Send me a pokeball and one of my pokemon will say:

Pokeball: How we first met
Great ball: What they aspire to
Ultra ball: Their opinion about one of my friends
Master ball: A memory they cherish
Safari ball: Their opinion about one of my enemies
Level ball: Their opinion of my training style
Lure ball: Something they think I could improve about myself
Moon ball: Their opinion about one of their teammates
Friend ball: Their opinion about someone else’s pokemon
Love ball: The type of pokemon they’re attracted to
Heavy ball: Their favorite type of snack
Fast ball: Their favorite Contest event
Sport ball: Their favorite Pokeathlon event
Premier ball: Their favorite movie
Repeat ball: Their favorite play
Timer ball: If they intend to stay with me forever or move on eventually
Nest ball: If they want children some day
Net ball: A place they wish I’d visit
Dive ball: Their favorite place to sleep
Luxury ball: Where in my travels they liked best
Heal ball: How often they’ve been injured
Quick ball: Their favorite battle style
Dusk ball: Something that keeps them up at night
Cherish ball: An item they love
Park ball: A fear they have
Dream ball: A hope they have for the future