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Monthly Fic Rec May (x)

Louis is the best older brother anyone could ask for. He knows this because he’s agreed to help chaperone his younger sister’s school trip to Rome. As it turns out, Italy is full of surprises. Fizzy’s Italian teacher is surprisingly hot, Rome is surprisingly interesting, and Louis is surprisingly falling in love with more than just the city. 

The one where Harry gets roped into a four-day camping trip with the boy who kissed him and never called back.

The one where Louis just wants to win Trivia Night so he can get some free food, but he can’t because a certain guy with fluffy hair takes home the prize every week - except for one. 

Louis has zero interest in an ex-boybander turned solo artist when his appearance on the show gets announced, but that’s exactly who he gets stuck with when Harry Styles shows up at the Late Late show to promote the release of his debut album. For an entire fucking week. 

The study was to see if two strangers could live together for a month and fall in love.
Louis is allergic to peaches, Harry smells like peaches.
Louis just came for the money.

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Weekly Fic Rec 21st May 2017

Flutter of a Butterfly by momentofclarity @gaycousinlarry
A lovely one shot about falling in love for the first time. The story of Harry and Louis from Them Butterflies if they had met at the ages of 18 and 20.

in midnights, in cups of coffee by suspendrs 
Louis hates his job and is cold. Harry is stressed and is living with his sister Gemma, who also happens to be Louis’ neighbour.

Why Can’t It Be Like That by @taggiecb
Louis finds himself in the heart of the Royal family when his mum marries the third son of the King. Being in the public eye brings a lots of changes to his life, one of those is the need for a stylist, Harry Styles.

Heart Without a Home by AngKeats
Louis is staying at a homeless shelter and decides to share his bed one night with the mysterious Harry. They hit it off instantly but Louis can’t help but wonder if Harry is hiding something.

Somewhere Only We Know by kiwikero @icanhazzalou @kiwikero
Harry enjoys his weekly visits to Peak District National Park. He likes the lovely scenery, endless trails and friendly faces. Oh, and the very fit Park Ranger!

Drive Me Crazy by @afangirlfantasy
Louis is a single dad looking to buy a birthday present for his daughter. Harry is the very persistent Sales Assistant at the Toy Store.