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That’s right!
Thanks to @alicia-lvn, Wander is now a part of Disneyland as a character the custodial staff can create official water art of. Now we get to see Wander’s sunshine-y little face drawn in various places around the park!

Enormous thank you’s to both Alicia as well as the Disneyland staff for letting this become a reality. 

I also can’t express my gratitude enough toward them for letting me be the one to provide the official model sheet guide they’ll be using to draw him.

Next time you visit Disneyland, be on the lookout for Wander!


the Liar Liar boys deserve many good things, like visiting Disneyland, and being cuddly goofs between jobs(*´▽`*)


Last week, I visited Tokyo Disneyland for the first time with @victorianme. For the occasion, I dressed up in a Village Belle inspired outfit. And of course, I had to bring my book bag!

Dress: Thrifted/vintage
Blouse: Heather
Bag: Innocent World
Shoes: Clarks
Hair ribbon: Sash on the dress

more aph iceland headcanons

• jumps at the sound of fireworks

• his bedroom, at both norways house and his own, is very simple: he has his bed, his bedside table, his dresser, his tv and gaming console (PlayStation or Xbox both are pretty good to him), and a little bookshelf! there’s a door to his bathroom too.

• he knows how to play violin (he’s interested in fiddling!), a little bit of piano, a bit of guitar, and America attempted to teach him how to play saxophone (SMOOTH JAZZ FOR THE SOUL)

• his fridge/pantry consists of eggs, milk, cheese, black licorice, coca-cola, bread, some vegetables, hakárl, and some frozen fish. Oh and ice cream.

• one time, he visited Disneyland and California Adventure. He liked Indiana Jones (despite the fact he actually thought he was gonna die from the forbidden eye), Splash/Thunder/Space Mountain (when they took his picture on space mountain, he looked so bewildered at what had happened, and on splash mountain he dabbed), Tower of Terror, (he thought he was gonna throw up tho), the Cars Racers, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Star Tours!

• he has a lot of old record albums on a shelf in his living room. He has a very cool record player too!!

• if he’s tired at the world meetings, he usually rests his head on his arms, kinda leaning against Norway or Denmark, and just sleeps

• he furrows his brows together when he sleeps

• Mr. Puffin bites his ear to get him up in the morning, and it’s kinda painful. He has a scar on his ears from the bird.

• his smile is small. In fact, it’s kind of a grin.

• he has some back problems, so he often has a pillow to support him

• he was on the set of LazyTown as a helping hand.

• he usually sleeps in to 9:00, maybe 10:00 in the morning, but on certain days, he wakes up just as dawn is approaching, and will lay under his blankets watching it grow light outside of his window.

• he goes to sleep between 10:30 and 1:00

• he can get distracted kind of easily, even though he’s trying his hardest to stay focused

• Seychelles, Hong Kong, and ice hang out pretty often. They go see movies, go walk around the mall or smth, or just stay at each others’ houses and just catch up.

Of Teacups and Theme Parks – Peter Parker

Alice In Wonderland Soulmate!AU

Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2078

Prompt: Soulmate!AU where two people destined to be together have a small symbol of how they meet. Peter goes to Disneyland with the Avengers and he meets his soulmate there.

Warnings: None, but a lot of constant POV switches (oops)

This is my second entry for @sincerelysaraahh‘s July Writing Challenge! You can read the first one here!


Peter found himself staring at the small teacup illustration on his wrist. It was so peculiar, seeing that he never exactly drank tea or drank out of teacups. What sentimental meaning did it have? What was the point?

The Avengers were currently on a private jet to California for a visit to Disneyland. After everything that had happened, Tony decided to take a day off at ‘the happiest place on Earth’. Peter tagged along, and he was quite excited to go— half of which was because he had never been to any other state not on the east.

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Meltdowns are hard because of the energy they use up. In two minutes I can expend all the energy that would normally get me through a full day at Disneyland. And I’ll feel like the next day after a Disneyland visit– sore muscles, mental/physical exhaustion and in a bit of a fog.

Sometimes this post-meltdown state lasts a few brief minutes and sometimes it carries on for hours or for the rest of the day.

It’s an emotional tiredness. It’s like there’s nothing in you. It’s blank, empty, with occasional sparks of emotion coming through. Like emptying a car’s gas tank. Trying to force something will trigger another meltdown. 

Empty gas tanks are more dangerous than full ones because gas fumes are asininely flammable. In the same vein, I’m on “fumes” after a meltdown, and lighting a match could make me go boom again real easy.

The good news is meltdowns pass eventually and if I’m left alone to cool down I’m usually fine. It only gets hard if I have a series of them really close together. Those put me down for the count and as far as my brain is concerned the day is over.

California Screamin’

Imagine bumping into Jensen at Disneyland

Pairing: Jensen x Reader (Platonic!Friendship)
Word Count: 662
Warnings: Fluff
A/N: This is for Bailey’s Disney Quote Challenge - @buckysmetallicstump My prompt was “You’re never too old to be young.” - Happy, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Also, I 100% used this as my own personal background for inspiration the second the idea hit me. I just couldn’t pass it up.

Feedback appreciated. I loved writing this!

“Ooh! I remember that rollercoaster! God, it looks so much smaller now I’m not twelve,” you beamed at your best friend, hurriedly walking along the paths toward the California Screamin’ rollercoaster.

The last time you had visited Disneyland was when you were twelve with your father, who at the time, used to take you on annual trips around the world. Back then, you didn’t appreciate it anywhere near as much and now that you were here again as an adult, you were more than appreciative. Especially when it was all out of pocket.

You excitedly recounted all of the rides to your best friend, and pointed out the ones that weren’t there the last time. The smell of cotton candy and fried foods filled your nostrils while loud, party music boomed around you. Kids were screaming, parents were yelling (or cheering, you couldn’t entirely tell) and you felt a little bit left out considering the both of you were there alone, without children to use as an excuse.

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harmonde  asked:

If Emil/Michele and Sara/Mila went on a double date, what do you think they'd do? <3

Ooh!  I was thinking an amusement park date (because I love those) and then I saw some adorable art of Michele and Emil as Mickey and Minnie and well…I just knew they all had to go to Disneyland!  Of course, they’d more than likely visit Disneyland Paris.

Can’t you just picture Emil spinning Michele like crazy in one of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups and then feeling awful and rubbing Michele’s back when he throws up after? Or Sara and Michele gripping Mila and Emil’s hands tight while in the Phantom Manor (and Mila and Emil giving each other thumbs up, haha)

At one point (probably because he gets embarrassed) Michele storms off into Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and gets lost and has to wait until Emil finds him.  Then, when the two are trying to find the exit, they bump into Mila and Sara in one of the dead ends.  Which would have been fine, except the two were taking advantage of a rare bit of privacy (just kissing, just kissing)  But still, Michele would probably turn redder than the Queen of Hearts.

Ah, how cute!  I can just imagine them on all the rides and getting cotton candy and popcorn and being adorable.

Thanks, yo! ♥


shadowhunterstv#Shadowhunters fans, you’re in for a treat! @kitkatsmeow & @bduffield from @Beyond visited @Disneyland, & they cannot wait to share their day with you! #Disneyland

“We visited a movie lot and were introduced to Elvis Presley,” Bumgarner said. “He was in the middle of shooting his first movie – Wild In the Country. He was quite a nice fellow. He warned us, ‘All you good looking boys have to be careful on a movie lot.’ One of us said something about ‘Yeah, there sure are a lot of pretty girls around.’ And he answered, ‘I’m not talking about the girls.’ We visited Disneyland and did all these other things. I don’t think anybody took the game seriously.”

TRC Disneyland!Headcanons

So let’s say Gansey flies all of his friends out to sunny California in order to visit Disneyland:

  • Ronan is a thrill seeker of course. He is willing to ride any and every ride out there, and takes a special liking to California Screamin’ and Space Mountain b/c speed
  • He hates Autopia. At first, the ride sounded right up his alley- I mean, it’s literally go karts.
    • All is well and good at first- he’s got Adam in the passenger seat (Gansey is driving Blue because Blue can’t reach the pedals)
    • The space in front of him clears, and he’s clear to go, and- 
    • the cars don’t drive faster than 5 mph
    • Ronan keeps his foot on the gas, floored the entire time, and complains the entire time about how freaking slow the car is while Adam laughs his head off. 
    • (sarcastically) “Watch out! Don’t hit that squirrel up ahead!”
    • “It doesn’t fucking matter Parrish, at this speed the squirrel’ll probably kill us- bust up our fucking toddler-engine and all.”
    • It kills Ronan to drive that slow, but on the bright side Adam smiles the whole time and that is Worth It.

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First batch of silly Steven Universe “Disney Gems!” pictures! I’m off to Disneyland Paris NEXT WEEK (omg) and, since SU is like my favourite thing in the whole wide world at the moment, I figured this would be a super fun little project to throw myself into! It’s going to be a bunch of pictures (and prints, when I get back from the trip!) featuring some characters from Steven Universe visiting Disneyland Paris - with some pretty mixed results! (Poor Jasper, trapped on a small planet, in a Small World ¬_¬.)

Paris 16

I took a day and visited Disneyland Paris while I was there!

We went to the Gare de Lyon, bought RER tickets, then headed off to Marne-La-Vallée.

We went to Walt Disney Studios first, saw the 1920’s area, then hopped on the Némo ride. They had audio from the movie playing, in French and in English. The seagulls said, “à moi, à moi, à moi!” and the little turtle said “c’est mortel!” We went further into the park and we went on the Space Mountain rollercoaster. We saw A Small World After All (you have to do it once, and then you can live with your nightmares in peace), Buzz Lightyear’s ride, Snow White’s ride, Phantom Manor ride, Aladdin’s passageway (ouvre-sésame!), Sleeping Beauty’s castle, Alice’s Labyrinth, Pirates of the Caribbean (a creepy older version, not the blockbuster movie version).

It was a long day, but we went in early May before most of the tourists were there, on a week day, and we’d gotten cheap tickets through a third-party website. Overall, I had a ton of fun and my friends made it even more fun since we all just let our inner children loose.

Disney Headcanons

I just got back from a party that was at Disneyland and I couldn’t stop thinking about how all the amis would act.

•The amis going to Disneyland while visiting the states for a speech Enjolras has in California.
•Enjolras being deathly terrified of all the rides and claiming how they’re unnecessary and a waste of money that should be put toward schools and hospitals.
•Grantaire being a little shit and dragging him on all the rides.
•Enjolras being a screamer and clinging to Grantaire for dear life
Enjolras refusing to let go of Grantaire until they’re outside after they got off of space mountain.

•Jehan being a sap and dragging Bahorel and Feuilly on Smallworld and Pirates of the Caribbean 20 times
• Jehan liking Storybook and admiring the story behind it.
• Jehan and Courf loving the dumbo ride more than anything

•Combeferre and Courfeyac making a strategy to go on every ride possible.
•Combeferre having to drag Courf away from every churro stand they pass
*Courf pretending to be scared during every ride and trying to be dramatic so he can hold onto Ferre

•Joly refuses to go on any ride thats not Smallworld because he’s afraid of injury.
•Bossuet and Chetta not minding to ride it 59 times in a row with him because they love him

•Marius being a complete weanie, causing Cosette and Eponine to split off to the Tea Cups by themselves.

•Bahorel spending most of his time eating all the junk food he can get his hands on and throwing up after going on the Tea Cups with Cosette and Eponine.