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Traffic Jam || Jack

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Word count - 979

Summary - The one with some carpool karaoke.


It didn’t take much to stress you out. You were a punctual person, so this traffic was grinding your gears. The plan for the day was to make the two hour drive with your boyfriend, Jack, from London to Bristol to visit your family for the weekend. Your mum planned a family dinner for 6:00 in the evening, and at the rate you were driving, you wouldn’t be making it home until at least 8:00.

Traffic was at a complete standstill. You had no idea what was happening on the road ahead, but you literally could park your car and it wouldn’t cause any disruption around you. Jack was sitting in the passenger seat, completely content at the lack of moving. “We’re never going to make it in time,” you huffed to Jack. You genuinely decided to put the car in park, as you noticed other drivers around you had clearly done the same thing.

“It’s no big deal, (Y/N),” Jack assured you. “We’ll just call your parents and explain what’s going on. They can either wait for us for dinner or eat without us. I’m sure they’ll understand.”

Ultimately, you knew he was right, but still, you said, “But mum was going to make ham and mashed potatoes.” Jack laughed at you and placed his hand on yours.

“I think you’ll live,” he said to you. You picked up your phone and rang your mum, explaining that you would probably be late. She, as expected, assured you that it was fine. Still, you hung up the phone with a huff.

“I can’t last in this car for that long,” you said. “I’m going to get so bored.”

“We can find ways to pass time,” he said with a smirk.

“Jack, there are people all around,” you laughed, catching on to what he was implying.

“No one’s watching,” he assured you. “And if we move to the backseat, you have tinted windows right?”

“Jack I’m not having a quickie with you in the back of my car,” you said.

“Well then I guess you’ll have to deal with being bored,” he shrugged. You laughed at Jack, then unbuckled your seat belt to get more comfortable.

“We could play a game?” you suggested. “Like I Spy? Or the alphabet game?”

Jack laughed, “Yeah, and that’ll keep you occupied for about three seconds.”

“You know me too well,” you sighed.

“You know what you won’t get bored with?” he continued.

“Jack!” you laughed, pushing him away as he tried to kiss your neck.

“Babe,” Jack whined.

“Don’t babe me,” you teased. “You know what? Let’s do some carpool karaoke.” Jack’s face suddenly lit up.

“That’d actually make a good video!” he exclaimed.

“You brought your camera?”

“Of course I brought my camera,” he said. “We’re gonna be gone for a whole bloody weekend!” You laughed as he unbuckled and reached into the back seat to grab his camera bag. After some finagling, he managed to set the camera up on the dash and turn on his microphone. “What’s up guys, how’s it going?” he said to the camera. “I’m in the car with (Y/N) and we are stuck in some horrid traffic.”

“Literally not moving,” you piped up. “We’re supposed to be at my parent’s in Bristol in an hour and we’re barely out of London!”

“We needed a way to pass the time,” Jack said. “So we thought we’d film a bit of carpool karaoke!”

“Right then,” you said. “Let’s see what’s on the radio!”

You reached for the dial and turned up the radio. Closer by Chainsmokers played and you eagerly turned it up even louder. “So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your-”

“Chevy!” Jack shouted. You laughed and the two of you continued to sing the song. In true James Cordon fashion, you pretended to interview Jack.

“So, you’re not in the music industry,” you said to Jack, turning the radio down. “But your brother is a mega popstar.” Jack laughed and you continued, “I tried to get him in the car with me, but he turned me down so I had to settle for you.”

“Yeah, well, Conor’s great,” he nodded. “He’s got some good jams. See, I was the one who wanted to go into the music industry, but I’m better than he is at most things, and my parents wanted to let him have one thing, you know?”

“Oh, you’re a better singer then?” you said.

“Hands down,” he said proudly. “Here, listen to this.”

He plugged in his phone and Can’t Say No started to play. Jack sang along to Conor’s voice and did his best impression of Conor as he did so. You let out a cheer and danced in your seat to the song. Truthfully, Jack was quite the good singer and you always loved listening to his voice. Jack was also dancing in his seat. “Some girls are naughty,” he sang, looking at you. “Some girls are sweet. One thing they got in common they all got a hold on me.” He was singing dramatically, pretending to put his whole heart and soul into the song. When it finished, he struck a power pose, then lifted his head up dramatically to the camera. You tried to maintain a poker face, but couldn’t and ended up bursting out laughing.

“Fantastic,” you said to him. “Truly, it was fantastic.” 

After what felt like only a few minutes, the car behind you honked. You looked up at the road to see that brake lights were turning off and cars were moving. “Jack we’re going!” you cheered. Jack laughed and you put the car back in drive.

“I guess that’s it for this video!” Jack said.

“No, you can’t keep filming,” you said. “Let’s keep going. I like this.” Jack smiled at you and nodded.

“Alright then,” he said. “What song’s next?”

anonymous asked:

Which cities are you visiting? 👀

leeds, bristol, carlisle, exeter, oxford, i have enough to do in london, but i might go to york as well! then i’m going to prague, vienna, edinburough, dublin, bath, glasgow, bratislava, budapest, and barcelona!

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Which universities did you visit for open days in year 12?

Hi, at the beginning of year 12 I visited Edinburgh, and in the summer I visited Bristol and Oxford :)

Prime Minister Theresa May is visiting Bristol today to take part in school's mental health session

She sat in on a session for teachers receiving training in mental health support at Orchard School in the city.

Mrs May said that teachers who have been given special training to deal with pupils’ mental health problems will make a “real difference to children’s lives”.
Staff have begun to receive the training as part of the Prime Minister’s drive to tackle the “burning injustices” in society.


Part 1 of my UK visit to @maddox-rider!! Bristol is such a pretty place!! London vlog will be next :D 


How to make a water filter | Do Try This At Home | At-Bristol Science Centre

Water is essential to life on Earth. But how does the water get from the rivers and streams to your tap at home? Ross & Heather of the Live Science Team show you how to make a water filter and visit Bristol Water treatment works to investigate the science and engineering behind a glass of water:

By: At-Bristol Science Centre

Original owner of Matt’s Bar dies hours before Obama’s visit

Matt Bristol, the man who started Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis, died Thursday morning at the age of 89 – just a few hours before President Barack Obama visited the well-known restaurant Thursday, reports say.

Family members told WCCO Bristol, the bar’s original owner and founder, didn’t know Obama would be coming to the restaurant for lunch.

Bristol opened the neighborhood eatery in 1954, and claims to have invented the now-iconic, destination Minnesota burger known as the Jucy Lucy.

Although other local restaurants have similar cheese-stuffed burgers on their menus, Bristol had long told the story of how his bar was the first, and all others are just mere imitations. The story, according to the Matt’s Bar’s website, goes like this: A customer came into the restaurant and asked for two hamburger patties with a slice of cheese in the middle, and upon biting into the burger the customer exclaimed, “That’s one juicy Lucy!”

The burger quickly became popular. So popular, actually, that the restaurant forgot to put the “I” in juicy on their menu, so the burger has since been called the Jucy Lucy.

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Hey Hannah, I had a question I will be visiting Bristol somewhere next week. I don't know if it will happen but if I see you or any of the yogs is it okay if I approach you/them to say hi? Of course if you don't want to I just won't approach you and leave you in peace :) Have a nice week

On the whole, if you spot us and just want to quickly say hi, then it’s usually cool. It’s very rare that we’re off somewhere IMMEDIATELY and can’t chat - but it can happen. Do bear in mind where and when you see us though - if we’re walking somewhere it’s not cool to just follow us silently and watch, mainly because it can come across as very creepy. If we’re out somewhere with friends then be respectful of their privacy too, as not all of them want to be on camera or in the public eye.

As I said, entirely depends on the location - I’ve been caught coming out of the cinema before and been happy to have a brief five minute chat about the film and a photo, but have also been approached whilst doing food shopping in my local supermarket whilst still wearing my sweaty gym kit and zero makeup. Just think about how you’d feel in that specific situation if you were approached by someone and run with that.

Enjoy Bristol though, the weather’s supposed to be awful - but there’s some lovely places to check out, and all the Shawn the Sheeps hanging about!