path for myself, a new life, a new love, and it was a clean slate after having to break off one of the most important relationships of my life, with one of the best people I had ever known. 

But, of course, that love didn’t last and lucky me, this guy ended up being the worst person I had ever been with. He abused me in every sense of word and after 2 years of dating left me broken in pieces on the floor (quite literally). This was when 1989 was first leaking, and also when I fell into such a pit of despair, I tried to commit suicide. To make matters worse, he kept coming around, slithering his way back into my life, just to crush me again. It was a toxic and never ending downward spiral. It was also around this time (as luck may have it, history repeats itself) I met another of my now best friends, who was also going through a break up, and I shared 1989 with her. Through the fallout of these horrific relationships we had to deal with, we held on to each other, and we held on to 1989- hard. I remember one night driving to the middle of nowhere and putting the song “Clean” on repeat so we could cry our eyes out for what must have been hours. We literally sat in silence, listening to the track, sobbing in One another’s arms. 

Eventually I won that battle and when I was healthy and happy again, my ex fiance came back into my life. We began talking every few days and I discovered he was healthy, sober, happy and doing really well(as was I). We recounted a ton of old memories and so many of them were filled with Taylor Swift songs - the concert, the fact that “Mine” officially became our song after we got engaged, the first time we danced on his porch and it was to “Fearless”. So much of our relationship began and ended with Taylor Swift’s music and I found myself listening to her old tracks, jumping back into those good times with him. 

Then he died. Suddenly. Brutally. Just gone in the blink of an eye. One day he was there, texting me, calling me, planning a trip to come visit and the next day he was just…dead. Do you know how hard it is to face every single person that your ex fiance ever knew, at his own funeral no less, and listen to them tell you that YOU were the true love of his life? That if he was still alive, you two would have ended up together? How no one after you even compared to you and that you were the reason he was able to get his life together and be BETTER? Do you know how that feels? I hope not. Because I can’t even put it into words. 

There are very few things I have left from that relationship. But what I always kept, which is still on my bed to this day is that Taylor Swift Speak Now blanket. And I don’t care how ratty or old or frayed it gets- I will never let go of it, or the songs that went with our time we shared. 

So you see Anon, I am a feminist. I don’t just call myself one, I am one. But I have been through hell and back in both my relationships and my life, and Taylor Swift’s music has always, somehow, had this magical connection to my history. It has brought me joy, it has given me moments I will never forget, it has introduced me to some of my absolute best friends, it has even quite literally saved my life in my darkest of hours. 

So maybe I don’t always agree with what Taylor Swift does or how she acts when it comes to her whole “girl squad” mentality, etc etc. But what connection I have to her transcends socially constructed political jargon and resonates on a deeper and more spiritual level than I can really even accurately put into words. Every SINGLE song she has ever written, could have been written by me, about someone in my life. Every. Single. One. It’s like her high points and low points, new loves and breakups, friendships and self discoveries all seem to both flourish and crash at the same times and in the same ways mine do.  Put on a song of hers, and I’ll tell you a personal story about that song. Her eras are my eras and I do not have that kind of uncanny connection to anyone else’s music. Not with anyone else in the world. 

And those moments, those memories that she has given me? They are worth a lifetime more than the risk of someone calling me a white feminist just because I like her music, or because it means something to me. 10 lifetimes worth, even. 

(and I could have written this out a lot more eloquently but I figured it was long enough to start)

Hello Neighbour | Lee Jihoon | Neighbour!Seventeen Series

Title: Hello Neighbour

Pairing/Characters: Lee Jihoon x Reader, Wen Junhui, Xu Minghao

Synopsis: Jihoon wants to be a friendly face to his new neighbour who never seems to be at home.

Genre/Warnings: Fluff, Neighbour!Jihoon, slice of life, female reader, Non-idol!AU, swearing

Words: 2.2k

POV: Third Person

Requested: No

Jihoon sat at the windowsill of his room and watched as the moving trucks came and went as they unloaded their contents in front of the house next door. There weren’t enough boxes for a family, which Jihoon silently thanked god for as the thought of loud neighbourhood children made him shudder, however there were too many boxes, in his opinion, for one person. He hoped it was another nice elderly couple, just like the previous owners of the house, as it would keep the peace in his quiet neighbourhood.

The thought of his old neighbours, now gone to live with their grandchildren, brought on a wave of melancholy. They always greeted him from their porch whenever he was out, invited him over for dinner and worried over him as if he were their own grandchild. He definitely considered them his own family. When he first moved to the area, unfamiliar with the space, they were the first friendly face to greet him. He hadn’t known what it was like to live alone until that moment. Jihoon was extremely grateful to the couple for being as welcoming as they were to him.

Their parting was one to remember and would definitely stick.

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Me and My Shadow, a Freshman Story

Alex couldn’t remember applying to Elsewhere University, that’s how it worked sometimes, but the course he was accepted on was perfect for him. He loved the feel of the liberal arts college, but their Computer Sciences department had a great reputation too, he wasn’t sure how he hadn’t been rooting for this school all along.

The suggestions for living on campus seemed a little silly, he mulled over them a few times, puzzled by the descriptions of salt and iron, and outright baffled by the need to use a fake name.  He spent the summer determined to ignore them. He would be a voice of reason amongst the student body, he thought, as he imagined parading around with his real name printed on a teeshirt, emblazoned on his backpack. Nevertheless, as the day of his departure grew ever closer, he relented, and packed a handful of iron washers, a large canister of salt, and a thesaurus to pick a name from. If he had to live by a pseudonym for the next 3 years, he wanted an impressive one. Alex hadn’t been popular at school, much more of a wallflower than the centre of any social circles. This year would be different, he wanted a name that stood out, a name that would bring an air of mystery.

By the time he set foot on campus, Alex was Shadow, and Shadow was cool.

The first few weeks of school, Shadow managed to keep his social profile higher than he ever had before. Parties every week, no embarrassing stories to follow him from high school. It was the best few weeks of his life and, while the following weeks never quite compared, Shadow built up a reputation. The cost, however, was his grades.

The first few projects Shadow handed in were graded poorly. He fought the feelings of embarrassment at the idea of failing, he had never gotten less than an A in his life, even at Elsewhere, it only took a couple of months before he was called before his Professor.

“ Look, Shadow. I didn’t want to say anything, I actually thought you had been taken. It was a bit early, but then thats when the most simple mistakes are made, but I had a quiet word with a few people and I hear you just aren’t putting the work in.”

Shadow was glowing scarlet. This wasn’t what he wanted, he had made a crucial mistake.

“ I’m sorry Professor, I really am. It’s all just been a bit overwhelming and I lost track of priorities, I’ll try harder.”

The Professor seemed unconvinced.

“ I want to give you a second chance Shadow,’ he removed and started polishing his silver glasses.

“ You’re grades have really suffered, it will take a lot of work to get back up to an acceptable level.”

Shadow was in full panic mode, he needed a second chance.

“ Can I redo the projects?” He gasped. They had a week free for study coming up, he could sacrifice his time then as a lot of his friends were heading home.

“ I will let you hand them in if you manage but, I have to say Shadow, it’s a lot of work, I don’t know if you have time.”

They agreed that the Professor would grade the papers again, on a reduced scale. It wouldn’t get him anything resembling an A level score, but he might scrape by with something respectable. He ran full sprint to the library, setting himself up in the computing department.

The EU Library was odd, but the computing department at Elsewhere University Library was odd in it’s own special way. Each shelf had a locked door, able to be opened only on presentation of a special ID card (made of iron, naturally). Apparently the campus had an ongoing issue with books about technology being vandalised at night. Far at the end of the room, one cabinet was sealed with, apparently, no lock at all. He asked in the first week about that shelf, the Librarian mumbled “Those books aren’t finished yet,” and somehow escaped from sight.

He gathered what he needed for his first project of the year, and got to work. It had been a couple of hours when someone came and sat across from him at the table, a young man, around his age, black hair, smart clothes. A few moments later, Shadow noticed the student was not doing work.

“ Can I help you?” he asked, looking up from his book.

“ No, but I think I can help you,” he replied. “ If you go upstairs to the 12th floor, theres a room. 17c. Time works weirdly in there, its good for concentration or something. “

“ I’m fine here,” Shadow mumbled, mildly irritated at the interruption.

“ Someone is about to come in and clean, it’s gonna get loud.” the stranger added. Shadow took the bait and packed up his stuff.

Shadow was sure there had only been 9 floors to the Library, but there it was, the button for floor 12.  17c was creepy. A single room, with a single desk. Olive green walls and a single pendant lamp with a heavy shade, making a spot of light on the floor and sending the dark corners into wild shapes.

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Long Time, No See - fic

Characters: Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne
Summary: Damian was out of the life. He was free. He was a civilian. But he was still Dick’s little brother, and he had to warn him about an old enemy anyway. Had to keep him safe, no matter what. No matter how much had changed.
A/N: I was really into some recent hcs about Damian going on the straight and narrow civilian path, so decided to write about it. Damian’s 25/26. Owns and runs an animal shelter/rescue/adoption center. Is probably one of those ones that keeps in touch with all adopters and gets updates on the animals. He still interacts with the family, but as hinted, not very often. Still attends the occasional W.E. gala and visits Gotham when necessary. Dick ends up staying for a few days, and Damian fixes his injuries, shows him around town, and scolds him for being old and still making terrible life choices.


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Rebound Girl, Pt. 6

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Summary: You are devastated after you left Jensen and sure that he’s back with Danneel to start their happy family. But suddenly he is in front of your door.

Warnings: I’m so bad at them, tbh, I’m sorry. Mild Angst, language, tell me if I missed anything.

A/N: my entry for @casbabydontgoineedyou‘s 1k follower challenge and I honestly feel very bad because it has actually ended already and I’m still not finished. Hope you can forgive me?!

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Originally posted by docorwho

You were heartbroken, to say the least. You left your cellphone turned off after you came home from driving through Dallas senselessly for hours and even for three days after that. Not once did you visit any social media sites to avoid any pictures of Jensen and Danneel, any baby news. You had turned your answering machine on your phone off when you came home in the afternoon of that day you had left Jensen, not listening to the message that had been left.

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This is a (VERY LATE) holiday fic for my non-fandom writing group SS, flutterby_cupcake_26 on AO3.

It’s SoMa. It’s sweet, sad, and sappy. I hope you find some enjoyment even if it’s not your fandom or pairing, and I’m so so so sorry for being the worst latest SS EVAH!

Thanks go to @sahdah for the eyes, the film suggestion, and also for doing a silly awesome thing when we talked about no shave November.

Sahdah’s no shave November post can be found here.

Read on AO3 or FFN.

Fuck no shave November, that’s all he has to say. Fuck no shave November, fuck Black Star for goading him into that ridiculousness, and most of all, fuck Maka for being so damned earnest, and so damned cute when she’s so damned earnest that he never has the heart to say no when it actually matters to her. Not that he really denies her anything much ever.

No, really, fuck Maka. He wishes. Which is probably the reason he’s in this mess. Well, more like sappy, gross, sentimental feelings. Refer back to that whole generally-forgets-the-word-no-when-she’s-around thing.

The girl is definitely trouble.

With an exaggerated sigh, Soul scowls at his own face in the mirror. Yeah, alright, he’s got a nice, full, white beard since he’d been too lazy to shave it off right away. And his usual mop of white hair under the silly red velvet cap. And a soft red suit now stuffed at the belly. So maybe he can pass for pop culture Santa, except the whole red eyes and mouth full of oddly sharp teeth that make him look more like Satan than Santa–hey, only a few letters off, really.

He grimaces at his own reflection, and actually, that’s better than the scowl that would surely send kids screaming for the hills. Makes him look just that bit less like the devil posing as jolly old Saint Nick.

“So are you coming out?” A voice calls from the other side of the dressing room door. Is he? No. Definitely no. Being seen in public this way, even in a lame costume shop smack in the middle of a run down strip mall, is surely some form of social suicide, good bye cool, goodbye dignity, goodbye self-respect.

“Yeah, whatever,” he says instead with another exaggerated sigh, his inability to say no to the girl on the other side of the door biting him in the ass for the umpteenth time this month alone.

Taking that last step to the door, Soul twists the knob and haltingly swings it open.

Ah, there she stands, his reason for the season, his cruel, cruel mistress, leaned so casually against the wall that he might be looking for new jeans rather than sealing his social suicide. Not that he’s ever been much for people. Goodbye, cruel world!

“Oh my god, Soul, you look–you look–”

Her grin is stretched so wide across her face that he’s sure it has to hurt, green eyes sparkling, and his heart does loop de loops in his chest cavity. Yes, Maka is trouble and he is in trouble, as usual.

“–Ridiculous?” Soul says before she can, the scowl firmly back in place in spite of the way her smile does funny things to his insides.

“I was going to say ‘adorable,’ but just at the moment, with that sour puss, you look like you want to maim me.”

Well, he sort of does. Not maim, but mark, maybe. Touch definitely. Then again, he always wants that with her, the unobtainable, so that’s easy enough to tamp down on. No, even more than that, just at the moment Soul wants to wither and die, or maybe disappear, anything to diminish the humiliation he feels as two teen girls trying on some sort of skimpy elf get ups come out from another dressing room and start giggling his way.

“Whatever.” He shrugs as Maka glares at the girls, and unlike his scowl, that sends them scampering back into their dressing room. Go figure.

“I told you this wouldn’t work–can we go now?”

“It’ll work if you can refrain from glaring at the world for a whole hour of your life.” She saunters up and puts a hand on his chest, stroking the material of the fuzzy red coat. Maka herself has donned an elf costume–short festive dress, pigtails, ears. She looks adorable. His scowl softens considerably at her proximity.

“Doubtful.” Soul offers her a flat stare.

“Do it for the kids?”

This earns her an eyeroll even if he knows she knows that yes, he is a marshmallow on the inside, and yes, he would indeed humiliate himself to make sick kids smile even if no one else on the planet but her might realize that. Well, maybe Wes, but he’s not here to back her claim.

“Then do it for the reward?”

“Reward?” He’s already going to do it and they both damn well know it, but hell, may as well get something for the trouble and complete loss of cool.

“Mmm hmmm,” she hums and smiles sweetly. “I’ll bake your favorite cookies.”

Maka’s a good baker and pretty much never bakes. His stomach rumbles at the thought. “It’s a start,” he mutters.

“And…” Her hand continues to stroke at the material of the red coat.


“I’ll let you pick the movie tonight. Any movie, and I won’t say a word. Or retaliate.”

Well, that’s also something. It’s not his turn, and even when it is, if Soul picks something he knows Maka won’t like, she will pick the worst historical romance bullshit she can find the week after. There’s only so much coy flirting he can take, really, and the trite classical scores always give him childhood flashbacks he could do without.

“Getting warmer,” the concession is grumbled.

And, I’ll rub your back while we watch the movie.”

Ding ding ding we have a winner! Movie, cookies, and backrub with Maka. She’s hit the trifecta, and fuck it all if that sly smile doesn’t say she knows it.

Well, then.

“Fine, you win,” he grumble-sighs, and it’s only half for show because while he dreads the next hour, he has an evening of bliss ahead of him.

In the end, Soul supposes, an hour of Santa suit purgatory is a small price to pay.

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Kindly Calm Me Down

I posted yesterday that I write fluff on demand for my wonderful mutuals who might need a pick-me-up. 

So, just for you @adorkablephil, have Phil comforting Dan during their trip to Singapore. Because who doesn’t need a Phil taking care of them when they’re feeling less than their best?

This might have been inspired by some of my own experiences. The title is from a the Meghan Trainor song of the same name. Because its beautiful and encapsulates this well I think.


AO3 Link
(1k, fluff, comfort, hints at social anxiety I guess?)

Singapore is hot, and crowded, and full of constant interruption. It’s seeing pictures of themselves taken at a distance in their own social media tags and posing for them every couple of hours. It’s feeling that trailing presence wherever they are and while they wouldn’t change their lives for the world, it does have a wearing effect on Dan as the day goes on.

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a drabble™

Prompt- Hey idk if you do request but if you do could you make some Lance fluff along the lines of where Lance finds a abandon infant on a mission and he sneaks it into the castle and basically raises it. I love your blog TYSM- anon

This took me way too long to write… I don’t even remember how long ago the request was sent? Sorry! I’ve figured out I’m much better at angst than fluff, except for when the fluff comes after angst. Fluff on its own? I’m not as good at that. This is pretty short, just a drabble really, so it won’t be on my AO3 (probably). And since it’s not a full one-shot,,, it doesn’t have a title. Oops. I’m not sure how I feel about it, so if you like it let me know I guess? I hope you like it, anon! Still, this was really fun to write!

“This is why I have trust issues,” Lance grumbled to himself, pushing vines out of his way with the end of his bayard.

According to Allura, the mission was supposed to be nothing more than routine scouting. A distress beacon had been detected, but her scans picked up no alien settlements, or organisms besides plants. But she’d insisted that they check anyway, so they’d all flown down in their lions and split up to search.

The princess had declared the planet ‘entirely harmless,’ much to Hunk’s skepticism. Lance was beginning to realize that they should start listening to the yellow paladin’s instincts.

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listen here.

NEW RULES / DUA LIPA: platonic & potential romance.

i actually want to put heavy emphasis on the video for this song as my inspo for the plot. basically what i’m looking for here is a best friend plot where muse a is trying to get over this person they’ve been with for YEARS (probably like 3+ years at least based on the attachment), and they’re leaning pretty heavily on muse b to help them remain strong and not let this person back into their life. the ex could’ve treated muse a pretty badly, kinda like the song implies, and muse b hates them with a burning passion and is always reminding muse a of why they shouldn’t go back to them. i just want a really supportive ride or die plot, and there will be times when muse a struggles and has little breakdowns over it and muse b can be there for comfort them and just be that rock for them. and idk feelings could develop eventually but? mostly i just want this PURITY. BONUS POINTS FOR WLW.


these two truly are the couple that probably never should’ve gotten together, and yet somehow they remain inexplicably attracted to each other and unable to let go. it isn’t that they’re from different worlds necessarily, but that they’re from the same world and both have the temperament of a hive of angry hornets. in short, they’re quite bad for each other, but they can’t seem to leave each other behind either. they’ve been on and off for over two years now, and muse a is exhausted on it, as is muse b. only muse b is the type of person to just up and disappear for weeks on end in an attempt to leave, ditching muse a and ignoring their calls, their texts, and any other form of communication they choose to reach out with. it gets to the point when muse a is just about to give up, and then muse b suddenly enters their life again, sending them texts, linking them to things that remind them of them, reminding them of how much they “love” them, and asking for a second chance. muse a has never failed to fall for it in the past, but this time it’s going to take a little more than a silly poem sent to them over imessage to get them to come back to muse b.

HERICANE / LANY: long distance relationship & angst.

muse a is in the midst of struggling with the loss of their spouse (utp why the spouse is gone) when they meet muse b on social media. the two begin talking immediately, and muse b notices almost right away how down the other person is. they make it their mission in life to help them learn to smile again, never asking questions about what happened and only ever being supportive. soon enough their relationship begins to develop into something romantic, and though they live in vastly different places from each other and have only had communication online so far, muse b decides it’s time to visit muse a in person. it takes a while for muse a to agree, and muse b can tell they’re slightly reluctant, but they have nerves themself and they figure that’s why. one meet up turns into another, and then another, and then another, but whenever muse b brings up the subject moving in together, muse a shuts down and doesn’t even so much as entertain the idea. the relationship goes on for almost two years, and muse b is worn thin from the sporadically on and off way that muse a treats them, trying to carry their weight without even knowing what it is they’re carrying. so they end up contacting a family member/friend of muse a who knows what happened, learning the story from them rather than from the person they should’ve. they try to talk to muse a about it, but once again they refuse. that’s when muse b decides to book a flight and pay them a surprise visit.

ULTRALIFE / OH WONDER: fluff/smut & whirlwind romance & crime.

essentially a summer love plot. muse a and muse b meet at a music festival, at random and both there with other people. at first, they don’t really like each other, getting off on the wrong foot, but since the festival lasts a few days, that has time to change. they camp out the first night with their friends, and since they’re both early risers, they end up somehow getting out at the same time the next morning, right when the sun is rising. muse a offers muse b a drink, and they go for a walk together, talking for hours before the music starts. it’s pretty much history from there, their interests coinciding, personalities meshing like they were always meant to meet each other. in short, they fell in love, hard and fast and evidently in a way that neither of them could avoid. they became inseparable even after the music festival ended, often going out and getting into trouble together, both of them high on their love and the adrenaline they get from causing mischief. only as it turns out, muse a causes a little more than just casual mischief one night, shoplifting from a corner store they had gone into for beers, and grabbing muse b’s hand to tumble out into the streets and run when the owner nearly catches them. it’s the highest either of them have ever felt together, and they can barely wait to get back to muse a’s flat before they start getting their hands on each other. from there, they decide to start visiting shops together a whole lot more, with muse a’s sticky fingers and all.

AFTERGLOW / ALL TIME LOW: fluff/smut & unrequited love/pining & polyamory.

muse a and muse b have been in a band together since they were just thirteen years old, but they have known one another their entire lives. they grew up just down the street from one another, and while in the band together with their other friends, they slowly climbed their way to success. now in their twenties, they’re internationally famous, touring all over the world and always having a good time. everyone is amicable, and the best part is, muse a and muse b have been sleeping together for months now. it’s a no strings thing, or so they say, an open and undefined sexual relationship that neither of them choose to name. often times after shows they can’t keep their hands off each other, drunk off the feeling of performing, and wanting nothing more than to have skin on skin. that’s when muse c enters the picture. muse c is also in the band, and has been pretty much in love with muse a and muse b both for years now. they’re afraid to tell them, worried that their feelings will come off as strange, or that they’ll be getting in the middle of something and needlessly embarrassing themself just to have nothing come out of it. of course, what they never expect is to be invited to join them one night after a particularly good show, muse a reaching out to them when they catch them accidentally walking in on them. muse b is following close behind, caught up in their feelings, in the afterglow of what the stage, and frankly so is muse c. they take muse a’s hand and let them pull them in.


muse a is fresh out of prison for a crime they didn’t commit when they meet muse b, a university student that transferred to a school around where they live in los angeles. they meet at a bar and hit it off right away despite muse a’s aversion to intimacy and divulging details about themself. they’re charming, and it’s easy to talk around muse b’s questions about them. it isn’t that they’re necessarily hiding anything, but more an automatic instinct to keep people at arm’s length. sadly, muse b seems to be the one person that’s determined and relentless enough to ignore that, refusing to be curved by muse a and often times demanding to know the answers to their questions. sometimes they get them, sometimes they don’t. they spend the majority of their time just driving around in muse a’s car, listening to soft music and talking, always talking, but muse b quickly grows tired of never learning anything about them, of always getting distracted with gifts and other avoidance tactics that they used to keep them away. muse b says they’re in love with muse a, and they don’t even so much as get a response, which is pretty much the last straw for them. there’s a blow out during which muse b yells at muse a and tells them that they can’t do it anymore. muse a remains silent, which only makes it worse, internally struggling with what to do, fighting with their self-preservation instinct and their feelings for muse b. it’s a week post break up when they go around to muse b’s dorm, and when they open the door to them, the first thing that comes out of muse a’s mouth is the crime they were convicted and put in prison for.

Teacher Headcanons!

A/N: When I wrote my high school headcanons I always thought about doing one where the squad are teachers, but I never did! So I’m doing it now! Thanks to @a-schuylerr , after I saw your headcanons they inspired me to finally write this!

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