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Random ML headcanons (feel free to add on)

• Chat Noir is more Tumblr famous that LB

• A lot of people at school ship Marichat considering he has saved her like 6 times

• Ladybug and Chat Noir fight non-Akuma crimes/ disasters too

- “ it’s getting a lil heated” “chat we’re in a burning building”

• Marinette is a really good singer

• Akuma Alerts (yknow like the ones that show up on your phone)

- Also “Chat Noir on the loose” because he runs around quite often and happens to scare a lot of parisians & tourists because they think an Akumas happening

• Because Chat Noir runs away around so much like 60% of Paris knows him personally

• Marinette has a disguise just incase she loses her earrings

• Marinette’s bakery is #6 on TOP TEN THINGS TO DO WHEN IN PARIS

• Everyone in social media trinna figure out who these kids are

- “this week on Buzzfeed Unsolved we cover the mysterious secret identities of Ladybug and Chat Noir.” (don’t fuck with me i love Ryan and Shane)

• Adrien curses like a sailor

• Nino was probably Vine famous before it shut down

• Marinette’s grandmother is Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada

• Marinette is the girl who thinks she’s total shit but half the school has a crush on her

• Adrien pretends he doesn’t know (cmon guys he’s chat noir)

• Chloe is hella gay

• Marinette considers Chat Noir as one of her best friends

• if Chat Noir was ever to visit Mari (like in the fanfics), she’d probably beat his ass with a lamp

• Nino calls Adrien “Rupunzel” sometimes

• The whole class constantly do the “The Floor’s Lava” challenge

• Adrien reads Ladynoir fanfiction

• The public thinks LB & CN are perfect for each other too

-Ladybug = logic and strategy

-Chat Noir = passion and trust

^ literally what’s on half of their merch

• there’s a whole brand of clothes based of Akuma’s costumes

• Father Tom is taller that Father Gabriel

• Marinette feels bad because everyone hates Lila so she takes her in

• Alya is a die hard Game Of Thrones fan

• Chloe has pictures of Sharpay Evans, Regina George, and Chanel Oberlin in her locker for inspiration

• Mari listens to Cardi B

• LB & CN hang all their fan letters and fan art on their wall

• Adrien’s middle name starts with an “A”

- so his anitial’s are “AAA”

• Ladybug likes to take the children from hospitals and orphanages shopping on their birthdays and holidays

• whenever kids are asked what they wanna be when they grow up they say “Ladybug”


• Mari gets “mistaken” for LB a lot

-*in the bakery talking to an american tourist*

“has anyone ever told you you look like Ladybug?”

“no, they usually tell me i look like Marinette.”

“who the fuck is that?”

“me, bitch.”

• Kim and Mari are really good friends

• Chat Noir likes to jump scare LB

-she usually just laughs “you’re an asshole Chat Noir”


The day before yesterday I was lucky enough to visit the Mary and witch’s flower themed “Garden Sand Cafe” Studio Ponoc have opened for a limited time at Tokyo’s Skytree Tower.

It was pretty amazing! the food was delicious and meticulously thought out and presented with such fun! The walls covered in concept and cel art and characters from the film and the staff and dishes added a little magic and a lot of entertainment to the experience! you. I highly recommend definitely trying the Magical Rainbow Tea Soda which comes with an assistant to help you out and cheer you on :D but I cannot reveal its magical secrets Witch you will have to discover for yourself :P

You can also cosplay in the clothes provided and get your picture taken in front of a huge film backdrop with characters! And of course there’s a pretty big range of film merchandise to be purchased. But the meal itself comes with a few little themed souvenirs too :D if you’re in Japan in the next few months I’d definitely recommend taking this rare window to visit!

How The AD Reveal Should Have Gone (Alex's Backstory)

When Alex left her adopted home, she begged/borrowed/stealed/etc enough money to get to the states in order to find her real parents. During this time, she met Wren, and he became infatuated with her. This was 2 years before Ali disappeared. 

Alex, at first, thought Jessica was Mary. She visited the DiLaurentis household and explained who she was and the horrible life she had endured. Jessica played the part of Mary, internally freaking out about the amount of chaos Alex’s reveal would undoubtedly cause.  She put Alex up in a hotel room while she asked her to be patient as she got up the nerve to explain to her family about Alex’s existence.  

At this point, Alex was not aware that she was a twin, let alone that her twin lived next door to her “Mom”.

Jessica immediately went to Peter, and the two of them devised a plan. Jessica would use her authority on the board at Radley to commit Alex as someone with multiple personality.  Peter, being genetically related, signed Alex in as “Bethany Young”.  They used Alex’s true back story (one which Alex originally had no problem agreeing to) as proof that she had a mental break, complete with accent.  

Once Alex/Bethany was in Radley, Jessica kept tabs on her, and after the mind numbing drugs kicked in, would occasionally take Alex/Bethany on outtings. This is when she would insist Alex call her “Aunt Jessica”.  This was also why Jessica had told Ali you can “never turn your back on a Hastings”, because she was well aware that she could never share her knowledge of Alex’s existence, and if Ali had ever seen Alex, she would think she was Spencer.

There were a few times that Alex/Bethany was able to escape.  

(photo credit to PLL Theories)

The first time was Ian’s Halloween party.  While there, she overheard Noel talk about his and Ali’s plan to scare the girls.  At this point, she hadn’t yet seen Spencer.  Alex had fuly intended to severely hurt/kill Ali in that abandoned house, though Ali was stronger that she thought.  Once the girls were freed from the locked room, Alex finally saw Spencer and she seethed with rage. She realized the true reason behind Jessica betraying her, and instead of leaving town, as she had originally planned, she opted to go back to Radley and devise a new plan.

Before she did, she befriended Ian, who was a member of the NAT club.  At that point, she both flirted with Ian, as well as paid him with money provided by Wren, and convinced him to film Alison and her friends. He didn’t understand why “Spencer” wanted to be filmed, though Alex incorporated it as part of her flirting, telling Ian she wanted to see how Ian saw her in his eyes.  

Alex’s first priority, however, was still hurting Ali.  Alex/Bethany would never forgive Jessica for having her wrongly commited.  She starts writing to Ali, although when Ali visits Radley to see her, Alex has her roommate(Kimberly Brown) pretend to be “Bethany”.  Ali, being the mean girl she was at the time, enjoys playing with her new toy.  

When Ali begins to get “A” messages (from Mona), she begins to wonder if it isn’t Bethany sending them.  She antagonizes Alex/Bethany through letters and “visits”, making things even worse than the already are.  At the same time, Ali isn’t completely certain that “Bethany” is behind the threats, so after receiving the lipstick note on the mirror, she devies a plan to either expose Bethany or have her take her place.  

Ali drops of an exact duplicate of her outfit at Radley, with a note for Bethany to escape and come meet her so they can finally work things out.  Ali figures she and Bethany can either hash things out for good, or that if someone is trying to kill her, having Bethany run around dressed as she is hedges her bets a little bit in case it is someone else threatening her.  

At this point, Alison believes that the other Liars are innocent, and not the ones leaving messages.  That said, she can not have them in her way for all that is about to go down that night.  So, she drugs them.

Meanwhile, Jessica receives a phone call that Alex/Bethany has escaped.  She freaks out, and forbids Alison from leaving the house at all.  

Spencer and Ali argue.  Ali walks back towards her house and Spencer walks towards the woods/house.  Melissa hears heard the argument between Ali and Spencer, as do the girls (Aria, Hanna, and Emily), in a drug induced haze. The girls arrive in the bushes in time to see someone dressed like Ali, hit Alison. Mrs. D also sees Alex hit Ali from the window.  Mrs. D rushes from the house as Alex runs away.  The girls, again drugged, begin to chase Ali’s assailant.   

Mrs. D, believing Ali dead, buries her.  Mrs. Grunwald pulls Ali from the grave. The girls, chasing Alex through the woods, finally lap back around to the gazebo area and attack Alex.  As they begin to attack her, they start to hallucinate that it is Alison, and finally stop.  They leave Alex’s lifelss body in the gazebo area, and Melissa stumbles across it.  Seeing only the clothes and hair, Melissa thinks Spencer killed Ali, and buries her to hide the evidence.

At this point, Alex’s roommate, Kimberly Brown, who had escaped from Radley with Alex, leaves their meeting spot and comes looking for Alex to figure out what is taking so long.  She sees Melissa burying Alex, and as soon as Melissa leaves, she digs out the grave and saves Alex.

As it turns out, this was the worst mistake Kimberly could have made.  Alex, now set on burning down everything to do with Spencer, and the other liars, kills Kimberly Brown on the spot, switches clothes with her, and buries Kimberly in the grave.  That way, when her body is found, no one will expect she is alive and able to exact revenge.   At this point, Alex still believes she has killed Alison.

Mona sees Ali walking along the road, sends her out of town.  Ali knows for sure that someone is out to kill her, and that her Mom buried her without hesitation.  There is no reason to stay.

Alex then spends the next year devising a plan to get revenge on the liars for trying to kill her.  She enlists Wren to start dating Melissa, to get his way into the Hastings trust, and to learn more about Spencer.  As it turns out, Wren starts falling for Spencer, which only makes Alex hate Spencer more.

She starts communicating (electronically) with Mona, Lucas, and Jenna, who she learned from the NAT tapes had hated Ali as much as she did, as was also picked on by the liars.   When Aria returns to Rosewood, Alex gently nudges Mona to start sending A messages to the girls again.  She tells Mona that she will be an outcast agin, now that the Liars will be together again. In essence, she sets Mona free on the girls to torture them, knowing at some point she will escalate the game to her own level. 

When she notices the DiLaurentis house is sold, and that workers start to dig around the gazebo area, she knows she will need to get ahold of that body to switch around medical records.  “Bethany Young” has to remain dead, or Jessica and/or Peter might start searching for her.   She pays off some cops and people in the morgue and is able to alter paperwork, and steal the body.  

She noticed Jessica and Charlotte together, and eventually figures out how Charlotte fits in to the story.   When she first approahces Charlotte, Charlotte does not believe her.  She thinks it is Spencer trying to figure out where Ali is, if Ali is alive, and that she still wants to find her and hurt her.  Once Alex gains Charlotte’s trust, and Charlotte realizes how awful Ali was to Alex, Charlotte becomes a double agent, though doesn’t immediately tell Alex that Ali is still alive.  (Alex is still wondering what happened to Ali’s body)

Alex tries to burn the girls to death in the lodge fire, and that is the night she realizes Ali is still alive.  However Ali goes immediately back into hiding.  Alex then spends Season 4 trying to find Ali, and using the Liars to do so.   It is Alex that kills Mrs. D, and Mary takes the fall for her (as she did for Spencer with Eliot)  Once Alex heard thought Mona (via Shana) that the girls found Ali, Alex knew that Mrs. D that had to die, because Alex couldn’t have Mrs. D spilling the secret that Spencer had a twin.  

Alex has also realized that Charlotte had been lying to her about Ali, and that is why Charlotte agrees to “take the fall” as Big A- to protect Alex.  Season 5 up to Charlotte’s reveal is about laying the groundwork to have Charlotte take the fall with everything wrong done towards the girls.  At this point, Alex is mostly done with revenge, and just wants to live her life out with Wren, Mary, and eventually Charlotte (once she is released).

Then Charlotte is killed, and Alex is denied her family.  She thinks one of the Liars did it, though doesn’t know which one.  She enlists the help of Mary, Eliot (Charlotte’s true love), and Wren to help figure out who killed Charlotte.  

Then… Alex starts to fall for Toby.  While Alex had never really been jeaous of Spencer’s life before (I mean, who would with Peter as a father?), she did start to covet Toby.  There were two problems here- Yvonne and Wren.  Alex believed she could deal with Wren, though Yvonne would have to go.  Therefore, she set up the car accident, and while Toby was knocked out (and before help arrived) further injured Yvonne so that her injuries were mortal.

Next, she had to convince Wren that she would kill Spencer, and take over her life, allowing her to be with Toby.  This met with more resistance than she expected, and she eventually killed Wren, worried that he would tip Spencer off.   Alex knows she is playing the long game with this, and uses Aria and Ezra’s wedding (with Toby’s return) as her in to fully take over as Spencer and work toward getting Toby back. 

As for Mary, it could go either way as to whether she knew Alex’s ultimate plan to take over as Spencer until the very end.  I am going to say that until Spencer was kidnapped, Mary did not know, and by then, it was too late.


the Visitation (Mary and Elisabeth), sandstone and clay, PI.O. 2401, Germanisches National Museum, Nuremberg.

around 1420

The unborn babies (Jesus Christ and John the Baptist) are shown in the bulged bellies of the holy women.

Maybe @sixpenceee can take a look at it, it´s quite unusual for the visual habit of today.

ML Headcanons...

I’m still sick, so I just sleep and dream up headcannons…

  • MariChat scenario where Chat comes to visit after Mari has ONCE AGAIN stolen Adrien’s phone
  • Enchanted AU where the roles are thus: 
    • Adrien = Giselle (cause OMG he is such a flippin’ princess and I wanna see him sing a bunch of vermin to help him clean XD)
      • (although at the same time I see the appeal of Mari playing this role too, because cutting curtains into super cute outfits omfg)
    • Nino = Prince Edward (because fight me, that’s why)
    • Plagg = Pip (for obvious sass reasons)
    • Nathaniel = Nathaniel (LOLZ)
    • Chloe = Narissa (Don’t get me wrong, I believe in her redemption, but she would make the PERFECT Narissa so deal with it)
    • Marinette = Robert (because I see her being practical and rocking that “WTF Why are yousinging in the middle of the park?!” attitude)
    • Alya = Nancy (Because, again, FIGHT ME… also, that scene at the end where she throws away her phone… you don’t understand how much I NEED that)
    • Tikki = Morgan (because OMG CUTE!!! Plus, who else is gonna convince Mari to take a deranged man in a poofy gown standing on a billboard in the rain back to their apartment?!)
  • Ladrien or the OT4 engaged in a prank war (like, can you imagine omfg XD)
  • Chat/Adrien being harassed by a squirrel for no explainable reason (like, the little critter is just always there throwing nuts on him and tearing holes in his bag, etc)
  • Alya screaming incessantly the first week after she gets her miraculous everytime she sees any of the OT4 (they are all very worried)
    • Like, literally, Mari arrives to class late and Alya just screams wordlessly, scaring everyone
    • Alya goes over to Nino’s to hang out with him and Adrien and just shrieking like a banshee when she walks into the room
    • She never offers an explanation and pretends nothing has happened each time
    • Inside she is dying
  • Nino after he gets the turtle miraculous being easily unbalanced when pushed
    • Like, Chloe knocks into him and he falls on his back on the ground
    • And, for the life of him, no matter what he does he CAN. NOT. GET. UP.
    • Adrien is so confused as to why Nino is flailing around like an overturned roach
  • Marinette going to take Adrien some schoolwork he missed while he was out sick, except once she gets inside she gets lost and sees Gabriel turn into Hawkmoth
    • Cue freaking out and Ladybug kidnapping Adrien
  • MariChat truth or dare game, Mari dares him to do a pole dance using his baton
    • He does it
    • He is exceedingly good at it
    • Mari stuffs his belt with monopoly money
    • Life is good.

…as you can see, I have been on a lot of medication.

I may do some of these… but first I must get better… and find a job…

I am a tired turtle…

AU where Joseph realizes that he can be Christian and mlm, and for his own good and that of his kids, he and his wife have an amicable divorce. The kids are happy, and Jo’ and Mary don’t move too far apart so the kids can visit whoever whenever. Mary no longer drinks as much (a small glass of wine every now and again is fine) because she’s no longer miserable, Joseph has some trouble but all of his friends (including Dadsona) support him through everything. After Robert feels comfortable enough, he and Joseph start a relationship and move in together. They get married the following year. Mary is dating/married to a hot mom. My boys are happy.

anonymous asked:

I absolutely love how the MLB fandom is like a parent to Adrien because we want to adopt him, we want him to eat, and we lecture him when he eats random stuff he finds. Like I love how we parent Adrien (even if he can’t hear us)

He’s our son that deserves love and support !! 

And I think everyone after seeing their first glimpse of Adrien were just like

Where It All Began (College AU) Masterpost

A College!AU where Dean, the quarterback for the school’s football team is best friends with an English Major who inspires to become a teacher after college. After almost four years of being by each others side something shifts in their relationship.

Part 1: How their relationship has evolved from freshman year to today. Told from the Reader’s POV

Part 2: Dean tells his side of their relationship since the day they met.

Part 3: The reader’s parents have cancelled Thanksgiving plans, leaving her to stay in the apartment over the holiday until Dean offers to take her home with him.

Part 4: Dean shows the reader around his hometown before Thanksgiving dinner with his family.

Part 5: The reader gets an urgent call from her father. Dean follows her to her hometown.

Part 6: Things between Dean and the reader become heated

Part 7: Dean gets ready for his big game, but he can’t get the reader out of his mind.

Part 8: Dean plays his football game, and the reader and him are finally in a good place, only for tragedy to hit them.

Part 9: The reader talks to Dean, hoping that he can hear her. Lisa makes an appearance.

Part 10: The long awaited talk finally happens. The reader finally opens up to Dean.

Part 11: After everything they’ve been through, they finally take that next step

Part 12: Dean plans a date for the reader.

In Class Special: the reader give Dean a blowjob in the middle of a lecture

Part 13: Dean finds a pregnancy test and doesn’t react well to it

Part 14: Dean and the reader celebrate their last day of college separately. Both both of them share how their nights went

Part 15: The reader and Dean go to visit Mary and John for their 25th wedding anniversary. Both of them get a job at a local high school.

Part 16: The reader and Dean get an apartment together and start their teaching  jobs. Anna marks her territory on Dean, causing BIG problems in your relationships

Part 17: Both the reader and Dean are dealing with their break up individually. Dean starts to make things right by dealing with Anna.

Part 18: Dean and the reader attend Jo’s wedding together not as a couple. Throughout the day you realize just how much you’ve missed Dean.

Part 19: Dean and the reader talk everything over, hoping they can form some solid ground to build on.

Part 20: The two of them get back into their routines together, which include flirting and all around sappy cuteness

Part 21: Thanksgiving at the Winchester house. Dean’s acting a little distant with the reader, only to reveal the reason why.

Part 22: The reader and Dean get ready for their last week of work before Christmas break when an unpleasant surprise has them wondering whether the holidays will be something they will be celebrating this year.

Part 23: The reader is in the hospital, unconscious. Dean sticks by her side, praying that she’ll be okay, and that she’ll wake up soon.

Part 24: The reader wakes up and the hospital releases her in time for Christmas. Dean won’t let her out of his sight. 

Part 25: Jess and the reader have a girls night, only to have the boys come back and cause a little trouble

Part 26: The reader and Dean’s wedding

Part 27: Dean and the Reader head off on their honeymoon.

Part 28: The reader and Dean face something that is about to change their lives forever.

Part 29: Y/N and Dean prepare themselves for their new bundle of joy on the way.

Part 30: The Final Part


Study Session
Christmas Decorating
Apartment Hunting

Walking to Oak-Head Pond and Thinking of the Ponds I Will Visit in the Next Days and Weeks

by Mary Oliver

What is so utterly invisible
as tomorrow?
Not love,
not the wind,
not the inside of a stone.
Not anything.
And yet, how often I’m fooled–
I’m wading along
in the sunlight–
and I’m sure I can see the fields and the ponds shining
days ahead–
I can see the light spilling
like a shower of meteors
into next week’s trees,
and I plan to be there soon–
and, so far, I am
just that lucky,
my legs splashing
over the edge of darkness,
my heart on fire.
I don’t know where
such certainty comes from–
the brave flesh
or the theater of the mind–
but if I had to guess
I would say that only
what the soul is supposed to be
could send us forth
with such cheer
as even the leaf must wear
as it unfurls
its fragrant body, and shines
against the hard possibility of stoppage–
which, day after day,
before such brisk, corpuscular belief,
shudders, and gives way.