visite paris


A plaster face perched high next to a colorful boob, a sexy brunette stencil challenging your point of view, pixel art made of shiny mosaic pieces, halved bicycles coming out of walls… this is Montmartre street art, obvious if you look after it and slowly expanding to the rest of Paris. Miss Tic, Invader, Gregos, A.L.Tony, Guaté Mao, Intra Larue… some of them managed to reach the art galleries level and sell for good money. Most though are only presenting short-lived messages to the passersby, from the height of Parisian walls full of Beaux Arts history.
A French beer to pair it? How about Hugs and Hops from Deck & Donohue, still French unlike the name. A thick honey hopped syrup IPA, not for every moment, but a daring pairing for something special some wouldn’t even call art.


The Eiffel tower… an extraterrestrial intricate structure landed on Earth directly from a space opera, its iron lace dress freshly decorated with a shine of colorful ballroom lights, is celebrating its 300 millions visitors over many years of stardom life. But under the tower, everything is normal for a midnight on a September end: a park full of cheerful people, mostly younger groups singing together but also many quiet passersby, gawkers like me. The autumn did not reach yet its full power so you can still buy cold beer from dark clad enterpreneurs carrying refrigerating bags. And, the street merchands still have their rugs everywhere, chatting loud with each other, recommending you miniature towers and tossing flying lights in the slowly chilling air.
I had my beer only back in the hotel, a local blonde ale with a nice grapefruit zest hops aroma but an unpleasant sting right after that. Hmm, at least I tried.


The Wall of Love is a love-themed wall in the Jehan Rictus garden square in Montmartre. The wall was created in 2000 and is composed of 612 tiles of enamelled lava, on which the phrase “I love you” is featured 311 times in 250 languages

Paris, France