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Name: vanessa

Nickname: vane in real life and @lesbroadwaymemes calls me nessa

Height: 5′3″ i think???

Ethnicity: white/cuban/norwegian/russian

Favorite fruits: i don’t like fruit but apples i guess??? (is banana a fruit bc if so then banana)

Favorite Season: fall

Favorite Book(s): ready player one or the welcome to night vale book (i like a separate peace too but that’s kind of a strange one to call my favorite)

Favorite Flower(s): uhh dandelion i guess (is that considered a flower idk)

Favorite Animal(s): lizards or african grey parrots

Favorite Beverage: milk or ironbeer

Favorite Fictional Characters: i’ll do 3 - kevin price, dwight schrute, and max bialystock

Number of Blankets you sleep with: 3 (and my comforter)

Dream Trip: going to norway or cuba and visiting family there

Blog Created: uhh my original blog was created a while ago but everything was deleted and i “remade” it ( @lesbroadwaymemes is the only person who has seen my old blog asdgadasd) so the first post is from october 1, 2016

Number of followers: 712 (god bless omg)

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Langst for the soul

Okay what if after about 6-8 years after they leave to defeat Zarkon they do it. And the Paladins are so excited. Home. They have missed it so badly. But when they get home WW3 is in the process. Obviously it’s not god but for the most part their families are okay but then they go to visit Cuba. Oh sweet Jesus Cuba. Cuba was one of the casualties of the war. Cuba was bombed. There were no survivors. Lance cracks. He breaks down. And starts yelling and screaming and sobbing they are all dead! Lance runs, and the team lets him. 

During the war there becomes a legend of a man with no remorse. Who kills with no second thoughts. He uses weapons they don’t even have.  He is so terrifying that they simply call him, Blue.

When Shiro wants a baby with Lance

-Shiro never knew he wanted a baby. Before he met Lance, his life was only about his job on the force and his brother Keith.

-Then he met Lance. He had come to the station to interpret for one of his ESL student’s parents who had been robbed.

-Unfortunately, Keith had been the one to take their statement. And now Lance was riled up and spewing curses in Spanish at Keith who looked mad enough to pop a blood vessel.

-Shiro was the lucky guy who had to separate them. Which was actually lucky cause hey, you’re cute, you’re pretty funny, and you’re an omega who just stood up to a very intimidating alpha.

-2 years, a bonding, and a marriage later, the couple had finally gotten the chance (and the vacation time) to visit Lance’s family in Cuba.

-It’s a fantastic time. But the best moment for Shiro was seeing Lance play with his new niece.

-Lance had that two-year-old giggling non-stop. He would be tossing her in the air, tickling her feet, kissing her face all over. Both of them were happier together than Keith in a knife store (and that’s pretty happy).

-Shiro was entranced watching his mate. Lance was just so natural with all his siblings and nieces/nephews. Shiro couldn’t help but imagine their own home bursting with people and love.

-Shiro would have jumped Lance that night and insisted on making babies with the omega, but the family room couch wasn’t exactly the best place.

-Instead, Shiro just pulls Lance into his chest and whispers that he wants to start a family with him.

-Lance has tears in his eyes as he looks to Shiro, asking if he’s sure. Lance had been waiting so long but didn’t want to make his mate feel guilty if he wasn’t ready.

-Shiro reassures Lance, and they agree to try during Lance’s next heat.

-They share the sweetest kiss, lingering lips sharing every ounce of their feelings, before drifting off in each other’s arms

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mixed race katie holt, you say??? i'm here. hit me with these hcs. pls.


  • Pidge’s mom was actually born in Mexico and was one of the highest regarded pilots in the country. She’s a white-passing latinx, and the lightest one in her family whom she loves with all her heart. When offered an instructor position in the Garrison, she accepted in a heartbeat, and met her future husband Sam. 
  • Matt and Pidge don’t look alike. They get questioned all the time if they have different dads or if one of them is adopted, and sometimes they’ll really roll with it. 
  • Pidge has super thick, curly hair thanks to her abuela on her mom’s side. Also has the really dark leg hair and armpit hair and the thick eyebrows, and doesn’t always feel like shaving because it just grows back in a day or two anyway.
  • Pidge is fluent in Spanish. She learned on her own when she was twelve because her mom only really speaks it in the house. Matt on the other hand is a master of Spanglish. 
  • Their family visits Mexico every summer to meet up with their family. Everyone’s excited to see them, and Pidge is really happy to spend time with her family, but her cousins especially.
  • Every time someone tries to guess her ethnicity or she gets asked “what are you?”/”where are you really from” she loses two years of her life.
  • Basically most conversations Pidge has had with a white person can be summed up like this:
    • Pidge: I’m mixed.
      White: Haha, so like a mutt right?:)
      Pidge: [eye twitch]
    • White: Oh man, mixed babies are the cutest. I think I might marry an ethnic man just for how beautiful are mixed babies will be.
      Pidge: [stares into the camera like she’s in the office]
    • White: You can’t be part Mexican! Your name is Katie Holt! That’s not a Mexican sounding name.
  • The Latinx solidarity between Lance and Pidge on the Castle!!!
    • They gossip and talk to each other in Spanish like all the time. It’s nice because they have someone to converse with and keep their Spanish fresh. 
    • Pidge: [talking about her visits to Mexico] 
      Lance: [thinking about his visits to Cuba in contrast and laughs] Mexicanxs malcriadas.
      Pidge: [grinning] Callaté la boca, feo.
    • Lance teasing Pidge and calling her a gringa ‘cause she was born in the U.S. AND SHE GETS SO RILED UP UNTIL HE’S FORCED TO TAKE IT BACK LMAO
  • MIXED RACE KATIE HOLT (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Home and Family, Shance Fluff Week Prompt 3

June 6th: Home/Family
Yes, I did both, because I couldn’t make it about Family when they’re all on Earth, AKA Home.
Lance was wiggling impatiently during the meeting. They’d finally defeated Zarkon and Lotor, the last of the Galra Empire crushed, and they’d finally, finally returned to Earth. But negotiations with Earth had to happen first, all the major leaders speaking to Allura and Coran and news crews everywhere.

Lance just wanted to go home. He wanted to see his family, his Mamá and Papá and siblings and every relative he could think of, back in Cuba. But he’d be free soon enough, so he smiled and waved and tapped his foot agitatedly against the sweet and familiar dirt he’d missed these past few years.

Shiro noticed his fidgeting and slyly twined his hand together with his boyfriend’s, Blue rumbling soothingly in his mind while Pidge shot him an empathetic look from where she was standing with her brother and father. Hunk and Keith noticed too, shuffling closer while Keith stayed behind the bigger man, camera shy.

“Soon, Lance. Just hold on a little longer, and then we’ll all go visit Cuba with you.” Shiro muttered as he smiled at another camera.

Lance made a soft whine in the back of his throat at the thought of waiting longer, but a soft laugh from Blue soothed his impatience as she reassured him she’d fly as fast as she could to get him to his family.

It took longer than he thought, but sure enough he and Blue were breaking the sound barrier as they flew across the country to his homeland, the others following close behind.

Shiro’s laughter echoed through the comm link. “Lance! Slow down babe, the rest of us can’t keep up.” Lance purposefully ignored Keith’s indignant shout in favor of whining at his boyfriend.

“I know Shiro, but I haven’t seen them in years! I don’t know if my siblings got married or if aunt Rosa had the baby oh who am I kidding she probably did but what about the baby itself? Is it a girl? Boy? I don’t know!” Lance rambled, gunning Blue’s engines even faster over the ocean.

“Lance, its only been five years. Besides, if anything, I’m slightly worried about meeting them.” Shiro confessed.

Lance huffed out a short laugh. “Babe, you’re the epitome of a good gentleman. They’ll love you!” He said, finally slowing Blue down in order to regale his boyfriend and team with stories of how well his family had taken his bisexuality and attraction to boys, both negating his panic and easing Shiro’s worries.

It wasn’t long after that the familiar island country popped into view, exciting Lance and even Blue purred in anticipation.

He landed her in a field, only a few miles from his old house. He’d checked beforehand, the McClain residence still standing and bursting with people.

He dashed out of the cockpit, stumbling a little as he ran down a dusty path towards his house, noticing people chattering in rapid Spanish around a TV set up on the porch. He recognized the flash of blue onscreen.

“Mamá! Papá!” He called, watching as the two people closest to the television whirled around and gaped at the dusty man in armor tearing up the path to their home, crying.

The first to reach him was surprisingly his mother, a short and stocky woman, who had sprinted across the yard and practically tackled him, sobbing his name as cries of “Its really him!” “It’s Lance! He’s alive!” and “Please God, don’t let this be a dream!” echoed across the house in Spanish, more and more familiar family members coming out to dogpile their lost and thought dead relative.

Lance sobbed and hugged as many blood relatives as he could, his mother full on bawling like some of his sisters and his father and older brother sniffling and his uncle shouting about where in hell had he been all this time and his little cousins squealing over his armor.

He was smothered in kisses and hugs and it was almost overwhelming. His family finally backed up a little, crowding around him and shouting questions, rapid Spanish nearly drowning the Blue Paladin. His Mamá held his face between both hands as she peppered his face with little kisses, just like she’d done before he’d left for the Garrison all those years ago.

“You’ve come back to me. Mi hijo came back to me.” His mother whimpered, the familiar lilt to her voice such a missed sound that Lance cried even harder as he enveloped her in a hug.

“I’m home, Mamá.” He hiccuped, hearing the approaching sound of his other family, his team. He smiled. “There’s some people I’d like you to meet.” He explained, pulling away and leading her by the hand to where his space family stood by the gate.

Lance smiled and reached for Shiro’s hand. “Mamá, this is my boyfriend, Shiro.” He said, beaming at his mother. She laughed and pulled the bigger man into a hug, startling him.

“Thank you for bringing my baby home in one piece, Shiro.” She said gratefully, Shiro finally hugging back.

“Ha! It was a really near thing. I dunno how many times that idiot took a hit for one of us.” Keith spoke up, folding his arms over his chest and eyeing Lance playfully. Lance scoffed, rolling his eyes as the team started relaxing around the huge Cuban family, cousins already tugging at Matt’s rebel clothing, Pidge getting buried under fussing adults and Hunk saying hello to the McClain’s he remembered.

“Only because some mullet headed moron kept thinking with his sword more than his head!” Lance shot back, grinning. Lance’s mother quirked an eyebrow as she stepped back from the hug she’d given Shiro, her husband already heading inside to make coffee.

“Okay boys, play nice.” Pidge piped up, finally free from Lance’s aunts and uncles and jabbing Keith in the side while Lance cackled at the startled yelp the Red Paladin gave at the sudden injury. Matt snickered, highfiving his sister.

Lance’s mother shook her head, giggling at the playful little group her boy had claimed as a second family.

“Why don’t you all come inside for some coffee and tea? It sounds like you have a lot of stories to tell.” She asked kindly, and Shiro tilted his head at her with a gentle smile.

“That sounds lovely, Mrs. McClain.”
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The Savior needs Saving


I saw this and I wanted to take a stab at it? Tell me how you like it lol

What if during the time Keith was in the desert something happened to him and he was unable to get up? (Probs sick or something) well being in the desert it would be hot and if he was unable to get water then??? Dehydration??


This would have to do. This little shack in the middle of the desert would be Keith’s new home for… he doesn’t know how long exactly. As long as it takes to find out what really happened to Shiro. Lost in space. Pfft. He’s heard children’s jokes more convincing than that. Keith was going to be the one who found him. Just wait. 

A few weeks passed and Keith was making his little shack a little more homely. A small bath tub (it was really just an old water trough he stole from a farm on the edge of the desert) was put in the back of the hut, with a plastic lawn chair and a pile of old clothes he slept on. To be honest, Keith figured himself lucky. So far no one had come to claim the shack, and there was a small spring about a quarter mile away with fresh(ish) water. His board with his theories was already underway, and when he wasn’t working on that he was stealing food from the city (there were no animals that lived near his humble, humble hut), getting water, or sleeping. He could do this. Keith had lived in worse places before. What could go wrong.

Well apparently a lot could go wrong. 

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Your drawing of Alex reminds me of breezes through the cabana, visiting Cuba, brushing my hair, the smell of vanilla and bananas, making perfect toast, sucking the cum from someone's dick like gogurt, a cold glass of water on a hot day, tension so thick you can cut it with a knife, semi-precious jewels, looking at a world globe, & the feeling in your stomach once a plane takes off💓💓

Me: oh my go d this is so swee-

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Oh no how about the paladins visits earth and lance is excited to visit fam in Cuba but they're dead from a bomb or somethin idk but then Lance is shocked, and he can't eat or sleep and he gets so depressed omg

omg this is the most evil thing I’ve ever read

Or or or

What about if Lance starts having really realistic nightmares and one of them is that they visited Earth and found his home was blown up and his family is dead, and because he’s getting so little sleep and probably is a little feverish and delusional, he believes it really happened and everyone is so confused as to why he’s moping and upset??? So Shiro is like  “time to train” and Lance is like “you know what? fuck off. you’re being so cruel. I just found out my whole family is dead and you’re not even gonna cut me some slack??” and storms out and everyone is like



The Obama Era: The Last Eight Years in Pictures

Here’s a look back at the tenure of Barack Obama, from Obamacare, his signature legislative achievement, to the mission that killed Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the Sept. 11 attacks, to a presidential visit to Cuba, the first in nearly 90 years. See the whole gallery here. 

(From top: Jim Young/Reuters; Molly Riley/Pool via Getty Images; Kevin Lamarque/Reuters; Larry Downing/Reuters; Jim Watson/AFP - Getty Images)

The Belgrade Phantom

In what is widely considered to be the first public act of opposition in former communist Yugoslavia, a man nicknamed “The Phantom” stole a white Porsche 911 Targa and raced it through the streets of Belgrade for ten consecutive nights, to the delight of thousands of onlookers and the dismay of police, who were powerless to stop him. 

Vladimir Vasiljević, also known as Vasa Opel or Vasa ‘The Key’, was a car enthusiast in his late twenties, famous in parts of Belgrade for his unparalleled ability to unlock any car, no matter the make or model. Another contributor to his fame was his nightly habit of doing it to cars that weren’t his, taking them for a ride, then returning them to their rightful owners with a full tank of gas. 

The event that would turn him from a local character into a nationwide sensation happened in September of 1979, while President Tito was on a state visit to Cuba for a Non-Aligned Movement Summit. It was then that Vasiljević managed to hotwire a white Porsche convertible, belonging to tennis player Ivko Plećković. After ‘borrowing’ it, Vasiljević would drive it at breakneck speed around Belgrade city centre every night after 10 PM, attracting more and more spectators with every lap. 

Pictured: Belgraders gathering to watch the Phantom race.

Towards the end of his ten day adventure, several thousand people would congregate on the streets, night after night, just to watch Vasiljević do stunts. He would announce his route every night by calling into a local radio station, taunting police who were unaware of his identity and under pressure to capture and punish him before Tito returned from the Summit.

Pictured: The only existing photograph of the Phantom.

The cars available to police in ‘70s Yugoslavia couldn’t match the Porsche’s speed, so they had no chance of catching up to him during his nightly races around the city centre, and the people of Belgrade, who thought of Vasiljević as a rebel and a hero, kept quiet about his identity in spite of their probing. A photographer with the daily newspaper Politika captured the above image of the Phantom in action, but chose not to publish it in order to protect Vasiljević from police repercussions.

This spectacle went on for ten nights, until the police set up a trap at Slavija Square, using several city buses to block the Phantom’s path. The Porsche crashed into the police blockade, but Vasiljević managed to jump out of the car at the last minute and disappear into the mass of people who had gathered to watch. The crowd, ever on his side, shielded him from the police and allowed him to escape, unharmed.

Pictured: The famous white Porsche crashing into the blockade.

However, a couple of days after the crash, someone tipped the police off to the Phantom’s true identity (some of his contemporaries contest this and claim he turned himself in). He was arrested and sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

By all accounts, Vasiljević was a model prisoner. The only instance of him misbehaving during his incarceration was when, one day, after his sister’s visit, he escaped through a vent, then came back to prison of his own accord three days later. He claimed he had had to go for “just one more drive”, “to show the cops they hadn’t won”. For this, he was sentenced to 30 days in solitary, then served the rest of his prison sentence in peace and without incident.

Unfortunately, the story of the Phantom doesn’t have a happy ending. He died in a car accident under mysterious circumstances in 1982, not long after his release from prison. Some believe the police never forgave him for how he had humiliated them for those ten days in 1979 and either tampered with his brakes or sent someone to purposely crash into him. 

The remnants of Vasiljević’s car following his fatal accident.

Whatever the truth may be, even though Vladimir Vasiljević’s life was cut short many years ago at just 32 years old, the story of his reckless bravery and racing prowess lives on in the legend of the Belgrade Phantom.

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what countries would you wanna visit the most? Also ily

hi angel i wanna visit montenegro cuba and indonesia the most wbu

Everyone who’s passed freshman history knows the story of the Cuban missile crisis. Since that might not include you, and certainly doesn’t include us, here’s a recap that we just looked up and pretended to understand: Cuba was afraid that the U.S. was going to invade (which, in fairness to them, we had already done), so they asked Russia to install nukes across their country to launch against the U.S. if we ever attacked. Russia was thrilled to oblige. The U.S., not particularly keen on mass annihilation, was less so. We blockaded the nukes, and at the appropriately dramatic last minute, Russia and the U.S. worked out a deal where Russia would pull the missiles out of Cuba if we withdrew ours from Turkey and Italy.

What you didn’t know was that we didn’t actually intercept all those missiles. After the Cuban missile crisis was officially “over,” Russia still had 100 nuclear missiles in Cuba. Since the U.S. didn’t know about them, and therefore hadn’t technically included those hundred in the deal, the USSR decided that they could legally “give” them to Cuba. But when the Russian higher-ups visited Cuba to figure out the details, they quickly realized that Castro was balls-out-of-the-underwear crazy. During those first negotiations, Cuba had been left out completely. And, since they suffer from the nation equivalent of Short Man Syndrome, they were furious at the slight.

The Russians decided that if the missiles were left in Cuba, it would almost definitely lead to World War III. So they did what politicians do best: lie ridiculously. They told Castro that there was an unpublished Russian law that made it illegal to give missiles to Cuba permanently – our legal department says it’s a variant of the “never promise crazy a baby” statute – and the Cuban missile crisis was averted.

For realsies this time.

The 5 Most Mind-Blowing Military Operations Ever Kept Secret