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omg your went to Nicaragua! That's really cool, I have the same problem when I visit my grandma in Honduras

such an incredible place


Excited to have my first feature in the new December/January Issue of Garden & Gun Magazine. I have often read the magazine here in Seattle and dreamed of my first trip to explore the southern US eating BBQ & Fly Fishing/Bird Hunting. When I heard from Maggie with news of assignment I never expected to get to travel somewhere as exciting and far away as Honduras. This trip was super fun and a little nerve racking. Copan is a special place and is far less dangerous than the big cities of Honduras that so often give it a bad wrap. I photographed southerner (originally from Tennessee) Lloyd Davidson & his Macaw Mountain. A special nature reserve nestled in the mountains of Copan, Honduras dedicated to protecting and re-introducing Scarlet Macaw Parrots into the wild. The project has expanded and now includes many other species. Seeing these gorgeous birds flying free at the Mayan Ruins site was truly surreal. Lloyd was such a character and I cannot wait to visit him/Honduras again someday. Huge thanks to Maggie Kennedy for the assignment and to Peter for being my adventure partner/assistant.


Queen Letizia of Spain arrives at Soto Cano Air Base on May 25, 2015 in Comayagua, Honduras. The Queen has started a two-day visit to Honduras to supervise Spanish cooperation programs in the country. Upon her welcome to the country, the Queen was welcomed by Ana García Carías, the First Lady of Honduras. I believe this is the first solo trip of the Queen since becoming the Queen Consort of Spain.