visit to petco


Georgie when I first got him, his first tank, and his first bubble nest.

At a low point in my life I was extremely lonely and decided to visit petco. After walking by the betta display and seeing all their sad faces, I really felt for them, you know? I touched my finger to this little white bettas nose and he gave me such a look. We were in the same spot. I bought him that day on impulse and took him home promising him that I would give him the best betta life I could give him.

Since then, Georgie and I have been through a lot together. I did tons of research all the time. I kept trying to do my very best for him, and he did the same in return. Through my mistakes he had gotten fin rot multiple times and dropsy, but we pulled through every one together. He’s my best friend and the reason why I wake up in the morning, why I’m getting a new job and why I’m applying for college.

He’s back to perfect health again and I have a new planted 5 gallon aquarium I’m cycling for him. He has all the best pellet foods including Omega One, New Life Spectrum, and Atison’s Betta Pro, as well as frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp and live flightless fruit flies. He also has an extensive first aid kit for whatever may happen in the future.

I love you Georgie. You bring out the best in me and because if you my life is so much better every single day. Thank you ♡