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Kids - 31 Days of Halloween

This is from my 31 Days of Halloween Writing Challenge.

Request:  Can you do a fluffy one with dean 40,59?

Prompt: 40. Your food is moving, why is your food moving?
59. There will be a lot of screaming tonight.

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam, Cas (mentioned), Charlie (mentioned), John WInchester (mentioned).

Warnings: A bit too angsty, loads of fluff, daddy!dean feels, mentions of vomit and sickness.

Word count: 3,265

A/N: I tried to make it pure fluff, but I couldn’t help myself and added a bit of angst (maybe too much angst). Either way, who doesn’t like daddy Dean? I know I do, and I hope you enjoy it just as much.

Originally posted by amyriadoffandoms

For the past two weeks, things had gone a bit crazy in your body. Not only were you craving to eat all kinds of junk food, but you also had nausea and migraines and you felt bloated. You blamed all the Halloween candy you had eaten during the whole week.

Dean didn’t seem to notice. Mostly because he knew that you weren’t having your period but also because he was too focused on his case. A monster was feeding himself with kids. Sam had the theory that the monster could actually smell children, and babies and pregnant women!

“That bitch can actually smell the baby, even if it’s inside the mother.” Dean explained as he packed both his and your bag. You were all over the bed, moaning in pain but paying attention to Dean’s words. “Worse thing is that we don’t even know who he is or why he does that.”

“I thought Sam had been in town looking for clues.” You mumbled.

“He did but that son of a bitch is good at hiding. That’s why we’re all going.” Dean stated, you groaned in response. “At least Sam and I… No offense, sweetheart, but you look awful.”

“Dean.” You spoke, siting up. “I know I look awful, and I do feel like shit but there’s no way in hell that I’m letting you and Sam go by yourselves.”

“We’ve done this before, you know? We’ve hunted ever since…”

“Ever since you were little. I know, I know but now I’m here and I’m going with you.” Dean knew he couldn’t fight you on this one. You were a stubborn ass with an attitude, so he sighed in surrender.

“Fine, but if you feel like it’s too much or if you want to stay at the motel… I won’t blame you.” Dean said. You rolled your eyes and caught a glimpse of Dean’s half eaten food plate on his desk. It was moving.

“Dean?” You muttered.

“Yeah?” He replied, not looking at you.

“Don’t call me crazy but uh… Your food is moving. Why is your food moving?” Dean automatically snapped his head towards his plate, afraid that it was some kind of threat, but he only found out his half eaten sandwich and his French fries still.

“Baby, it isn’t moving…” Dean stated, “Are you sure you want to come with us?”


The bodies were shredded to pieces. It was truly a horrifying picture; the kids were unrecognizable, and the mothers had their bellies completely destroyed… Not only did it make you cry, but it also made you throw up your breakfast, and that was something that had never happened before.

Dean was starting to worry about your health, and he tried his best to send you back home; Offering to drive you himself and then come back. But then again, you were stubborn and weren’t willing to go back. After all, hunting was also your life and your job.

Sam and Dean were taking special care of you. They weren’t certain what was going on but they sure as hell weren’t going to let you suffer in silence. You were scared that so much attention heading your way would interfere with the case.

“I’m fine guys, I just… I had never seen something like that.” You insisted. Sam and Dean rolled their eyes at the same time; sometimes, their brotherhood was that strong they did the same things at the same time.

“(Y/N) you’ve seen worse.” Sam argued.

“I mean, generally speaking yes but…” your mind was thinking quicker than ever, “I’m a woman, and I have a maternal instinct and seeing those kids and those girls like that… It different than seeing an old man.” Sam and Dean tried to hide it, but you noticed how the mention of maternity made them cringe. “I’m just saying… It’s part of my nature and I feel related to those girls and I felt sad for those kids and that’s it.”

The boys didn’t argue anymore. Both men decided to focus back on the case and kept going.

The whole night, they investigated. Dean sent you to sleep but every couple hours you’d wake up to check up on them. The pain was still there, but it was a lot less, so you didn’t complain at all.

The next day, the three of you interrogated every human being in town. Sam and Dean split up to cover up more area, interrogating people in their houses; you, on the other hand, went to every establishment and public building, interrogating every employee.

Yes, you were still feeling a little bad, but your moral duty with mankind and children was bigger than the pain itself. After a few hours, your mind was off from it.

“So tell me, have you seen any neighbour coming out of their houses at uncommon hours or…?” You were interrogating an old lady that worked at the ice cream shop.

“Oh no, miss… Everything’s normal around here.” She gave you a tender smile. “Can I ask you something?” You furrowed your eyebrows. It was a bit unusual.

“Sure.” Your alert mode turned on.

“Have you been feeding yourself correctly?” She asked. You tilted your head in confusion.

“Excuse me?” The old lady laughed like it was the most stupid question ever.

“Yes, dear.” She said, “Have you been feeding yourself correctly? That baby isn’t going to grow on his own.” You almost choked on your own spit.

“I don’t have a baby, ma’am.” You mumbled.

“Yes you do. It’s a boy, actually.” She had a smile on her face, making you cringe.

“You must be mistaken, I don’t…” You couldn’t finish the sentence. Dean and you were always careful, always using protection, sometimes double; there was no way that you were pregnant.

“I’m never wrong, dear… I guess you could say I smell babies.” The lady shrugged her shoulders. You became pale and thanked her for her time before speed walking your ass out from that store.


“The ice cream granny? Are you sure?” Dean asked. You nodded your head.

“She told me she smells babies.” You explained.

“It makes sense, the kids and mothers went to that same place the night they got killed.” Sam added, showing the evidence to Dean.

“So, we have her… Let’s finish this.” Dean finished.

“I… actually, I would like to stay here if you don’t mind.” You immediately spoke. Dean analysed you before nodding.

“Sure. Whatever you want, babe.” He smiled at you, “I’ll get Baby ready.” And with that said, the older hunter went out of the room.

“So, (Y/N), how did you find out it was her?” Sam asked without looking up from his computer. “I mean, the media didn’t specify babies on the victim list…”

“You know I, uh… I’m good at interrogation and that…” You stuttered, looking down at your fidgeting hands. Sam lifted his gaze from his laptop.

“Why did she tell you she smells babies?” Sam continued, “I can’t imagine any scenario where that statement fits.” You didn’t answer, you just lifted your gaze to meet with his, silently giving him the news. “Oh no, please tell me you’re not…” You bit your lip, and that was the only answer Sam needed. “We need to take you out of here.” Sam rushed to say.

“Sam, I can take care of myself.” You replied, “Besides… If Dean finds out… I…”

“You worry about Dean? (Y/N/N), he’ll love the news. Right now we have to keep you and that baby safe. You visited her store today, which means she will most likely attack you tonight and…” Sam’s words were fast, he was worried.

“Do you really think he’ll like it?” You interrupted, hushing Sam.

“Of course… He loves you, (Y/N), and he’ll love that baby. I promise.” Sam’s voice turned soft and soothing.

“It’s a boy, you know?” A tear streamed down your cheek. Sam got up from his seat and sat next to you at the edge of the bed. He wrapped an arm around you and pulled you closer to him. Your head was resting on his chest.

“Dean will be the greatest father in the world, I’m sure of that… He did a pretty decent job taking care of me… And he was just a kid, so I guess now that he’s grown up he’ll…” Dean walked back into the room, interrupting Sam.

“Hands off my girl, Sammy.” Dean joked. Sam pulled away and his brother could finally see that you were in fact crying. “What’s wrong?” He asked, kneeling in front of you.

“They’re happy tears, I promise.” You said.

“Happy tears? Good but uh… Why?” His green eyes looked worried. You were his girl, his life partner and he had promised himself to never let you cry; not a single tear would spill from your eyes on his watch.

“Dean, I’m…” The window broke with a loud crash.

A huge, white dog-like creature landed on the closest bed to the window. It was like nothing they had ever seen before. The dog walked closer to you, Dean made you stand up and placed himself in front of you as a protective barrier. Meanwhile, Sam started searching for his gun, trying not to call the attention.

The dog tilted its head, staring directly at Dean. Suddenly, it started transforming into, yes, the old lady from the ice cream shop.

“I’m guessing you’re the father.” She laughed, Dean looked confused as hell. “Standing in front of them won’t do any help, dear. I’d recommend you to move, I’m only here for the baby.”

“There are no babies here, bitch.” Dean grumbled.

“That tongue… I’m making a big favour to that kid by eating it, rather than letting a vulgar man like you raise him.” The old lady spoke cockily. “Move, boy. Or else, I promise you there will be a lot of screaming tonight.

“Look, granny, there are no babies here.” The old lady alternated her gaze between Dean and you before a huge grin spread across her face.

“She hasn’t told you yet, has she?” She laughed. Dean turned a little to look at you.

“What is she talking about?” Dean whispered.

“Dean, I was going to tell you before she…” You cried, but the granny interrupted.

“Shut up girl! It’s too late now. You might as well not tell him the news, since he won’t ever get to meet his baby.” The granny’s voice had turned deeper and crueller.

“My baby? What is she…? Oh no, are you…?” Dean’s eyes were watery at the thought.

“Yes… A boy.” You tried to smile, but failed. Dean smirked a little and nodded.

“I will keep you and my son safe from this bitch.” He turned around to face the old lady, only to find out that she had transformed back into the white creature.

Her fangs were showing, she was drooling and she looked fierce. Sam was nowhere to be seen, presumably looking for a proper weapon, and Dean had nothing to defend his girlfriend and baby form the monster.

In a matter of seconds, the monster was already on Dean. The hunter was on the floor, trying to fight her. She was biting and scratching and Dean was barely holding on. He had never faced a monster like her before, and he definitely didn’t have enough strength; so when the monster managed to break his clavicle, Dean knew that he was lost.

However, the monster didn’t want Dean. She moved over to (Y/N) who had her back pressed against the wall and her hands covering her belly protectively.

“It won’t work, you know it.” The monster hissed.

(Y/N) was crying. She needed to take care of her child, but she had no weapons and the baby had her too weak to fight. A feeling of impotency took over (Y/N) body.

The monster was already sniffing her.

“Stay away from her!” Dean shouted, trying to get up, fighting against the pain, to save her.

“I’m sorry, Dean.” (Y/N) mouthed. Dean shook his head, not wanting to see the love of his life and his unborn son die.

The monster showed its fangs again. It got closer to her, opening her big mouth, ready to take a bite.

“No! No! Sam!” Dean started calling his brother, desperation taking over him.

A loud bang filled the air. The monster fell on its knees and transformed back into the granny. Another bang and she was dead.

(Y/N) breathed out, finally feeling safe. Sam was outside, he had run towards the Impala to get the same gun they used for werewolves and shot, taking advantage of the broken window.

Dean looked over at his brother.

“Nice timing, bitch.” Dean said sarcastically, yet relieved.

“I saved my nephew’s ass, jerk.” Sam replied in the same tone. Dean looked back at (Y/N) who was drawing circles on her belly as she tried to calm herself down.

“You okay, sweetheart?” Dean asked. She lifted her gaze and nodded. “How’s… How’s the baby?” Dean struggled to say the words. Not because he didn’t want to have a baby, but because he was scared that said baby was hurt.

“He’s fine, don’t worry.” She gave him a calming smirk and Dean nodded.

A few minutes later, the police appeared, along with the firemen and the ambulance. The brothers told the cops that the old lady was a serial killer that tried to take your baby away; they also said that the gun they used was hers and, somehow, they managed to keep it.

Meanwhile, a paramedic was taking care of you and your child. He had given you a blanket and was checking yours and the baby’s vitals. Once he was done, Dean walked over to you.

“I was so worried.” Dean hugged you with one arm, pressing your head to his chest. His free arm was casted; apparently, his clavicle wasn’t the only broken bone.

“Me too.” You whispered.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I could’ve driven you back to the bunker and…” Dean shook his head, looking down at you.

“I found out today… That bitch told me…” You muttered.

“Yeah, but you could’ve told me… I would’ve been back just in time to…” You pressed one finger over his lips.

“I know, but I was scared.” Dean sighed, “ I thought you’d be… I don’t know… This life, you always say how bad it is and your childhood was… I figured you didn’t want to have a son and…” Dean pressed his lips to yours.

“My childhood was crappy, yeah… But only because I didn’t have my mom and my dad suck at single parenting… But I’m not my dad, and the baby will have you… I’m full of crap, but I promise I will be the best father I can.” Dean promised, tears spilling from his eyes.

“Oh, Dean… I’m sorry.” You whined, throwing your arms around him.

“It’s fine, babe… Everything’s fine… We’re fine, and the baby is fine.” Dean whispered, stroking your hair with his hand as you cried on his chest.


Sam drove the car back home. Dean decided to cuddle with you on the backseat.

“What about Audi?” Dean joked again.

“Dean, we’re not naming our baby like a car!” You laughed and Sam and he did too.

“North West?” Dean continued.

“That’s already a thing and No.” You giggled.

“What about South West?” Sam joked from the driver’s seat.

“Sammy know what’s up!” Dean cheered and high fived his brother.

“Noooo!” You laughed.

The whole trip, the Winchesters suggested the most horrific names they could come up with, making you laugh your lungs out. They were secretly making you laugh in order to shake the shock off, calming you down. It wasn’t healthy for the baby to have a nervous mom.

It also made the drive faster. Sooner than you expected, Sam parked outside the bunker and helped his brother and you out. Sam said good night and locked himself in his room.

Dean and you were already settled in bed of your shared room, cuddling and sharing an intimacy moment.

“But, real talk, maybe we should name him Sam.” Dean suggested, “I mean, he saved our baby’s ass tonight and…”

“Yeah, I like that.” You interrupted. Dean gave you a tender smile.

“I honestly can’t wait for him.” He confessed. A childish glimpse shined through his eyes, making your heart melt.

“Me neither… Although, I wish to have gotten the news in a different way, you know?” Dean nodded.

“Me too… But that doesn’t matter; we’re going to be a family.” Dean caressed your cheek with his hand.

“A kick ass family.” You replied.

“I bet he be as smart as you and Sam.” Dean whispered.

“And he will be as handsome as you, that’s for sure.” You replied, making Dean blush fifty shades of red. “Aww, you’re blushing!” You mocked.

“No I’m not, shut up.” Dean defended himself, a smile threatening to spread on his lips.

“Yes you are, and you look so cuteee.” You chanted, making Dean even redder.

“I’m not.” He said, burying his face on the crook of your neck.

“Yes you are.” You insisted. Dean stayed silent for a minute.

“Fine, I am. Don’t tell anyone.” He sighed.

“Your secret is safe with me, babe.” You promised. Dean finally looked up at you. His cheeks were still red and his eyes were sparkly.

“Do you mind if I…? Can I…?” Dean wasn’t sure how to ask, but you understood.

“Yes.” You whispered. Dean’s smile grew wider as he shifted to rest his head next to your belly.

“Hi baby.” You heard him whisper. “It’s me, De… Dad.” A tear left your eye. You could feel how much in love Dean was, how happy he was. “I will always take care of you, I promise… You will grow here with me and your mom, and stupid Uncle Sam and Aunt Charlie… Cas will be here too and he’ll take care of you when I can’t…” Dean started talking to the baby, an action that eventually turned into a habit. You raked your fingers through his hair and encouraged him to keep talking. His voice created a soothing effect on you and your child.

“He likes it…” You muttered. Dean looked at you happily.

“Really? How do you know?” He asked.

“I can feel it.” You smiled and Dean did too. He looked back at your belly and gave it a small kiss.

“I love you…” He whispered and then looked back up at you. “I love you, (Y/N)” His eyes were watery with happy tears, which he didn’t try to hold back.

“I love you too, Dean.”


Until the baby was born, Dean would tell him every night different stories. He’d talk about how spoiled he would be, and why he should always pay attention to Uncle Sam’s lesson and how good (Y/N) food was, etc. Dean was embellished with his son, and every little move he made.

Once little Sam was born, Dean made sure to do everything his father never did. Not only by trying his best to give the kid a normal life, taking him to a kindergarten in the nearest town and keeping him away from the monsters; but also by being sensitive and comprehensive, something that John never was.

Life was good. He was with the girl of his dreams, he had an amazing rebellious son, his brother was perfectly fine… Dean was finally able to have the family he always dreamed of.

Starter for: @thenextleap (James & Subin)

The male had left his suit behind for once and had opted for a grey sweater he paired up with a pair of black pants, the usual shirt and tie combo dropped this time as his ‘casual’ look. This was probably the most approachable he had looked for a while, the least stuck up he had looked and he had actually forgone the usual effort he made to tame his unruly hair. It had been washed, combed and a little ointment had been added to it but he was left looking a little more rugged and his overall appearance was a little less put together than he usually was.

He had visited her store enough to know how to get there even as he drove and after being told it was where he should pick her up, he pulled the car up outside the store and was soon walking down the ally way ready to great her with his phone in his hand as he sent out a quick text.

[Text: Subin] I’m outside but take your time


Member(s): Chen x Male/Female (reader’s POV)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,787

For @athenaisalien ;)

     There he is again, as expected. Saturday afternoon at 4pm in the confectionery aisle, choosing chocolates for his girlfriend. A month or so back when he first came to my register he mentioned her, and since I work every Saturday afternoon I’ve gradually come to know more and more about her from his weekly visits to the store - her name is Jiyeon, she lives in the Yongsan-gu district of Seoul, she’s a journalist, she has two dogs, she’s pretty, she’s funny, she can sing, she’s caring and she seems perfect. 

      Yet although I know everything about her, there’s so little I know about him. His name is Jongdae and the rest I know I can only describe. His eyes are brown and cat-like with a mischievous gleam in them, but somehow they’re trustworthy. He’s got a wide smile and an obnoxiously loud, contagious laugh which I learnt the hard way when I had to muffle my giggles for the rest of my shift after hearing it in a huge outburst that day. You could cut a finger on his cheekbones and his hands are strangely beautiful as I’ve noticed when he hands over money to pay for the chocolates every week. His hair always falls in a soft mop over his forehead when he looks down smiling, almost shy, but he never pushes it back. Often I’ve found myself staring at his fringe and too many times almost reached out and tucked it back for him. 

     I drag my hand across my forehead and push my hair back, a stupid habit I have especially when I’m nervous. Because he’s walking towards me and baring his wide smile as always. I greet him and glance down to see what he’s chosen today. 

     “No chocolates today, huh?” I ask as I scan the box of strawberry Pepero sticks through the till instead of the usual candy he buys. They’re one of my favourite kinds too, and my mouth waters at the sight of them since lunch break seems a long time ago.

     “Thought I’d switch it up a bit,” he replies back smiling and starts searching about his person for his wallet. Always the same; it’s like a pantomime performance when Jongdae looks for his wallet, digging around in every pocket there could possibly be stitched on his clothes. Eventually he triumphantly pulls the black leather case out of the back pocket of his very well fitting jeans. And damn does he have a good butt.

     Surprisingly he doesn’t say much about Jiyeon, even when I ask about her. He doesn’t say much at all really, yet he doesn’t seem sad. He’s acting more shy then anything, as if we’ve just met today and not a month ago. He hesitates when he hands over the rather crumpled ₩5000 note. I give him his change and my hand lingers in his for a little longer than it should and I look at him hard, trying to read his unusually closed up expression.

     “Everything okay?” I ask, withdrawing my hand and I feel my cheeks warm. I wanted to hold his hand for longer, it was comforting and I possibly enjoyed it a bit too much.

     “Yeah everything’s cool,” He says, apparently not phased by the awkward gesture. He even starts to rub his hand where I had touched it, the nerve. I’m not really satisfied with his answer, although Lord knows why I’m so intrigued by him anyway. 

     Who am I kidding, of course I know why! I’m intrigued because he isn’t just another customer. Yes he’s a regular, but he’s not like the relic of an old man who comes in twice a week with his granddaughter for his groceries. Jongdae is different, because I care about him. I look forward to working on Saturday’s because I know I’ll see him. I wish I could talk with him for hours. It’s ridiculous but I feel like we have a bond - he’d surely die of laughter if I told him though, and I’d surely die of embarrassment.

     “Y/N?” His soft voice brings me back to reality, and I shake my head free of the daydreams. They’re only dreams after all, and wistful thinking will get me nowhere. And besides, he has a girlfriend.

     “You’d better go. Don’t wanna keep Jiyeon waiting!” I say a little too enthusiastically, trying to mask the emotions I’m sure aren’t too subtle.

    “Mhm…” he nods absentmindedly, and as he picks up the box of Pepero sticks his face breaks into his infamous wide smile. “You know, the amount of times I’ve been here and I’ve never asked when your shift finishes.”

     Strange question. Why he wants to know I have no idea, but I smirk and reply anyway. “I get off at 6,” I huff, not particularly bothered to work another two hours. Still, I have a lazy evening planned out - pick up a pizza on the way home and catch up on We Got Married. Basically a very lonely single person night is waiting for me.

     “Good to know. See you round, Y/N,” he says,and the way he said my name makes me shiver. His voice is so clear and beautiful, almost hypnotic. Then he turns around and leaves without waiting for me to reply. He acted strange today, but I dismiss it as usual odd behaviour from Jongdae - not that I’ve ever seen him this way before.

     With a sigh, I lean back in my chair and smile at an approaching mother with her trolley laden with an abundance of food to feed the four bored looking children with her. Pushing all thought of Jongdae away, I start scanning items through, make small talk and go by the usual day’s work.

     Finally it’s 6 o’clock and I can leave. My should-be-retired coworker Jungnam waddles towards my till and sinks down into the seat before I’m barely off it. Judging by the slight frown he’s wearing he isn’t ecstatic about working the night shift, but tough luck. There’s a very delicious pizza out there with my name on it.

     I pick up my bag from the staff room and see that the back-door is locked. With a sigh I turn around and head towards the main-doors with a few other shoppers. It’s a pleasant warm evening outside and as I pull my headphones out of my bag I hear a cough behind me shortly followed a familiar, teasing voice.

      “I thought you were never coming!”

    I spin round and see Jongdae strolling over to me in those heavenly jeans casually, as if we’re best friends, as if we’d arranged to meet each other. 

     “W-what are you doing here?” I stutter. Usually I see him approaching me and can mentally prepare myself to not mess up speaking or knock anything over. His appearance is so sudden I’ve lost all common sense. I slip my phone into my pocket with fumbling fingers and try not to seem flustered.

     “”What d’ya think?” he drawls. “I’m here to see you, dummy!” He says it as if it’s the most normal thing in the world to wait for two hours outside the workplace of a person you barely know to finish work.

     “Okay…but what are you doing here?” I ask. There’s now only a few inches between us, and the sharp smell of his cologne wafts in my nostrils. For God’s sake, is there anything about this man that isn’t wonderful?

     Surprisingly, the quick-witted Jongdae hesitates at my question before finally answering, again without actually providing any kind of logical answer. “Y/N, I actually need to talk to you,” he says and puts a hand on my arm to steer me towards a grey brick wall near the trolley park. We sit down on the bricks and I notice he still hasn’t stopped touching me, his hand has moved to my own hand now and I feel nervous. Why is he practically holding my hand? What about Jiyeon? 

     “Y/N, there is literally no way to say this without sounding beyond lame, but whatever,” he shifts his body around to face me and I almost hold my breath in anticipation. I can’t even imagine what he’s about to say.

     “There is no Jiyeon. I made her up…” he trails off and I stare at him agape. No Jiyeon? He must be trolling me, he’s got to be. “Before you think I’m crazy, I made her up when we first met because I was nervous. It was stupid I know, and I don’t know why I kept the story going. But I did it because when I first saw you…Y/N I think you’re beautiful, and funny, and I really like you.”

     My eyes are wide for the entire confession, and he’s shocked me silent. Eventually though I manage to mutter out a reply to this oh-so-sudden proclamation.

      “And the chocolates? What was up with that?”

    “I took them home and left them for my housemates to fight over each week. They’re crazy competitive.” He strokes my hand gently, trying to coax some kind of meaningful reply out of me. “So I guess what I really want to say is…” He suddenly flips off the wall and onto one knee, and my mind starts racing. What if he asks me to marry him? Maybe he’s a madman and I just didn’t know it! He holds the box of strawberry Pepero in his hands and tries to look serious and hide his urge to laugh, but the result instead is a strained smirk. Still damned attractive though.

      “What’s your last name?” he whispers.

    “Y/L/N,” I reply, still panicked at whatever he’s planning.

      “Y/N Y/L/N, will you have dinner with me on Tuesday night?” he dramatically asks, and I’m a mix of relieved and mortified as I notice the crowds of shoppers around us.

     “Jongdae, people are staring,” I mumble, looking around worriedly at the people still marching in and out of the supermarket, some of whom have stopped to watch the performance occurring.

      “Then answer my question,”

    I scoff. “Yes, I will gladly have dinner with you on Tuesday,” I answer, and his face breaks into a wild grin as he places the box of Pepero into my hands. He stands up and puts out his hand which I slip my own into, trying to ignore worrying if it’s sweaty or not. 

     “Good. Can I walk you home?” he beams, his eyes shining and I can tell how happy my simple sentence has made him. I hope he can see how happy his simple proposal has made me. I nod and clutch the Pepero to my side as we begin to walk the three blocks home to my apartment.


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Can you do like a ft art blogs rec thing? Like how you do the fic lists but like add in summaries of what you think of their blogs and just stuff like that? I just think it'd be a good start for new people in the fandom.

LOL yeah why not?? cough its 2am and I yeah typos

@nanakoblaze; omg nanako kills me every damn time she posts her art. I mean LOOK AT THAT THEY GORGFEOUS AF I freakin LOVE how u doing their eyes and how everything shines?? also she killed me with nalu x mm 
DEFINITELY FOLLOW HEr yuuto & zervis ahh

@illustraice; *thuumbs uupp* OML iCE ur art is memerizing I SWEAR. I just love the way you draw I cant DESCRIBE IT. its uniquuuee~ and ur bubblegum series was just *holdes breath* *stars crying* im a proud mama. DEFINITELY FOLLOW HEr also meme-queen

@acnologias-ass; hER fairy tail art is so daammn cutee I just ahhh I fall in love with her art! she loves the dragonslayer as much as I do and thats a BIG BONUS++ and her art is ahh cute where the character look kinda chibi but arent ahh I cant describe sryyy. acnologiahohohoDEFINITELY FOLLOW HEr

okaay imagine a basket full of puppiees, kawaii stuff & chocolate - thats their art wow what an example. its EXTREMELY CUTE! how can someone be so talented with a pen pls tellll meeey. their art is just: hella cute~ DEFINITELY FOLLOW ThEM wow I used cute a lot

@jellalsexualll; so. freakin’. hot. don let me start with her jerza arts *drool* SO TALENTED GOSH. how do you do the coloring??? Im like 1000% jelly. jerza body language. Her art is a mix of beautifullnesss and hotness AT ONCE. and jellal’s and gray’s muscleses heheheheh on poiint DEFINITELY FOLLOW hER

@keiid; HeR ART GIVES ME LIFE. I get freakin excited every time she uploads something like??? is that even normal??? her natsu and zeref art OMG both hella sexy cutee and AHHH I CAHNT. her series! DRAGNEEL-FAMILY YES.YES.YES??! natsu jawline omg I DIED DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@smaliorsha; NALU ART. NALU EVERYWHERE- her art is one word: beautiful above beyondness. her art is just ahhh nalu-fangirl-material™ everytime something new u wouldnt accept. *pause* inner-fangirl awaken. lucy in so many different roles I love it DEFINITELY FOllOW HER 

@semi-o; did you every saw her art? ITS LEGENDARY. I mean it its PERFECT I LOVE IT OMG. their anatomy is just perfect and how?? tell meeee. indescribably beautiful. sometimes drawing silly chibis and then sometimes art that takes time and BOTH INCREDIBLE DEFINITELY FOLLOW THEM

@zippi44  you need to be dead to not know zippi  I mean her art is everywhere and AHHH FANGIRLING™ she’s senpai duh. first of all how can a person draw so perfectly? with both hands? AND GOSH UR NALU- ich sag lieber nichts mehr +16 muhaha german-power & your luna posts ahh DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@xdrawings-x; I think she has good stuff? LOL JUST KIDDING BAE; her art is just breathtaking. everytime I see a new nalu drawing of you I think u already know my reactions already LMAO. She has just a beautiful way drawing nalu<3 abs natsu cough cough DEFINITELY FOLLOW HEEER dani dani du machen mich noch crazy 

@shadoouge; I adore her nalu art its just so cute omg! You should visit her store and her streams!! her art is a mix of cute-chibi art and even cuter nalu and ahhhh dreaam!~ Everytime something new and her nalu-week-art *dying all over again* DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER!

@jiyu-koya; ellieeee your scetches and art are AMAZING! they darky & kinda sexual me liking it hehebe and their eyes omg how?? AND UR NATSU IS JUST HOT AND THE FLAMES THEY LOOK DELICIOUS -wait what?? personaly my fave are ur natsu & erza scetches<3 DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER! 

@mslead; HER ART. HER COMICS. IM DEAD BYE. She has so many fanfic ideas and she DRAWS HER IDEAS INTO COMICS OR ONE PIECES AND IM IN LOVE OKK; her art has a dark-adult aura sometimes sexual and her natsu w/ long her is perfect  DEFINITELY FOLLOW HEr

@rboz; OMG HER ART IS SO DAMN CUTE and sexy cough cough if you a big gajevy fan visit her blog its alllll around! So many cute gajevy art and ahh everything what pleases your little gajevy hurt! warning kiddos nsfw-stuff here. AND DAMN UR GAJEEL W/ SHORT HAIR HUHU DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@phoenixx305; her nalu arts are so MAJESTIC OHMY I have no words to describe the beauty of your art??? Just breathtaking. & I ADORED her nalu-fluff-week omg the idea of them always taking a picture of their activities BRILLIANT AND DAMN CUTEW. and now zervis week? *DEAD* DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER! btw congrats oin 1K

@arikafd​; your end x lucy // Endlu art made me actually cry? Like wtf. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AND AHH LIKE ALL YOUR NALU ARTS wqjsbjqwsd & your zervis is so cute omg why do I use cute so often? its just cute and  mesmerizing <3  DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER 

@m-d-tr1​; THEIR  NALU & GAJEVY DOUJI IS THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER READ?? their nalu douji was my first nalu-fangirl-material AND I DONT REGRET IT CAUSE ITS BEAUTIFUL! Lucy x dragonboi natsu YES YES & Levy x dragonboi gajeel AGAIN YESSSS. DEFINITELY FOLLOW THEM!

@jxlight; She threw two of my fave things together into one masterpiece. NALU AND GAME OF THRONES THANK U OMG did I mention I love you because of your FANTASTIC nalu arts? how can a person draw so perfect and choose THE RIGHT COLORS?? #beautiful af DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER!

@ayumichi-me; IM IN LOVE OKAY NOW ITS OUT. her natsu badboy x nerdy lucy hit me right in the hurt its huuurts. and her smut side hehehe she is hella cute and hella talented ohmy how??? nalu-fangirl-material-art. DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER!

@lapoin; her art. her art. HER ART jdkjdkjdd. she draws so beautiful I cant even describe it?? SO MUCH NALU YES THANK YOU. you should visit her store and BUY SOMETHING. its worth it. not only her nalu is beautiful EVERYTHING SHE DRAWS IS AMAZING DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER! 

@ccrispy; her art is more than cute- its nalucious omg what a verb I fangirled so many times just by seeing her nalu artwork omg. Its just tooo cuteee~~ and her nashi is so cute lemme huge her! JUST AHHH DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@kenjocatze; LMAO every time I go to your tumblr I think of: meme, ultra meme, oh endlu meme, ENDLU, curious end & cute nalu haha XD super-duper stuff their! Their nalu is on top and I just love their end omg Im obssesed with him. DEFINITALY FOLLOW THEM!

meme + crackshipping is my shit and her art gives me all omg I LOVE IT! LOL and their art is so damn funny and so freaking well-drawn?? how?? me being jelly again uh its not all about shipping and all but more about ft character fighting and just meme? yes. DEFINITELY FOLLOW THEM

@giupear; I LOVE your natsu and nalu omg my fave. how do you do the eyes?? they..they.. mesmerizing unforgettable. and natsus hair is my fave ohmy how?? so much nalu-fangirl-material u wouldnt believe me *cough* visit her blog *cough* DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@wendychuu; HINAAA MY SUNSHINE <3 1. cutiepie of the year 2. wendy  enthusiast 3. talented artist! She draws in such a cute way omg I LOVE YOUR ART AHHHH If you love nalu and wendy as much as she does DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@flamedork; see her tumblr header? self drawn. ISNT IT BEAUTIFUL??! Her nalu art is omg undescribale;  mix of talent cuteness & sparkle. ALSO WRITER! daaamn this girl is talented af! visit her tumblr to see her amazing creations! DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER!

>> I know I know there are many more artist in the FT fandom but im kinda lazy and yeah bye ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
hope my rec could help you?