O utorcima

Na Sarajevo se navlači mrak. Kiša je umirila a ulice mirišu na vlagu i friško pokvašen asfalt. Svjetla sa reklama, semafora i nebodera miješaju se u lokvama stvarajući onaj čudni odsjaj koji me zbunjuje pa nisam siguran da li će za koji minut svanuti ili smrknuti. Dan sam proveo u sobi. Jebiga, šta drugo nezaposlen čovjek da radi u kišni utorak sem da gleda serije, čita crnu hroniku ili Keruaka, i tu i tamo nešto pojede?

Sa prvim mrakom ću se spustiti u grad, bez cilja ili dogovorenog izlaska. Preći ću most na Pofalićima i krenuti Vilsonovim. Iznad mene će visiti krošnje drveća i nešto malo mjesečine prigušene oblačnim nebom. Na ulici će me prolaznici gledati kao da znaju da sam pošao nigdje i zato ću da izbjegavam njihove poglede. Ponijet ću jedino knjigu, mobitel i nešto novca. I tako, eto, kao i stotinu noći prije ove, samovat ću sa Sarajevom i u njegovim svjetlima tražiti inspiraciju. Uživam u tome više od svakog provoda ili druženja sa ljudima. Noći poput ove napune mi baterije za teške dane koji tek treba da dođu i zato ih volim, iako nekad čine da se osjetim kao Egziperijev princ koji luta svemirom u potrazi za ružom.

Obići ću dva kruga najsitnijim mogućim korakom, pomislim. Onda ću svratiti u kafe Tito, za stolom u ćošku čitati Džeka i popiti kafu u prijatnom mirisu samoće. Pisanje me ne ide ovih dana pa neću ni pokušavati. Potrošit ću sat-dva a onda se oko deset vratiti istim putem kojim sam i došao… Utorci su mi čudni, uvijek prođu u razmišljanju, sjećanjima i preispitivanju donešenih oduka. 

Da li su vaši utorci jednako tmurni, ili je jedino meni ova prokletinja tri puta gora od ponedeljka?


Cusco visit

I recently made a visit to the Cusco tuning headquarters in Takasaki, Gunma. At the front of the facility is a small showroom displaying two Cusco racing cars. Many of you will recognise the legendary 2008 Super GT Impreza GT300 from Gran Turismo. I have to say, It was quite a special feeling being alone in a room with that car. I took a moment to reminisce about the years driving it around on my PlayStation, and now I was in a room with the actual car!

The other car I’d never seen before, and it has proven quite difficult to get any further information on it from the internet. From what I gathered at the showroom it’s a purpose built hill-climb machine. I couldn’t find any information on where it has competed, I’m guessing Pikes Peak, but if anyone out there has any detailed information on the machine, i’d love to hear it. 

During the past months I did a lot of research regarding Richard. The things I found I saved in a kind of “working timeline” , that I want to share with you today. It is far from being complete and it contains also events regarding other people in Richards life and details which maybe are not very relevant, but I saved them anyway, bc. they helped me to structure my research. This timeline contains also crimes, Richard was suspected to have committed them, but was never charged of them, or charges were dropped bc. of lack of evidence. These crimes are written in cursive. The sources for this timeline are mostly old newspaper-articles. I tried to avoid the known documentaries and Philip Carlos book.

Date              Event

02/29/1960  Richard was born in El Paso TX

1962/63       hit by a dresser, forehead laceration, 30 stiches, scar still visible

1966            hit by a swing, unconscious for hours

1966           Head start programm

1966           Cooley School

1968           Richards brothers were molested by a teacher, who also came to their house, where he probably also had contact with Richard

01/31/1970 Roberto, 18  (?) and Julian (19) arrested, „auto burglary“

12/02/1970 Julian (20) arrested, auto theft  (out on bond on three similar charges)

1971/1972  epileptic seizures at school,

04/22/1973 gas explosion / Miguel Valles, 23, Josefina Valles, 22 critical condition, Miguel Valles jr., 5, dead (born Sept. 21, 1967), Jose (?Pablo?) Valles, 2, injured

1974-1977 Jefferson Highschool, El Paso

05/04/1975 Cousin Miguel Ramirez Valles (25) shot his wife Josefina in front of Richard and the two children of Miguel (Pablo, 6, and Oswaldo, 3) 

05/15/1975 Josefina Valles died at Thomason General Hospital

1977           dropped out of school (early 1977)

1977           was sent to half-way house for delinquent youths

12/07/1977 arrest on suspicion of marijuana possession (first entry in El Paso police records)

1978           pretrial intervention programm (marijuana possession)

1979           charge of marijuana possession dismissed (insuff. Evidence)

1979           Richard went to LA and lived there with his brother Julian Jr during  the first year. After a fight over who should pay for a car repair Richard moved out.

1979           met Donna Myers when she went down to El Paso with Armando   Rodriguez and Tony Reys, two friends from the San Francisco area. Richard was a friend of Armando’s in El Paso

1980          spent summer in SF, lived in Richmond with Earl Gregg for 4 months (May to October) and later in other parts of the Bay Area (until 1983)

10/07/1980 death of his best friend, Nicholas Nevarez, in a gruesome traffic accident. Richard was in the back seat when a van, driven by another friend, crashed into a fence. His friend got impaled, the pole went right through him. Richard saw the whole thing.

1981          Pasadena, petty theft charge, first arrest in California

1982          pleaded guilty of marijuana possession, 50 days suspended sentence and fined 115$

1983          moved to LA  (in late 1983 acc. to Earl Gregg), in LA started injecting cocaine

1983          imprisoned in LA for nearly five months on an auto theft conviction

March 1984 acc. to Earl Gregg his last meeting with Richard, who told him that he had broken off a needle in his arm while trying to inject cocaine

03/25/1984 medical record on which Richard listed his address as Coronado Hotel, 373 Ellis Street, SF

04/10/1984 Mei „Linda“ Leung murdered / 765 O'Farrell Street, SF (TL Hotel)

May 1984   in early May Richard was back in LA and stayed until August

06/28/1984 Jennie Vincow, murdered in Glassel Park (stabbed repeatly, nearly decapitated)

11/13/1984 Masataka Kobayashi is found dead in his Nob Hill apartment at  1111 Pine St. (SF)  later (first in 1987, again in 2016, SFPD said that they suspect another man, who molested a relative of Kobayashi, but they have not enough evidence to charge him)

12/1984     Richard met Felipe Solano at the bus depot, where Solano was waiting to take a trip to tijuana and started to sell him stolen goods (until August 1985)

12/12/1984 arrested (mugshot) car theft, 36 days in LA County Jail (75 days ?) (used alias Richard Munoz Moreno) Richard had apparently lived several days in the stolen car.

01/23/1985 released from LA County Jail (?? +/-)

01-07 1985 acc. to Sandra Hotchkiss about 25 nonviolent daytime burglaries in Atwater, Los Feliz, Pasadena, Silverlake, Glendale, West LA, Montrose and Santa Monica

02/20/1985 Mary and Christina Caldwell, ages 70 and 58, respectively, are stabbed dozens of times in their Telegraph Hill (SF) apartment.

02/25/1985 a 6-year-old girl was abducted from Wilcox Elementary School in     Montebello

03/11/1985 a 9-year-old boy was abducted from his home in Monterey Park between 9 and 10 p.m.

03/17/1985 Maria Hernandez, Dayle Okazaki, Rosemead / Tia-Lian Yu, Monterey Park (shot .22)

03/20/1985 an 8-year-old girl was abducted from her home in Glassel Park

03/27/1985 Vincent and Maxine Zazzara, Whittier (shot, .22, Maxine Z.: eyes gouged out)

April 1985  shortly after Easter (April 7th), Richard tried to sell a .25 (?) automatic to Earl Gregg and showed him also a black small-caliber revolver. He had also a couple of rifles for sale (acc. to Gregg, source Carlo – source says too, that Halpin during the trial showed Gregg the pistol recovered in Tijuana. And Gregg said that it looked similar . The gun was missing when the jury began deliberations.) However, Richard apparently was in SF in  April 1985.

05/09/1985 burglary Clara Hadsall, Monrovia (not charged bc. Victim died before trial began, but fingerprints and Avia-footprints found in her house, were used as evidence)

05/14/1985 William and Lilian Doy, Monterey Park, 1586 Trumbower Avenue                        (shot .22), Lilian Doy survived

05/17/1985 dentist records, Dr. Peter Leung, LA (using alias Richard Mena)

05/21/1985 dentist records, Dr. Peter Leung, LA (using alias Richard Mena)

05/23/1985 dentist records, Dr. Peter Leung, LA (using alias Richard Mena)

05/29/1985 Mabel Bell and Florence Lang, Monrovia (bludgeoned with a Hammer)

05/30/1985 dentist records, Dr. Peter Leung, LA (using alias Richard Mena)

05/30/1985 Carol Kyle, Burbank (raped,threatened with gun)

06/02/1985 Edward Wildgans, 29, is shot through the right temple by a late-night intruder. His girlfriend fights off the attacker.

06/05/1985 an 8-year old girl was abducted at 7 a.m. from Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary School in Rosemead

06/15/1985 stopped by police in Northeast division, suspicion of driving a stolen car, fled on food (business card of dentist Dr. Leung was found in the car)

06/27/1985 a 6-year-old girl was abducted in the early morning from her home in Arcadia (between 1:30 and 3:00 a.m.)

06/27/1985 25 Patty Elaine Higgins, Arcadia, West Naomi Street (throat cut)

07/02/1985 Marie Louise Cannon, Arcadia, East Haven Street (stabbed with   10- inch-kitchen-knife, which he found there)

07/03/1985 dentist records, Dr. Peter Leung, LA (using alias Richard Mena)

07/05/1985 Whitney Bennet, Sierra Madre (bludgeoned with tire iron, strangled with telephone-cord, survived)

07/07/1985 Joyce Lucille Nelson,  Monterey Park, 340 E. Arlight (beaten to death, fists, kicks)

07/07/1985 Sophie Dickman, Monterey Park (raped, threatened with gun, silver pistol)

07/20/1985 Max and Leila Kneiding, Glendale, 1431 Stanley Ave (shot, .22, machete)

07/20/1985 Chainarong Khovananth (shot, .22), Somkid Khovananth (raped) , Sun Valley

08/06/1985 Chris and Virginia Petersen in Northridge, shot in temple/face, both survived (released from hospital after 31 hours) (.25)

08/08/1985  Elyas and Sakina Abowath in Diamond Bar, (.25) (stadia shoeprint found)

08/13/1985  Richard stayed at Bristol Hotel, 56 Mason Street, SF

08/15/1985  burglary at 3637 Baker Street, SF ( Jack Saroyan), ring and bracelet were given to Deleen Gregg, who went to the police with them (29.08.)

08/16/1985  Richard visitied Donna Myers and gave her an octagonal jewelry box to hold

mid08.1985  Richard stayed briefly with Armando Rodriguez in El Sobrante

08/17/1985  Peter and Barbara Pan, Lake Merced, SF (shot, .25)

08/21/1985  Earl Gregg and his wife bought a ring and a bracelet from Richard

08/23/1985  Richard came to Donna Myers (with Armando Rodriguez) to retrieve the jewelry box

08/24/1985  orange Toyota (license plate 482 RTS) stolen

08/25/1985  Bill Carns, Inez Erickson, Mission Viejo (call 911 at 2:40 a.m., shot, . 25) – at about 1:30 a.m. he was seen at the house of James Romero.

08/26/1985  stopped by police in Central Division on a motorcycle for a minor violation (driving without license), they cited him and let him go

08/26/1985  Donna Myers called the police, saying that Earl and Deleen Gregg 5 days before had bought a ring and a bracelet from an old aquainstance, whom they knew only  as Rick

08/27/1985  the stolen orange Toyota (license plate 482 RTS) was found in Wilshire (parking lot near Alexandria Ave/6th Str.) at 7 a.m. / Detectives watched the car from hidden positions until after dawn Wednesday

08/28/1985  car was taken to Orange County early in the morning and searched with laser/superglue etc., a fingerprint was found on the rear view mirror, it was fed to database and produced about 100 fingerprint sets bearing similarities, which had to be looked at by hand, they also got hints from persons who knew Richard (Donna Myers,

08/29/1985  Deleen Gregg went to the police with a gold bracelet (engraved with a CA driver licence number) and a pearl ring, saying that she got them from a certain Rick, who sometimes stayed with her mother

08/29/1985  police staked out the houses of Donna Myers and Armando Rodriguez

08/30/1985  Tucson, AZ, Richard visited his brother Robert (by Greyhound bus)

08/30/1985  fingerprint match found / mugshot released

08/31/1985  mugshot published in newspapers / capture, Hubbard Street, LA

08/31/1985  on Saturday afternoon, four officers arrived at the bus depot and confiscated a large brown tote bag, that Richard had left there

09/03/1985  Richard was arraigned on a single murder count (William Doi) and seven other charges (Doi: burglary, robbery, rape, sodomy and forced oral copulation; Clara Hadsall: burglary, robbery)

09/05/1985  line-up and presentation of about 2000 items, recovered from Felipe Solano, Donny Myers and from the house of Richards sister (about 300 pieces of jewelry)

09/10/1985  Police is searching (again) the house of Richards sister for Maxine Zazzara eyes, they are also looking for clothing that may have been splattered with blood anf for weapons like handguns, knives, double- edged daggers, carpet knives, also for handcuffs, binoculars and ammunition that might have been used in the killings and assaults

10/09/1985  Richard fired Adashek and engaged  Joseph Gallegos as his attorney

10/24/1985  Richard pleaded „not guilty“, also the day he showed his hand with the pentagram and shouted „Hail Satan!“ Richard also switched his attorneys again. Gallegos was fired and Arturo and Daniel Hernandez were engaged

12/02/1985 Richard was arraigned on eight charges in Orange county (one count of attempted murder, two counts of rape, two counts of forced oral copulation, two counts of robbery in a dwelling, one count of burglary)

01/10/1986 Richards former attorney Joseph Gallegos died of a heart attack at age 56

03/03/1986  begin of the preliminary hearing in LA

01/30/1989  the trial in LA starts

09/20/1989  convicted of all charges: 13 counts of murder, 5 attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults, 14 burglaries

11/07/1989  19 death-sentences (gas chamber)

12/04/1989  Richard is taken to SF’s Hall of Justice

01/05/1990  first day of SF-pre-trial

06/07/1991 December 9 1991 was set as date for the trial of the Peter Pan case in SF, Richard pleaded innocent to the 6 counts connected with this case

08/19/1991 Richards father, Julian Tapia Ramirez died of bone cancer (64)

09/21/1993 Richard was returned to San Quentin after a court ordered him out of SF County Jail, where he still was awaiting his trial in the Peter Pan- case. When he came back to San Quentin, the metal detector went off and they found a metal canister in his rectum, containing a part of a handcuff key, a ball point pen, a hypodermic needle and a sticker, saying ‘I love chocolate’.

04/08/1995 death of Miguel Angel Valles (heart attack)

10/03/1996 marriage, Doreen Lioy

07/25/2003 Prosecutor Phil Halpin died on his 65th birthday from cancer

10/22/2009  Richard was linked by DNA to the 1984 killing of Mei Leung in SF

05/28/2013  Richard was taken to the Marin General Hospital

06/01/2013 Richard was released from hospital and brought back to San Quentin

06/05/2013  Richard was taken again to the Marin General  Hospital

06/07/2013  died of complications secondary to B-Cell-Lymphoma, Marin General Hospital, Greenbrae CA

03/14/2016 SF-police released information, that a second suspect was linked to the murder of Mei Leung (10.04.1984 in SF Tenderloin)

04/12/2016 Richard’s mother Mercedes died  


RWB Japan visit

I was recently invited to visit Rauh-Welt-Begriff (RWB) in Chiba, Japan. The garage is the birthplace of the now internationally renowned Porsche tuning shop. 

It was crammed full of street and circuit RWB Porsches, some of which were being inspected and worked on by the owner of RWB; Akira Nakai. It was an honor to be able to watch Nakai-san work on the cars. The way he moves around the vehicles is reminiscent of an artist carefully and lovingly attending to a painting. I really felt like I was in the presence of a master at work. 

What struck me was how, despite RWB’s sleek image and international notoriety, the garage itself is still a local, old-school workshop. This is not some glossy, squeaky clean showroom. It’s a gritty, dirty, mechanic’s working place with tools, nuts, bolts and bits of bodywork scattered in every corner. The surroundings however, contrast the beautiful, clean flowing lines and glittering bodywork of the cars themselves. 

Jer ljudi se pretežno sjete kasno. Smatrajući da ćemo ih zauvijek čekati, da ćemo čitav život visiti na rubu strpljenja, gutati njihove uvrede, bez pružanja ikakvog otpora. I tu se obično prevare. Kad-tad čovjek pukne, opameti se i stavi sebe na prvo mjesto. Onda se oni sjete, ali mi njih zaboravimo.

I desperately need precious Marichat fluff/hurt/comfort in my life so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I need a fic where Mari keeps up her Chat Noir ‘fangirling’ around him, even if he does realize it’s fake.

And I need Chat to take it anyways because it’s funny and cute and kind of boosts his ego a bit.

I need for Chat to visit Mari a lot and offer to sign things for her because she’s never asked that (like a bunch of others have, as his civilian self and hero self) and is pleasantly surprised when she accepts the offer

I need him to sign some pillow, stuffed animal, or piece of clothing

I need him to visit when Mari is feeling really down about something or another, and I need him to not know what to do so he just sits with her in silence.

I need him to visit one night to find her asleep on her terrace, clutching one of the items he signed before

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Nuovi blog da seguire.

Mi piacerebbe seguire qualche nuovo blog, possibilmente interessante e originale. Mi è indifferente se sia gestito da una ragazza o un ragazzo; l'importante è che riesca a catturare la mia curiosità.
Se vuoi che visiti il tuo blog e gli dia un occhiata, lascia un “mi piace” a questo post e reblogga!

anonymous asked:

on myrtle's description of malfoy do you really feel that malfoy really had no friends in slytherin and they bullied him? or is this just her exaggerating because he might have charmed her somehow? who is draco malfoy that isn't seen through the eyes of harry potter?? thoughts? 😃

you’re referring to the He’s sensitive, people bully him, too, and he feels lonely and hasn’t got anybody to talk to, and he’s not afraid to show his feelings and cry line right? personally i don’t think myrtle’s talking about his house-mates bullying him, because even though it isn’t explicitly mentioned how the slytherins feel about him at that time (other than pansy and crabbe and goyle being impressed by the fact that draco was chosen to carry out a task for the dark lord himself, which he told them on the train) i really can’t imagine his friends not sticking with him because he distanced himself. what draco had to do required effort, especially mental effort, and time, so the isolation he had to go through was just a side-effect of that, not something the slytherins or even his friends deliberately inflicted on him. i think the bullying she’s talking about and her behaviour in general is the result of draco not being able to tell her the whole story. like he probably told her that he was lonely and sad, and that a group of people was making him do terrible things he’s found he’s not capable of, but i don’t think he told her exactly who that was and why, and what succeeding in this mission meant. and, as for the second question, i don’t really think draco had to charm her at that point. look at it like that: myrtle is really, really sensitive, and she gets quickly attached to people who treat her decently. harry took her seriously, and that’s all it took for her to like him. she rarely gets any visitors because most people can’t stand her, and she wants somebody to talk to. so now, draco enters, opens up to her because he doesn’t have anybody else, tells her about his fears, his sadness, his isolation, cries openly, tells her that some people are forcing him to do things he doesn’t dare to talk about. so, myrtle sees herself in draco. she’s been bullied all the time when she was at school and she knows what it feels like, which makes her idolise draco and, in some way, romanticise his visitis and their conversations. she doesn’t know the whole truth, but trusts draco enough to defend him like she did, like justifying his crying and seeing bravery in it, all because she can relate to him (maybe also because she’s pretty emotional and desperate for earnest social interaction). at least that’s how i understood it. and we all know harry’s as observant as a brick wall, like he was really shocked to see malfoy cry but sliced him open literally 2 minutes later 

Looking for a fanfiction

So a friend of mine asked me for some fanfictions to read and there was one I really liked, but I can’t remember its title or its author.

It’s set after the Winter War in Soul Society and both Ichigo and Rukia suffers from PTSD. They both have nightmares, so they sleep in the same bed to keep them at bay then one day they have a huge fight because they can’tadmit they were not fine. They start avoiding each others and Rukia goes to the  4th quarters to visiti her brother and Renji (Ichigo was banned by Unohana because he kept fighting with Ikkaku) and Rukia starts yelling at Renji because she’s mad about Ichigo’s behaviour. In the end they declare their feeling (with Renji eating popcorns in front of them) and Byakuya tries to kill Ichigo.

Please, help. I’m going mad trying to find it.

Reading in Venice. 💙

Ieri ero a Venezia e in un momento di pausa ho trovato uno scalino davanti alla stazione che dava direttamente sul canale. Per ingannare l’attesa mi sono messa a leggere. Era il tramonto, la luce a quell’ora a Venezia è un qualcosa di spettacolare. Le luci artificiali sul Canal Grande sembravano tanti piccoli gioielli illuminati da un raggio di sole e le barche che attraversavano in fretta le acque torbide lasciavano bianche scie di schiuma che confondevano i riflessi dei palazzi. Per quante volte la visiti, Venezia riesce sempre a rapirmi, commuovermi, abbagliarmi. Mi strega ogni volta come nessuna altra città riesce.

Venezia è magica.


Junior is nine years old and has stubbornly curly hair, or “BAD HAIR”. He wants to have it straightened for his yearbook picture, like a fashionable pop singer with long, ironed hair. This puts him at odds with his mother Marta.

The more Junior tries to look beautiful and make his mother love him, the more she rejects him.

He will find himself cornered, facing a painful decision.



Adapted from the Original Lyrics by:
(I don’t know why tumblr won’t let me see the actual full blog but i’ll still credit scarveofGold through here at least)
First Image by:
Second Image by:

That’s right~ Teppa has become a fallen human. I have played the game, seen every scene, saved every piece of fanart I could, and drawn some as well~ (but like seriously, I have an Undertale folder on my desktop labeled “help”….I’m in love with Sans TuT)
I apologize for my semi hiatus here. I swear I have more covers than I can post and the only reason they’re not up is because I wanted to make picture for them myself, but I need to cave in and use other images if I still mean to post at least once a week, so here’s my newest cover of (my current ringtone~) Memory. Man do I love this song so much.

I honestly wanted a picture of Chara being part of the family too but there isn’t much fanart of that. I will make a few things clear about the Toriel ships. I’m a multishipper. I ship so many ships and can make up silly ones too. But I LOVE SansxToriel and also TorielxAsgore. But canonically, we know that Toriel will never want to be with Asgore again, but for the sake of this cute family pic, I’ll let it slide. Asgore will find someone to love. don’t you worry TuT.


There’s a secret in a mountain
Hidden deep between the trails
If you look you just might find it
Among stars and ancient tales

They say there are monsters in the
Hole you’ll maybe fall into
But you know the only monster
Resides inside of you

When you fall you’ll meet a family
Softer than the ones you’ve known
Treat them with your bravest kindness
When they offer you a home

Your brother will make jokes about
The way that your hair sticks up
But you know he never means it
You know you are beloved

Go to sleep the day has ended
When you wake we’ll be okay
There’s no need to be afraid for
We will see much brighter days

I swear I will never leave you
We’re together in your dreams
Close your eyes to pay a visit
I am in your memory


1. Come ti chiami?
2. Ti piace il tuo nome?
3. Hai dei soprannomi? Quali?
4. Come chiamerai i tuoi figli?
5. Quanti anni hai?
6. Di dove sei?
7. Ti piace il posto in cui vivi?
8. Dove vorresti vivere?
9. Ti piace viaggiare?
10. Sei fiero/a della generazione a cui appartieni?
11. Sei in buoni rapporti con i tuoi genitori?
12. E con i tuoi amici?
13. Hai un migliore amico? Una migliore amica?
14. Sei fidanzato/a?
15. Hai dei rimpianti?
16. Sei mai stato/a deluso/a?
17. Da chi?
18. Sei solito/a dare una seconda possibilità?
19. Sei contento/a di come sei fisicamente?
20. Del tuo carattere?
21. Cosa cambieresti in te?
22. Ti vergogni di qualcosa di cui però non puoi fare a meno?
23. Bevi?
24. Fumi?
25. Esci spesso o preferisci stare a casa?
26. Descrivi la tua giornata ideale.
27. Con chi passeresti il tuo ultimo giorno di vita?
28. Uno dei tuoi cinque sensi è più sviluppato degli altri? Quale?
29. Com'è nato il tuo primo amore?
30. Com'è stato il tuo primo bacio?
31. Amore o amicizia?
32. Soldi o salute?
33. Vacanza ideale?
34. Qual è il ricordo più bello che hai della tua infanzia?
35. E il sogno più grande per il futuro?
36. Da piccolo/a immaginavi che saresti diventato/a come sei ora?
37. Hai dei segreti mai confessati?
38. Chi è la persona di cui ti fidi di più?
39. Che scuola fai?
40. È stata una tua scelta o ti è stata imposta?
41. Ti trovi bene con i tuoi compagni di classe?
42. Hai mai pianto tanto senza sapere perché?
43. Di cosa hai bisogno quando stai male?
44. Hai mai rischiato la vita?
45. C'è qualcosa per cui ti giocheresti tutto?
46. Qual è il tuo colore preferito?
47. Alba o tramonto?
48. Libro o film?
49. Ti piace leggere poesie?
50. E scrivere poesie?
51. Ascolti spesso la musica?
52. Che genere ti piace di più?
53. Descrivi un tuo outfit di tutti i giorni.
54. Quali sono le tue scarpe preferite?
55. C'è stato un momento nella tua vita in cui hai pensato che meglio di così non potesse andare?
56. E uno in cui hai pensato che le cose non sarebbero potute andare peggio?
57. Parli fluentemente più di una lingua?
58. Ti piace disegnare?
59. Credi nell'oroscopo?
60. Qual è la tua data di nascita?
61. Credi che il tuo segno zodiacale ti rappresenti bene?
62. Qual è il tuo miglior pregio?
63. E il tuo peggior difetto?
64. Sei sincero/a con te stesso/a?
65. C'è qualcosa nella tua vita per cui non smetterai mai di ringraziare?
66. C'è qualcuno che non ringrazierai mai abbastanza?
67. Quali social usi più frequentemente?
68. Usi il cellulare a scuola?
69. Qual è la tua più grande dipendenza?
70. C'è qualcosa di cui vai fiero?
71. Sei una persona protettiva nei confronti degli altri?
72. Lo sei di più con qualcuno in particolare?
73. Qual è il tuo numero fortunato?
74. Ti piace parlare di te?
75. Ti fidi di chi ti sta accanto?
76. Vuoi sposarti un giorno?
77. A che età?
78. Farai l'università?
79. Se sì, qui o all'estero?
80. Hai mai infranto la legge?
81. Sei solito/a ritornare sui tuoi passi?
82. E rimuginare sul passato?
73. Cambi spesso idea?
74. Menti facilmente?
75. Qual è la tua frase preferita?
76. E l'opera d'arte più bella?
77. Qual è il tuo film preferito?
78. Cosa faresti se fossi a casa da solo/a in una notte di temporale?
79. Sei superstizioso/a?
80. Porti qualche oggetto sempre con te perché ti ricorda qualcuno di importante?
81. Ti manca qualcuno?
82. E qualcosa, qualche momento?
83. Capelli lunghi o corti?
84. Ricci o lisci?
85. Biondi, mori, castani o rossi?
86. Credi più alle parole o ai fatti?
87. Scrivi?
88. Scrivi di te?
89. Tieni un diario?
90. Pizza o gelato?
91. Estate o inverno?
92. Hai mai sofferto a causa di qualcuno?
93. Come reagisci a un tradimento?
94. Sei felice?
95. Messaggi o telefonate?
96. Perché ti sei iscritto/a a Tumblr?
97. Quali sono i cinque blog che visiti regolarmente?
98. Credi nelle amicizie nate online?
99. Qual è la tua ragione di vita?
100. Hai capito qual è il tuo posto nel mondo?

Sapete che cosa è strano? Che stiamo male per amore. Non per quello che abbiamo vissuto. Non sono i ricordi a fare male. I ricordi sono ricordi, spesso sono persino accomodanti: io mi ci rifugio spesso, la sera, nei ricordi, e mi viene da sorridere, a volte, ripensando a certi momenti. Ma non è questo che ci fa tremare le ginocchia d’improvviso, che ci fa bruciare lo stomaco con quei crampi che lo stringono e sembrano non volerlo lasciare.. Non è quello. Non si sta male per quello che abbiamo provato. Stiamo male per l’amore che ci aspettavamo di ricevere. Per tutto quello che sarebbe potuto essere. Per tutte le promesse che ci si era fatti. Perché poi basta un giorno di sole e ti viene in mente che avevate parlato di dove andare al mare d’estate, e al primo ombrellone che viene piantato a terra da una coppia che neanche si ama, che passa il tempo a urlarsi contro parole orrende, ecco in quel momento, una fitta sulla pancia, occhi annebbiati, piedi che sembrano di statue, in quel momento, quei due potevamo essere noi, in quel momento, dio quanto cazzo mi manca, in quel momento stiamo male per amore. O quando esce il film che dovevate vedere insieme al cinema, e invece ti tocca andarci da solo. O quando visiti quella città che sognavate di girare assieme, o quando mangi la specialità del ristorante in cui vi eravate ripromessi di andare la volta prossima, o quando assaggi il drink che aveva preso quello accanto a voi, quella sera, e allora vi eravate detti cazzo sembra buono, la prossima volta lo prendiamo insieme. Soffriamo quando finalmente esce il film, prendiamo il drink, l’aereo, la pizza, andiamo al mare, ma lo facciamo da soli, e dovevamo farlo insieme, vaffanculo, ce lo eravamo promessi, dovevamo farlo insieme, e invece dove cazzo sei, e dove cazzo sono, e che cazzo stiamo facendo, dovevamo farlo insieme.