visit by boat

I like to think Dipper grew up to be a gangly gigantor, haha!

(Mabel is still 1 cm taller ;D)

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              After deciding that connecting with the Commonwealth’s citizens was a more valiant goal than acquiring lost technology, Eliana had slipped away from her Brotherhood patrol to explore Diamond City. She’d been in the settlement for nearly a day, now, trying to piece together what sort of community it was. Given many of the resident’s penchant for mistrusting strangers, she’d come up with next to nothing. After a particularly hostile encounter with Myrna, she let out a resigned sigh, and allowed her growling stomach to urge her off in the direction of the noodle stand. As she approached, a familiar face caught Eliana’s eye, and a small smile brightened her gloomy expression.

             “Harkness?she prompted, approaching Rivet City’s seemingly former Security Chief. Her visits to the rickety, old boat had been few and far between in the years since she’d joined the Brotherhood. Clearly, she was out of the loop on its news. “What are you doing all the way out here? I’m happy to see you, but who’s watching over Rivet City? Did something happen?” 


Again while breaching, Makoto noticed the same boat that had been floating along the surface often in this area. It wasn’t often that Makoto would leave his pod, but he wanted to make sure that the boat wasn’t going to harm his family. 

That night, Makoto told one of his podmembers that he would be visiting the boat. Once he reached the top and noticed how small the boat was even as he was then a merlad. He approached the stern and was able to peer a little onto the boat. He noticed that someone was sitting outside and he hoped he hadn’t been too loud to be noticed, but he continued to watch the boatman.