visions of tall girl


Oh man oh man I can’t be the only person who fantasizes about meeting cute people at Vidcon right I mean thats normal and not creepy right? I mean Vidcon IS full of cute pple that have the same interests as me so…hey it’s not like i stare…im too shy for that yo

…if anyone feels uncomfortable with someone giving them multiple quick and awkward glances from their peripheral vision you should avoid a 5 foot tall girl wearing a dress…

Why Are You Shaking Up My Heart?

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A groan was audible from the pile of blankets on the bed.  Hand hitting snooze, _____ stretched out of bed, walking with sleep still in her eyes toward her bathroom, with her school uniform in her hands to take a shower and start her day.  Her daily morning routine continued with getting dressed, eating breakfast, brushing her teeth, and grabbing her backpack.

“I’ll be warming up the car since it’s so cold  out today, alright? Just get in when in a little bit,”  _____’s dad told her.

“Don’t forget to wear your scarf and jacket!”  Her mom called out.

“I know!”  _____ put on her shoes, threw on her coat, and secured her bright red scarf around her neck before heading out to the car.

The car was only starting to become warmer once _____ was being dropped off.  Saying good bye to her dad, _____ turned around and made her way inside the school.  A friendly nudge got her attention that her best friend was already here.

“You’re early today, Mi-sook,”  _____ greeted Mi-sook with a smile as they walked into school together.  

“Yeah, my mom got the day off and offered to bring me since it’s so cold today,”  Mi-sook shivered from thinking about the cold while _____ nodded in agreement.  _____ was followed by her brunette friend to her locker so she may discard her coat.  As the girls got into small conversation about mediocre things, they were quickly interrupted by a new voice cutting into the conversation.

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