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Your blog is absolutely amazing. I've always wanted to visit Oregon and discover how beautiful the west coast is. Your pictures are giving me positive vibes and you're truly talented.

Thank you sooooooo much! 💕

This past weekend, some friends and I travelled seven hours to southeastern Oregon to visit a tiny town called Plush with a population of forty people. Leaving the city, the roads got more and more empty until we could go hours without passing another car. The farther we drove, the taller the mountains became, and the more relaxed I got. I just think that there’s nothing more peaceful and calming than the open road.

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Ok so I know that the jackelope is a hoax but I SWEAR I saw a horned rabbit when I was about 7 and visiting family in Oregon... it was in the backyard near the woods and munching on flowers I am almost positive that that thing had horns growing almost horizontally out of its head behind its ears

You probably did, anon! You weren’t seeing things! Sometimes rabbits are infected with something called Shope papilloma virus (SPV). This virus causes hardened lumps to grown on a rabbit’s face and head. The virus is kind of common in cottontail rabbits in the midwestern USA. A lot of the time, the lumps cause the rabbit to die because it affects their eating though. 

I feel very sorry for the professionals whenever they find another confusing skull, something that belonged to the wrong sort of people, or whenever they find statues or artifacts that confuse them—for they’ll talk about the odd, but they won’t talk about the impossible, which is where I feel sorry for them, for as soon as something becomes impossible it slipslides out of belief entirely, whether it’s true or not. I mean, here’s a skull that shows the Ainu, the Japanese aboriginal race, were in America nine thousand years ago. Here’s another that shows there were Polynesians in California nearly two thousand years later. And all the scientists mutter and puzzle over who’s descended from whom, missing the point entirely. Heaven knows what’ll happen if they ever actually find the Hopi emergence tunnels. That’ll shake a few things up, you just wait.

Did the Irish come to America in the dark ages, you ask me? Of course they did, and the Welsh, and the Vikings, while the Africans from the West Coast—what in later days they called the Slave Coast or the Ivory Coast— they were trading with South America, and the Chinese visited Oregon a couple of times—they called it Fu Sang. The Basque established their secret sacred fishing grounds off the coast of Newfoundland twelve hundred years back.

[…]The misconception is that men didn’t travel long distances in boats before the days of Columbus. Yet New Zealand and Tahiti and countless Pacific Islands were settled by people in boats whose navigation skills would have put Columbus to shame; and the wealth of Africa was from trading, although that was mostly to the east, to India and China. My people, the Nile folk, we discovered early on that a reed boat will take you around the world, if you have the patience and enough jars of sweet water. You see, the biggest problem with coming to America in the old days was that there wasn’t a lot here that anyone wanted to trade, and it was much too far away.

—  Mr Ibis, American Gods

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Will you ever go back to Oregon

I would love to visit Oregon again. We dream of bringing Pueo to the Oregon Country Fair someday and vending my art/offering reiki & crystal healing :) Probably the only place on the main land that still calls my heart. Shout out to our OMazing community in Eugene!!!


Newberry National Volcanic Monument

I’m very glad I made this impromptu stop to explore this national monument and the area known as the Lava Lands right before I arrive in Bend, Oregon. The visit included two brand new experiences for me: driving to the top of a volcanic cinder cone and exploring a pitch-black lava tube. I really got a sense of the unique geology surrounding this landscape for the first time, and an introduction to what is known as the “ring of fire”. The panorama of snowy peaks and volcanic remnants from the top of Lava Butte are really something to behold. My favorite part, however, had to be the 1 mile trek underground into Lava River Cave, where you were required to bring your own lights and bundle up. The cave was fairly easy to navigate, going from the size of a subway tunnel to spaces where I had to duck down to get through. It was incredible dark and quiet as I only passed a few other visitors inside. Definitely not an experience for everyone, but something I’d really recommend if you can work up the nerves.


A couple weeks ago I actually did the thing and left town for the first time in years to visit Oregon. I flew into Portland then road-tripped around a bit. Thought I’d share a couple of the pics I took … Ninja Pepe was my traveling buddy, so boom, WoW related :) It was an awesome experience, I saw so many cool things and neat places, I didn’t want to leave and I want to go back.

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traveling is fun! you could start this summer!

Ah, I really, really want to! First & foremost, I want to go and visit @wanderlustrunnerr in CO, but I’m also looking at a visit to Oregon, too! I may end up delaying Oregon until after graduation in December 2018, but I will get there…and it may be a permanent thing 😏

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Hi it's me, The King of Reylo, and I'm here to humbly request you cease all anti-Reylo activity immediately. While I appreciate the constructive criticism, I also just don't like seeing it in any way, shape or form and would rather you just stop. No offense, you're a lovely person with valid opinions, but those opinions are also not okay and not allowed. If you wish to appeal my decision, please visit Portland, Oregon and look for the apartment window with the Kylo Ren body pillow; I'm all ears!


He Said “Trust Me”

Word Count: 469

Fandom: Gravity Falls/Over the Garden Wall

Summary: I made my own heart hurt. There is no summary. Wirt’s POV.


When we first met, I was visiting Oregon with my parents and half-brother and managed to get separated from them. A monster came out of nowhere, but he ran up with a journal in one hand and determination in his eyes. He grabbed my hand and said, “Trust me!”

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my 40yo sister is down visiting from oregon, so I'm introducing her to buffy (like the abridged watch list with only the important episodes) and we're up to The Wish and basically she's only cared about bangel and so far thinks faith is an idiot. lmao I'm highkey devastated. how tf out of all early series greatness?

gimme her number i’ll call her up and set her straight (and by straight i mean gaaaaaay) 


Welcome to the Yakima River Canyon, where Highway 821 parallels the gentle Yakima River for 27 miles, through massive basalt cliffs and rolling desert hills. Follow this scenic pathway for glimpses of rich wildlife and plant communities, echoes of a historical past and many opportunities for recreational enjoyment.

This canyon has been designated as a state scenic route and offers excellent wildlife viewing, fishing in a Blue Ribbon trout stream, family river rafting and camping. BLM manages over 9000 acres in the Yakima River Canyon area, including four developed river access sites. Follow the meandering river, as it slices between basalt cliffs formed by centuries-old upheavals. It’s thought that Yakima River predates those stony ramparts, once flowing across a relatively flat landscape. As rock ridges rose, river erosion equaled the walls which once formed part of one of the largest lava fields in the world, said to have covered 200,000 square miles in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.