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This past weekend, some friends and I travelled seven hours to southeastern Oregon to visit a tiny town called Plush with a population of forty people. Leaving the city, the roads got more and more empty until we could go hours without passing another car. The farther we drove, the taller the mountains became, and the more relaxed I got. I just think that there’s nothing more peaceful and calming than the open road.

About the eclipse in Oregon

@ everyone visiting the Oregon coast for the eclipse:

Please keep in mind many of these small towns, although they have been trying to prepare for -years-, cannot accomodate the massive influx of tourists in every way. Emergency response for medical issues will be stretched very thin because of this, energy grids here will be strained in spite of officials playing it off with a greedy smile, and cell towers will be fucked up, as will just about every other resource. Boating areas will be extra dangerous, especially near walls and enclosed areas.

Please be considerate to our home and each other so everyone can enjoy the eclipse safely! There is also a lot of wildlife here that people from the city are not accustomed to – paying attention and being a safe driver are extra critical in our rural coastal areas as these animals can run out from the woods along the road at any time, especially at night.

((Even on normal summer weekends when tourists come in, I watch the local ambulance drive on my 101 bridge 3-4x more often. … this is gonna be intense.))


My favorite part about writing for Peter is high school tropes
Like spin the bottle? I’m such a sucker for that trope.
Hope you guys enjoy!

Title: Regrettable
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: Peter meets you, Liz’s cousin, during her party and gets to know you over some small talk and a game of spin the bottle.
Word Count: 1,922
Warnings: food mention, underage drinking, slight “Spider-Man: Homecoming” spoilers
Tagged: @tmrhollandkay @kindnesswins @melconnor2007 @mcheung0314 @erikacasarin

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            "Peter, you came,“ Liz cheered as Peter and Ned walked in.

           Peter gives her a nervous smile, immediately babbling an incoherent reply. His words slow to a stop as you walk up and suddenly all his attention is sucked into you. When you smile at him, Peter gets so nervous that he wants to run out the door.

           "Y/N,” you introduce, shaking Peter’s hand. “I’m Liz’s cousin.”

           "Y/N’s visiting from Oregon,“ Liz adds.

           Peter nods slowly, unsure of what to say. He’s trying not to stare at you completely, but even as Liz beings speaking, his eyes keep drifting towards you. You keep giving him shy smiles when you catch him staring, and Peter keeps blushing deeper shades of red.

           Suddenly, a clatter comes from an adjacent room and both you and Liz grimace. You peer over Liz’s shoulder, trying to assess the damage.

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Newberry National Volcanic Monument

I’m very glad I made this impromptu stop to explore this national monument and the area known as the Lava Lands right before I arrive in Bend, Oregon. The visit included two brand new experiences for me: driving to the top of a volcanic cinder cone and exploring a pitch-black lava tube. I really got a sense of the unique geology surrounding this landscape for the first time, and an introduction to what is known as the “ring of fire”. The panorama of snowy peaks and volcanic remnants from the top of Lava Butte are really something to behold. My favorite part, however, had to be the 1 mile trek underground into Lava River Cave, where you were required to bring your own lights and bundle up. The cave was fairly easy to navigate, going from the size of a subway tunnel to spaces where I had to duck down to get through. It was incredible dark and quiet as I only passed a few other visitors inside. Definitely not an experience for everyone, but something I’d really recommend if you can work up the nerves.

Truth ❦ Daniel Seavey

requested? • no 

prompts • “Fuck it - do you wanna get married?” + “The truth is… I love you.”

warnings? • one curse word,

summary • You and your best friend, Daniel Seavey, are lounging around the Why Don’t We house in LA when you start complaining about your family. 

word count • 488 words

 "My mother is relentless,“ you exclaimed, throwing your hands up in the air. "All she wants me to do is get married and pop out children. There are more things I want to do in life than just be a mother. I want to live and explore!" 

Your best friend, Daniel Seavey, only smiled as he watched you pace back and forth in front of him. "She’s desperate for grandkids,” he answered. “Can you blame her? You are her only kid.”

Daniel was stoked to find out that the boys had arranged for you to fly down from Portland, Oregon to visit him in LA. He couldn’t wait to see you, and the feelings were completely mutual – to an extent. Daniel has had a crush on you for a while, and he wasn’t sure you felt the same exact way.

Sighing, you stick your bottom lip out as you pouted. “It doesn’t mean she has to bully me to date,” you said, looking at the bestest friend you could ask for. “You know dating has been awful for me in the past.”

Daniel nodded, thinking back to all the douche bags you’ve dated. He had always stayed quiet when it came to you dating, as he didn’t want to upset you. 

“It’s gotten to the point where Mom told me to just start dating whoever comes after me.” You continued to complain, throwing your arms in every direction possible to demonstrate your frustration. “What kind of Mother tells her child to go after whoever hits on them? It’s absurd and I’d rather date someone closer to me. Like you, for example.”

Daniel quickly turned red in the face as you stop in your tracks, a look of concentration spreading across your face. “You would, uh, date me?” Daniel asked, sounding extremely hopeful.

“Yeah, over a lot of other people,” you confirmed, glancing over at him. You began to gnaw at your thumb nail, thinking hard about how you can avoid your Mother’s unwanted attention.

He prepared himself to reply with words that would hopefully knock you off your feet, but he was interrupted with a groan escaping your lips.  “Fuck it - do you wanna get married?” 

Daniel’s jaw dropped in surprise. He wanted nothing more than to marry you, but he knew it was only you trying to come up with a way to get your Mother off your back. Besides, you two weren’t even dating.

“Y/N, I’m going to have to say no,” he replied, biting his lip ever so slightly. “I-”

“Bro, did you really just say no to Y/N proposing to you?” Jack Avery spoke up in disbelief. “We all know the truth about your feelings for her.”

You scrunched up your eyebrows in confusion, watching Daniel make many murderous faces at Jack. “Truth? The truth about what?” you questioned. 

Daniel sighed as he sent one last glance at Jack before turning to you. “The truth is… I love you.”

It was your turn to be surprised as Daniel fidgeted quietly, avoiding any eye contact with you. No words were exchanged and you softly guided Daniel’s jaw so he would look at you so you could finally say those three beloved words back to him.

As your lips parted to reply to Daniel’s confession, Jack interrupted, yelling, “Just kiss already!”

To which the two of you happily did. 

wowowowow so my friend told me to post it after I sent it to her and she loved it so I hope you guys love it too?? idk how I feel about this please give me feedback

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Ok so I know that the jackelope is a hoax but I SWEAR I saw a horned rabbit when I was about 7 and visiting family in Oregon... it was in the backyard near the woods and munching on flowers I am almost positive that that thing had horns growing almost horizontally out of its head behind its ears

You probably did, anon! You weren’t seeing things! Sometimes rabbits are infected with something called Shope papilloma virus (SPV). This virus causes hardened lumps to grown on a rabbit’s face and head. The virus is kind of common in cottontail rabbits in the midwestern USA. A lot of the time, the lumps cause the rabbit to die because it affects their eating though. 

stay (it doesn’t have to hurt)

Gravity Falls || Stanford Pines/Stanley Pines || Part One
notes: Written for Summer of Stancest. All my love to Blue, who organized this event, gave me encouragement, and was over-all an amazing human being. ♥
¶ also available on AO3
warnings: mentions of blood and poverty as a theme


The motel television has nine channels and, as he has every day since he arrived in New Mexico, Stan spends his day mindlessly switching back and forth between them. Images shift. Noise fluctuates. It helps him ignore the gnaw of hunger in his belly and the squeeze of anxiety around his lungs. There is no remote. Any time a program becomes unbearable, Stan has to get up and manually change the station.

It does little to ease the restlessness in his stagnant bones.

Eventually—when the heat of the day dissipates into evening, and the setting sun illuminates Stan’s room in red—Stan gives up the distraction. He switches the television off and plops back down on the sagging edge of his mattress.

Stares at the matted shag carpet.

Runs a hand over his uncombed, sweat-damp hair.

Sighs softly and—


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BoB + Pacific boys and their secret hobby / guilty pleasure?

Richard Winters: He enjoys knitting. It’s something he keeps to himself for a long time, but it’s a great form of stress relief for him. He gives his friends and family, scarves, hats, and even sweaters; for the longest time he claimed he bought them, but Nix is the one who finally catches Dick knitting and figures out his secret.

Lewis Nixon: He freaking loves mini-golf, okay? Real golf is pretty lame, but golf with obstacle courses, flashing lights, and swimming pools? Hole in one, baby. He’s a pro. He especially loves really detailed little courses – he gets to outsmart them and they’re so much fun. He’s basically a big kid on the mini golf course.

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I feel very sorry for the professionals whenever they find another confusing skull, something that belonged to the wrong sort of people, or whenever they find statues or artifacts that confuse them—for they’ll talk about the odd, but they won’t talk about the impossible, which is where I feel sorry for them, for as soon as something becomes impossible it slipslides out of belief entirely, whether it’s true or not. I mean, here’s a skull that shows the Ainu, the Japanese aboriginal race, were in America nine thousand years ago. Here’s another that shows there were Polynesians in California nearly two thousand years later. And all the scientists mutter and puzzle over who’s descended from whom, missing the point entirely. Heaven knows what’ll happen if they ever actually find the Hopi emergence tunnels. That’ll shake a few things up, you just wait.

Did the Irish come to America in the dark ages, you ask me? Of course they did, and the Welsh, and the Vikings, while the Africans from the West Coast—what in later days they called the Slave Coast or the Ivory Coast— they were trading with South America, and the Chinese visited Oregon a couple of times—they called it Fu Sang. The Basque established their secret sacred fishing grounds off the coast of Newfoundland twelve hundred years back.

[…]The misconception is that men didn’t travel long distances in boats before the days of Columbus. Yet New Zealand and Tahiti and countless Pacific Islands were settled by people in boats whose navigation skills would have put Columbus to shame; and the wealth of Africa was from trading, although that was mostly to the east, to India and China. My people, the Nile folk, we discovered early on that a reed boat will take you around the world, if you have the patience and enough jars of sweet water. You see, the biggest problem with coming to America in the old days was that there wasn’t a lot here that anyone wanted to trade, and it was much too far away.

—  Mr Ibis, American Gods

so my cousin is visiting from oregon and another cousin was gonna get manicures with us but he has baseball and can’t stay so we all just did face masks while watching lord of the rings


It’s been a really long time since I’ve updated anything on this blog - I’ve been extremely busy since the summer doing freelance editing on top of my regular job and haven’t gotten a ton of chances to go out shooting or spend time on my own stuff. 

Back in October, I was lucky enough to snag some time off and cheap tickets out west to visit friends in Oregon again! I didn’t take that many pictures this time around since it was mostly a chance to see friends, but I’m pretty happy with the ones I was able to get! We went to Silver Falls State Park and saw the waterfalls, and also went down to the shore at Newport for a day! It was a trip that was very much needed, but unfortunately I was chucked right back into the grind when I got back and haven’t had the time to properly go through the pictures I DID take until now. 

Images taken with Canon 6D, 24-105mm lens, Rokinon 14mm lens. 

Images © Joseph Fox, 2016.