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It was always you, Tetsu turned 5 today!

Woooo, Big Day for my tiny, crappy little corner on the interwebs. 5 years ago, I started a joke on this site - I made a blog because my HP-phase was strong asf, and I had already spent most of my time on Tumblr, so why not?

I remember when I started my massive KnB-campaign as well - my AoKuro was raging, man, I did not know any other ships, I was a loyal AoKuro-shipper, a lowkey SasuNaru-lover and a guilty little GrimmIchi-freak, though I could contain myself. Today? I can’t. I let the shipping go wild. 

I met a lot of amazing, awesome and adorable people, all of them are A+ babes. I got into even more fandoms, which meant getting to know new people and their way of thinking. I’m sorry for being absolutely inactive in the past year, last two semesters at uni were killing, and graduation was my top priority, so… BUT! I miss all of my darling friends, and if you miss me the same way, PM me for my Line or Snapchat, I’m brutally alive on these platforms. Courageous (and curious) dolls can ask for my Instagram as well, I’ll follow you back for sure ;)

No, this is not a farewell message, I have absolutely no intentions of leaving the site, it’s just a heads-up for everyone who are still curious about good old Alex and what she is up to as of late. Blog runs itself without Alex, queue is filled, thank you new followers for hitting the “follow” button, it truly means a lot to me! Message me if you wanna chat, that I’m always willing to do haha.

Happy Birthday to you, my dear little guilty-archive! You are my pride and joy~