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“Twist and Splash” Hendrik Visser, 2014

Today’s piece comes from artist Hendrik Visser for themed design company Jora Vision. Designed for Wanda Heifei theme park, this attraction takes inspiration from the recognizable regional activity of water chestnut collecting. The attraction is a fun, watery take on both the classic teacups attraction and local traditions.

Art ©️Jora Vision

(Art by @gabecebro, used with permission and originally posted here; if you like it, please go show your appreciation!)

GROUNDED! - A Bleach AU Idea Revised

You might’ve seen the original idea for Grounded! before. Long story short, it’s evolved significantly since that post was made. Namely, I (among others) fell for YoruIchiRuki as an AU OT3, so it’s now the start of a much longer series of adventures for the three. So, I’ve decided to publicly expand upon the idea as originally presented.


Ichigo is fascinated with a jet-haired flight attendant he weirdly keeps running into. Okay, well, that was true the first half-a-dozen times. Then he pulled some favors and found out who she was and what her route was. What? They just wind up flying together a lot and staying in the same layover cities pretty often. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a coincidence. He’s never even talked to her really, except to occasionally ask for a Coke. She probably doesn’t even know he exists.

Or perhaps Rukia does, but thinks much the same.

But for every awkward problem in the world, there’s an equally awkward solution! Enter Yoruichi—that’s Captain Shihōin to you, buddy—who’s never met someone she wanted to bed that didn’t wind up there the next morning.

When all three of them wind up stuck during a layover because of the worst blizzard in a century, Yoruichi happily plies her wiles on Rukia, only to soon discover she’s stepped into a thorny situation. Feeling more than a little guilty, because she really likes Rukia, she decides to adopt a new pet project: she’s going to get the two of them together, hell or high water.

There’s just one problem: nothing ever works out that cleanly or easily.

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Japfan Pop Quiz!

We all know that Japan are the best band ever but who are the best fans?! Do you love all the albums or are you the Japan equivalent of a Manics ‘fan’ who keeps a copy of Everything Must Go in their mondeo? Are you Tin Drum Lite or Alternatively Obscure? Complete this fun quiz to find out if you are an überjapfan!

Communist China is:
A) A country;
B) Chairman Mao’s dinner plate;
C) A song about, ‘shagging a Chinese girl’;
D) A place in Asia where lots of people live together.

Halloween is about:
A) Mick making pumpkin soup;
B) Bobblet Apple;
C) Kristallnacht, or Night of Broken Glass;*
D) Dave & Steve’s annual Trick or Treat competition.

Jane Shorter is:
A) A very small person who believes in reincarnation.
B) A code word used for needing the loo whilst in the studio, as in, ‘I’ve got to nip to the little boys’ room.’ 'Going to be long?’ 'Nah, I just need a Jane’;
C) A sax player who was hired for a tour;
D) A form of identification used when Dave and Steve both went out with girls called Jane;

She carries love in a:
A) messenger bag;
B) nasty old bag;
C) carrier bag;
D) packet of fags.

All you ever wanted is:
A) A date with Dave;
B) To be hiding in Steve’s bathroom while he takes a shower;
C) Television;
D) Mick to stand still on stage.

Ain’t What Peculiar?
A) People who don’t like 'Blemish’;
B) Richard’s Tennis serve;
C) Peculiarity;
D) Steve’s uncanny resemblance to Elvis Presley.

The Width of a Room is:
A) About 12ft by 9;
B) Just a lyric to Nightporter and NOTHING ELSE;
C) A Japan track penned by Sir Bobblet of Dean,
D) Unimportant- size doesn’t matter, does it Dave?

Ann O'Dell:
A) Came about the laptop;
B) Is a fairy who lives in wooded glens;
C) Is the person who composed the orchestration on Quiet Life;
D) Is a slow-acting painkiller.

The line, 'en desespoir agréable,’ literally means:
A) 'A tasty fruit’;
B) 'Mick’s hovercraft is full of eels’;
C) 'In pleasant/enjoyable despair’;
D) 'Where’s the little boys’ room? I need a Jane Shorter.’

The Experience of Swimming is:
A) Very nice if the water’s not too cold,
B) Mr Swimming’s acquired skill set;
C) Richard B dipping his toe into composition;
D) Much tougher than the experience of men.

Your Score:

Mostly Cs:
Congrats, we can’t rain on your parade! You are a fan of all the albums, even the ones Dave makes night time raids on record shops to burn. You love Rob Dean and feel he brought a warmth to the sound which was lost in the overproduced Tin Drum, although Visions of China is one of the best pop songs EVER! Play it Forward: Do us a favour? Play the first four albums to anyone who will listen, you little shiny star, you.
Favourite Japan song: Alien, the quintessential Japan

Mostly Bs:
You are becoming a true Japfan; you love GTP but are yet to delve deeper. Once you hear Dave screaming Obscure Alternatives you’ll be hooked.
Play it Forward: BuyacopyofQuietLiferightnowtoday!
Favourite Japan song: Nightporter

Mostly Ds:
Mostly DS, more like! You are defo a fan but mainly into post-Tin Drum-DS solo work and think taking Ryuichi into the studio during the making of GTP was a really good idea. You enjoyed the RTC album and never said, 'Who mixed Mick? The bass sounds well odd!’
Play it Forward: Buy Assemblage and see how you feel.
Favourite Japan song: You think having heard 'Some Kind of Fool’ makes you cool!

Mostly As
Rob who?
Play it Forward - Maybe stick to, 'Now that’s what I call 80s!’
Favourite song: The Chauffeur by Duran Duran!

*according to UK Lyric Analyst, Hal Kennedy

Aquarius: Weekly (Starting on September 7)

Ready, set, connect? There could be radical developments in the relationship department this week, Aquarius—some that are long overdue. Tuesday’s energizing trine between Mars in your interpersonal seventh house and innovative Uranus in your communication zone brings issues into the open dialogue zone: Have you been a little too quiet about your needs? Stop simmering with resentment and speak up! If you detect that your partner is holding something in, nudge ‘em a little until they get real with you. While there might be a few blunt comments or shocking statements, hopefully it will all be in the spirit of revolutionizing a key connection. Just make sure you’re not being passive-aggressive, or punishing someone for past transgressions. Regardless of how it all pans out, you’ll be relieved to have everything out in the open. Single? Stay aware as you flow through your daily routine. The electric spark of attraction could crackle in the most mundane places—from the Laundromat to the latte line. Nothing turns you on quite like witty banter: A fellow wordsmith could woo you this week—someone who shares your skill for turning any situation into an opportunity for a naughty joke! Getting involved in a local group or weekly activity could pave the way for a pairing. If not of the romantic variety, you could meet your future bandmate, business partner or festival buddy while you’re out enjoying the cultural scene close to home.

Sunday’s solar (new moon) eclipse in Virgo galvanizes your eighth house of intimacy, seduction and big money. The urge to merge could hit you like a bolt from the blue once again. You could meet someone near this eclipse who has strong long-term potential. If visions of china patterns, baby names or a pair of rocking chairs start dancing through your head, go on and fantasize! You never know, Aquarius, this fate could be sealed over the coming six months, as we build towards the corresponding full moon in Virgo next February 22. Even if you’re not racing to the altar, you could feel insecure without some kind of commitment or exclusivity clause. This applies to romance AND finance. Vagueness won’t work in either arena after Sunday and an ultimatum may be necessary. While you don’t have to play by conventional rules, having clear terms spelled out gives you the freedom to put your energy into people—without worrying about drama or time wasted on a bad investment. For other Aquarians, this new moon is more of a “break it” moment than a “make it” one. If you’ve gotten too close for comfort with someone who just isn’t lighting your fire, the issue has got to be addressed. If it’s time to move on, or delve into some serious couple’s therapy, don’t drag your feet. Ready to bring sexy back? This eclipse will help. If your life force energy’s been lagging, make a conscious effort to wake it back up! You can start slowly by moving your body with dancing or walking and taking conscious breaths. Try Kundalini yoga if you’re up for something more structured. Chanting—or singing (hello, karaoke nights)—will also pulse powerful vibrations through your body. Seriously!

This eclipse could reveal some income opportunities, too! The eighth house rules passive income streams—think royalties, affiliate sales, rental income—and the cash you make in lump sums, like commissions or money from the sale of property. Get creative and resourceful! You could make a mint through a rental business, from equipment to real estate. How about emptying out that storage unit hawking things on eBay or renting out a valuable item that you rarely use. The most important thing here is that you rev up your money attitude, upping your chances of hitting the metaphorical (or even real) lotto. This is a great time to raise your financial IQ. What you learn about investing or playing the market could spell big money in the bank over the next half year.