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It’s been a really long time since I’ve updated anything on this blog - I’ve been extremely busy since the summer doing freelance editing on top of my regular job and haven’t gotten a ton of chances to go out shooting or spend time on my own stuff. 

Back in October, I was lucky enough to snag some time off and cheap tickets out west to visit friends in Oregon again! I didn’t take that many pictures this time around since it was mostly a chance to see friends, but I’m pretty happy with the ones I was able to get! We went to Silver Falls State Park and saw the waterfalls, and also went down to the shore at Newport for a day! It was a trip that was very much needed, but unfortunately I was chucked right back into the grind when I got back and haven’t had the time to properly go through the pictures I DID take until now. 

Images taken with Canon 6D, 24-105mm lens, Rokinon 14mm lens. 

Images © Joseph Fox, 2016. 


Visit one of Oregon’s most beautiful rivers! Renowned for outstanding salmon and steelhead fishing and whitewater challenges, the North Umpqua River offers the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Almost 34 miles of the North Umpqua have been designated as a Wild and Scenic River and this section has been set aside exclusively for fly-fishing. The North Umpqua Trail parallels the river and offers challenging hiking and mountain biking experiences.

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM

Tagged by @ask-dazed-timid to do 20 random facts, so here we go:

1. Has terrible handwriting, like combining letters into one, or squiggles between letters to represent words.

2. Hates airplanes, don’t bother trying to convince me other wise.

3. Is mildly scared of heights, and nearly fainted on two occasions.

4. Loves the rain, but also loves the dry heat of summer.

5. I like Fire, don’t need to elaborate this.

6. Love robots, and would totes welcome them as our overlord.

7. I really like to see model railway layouts, and wishes to make my own.

8. I often self doubt myself about everything I do.

9. Doesn’t talk very much in real life.

10. Rarely travel outside my own state, and only visited Oregon, and Nevada

11. Loves to make hot chocolate, or bake something when I’m in a good mood.

12. The Crippling Optimistic American Trait (C.O.A.L).

13. I lose train of thought very quickly, can be thinking about trains, and then start questioning reality in minutes.

14. I am not quick to anger, and very patient.

15. I stutter frequently, and can forgot what I am saying mid sentence.

16. Tends to make fun of myself, refer to fact 12.

17. Really likes science.

18. Hasn’t broken a bone.

19. Accents are cool.

20. I like trains.

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Welcome to the Yakima River Canyon, where Highway 821 parallels the gentle Yakima River for 27 miles, through massive basalt cliffs and rolling desert hills. Follow this scenic pathway for glimpses of rich wildlife and plant communities, echoes of a historical past and many opportunities for recreational enjoyment.

This canyon has been designated as a state scenic route and offers excellent wildlife viewing, fishing in a Blue Ribbon trout stream, family river rafting and camping. BLM manages over 9000 acres in the Yakima River Canyon area, including four developed river access sites. Follow the meandering river, as it slices between basalt cliffs formed by centuries-old upheavals. It’s thought that Yakima River predates those stony ramparts, once flowing across a relatively flat landscape. As rock ridges rose, river erosion equaled the walls which once formed part of one of the largest lava fields in the world, said to have covered 200,000 square miles in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

He Said “Trust Me”

Word Count: 469

Fandom: Gravity Falls/Over the Garden Wall

Summary: I made my own heart hurt. There is no summary. Wirt’s POV.


When we first met, I was visiting Oregon with my parents and half-brother and managed to get separated from them. A monster came out of nowhere, but he ran up with a journal in one hand and determination in his eyes. He grabbed my hand and said, “Trust me!”

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The Steens Mountain Cooperative Management and Protection Area is 428,156 acres of public land offering diverse scenic and recreational experiences. The Steens Mountain Area encompasses an extraordinary landscape with deep glacier carved gorges, stunning scenery, wilderness and wild rivers, and a rich diversity of plant and animal species. The 52-mile Steens Mountain Backcountry Byway provides access to four campgrounds, and the views from Kiger Gorge, East Rim, Big Indian Gorge, Wildhorse, and Little Blitzen Gorge overlooks are not to be missed!

In the winter, the more rugged and daring outdoors enthusiasts can cross-country ski, snowshoe, or snowmobile in a natural remoteness that goes beyond the concept of ‘no cell service’.

In between feverishly working on finals, I managed to scratch this out! Dipper and Mabel ‘redesigns’ for the Grunkle Bill AU! :D

In this AU Stan and Bill are a bit more active in the twins’ life - they come down to Cali to visit, or the twins and their parents go up to Oregon to visit, at least a few times a year. So Luc and I were thinking that Stan and Bill’s presence (not to mention their influence with birthday gifts!) would have a bit of an effect on the kids…
They’re still their fun, silly selves, but with a darker-humored, slightly creepy twist! For instance: Mabel loves gory horror movies, and Dipper has an affection for creepy-crawlies, even going so far as to have a tarantula for a pet (he named it Plato). And additionally, Bill’s fashion sense has rubbed off on them a bit, particularly Dipper; he wears cardigans instead of his daily vest, and over the years he and Mabel have gotten an uncanny sense of matching. Most days they don’t even try to match, they just end up that way.

I like to think of them having a half-gothy edge like this x)

(also Dips doesn’t usually keep Plato in that lil carrier, he only does that when he wants to bring Plato around with him. he even usually lets Plato ride on his shoulder or under his hat!)
The UN Sent 3 Foreign Women To The U.S. To Assess Gender Equality. They Were Horrified.
The human rights experts concluded that the country falls far behind most others.

A delegation of human rights experts from Poland, the United Kingdom and Costa Rica spent 10 days this month touring the United States so they can prepare a report on the nation’s overall treatment of women. The three women, who lead a United Nations working group on discrimination against women, visited Alabama, Texas and Oregon to evaluate a wide range of U.S. policies and attitudes, as well as school, health and prison systems.

The delegates were appalled by the lack of gender equality in America. They found the U.S. to be lagging far behind international human rights standards in a number of areas, including its 23 percent gender pay gap, maternity leave, affordable child care and the treatment of female migrants in detention centers.

The most telling moment of the trip, the women told reporters on Friday, was when they visited an abortion clinic in Alabama and experienced the hostile political climate around women’s reproductive rights.

“We were harassed. There were two vigilante men waiting to insult us,” said Frances Raday, the delegate from the U.K. The men repeatedly shouted, “You’re murdering children!” at them as soon as they neared the clinic, even though Raday said they are clearly past childbearing age.

“It’s a kind of terrorism,” added Eleonora Zielinska, the delegate from Poland. “To us, it was shocking.”



Wahkeena Falls, one of the easily-reached and therefore commonly visited waterfalls in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge.


BLM Oregon recently announced the winners of its annual employee photo contest.  We’ve added a few of our favorite submissions here.

Visit BLM Oregon’s Flickr site to view them all.


Just a short public service announcement. If it is a natural wonder, don’t swim in it. If there is a path, stay on it. If it is shiny and pretty don’t put it in your pocket and take it home. If it is alive, don’t catch it and move it. Leave things better then when you found them so that others can enjoy them too! Thank you for understanding. <3