(One of my co-workers is partly blind and another said this about him)
“he shouldnt get paid as much as we do ‘cause he can’t do the same jobs as us!”


Translation: “I will ignore how underpaid and the worldwide problem with disabled people trying to earn money and live with the money due to the intense oppression out there in the society, and I also think that all disabled people should be degraded so they can struggle to survive off of themselves because I am an ableist asshole.”
-Mod Reptonic

(Please pardon my swearing, this ask caught me at my terrible mood.)

iberiantherian  asked:

Me: What kind of accommodations does this [transportation] service have for service dogs? ((I'm in the process of getting one.)) Driver: *waves hand in front of my face while driving* Huh? What kind of--you're not BLIND, are you?

Translation: “I think blindness is the only disability that uses service dogs, and don’t think it’s at all rude to question you about yourself or ask such intrusive questions.”


Important question about using correct term to use on Blind people

Hello, is anyone in here knowledgeable about the blindness? I want to know if a term, “vision impairment” is acceptable term or if it’s visism. (Visism is a discrimination of one’s visionary level.)

The reason I am asking is because, I’m Deaf and I definitely know that it’s NOT okay to use “hearing impaired” on us, because it suggest that we have the “loss” and need to be “fixed” for something that is very much part of our identity.This is considered as audism. (Audism is a discrimination on one’s hearing level.)

From what I skimmed through the Google research, blind people doesn’t have a culture like Deaf people, and it made me even more unsure about the blindness. Mind you, I almost had never an exposure to blind people, and I do not feel like I am in the position to say it’s okay or not okay to say “vision impairment” on blind people. I would rather to personally hear from those people who are blind or in least is pretty familiar with blind people and majority of their preference– and please explain why.

Thank you, and please bear with me for needing your help! Please reblog and / or ask your friends who is either knowledge or is blind! I really need your help with this information before I publish some asks.

-Mod Reptonic