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So this blog isn’t really what you’d call new, but I didn’t really use it, because I took a 8 month break from school due to health issues and now I want to do kind of a fresh start, in school and in life generally, and this blog will hopefully help me!

I’ve been lurking on the studyblr community for quiet a long time and it inspires me a lot and I’m really looking forward to becoming a part of this wonderful community!!

Here are some facts about me:

  • my name is Carla
  • my pronouns are she/her
  • I am an intp
  • I am 17 years old
  • I live in germany
  • I am in the 11th grade of the gymnasium, class of ‘19
  • I love physics (as you may tell from my name), and I am focusing on it in school
  • I’ll visit Cern soon, as I am accepted to a workshop there.. I’m so excited!!!
  • I love music, also I’m trying to learn playing the drums
  • I am stationery obsessed… I love buying notebooks, washi tape, sticky notes and pens
  • I love meeting new people, so if you wanna talk to me, do it!! I’d love to!

Some of my favorite studyblrs are: @emmastudies, @jhonstudies, @eintsein, @einstetic, @studiyng, @athenastudying, @studyplants, @studycause, @highlightcrs, @somestudy, @spacestudying, @tbhstudying, @bookmrk, @studybutch, @wlwstudies, @marizastudies, @gaystudies, @studypool and probably a bunch more I forgot to mention!

Yeah this is my short introduction, if you have any questions, go ahead and ask me!

@lonelywalkingpotato asked:  Yay! Could you do a HC on how RFA+V+Saeran react to genius fem!MC? Not Saeyoung kind of “707” genius, but has literally created new mathematical formulas, one of the fundamental contributors on the subject of quantum physics, etc. Genius female leads are MY guilty pleasure because WHY DO EVERY OTOME GAME HAS A DENSE MC WITH A HAREM. WHAT. (Also, thank you for the offer on messages, I might take that up if you don’t mind sometime later c:)

RFA + V & Saeran reaction to an MC who is a scientific genius!

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