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.. Today is Sue's bday? Or was it later when they visited Arizona?

Yesss, Sue’s birthday is tomorrow., March 25th  The Klebolds went to a fancy restaurant the evening before on March 24th and then they got up super early the next morning to drive down to Arizona on her bday to check out UoA’s campus. :) 

Sue snapped this pensive shot of Dylan at the restaurant they went to for her birthday dinner. 

So, tomorrow, Saturday, March 25th (1949), Sue will be 68 !   (She is an Aries, as is her ex husband, Tom.)  

I will probably post something in her lovely honor. :)

I Guess it Never Came Up - Auston Matthews Imagine

Could you do an Auston one where he meets your family for the first time and it’s super cute! Thank you so much you’re amazing

Thank you so much for the request and the compliment! I actually really love this one and somewhat based small parts on my family for reference which I hope is okay! I love this one and I hope you all do too. Thanks for reading! -Accius

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So a while ago I was looking through some of my old art and I saw one of the first ever drawings I did on my drawing tablet back in June when I was visiting Arizona. I decided that I wanted to redraw it, because I thought the first one was really messy, and it also had some weird colours. I think the second one turned out better, but I like the first one, too. 

I improved a lot yay I’m happy.


Visited Arizona. Stuck a plunger to my head.

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Mesas and canyons, cholla and barrel cactus, sky and springs, peace and quiet.

This is Warm Springs Wilderness. The 112,400-acre Wilderness is located in Mohave County, 30 miles southwest of Kingman, Arizona and 30 miles north of Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The Warm Springs Wilderness encircles an immense and pristine desert landscape. One thousand feet above the surrounding desert, the 10-mile long Black Mesa dominates the Wilderness. Its edges are dissected into a maze of winding canyons. Remnant mesas and isolated hills dot a vast encircling alluvial apron.The diverse zoologic and geologic features offer outstanding opportunities for primitive recreation. Water at Warm Springs and other springs allow for extended camping trips. Horseback riding and hiking are further enhanced by the presence of an old historic trail and numerous burro trails. In the spring following a wet winter, this area unveils a notably colorful wildflower display, including ocotillos, blooming annuals, shrubs, and cactus.

Happy Wilderness Wednesday! Photos by BLMer Justin Robbins.

Ending today with a sunset over the Senator Wash North Shore! This recreational area, managed by the BLM Arizona Yuma Field Office is approximately 60 acres in size. There are many trees of various types and several secluded camping areas both on the water and further inland. Gravel beaches provide access to the reservoir. The North Shore is the perfect place for OHV riding, fishing, wildlife viewing, watercraft recreation, swimming, hiking, solitude and sightseeing.

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What was the coming out process like for you? Are you still in the closet with some people and how does that work for you and your relationship?

Honestly, I am not sure if I can really say I did the whole “coming out process”. It just kind of happened that I told those close to me who I was dating, and it happened to be a girl…

My mom had met Kaelyn “as my friend” originally when she was visiting me in Arizona.  A few months later when I told her the truth, she told me she had known the entire time based on our not-so-subtle ways of acting around each other. I sat my dad down to tell him, he thought I was pregnant for a hot second, than didn’t even miss a beat as he began asking when he could meet her. My gram asked if I was dating any boys over Christmas, and when I shook my head she asked “how about any girls, I don’t give a fuck”. I had told my close friends weeks anything happened with me and Kae that I was crushing on a girl, so it was just anticipated by them. 

So in short, I feel like it was surprisingly easy and I was really blessed that everyone was so supportive. It was honestly more awkward for me to sit people down and make a big deal out of it. 

That being said, there are a select few in my family I have not told yet (partly because I haven’t seen them to do it in person). I am sure it will come to light at some point, but I don’t feel the need to rush. I haven’t felt like it has affected our relationship by not telling them, although maybe I am more conscious of what I post on social media. The most important people in my life know and that really is all that matters. 

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How's C.A? for ya? (kinda still stuck with school here)

Actually ive been outa cali for about 5 days i think? 5 or less im in arizona now visiting my grandparents! Think ima head home this weekend though

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Top 5 places you would want to visit vs where you would want to live

- Arizona/NM/Utah/The Mojave in general: It’s beautiful but my god I think anything about ~60f is hot.
- Mongolia and that general region: Beautiful in that same way, but bigger and more northern. The pictures I could take…
- China, Taiwan, etc: I want to see Taipei at some point because I’ve heard great things, and the nature is pretty and accessible I guess. Also I hear the book scene is good. But I don’t think I could live with the censorship and the spying. I’m borderline paranoid about that. I could go there to do something, but definitely wouldn’t want to be there long-term.
- Russia’s Far East, Northern Siberia, upper Scandanavia: Gorgeous. 
- Antarctica: I s2g I will see this before I die.

- I like living in the PNW. I could and may live here my entire life. Will probably try to pay off my parent’s mortgage if I have the means, just to have the land. I live in Portland, but Seattle looks okay. This place is pretty. We have a ton of public land.
- Most places in Scandanavia: I rail against taxes a lot but only because I think the federal government is borderline useless in the US. If I’m paying for healthcare (even if it’s mediocre and takes forever to see a doctor), bunch of services, etc, I don’t mind. Good quality of life.
- Germany maybe? Their freedom of speech laws aren’t as good as ours but eh.
- Alaska. I would move there if there was a tech startup scene. It’s beautiful, weird, has low population density, and also as like an aside has high linguistic density. Very few states in the US can claim having two entire families of Native American languages still living with significant speaking populations. 
- Maybe Maine? Or the part of Canada directly above it. @w-r-o-u-g-h-t‘s got it worked out.


The 27,660-acre Mount Nutt Wilderness is located in Mohave County, 15 miles west of Kingman, Arizona and 12 miles east of Bullhead City, Arizona.

This wilderness encompasses an eight-mile-long stretch of the central (and highest) portion of the Black Mountains. Nutt Mountain, at 5,216 feet, presides over a colorful and wild terrain. Along the main ridgeline, prominent mesas have been cut into a series of steep maze-like canyons. Outward from the main ridgeline, numerous huge volcanic plugs ring the entire Wilderness.

Scattered springs sustain small oases of large cottonwoods, willows, and oaks. Hiking, camping, hunting, photography, and rock scrambling opportunities are varied and challenging.

BLMer Justin Robbins said, “This maze of mesas, mountains, canyons and cliffs provides habitat for desert bighorn sheep and a wilderness sanctuary for people.”  

Photos by BLMer Justin Robbins