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Before I get into my story, I want to first say that I’ve grown up with tales of ghosts and spirits - my dad is full Creek, and he’s told me stories about Haints & the Kolowa for as long as I can remember. When I was small, he reminded me that I shouldn’t necessarily fear them much, as most spirits and entities are pretty peaceful things. I guess he thought I was too young to know about the spirits that aren’t all that peaceful.

I was, I think, five years old, maybe six. We - my parents & myself - were living in a nice neighborhood in a cozy house: it wasn’t giant, but I thought it was perfect. It was almost autumn when our cousins came down from Atlanta to visit us, four kids and two adults whose relation to us is still pretty ambiguous, I think the mother, Yvonne, is a second cousin of my mom’s, or something. But anyway, they’d been around for about two days, and the kids and I had piled up in the living room to get ready for bed. I was a big baby and was still sleeping in my mom’s bed at the age of five, and after this experience (and many, many others,) wouldn’t go on to sleep in my own bed until I was ten. So long story short, I was too skeeved out to sleep in my own room but too embarrassed to tell my cousins I was going to sleep with my mom, so I made do with sleeping on the couch beside them all. It didn’t take us long to crash.

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw the kitchen light on, which I thought was totally weird because both my parents sleep like rocks - I debunked it as one of my cousins creepin’ around for a secret midnight snack and rolled over to go back to sleep. I stirred a couple of minutes later, only to find that the kitchen light was still on. At this point, I was confused and frankly a tad annoyed, already a crabby little snark that prized sleep over almost everything else. I sat up, and to my very surprise saw my mom approaching me. I asked her what was up, you know, what she was doing, and she didn’t say anything in response - she only came a little closer until I could see her face in the low light. She was smiling, and I could distinctly see that her eyes were shining a bright, unnerving blue, and my mom’s eyes are unmistakably green. I mean, I can still see that face in my mind: a big, unnatural, dimpled smile and those eyes that made my skin crawl. She knelt down just a little, and I shrunk back against the couch. She whispered, “It’s okay.” I heard the noise of her lips pull back as her smile widened, and her eyes seemed to flash as she stared me down. You could imagine my terror, just a little kid sitting there in the dark at midnight, gazing into the unfamiliar eyes of a very familiar face.

I don’t remember going back to sleep or seeing her leave. In fact, the very next thing I remember is being shaken awake by my youngest cousin, Toby, and jumping away from his touch, still in a state of sleepy shock. I asked my mom that morning what she was trying to do the night before, and she hadn’t the faintest idea what I was talking about. I’ve brought it up a couple times in the past and I’ve gotten the same response each time - she doesn’t remember doing it, or she didn’t do it all. And I think I know well enough at this point to come to the conclusion that what I saw that night definitely wasn’t my mom… but what I don’t know is what it wanted, or if it’ll come back.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 9/10 The lips pulling back part was neat. Thanks for sharing the scares!

Ooc; Come rp!

Boop. Doing it again, hanging around in Silvermoon City in hopes to snag some attention and do a bit of roleplay!

Some come on, come meet the infamous whore, tango in a battle of wits with the glorious Madam of SIsters in Sin and hang out for a while! Come meet her big cats! But don’t try to touch them… Anthrel might eat your hand?

Come visit us in the Row!

[There is a small wrapped parcel in Rachel and Tina’s mailbox. It is addressed to Rachel Berry but there is no return address. Inside is a bottle of gold liquid and a business card. On the business card’s back, there’s an address and something else handwritten. Happy birthday, Neenah. Come visit us when you wish to learn your roots.]

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High Reaches first Wher Clutch has arrived!

The Friends in High Places quest chain has yielded an unusual reward- wher eggs! Those players who helped befriend the Raiders now have the ability to Impress one of the whers they’ve brought! Seven eggs, including a Queen egg now incubate in a modified mining cart at the center of camp. Who knows what kind of surprises they hold? 

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sad headcanons abt isaac’s dead son, because i guess it’s just that kind of day:

post-game, he gives the followers the building that used to be the UNLV medical school so they can convert it into a hospital. he names it the asher levitt memorial hospital

since asher is buried in shady sands, and isaac is the governor of new vegas, it’s difficult for him to visit as much as he used to. he pretends that he’s visiting as a diplomatic gesture, but it’s really just to see asher. he misses asher’s birthday by one day a few years after he takes control of new vegas and he hates himself for it


my daily to-do lists are shorter this summer because i’m working full time, so i’m experimenting with spreads a little. last week’s was “3 things i’m proud i accomplished each day.”


Pangur’s developing an obsession with my grandfather’s model ship

Lucky Us: Friendship Tiers
  • Chloe: Here's how it goes. Adrien and I have been friends forever, but I keep his dumb ass grounded.
  • Marinette: Got it.
  • Chloe: Nino has been Adrien's best friend for a couple of years now. He sees to his masculine needs, but he also keeps him grounded.
  • Marinette: Right.
  • Chloe: You've struck this weird balance of grounding him and driving him crazy.
  • Marinette: It's a gift.
  • Chloe: And then there's Prince Ali.
  • Adrien: *grabs Prince Ali's face passionately* I would die for you.
  • Ali: *eyes water* Brother!!
  • Marinette:
  • Chloe: We keep them a few countries away from each other at all times.