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Type: fluff

Request// “do you do anything besides smut? if so, can you do a fluff about a girl who’s really depressed because her dad and stepmom are total assholes and brenny walks in on her relapsing and everything is all cute and cuddly bc they cry together and i need to be in a fucking relationship when that happens oml”

(A/N) Ahahahahahah sorry guys for being dead for so long, it has NOT been the best year for me but I’m dedicated to get more stuff done and get my shit together. & omg guys, thank you so much for 400 followers!! I’m sitting here in bed at 3:56 in the morning almost crying because I didn’t think my writing was that likable. Anyways, have a dribble drabble

Warnings: sneaky Bren, crying, the tiniest bit of angst, self-doubt, back talking, slight physical fight as well as verbal, cursing, :) fluffy Bren (: , !!no smut!! 

Pairing: Brendon Urie x Reader

Word Count: 2.2K

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 I finally arrive home after a very long day at school. As I walk through my front door I slightly lower my shoulder so my backpack can slide off and heavily meet the wood floor. I throw my hair into a messy ponytail before slugging myself over to the couch. All I wanted at this moment was a nice nap.

I cross into the main hallway and into the living room. Not even bothering to walk around the couch I flip over from the back of it. Landing face down, the fluffy cushions mold to my body as I reach for a throw pillow to place my head on. Right as I close my eyes I feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I groan quietly to myself as I dig it out. Keeping my half my face buried into the pillow I bring the screen to my face to read the text message.

Brendon :)

Hey, how did school go?

Too tired to write a real response I type:

Stupid. Gonna sleep, txt u l8r

I then toss my phone onto the coffee table and melt into the warm couch cushions.


“Y/N! Y/N!”

I’m abruptly yanked out of my dream. My vision goes from black to hazy to a blur. And as my eyes adjust to my surroundings I feel a soft object collide with my face.

“Y/N! Wake up right now!” I turn to realize that my bitch of a stepmother, Sara, had thrown a pillow at me. “I specifically told you to clean the bathroom and the kitchen when you got home. And what have you been doing for the past two hours?”

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i love how full-bodied my visions and dreams are. it comforts me and grounds whatever hope is passing through me & the manic days of summer that threaten to cut me loose from myself—at times, at times. i’m glad that since i was a young kid my mother would tell me to always live savagely relentlessly from my heart. for years in my faltering she told me to always live relentlessly from my heart. that if i did that no one could take my life away from me. i am full-bodied in my visions and my dreams. they take shape and guide me through my days and show me that i’m here among and within and never ever alone. i have never, ever been alone. i feel that now, more viscerally than i have felt any other thing before. i am here among and within and have never been alone, and in that i rise into community and rise into my life and my dreams yes they are here and they carry with me and i know it will be okay, though the world is a manic and too bright crumbling. though the world is a manic and too bright crumbling and the system is abusive and the world is abusive—i rise and rise and my visions are within me and there is love drawing me endlessly there. 

Of Demons and Dogs

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Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Cas, OC Isabella Montgomery, Dog!Dean, Demon Dean

Word count: 3457 words (sorry) 

Summary: After Dean turned into a demon, the relationship between him and the reader changes. Dean tries to fix it, but a little witch hunt complicates everything for the three hunters. 

A/N: This is for @larajadeschmidt13s 400 challenge. I chose demon!dean and dog!dean. My prompts were Can you help me –ya know? Cas, we´ve talked about this. Personal Space. I hope this is good. This is my first fic. Feel free to leave a comment. Thanks and have fun reading. xoxo  


I slowed down my breathing in fear of him hearing me. It was dark.  I hid myself in the closet. I didn’t know where Sam was.

Footsteps. I panicked.

“Y/N, Baby where are you?”


“I´m not going to hurt you sweetheart.”

His voice was closer now. I clutched my gun tighter to my body. I couldn’t breathe. Where the hell is Sam?

Silence again.


He was in the room where I hid.

“I´m tired of playing Y/N. Let’s finish this game” He ripped open the closet and before I could lift my gun, he gripped me by my long hair and dragged me out of the closet. He pushed me against the nearby wall, my throat in a tight grip of his hand while his other hand kept hold of my struggling arms. He looked down at me with a sickening smirk, his hand tightening around my throat, strangling my respiratory tract.

“Dean, No please. Don’t do this.” I tried to plead but it came out as a strangled noise. A grin formed on his lips and he leaned down to my throat, not loosening his grip on me and whispered,

“You know, I never loved you. You were always just a nice toy to play with. Keeping me entertained when I couldn’t find someone else for the night.” I could feel the tears streaming down my face, not sure anymore because of the lack of air, or the hurtful words coming from the man I loved more than myself. He lifted the hammer he carried as a weapon and lunged out and just mere inches before it reached my face…….

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I get small moments of clarity,
Like waking up from a dream.
The shapes in my field of vision
Become sharper,
Feel more real.
But then they stop,
And everything is blurred
And foggy
And i dont seem to really
Feel anything.
And its almost like slipping back
Into the dream
That you almost woke up from.
Most of the time,
My existence is just that.
Walking around like a ghost,
Going through the motions
Of life
Without actually living.
But these small moments
When i wake up
Make it worth it.

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I keep getting these visions and dreams, all set 5-10 years in the future. This has happened before, just with minor (or maybe not so minor) things, like meeting a person or seeing myself doing something. The visions and dreams are getting increasingly more worrying, from my country being split violently into two large factions to watching a future version of myself kill someone just to survive. I'm afraid (terrified) that these might not be makings of an overactive imagination and that they ½

Dreams could just be dreams. Are you consuming any media that might influence how your brain thinks about the future? Apocalyptic futures are popular settings for fictional works nowadays. Are you anxious about something else while having these dreams? There’s a lot to consider here. And remember that you always have a choice over your own actions. Just because you see yourself doing something in the future doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it. I hope you feel better ´・ᴗ・`

What Happened? :.Carl Grimes x Reader.: Spoilers!!!!

Warning: There are spoilers for the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead including who died and the plot of the whole story. Fainting? Is that a warning? Anxiety and triggers. 

Request: Could you pls write an imagine were the reader literally passes out when Negan calls Carl taken up with Rick from shock and Negan kinda just leaves her be…. And she wakes up Carl comforting her in the truck in their way back to camp. And just kinda comfort cause I’m so… You know



I knew this was a bad mistake. We should have run them over with the RV when we had the chance. Now Negan had us and I couldn’t help but feel helpless. The gravel pinched my knees as I was brought down to my knees by the Saviors. My arm brushed against Carl and we intertwined hands just to keep calm.  

“And you. Are. It.” 

The words echoed through my brain as Lucille was in front of Abraham’s face. 

“No.” I whispered as tears rolled down my cheeks. “Carl please we have to do something-” I was cut off as the sound of the bat connecting to Abe’s hard skull making a loud crack. 

“Suck… My… Nuts.” Abe struggled out before Negan hit his head again making blood squirt up. 

“Y/N don’t look.” Carl said pulling me into him.

“Did you hear that?” Negan said chuckling. “He said suck my nuts. Phew!” He turned around and continued to land blows to his head until his head was a pile of nothing but blood and brains. Everybody was in tears at the sight of their friend being smashed to bits but I didn’t want to look one bit. My ears rang as Negan’s distorted voice was in the back of my head. The thing that broke me out of my trance was the grunting of Negan and a loud thud. My head snapped to the sight of Daryl in headlock on the ground with Dwight pointing a crossbow at him. 

“Now None of that shit flies here! Get him back in line.” Negan said having some of the Saviors drag him away. Negan went on to say things about keeping his word and before I could comprehend anything he turned around and smacked Glenn in the head with Lucille twice. 

“NO!” You screamed out but covered you hand with your hand as Negan looked back to you and then turned back to Glenn speaking soft things that only the people on the side side of Rick could hear. 

“Maggie.. I’ll f-find you.” Glenn said before Negan continued to bash his head in. I laid my head on the ground and covered my head as Negan continued to beat Glenn down. Memories of my time with Glenn flooded my head, he was the one who found me in the car, he;s the one who brought me back and taught me to trust and not to kill. He introduced me to Carl and he was like my father. 

The sound of someone being drug across the gravel flooded my ears but I didn’t look up knowing my eyes would travel to the bloodied mess of my friends and mentors. The RV started and the sound of it’s engine started getting fainter and fainter before I figured out that he must’ve took someone. My head shot up and I looked around in panic trying to figure out what happened while I was gathering my thoughts. Rick was missing and everybody was looking toward the blood and guts while I choose to look down trying to catch my breath.

“Y/N?” I hear Carl ask as he gingerly put his arms around me. 

“C-Carl is this a dream?” I asked while pinching myself to see if I feel pain. 

“Y/N please don’t do this.” Carl said pulling me as close to him as he could. His warm arms wrapped around my small frame made me realize this wasn’t a dream because I’ve felt those arms so many times and I know how they feel. 

“I-I could’ve helped him. He saved me and I stood back a-and watched him die.” I looked up at Carl to see single tears rolling down the sides of his face. 

“There is nothing you could’ve done. You would die or someone else would. Just… Come ‘ere.” He said pulling me closer to him. 

“Ey No huggin’ get off o’ her.” One of the Saviors said slowly walking toward us. 

“Just give us a minute.” Carl said patting down my hair. 

“Alright ‘nough I’ll blow ‘er brains out.” The man said pointing a gun at me. 

“Alright.” Carl said letting me go letting me sit back into my original position on the gravel. The sun broke the horizon and I stared at it and it’s yellow light emitting from it. The smoke from the fire began to blow it’s way over and cover the sun reminding me that you can’t have more than a minute of beauty in the world now. 

After about thirty minutes of staring at the smoke in the distance and contemplating what just happened and what went wrong the RV popped through the tree’s parking the middle of the clearing. The door swung open and Negan came out dragging Rick along with him, dropping him in the middle of all of us. 

“Here we are.” Negan said to Rick. “Let me ask you something Rick- do you even know what that little trip was about?” After Rick didn’t respond Negan spoke. “Speak when you’re spoken to.”

“Okay. Okay.” Rick agreed looking at Negan’s feet. 

“The trip was about the way that you looked at me. I wanted to change that. I wanted you to understand. But you’re still looking at me the same damn way… like I shit in your scrambled eggs, and that’s not going to work.” Negan said to Rick making a panic rise up in my chest.

“So, do I give you another chance?” Negan asked crouching down to Ricks level on the ground. 

“Y-Yeah. Yes. Yes.” Rick said agreeing with Negan. Negan patted Ricks back and stood up.

“Okay. All right. And here it is, the grand-prize game. What you do next will decide whether your crap day become’s everyone’s last crap day, or just another crap day. Get some guns to the back of their heads.” Negan said gesturing to his Saviors. The barrel of a gun was pressed into the back of my head making Carl flinch to go to me but I settled him down by putting my hand on his as to say “stop”  

“Good. Now level with their noses, so if you have to fire… Pow!” Negan said imitating and explosion putting his hand in front of his face pretending his hands was blood. “It’ll be a real mess.” Negan said looking around at everybody eventually landing on Carl. My heart sped up as his gaze lingered on him. 

“Kid. Right here.” Negan said making gestures with his finger. “ Kid…now. Or your little girlfriend goes bye-bye.” He said looking at me and that’s when I lost it. 

“No! Take me not him Please I’ll do anything. Please Don’t kill him. He’s better than I am. You need him to g-gather things for you. Please!!” I said sobbing. Black spots ran through my vision but I tried to blink them away.

“Oh Shh.” Negan softly. And then… Everything went black. 


“Y/N? Y/N I need you to wake up.” Someone said stirring me from my fainting spell. 

“Carl?” I asked trying to figure who it was because black still covered my vision. 

“Yeah it’s me baby. I need you to open your eyes.” Carl said lightly shaking me. 

“Are you dead?” I asked. “Is this a dream?” I added trying to shake myself to open my eyes but I just couldn’t.

“No Y/N.” Carl Said chuckling. I began blinking my eyes black fading away from my vision. 

“This isn’t a dream?” I asked calmly, looking up at him. 

“No it’s not. I’m alright. You’re alright. We’re okay.” He said rubbing my arms trying to comfort me. 

“Glenn! Abe! Where are you shit’s I had the craziest dream.” I said chuckling. I sat up and rubbed the “sleep” away from my eyes looking around to find I was in the back room of the RV.

“Glenn and Abraham aren’t here.” Carl explained slowly.

“Well did we leave them back at Alexandria. Where are we even going?” I asked standing up, rubbing my head. Carl followed my action and stood up. 

“We’re going home Y/N. Do you remember what happened?” Carl asked afraid you had amnesia but he didn’t understand how. 

“Well I can remember loading the truck to fight Negan and that’s it. But my dream was crazy I need to tell Abe and Glenn when we get back.” I said walking out to the rest of my group. “Hey guys! Where Abe and Glenn?” I asked stretching. 

“They’re gone.” Eugene said looking down at his hands. 

“Wait, so it was real? They’re really gone?” I asked my eyes tearing up as all happiness drained from my system. 

“I’m sorry Y/N I know Glenn was like a father to you.” Rick said looking at me through the rear-view mirror of the RV.

“No! Thy were just here. They were- They were here He-” I cut myself off placing my hand over my mouth and dropping to the floor, letting out a strangled sob. 

“Come on Y/N Let’s get you back to the room.” Carl said snaking his hand around my legs picking me up.

“Carl we’re never going to see them again. Oh my god!” I said  putting my hands over my face and sobs racked the RV.

“It’s okay baby girl. You’ll always know him and he will always remember you.” Carl said sitting on the bed with me rocking back a forth trying to calm me down. 

The RV sped down the road trying to get back home to the families. Back to their home.


This gave me the feels as I was writing it and If you haven't seen the episode I highly recommend it. Can’t wait for next week tho. Stay happy and don’t stop requesting. Thanks! Gif’s aren’t mine Credit goes to owner.

An attempt at a recycled/repurposed costume.  My Satyr is made of a mix of old costume pieces with a few new ones thrown in.

The legs are from a ¾ wolf partial, the corset an old steampunk costume, the belt from a minotaur costume, the wig from a failed spider-woman costume, the leather bracer from old store stock when I used to sell leatherwork at cons, the horns repaired red sheep horn casts from Dream vision creations and the shirt from my closet >_<

The feethooves and leather breast armour were made new to add to the costume.

You never left.

You never truly left my heart or my mind.

You were just pushed aside by all the false distractions I attempted.

I tried to learn you away, going to two different schools - taking more classes than recommended so that my days were filled with anthropology readings, chemistry problems, and research papers instead of memories of you.

I tried to work you away with two jobs at school so that I spent virtually no time at home, where even the smell of my room and the calendar on my wall reminded me of you.

I tried to drink you away, finding refuge in any alcohol that was strong enough to blur my vision from seeing you, my thoughts from dreaming about you, and my feelings from loving you.

I tried smoking, vomiting, sleeping, eating, writing, crying and screaming you away before I realized that you never have and never will truly go away. Guess you are just something I will have to learn to live with.

A vision I had in my sleep last night — as distinguished from a dream which is mere sorting and cataloguing of the day’s events by the subconscious. This was a vision, fresh and clear as a mountain stream — the mind revealing itself to itself. In my vision, I was on the veranda of a vast estate, a palazzo of some fantastic proportion. There seemed to emanate from it a light from within — this gleaming radiant marble. I had known this place. I had in fact been born and raised there. This was my first return, a reunion with the deepest wellsprings of my being. Wandering about, I was happy that the house had been immaculately maintained. There had been added a number of additional rooms, but in a way it blended so seamlessly with the original construction, one would never detect any difference. Returning to the house’s grand foyer, there came a knock at the door. My son was standing there. He was happy and care-free, clearly living a life of deep harmony and joy. We embraced — a warm and loving embrace, nothing withheld. We were in this moment one. My vision ended. I awoke with a tremendous of optimism and confidence in you and your future. That was my vision; it was of you. I’m so glad to have had this opportunity to share it with you. I wish you nothing but the very best, always.