visiting boise

Hippolyta accidentally brought a Potato to Life. That Potato became sentient and was inspired by Wonder Woman. She started calling herself Wonder Spud and even has an Onion Ring of Truth, Chives of Justice and a Tiara of Tater Tots. Her energy is so infectious that Hippolyta gave her the same powers as Diana. Wonder Spud now protects the farms of Idaho. Diana had no idea of Spud’s existence until she visited Boise and actually found Spud to be admirable for her bravery.


Sorry I missed #wingwednesday last week, I was back in Boise visiting my parents. I made this pair of wood duck cards for them.

I am thinking of selling cards like these ones on Etsy. Each one consists of a border of 2-3 handmade papers (cut and glued by yours truly) and an original stippled artwork that will not be reproduced - making the card truly one-of-a-kind.

Because these are essentially original artworks they will be priced between $100-200 and are meant for very special occasions such as weddings, college graduations, special anniversaries or birthdays, etc… Custom orders would be availble of course and I will also try to carry at least a few in stock at all times.