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@lonelywalkingpotato asked:  Yay! Could you do a HC on how RFA+V+Saeran react to genius fem!MC? Not Saeyoung kind of “707” genius, but has literally created new mathematical formulas, one of the fundamental contributors on the subject of quantum physics, etc. Genius female leads are MY guilty pleasure because WHY DO EVERY OTOME GAME HAS A DENSE MC WITH A HAREM. WHAT. (Also, thank you for the offer on messages, I might take that up if you don’t mind sometime later c:)

RFA + V & Saeran reaction to an MC who is a scientific genius!

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i was tagged by @eviljaffafish to share ten facts about myself. thank you! 🌻

1. i live in Scotland

2. i’ve been going to an acting class to try and build up my confidence

3. i own 5 different instruments but i don’t practice them consistently enough to get really good at any of them (though i really wish i would)

4. i love singing

5. i have a cat

6. i’m a terrible procrastinator 

7. i got to visit CERN in Switzerland with my physics class when i was at school and we saw the Large Hadron Collider and it was such a cool experience

8. i love video games

9. i can hula hoop for a long time

10. i love cinnamon

callhimyoungk  asked:

gasp let me ask you again the lizzy asks thing hahaha!! everything in constellations!!


Centaurus: Favourite holiday?
I love a good bit of sun but I love scenic places, so maybe somewhere warm and looks pretty? But actual favourite holiday I’ve been on was when I went to Switzerland to visit the CERN facility (particle collider) CAUSE IM SUCH A FREAKING NERD!!!!

Orion: Favourite month?
July, one because Day6 released the greatest bops of all time but also because I progress so much in my self-studies like woo look at me go!

Cassiopeia: Favourite book?
A Monster Calls!!!!! I cry every time I read it, better than the movie. Also I love Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, best one in the series by far.

Delphinus: Favourite study?
So obviously I’m a physics nerd, but actually what I enjoy studying most is arts, like foreign languages and music, aka all of my self-studies.

Hercules: Favourite instrument?
Answered! Flute, cello and piano!

Gemini: Favourite song?
Answered! Anagram by Young the Giant!

Pegasus: Favourite place to be?
Answered! That statue near my home!

Libra: Favourite colour?
Blue, purple and green spectrum! <3 (also loving a summer orange colour rn)

Phoenix: Favourite thing to wear?
Anything comfortable really? Also my sports stuff cause I feel productive.

Aries: Favourite movie?
The Theory of Everything (nerd lizzy again hi) and La La Land (musical nerd lizzy hi)

Cygnus: Favourite weather?
Sun, Sun, SUN. And rain at night cause it helps me sleep.

Hydra: Favourite sound?
Rain, sea, Day6′s music, people in a busy crowd. Listening is something I do best lol

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LHC “Collide” [4:53]

In 2015, three graduate students and a communications officer made a CERN-themed parody of Howie Day’s hit song “Collide”. Howie Day saw the parody on Twitter, and asked to visit CERN. We said yes, but only if he covered our parody of his song and let us make a music video with him during the visit. We were joking. He wasn’t.