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X-Men Parallels (X-Men & XM: Apocalypse)

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do u have an autistic rachel headcanons? bc i have Lots™ but i love ur autistic hcs & would love to hear any u have for rachel

yeah rach is definitely on the spectrum this is less headcanon-y and more meta-y.

she fits quite a bit of criteria spot on, particularly the ones that are less talked about (or that the medical community ignores…yadayadayada we could talk about that for ages)

  • she has a very keen sense of justice and a very high interest in social change
  • she tends to fixate on highly specific issues, like saving the endangered yellow bellied sapsucker.
  • she appears quite overzealous and intense when she’s talking, percy once says it feels like she’s punching him with her words.
  • she can be…more than a bit heedless of social context, probably on purpose because she literally doesn’t care (“these two aren’t human! they’re actually half greek god!”)
  • she is quite rigorous about making sure her specific goals get accomplished ( “i’m writing my number on your hand and you’re gonna fucking call me and explain i don’t care if the school is on fire that’s besides the point you are going to fucking call me got it”)
  • she definitely strikes me as a brutally honest type. she also doesn’t seem to have much of a filter, and maybe has a tendency to blurt things out.
  • she feels very passionately for the environment, there’s definitely a case to be made that she’s hyperempathetic towards plants and animals. she’s an activist, and there’s also a brief mention that she needed a therapist to get over the death of her hamster when she was 6.
  • she can see through the mist and notices things that others don’t, and has very complex and vivid visions/dreams/nightmares and is obviously a very intuitive person (bet u never knew that was an autistic trait, but it is!). she literally has a different way of observing the world; i think this is a super super cool trait for an autistic character to have in a fantasy series. lots of autistic people feel like we pick up on things that others don’t because we use our senses in different ways, or we’re more sensitive to certain things. it’s sort of fantastic to think about an autistic person in a supernatural world developing supernatural powers because they’re used to looking at things in a different way than most people.
  • her visions of delphi cause her to have “migraines”, which is also a really cool way for autistic characters in a fantasy setting to interact with their symptoms. she’s been struggling to cope in the beginning of tlo because her brain is on constant sensory overload, leaving her perpetually drained and exhausted. i’m fairly certain there’s mention to her squinting and being sensitive to light at some point.
  • she’s definitely known for being quirky, having eccentric tastes and interests, and occasionally being a bit whimsical ( “i can see hope inside…so fragile”).
  • she doodles all over her clothes and seems to dress quite eccentrically, possibly for sensory comfort (she’s first seen in a worn harvard sweatshirt, which suggests she wears it quite a bit, and with jeans that have holes in them “like she’d been poking them with a fork”..which, she probably was, quite honestly)
  • percy goes out of his way to comment that her music taste is strange and no two songs can sound the same
  • she’s an artist (honestly enough said)
  • she’s quite trusting of people, and accepts when they offer help, even when you think she’d be quite wary of them (percy is the most obvious example of this, but there’s also chiron and hestia and apollo. but literally agreeing to help percy and annabeth on a death quest just because they said they’d need her and would protect pretty huge)
  • she doesn’t quip back at annabeth when she’s being a brat to her, and sometimes just answers her sarcastic question literally (she does realize that annabeth is being a brat to her, though, so i think it’s less of her being naive and more of her just being unsure how to handle being the target of such negative attention)
  • she definitely strikes me as the sort of autistic who doesn’t particularly have a gender or have a connection to their gender because they see themselves as their brain, which is inherently genderless (this is remarkably common actually like so common that even the medical community talks about it lmao)
Disability in YA Lit: The Lunar Chronicles

I finished The Lunar Chronicles last week (YA steampunk fairytale series) and can I just say: read it. There’s no LGBTQ characters, unfortunately, but almost everyone is disabled, and the series deals with it really well. 

Also, much of the main cast is PoC; Cinderella and Prince Charming, the two central characters, are both Chinese, living in New Beijing. Winter, the most beautiful princess in the all the land, is a black woman with natural hair. A lot of other characters are dark-skinned as well, though with unspecified nationalities (I mean, a lot of them are from the literal moon, so it gets a bit hand-wavy.) 

The point though, is that whiteness isn’t portrayed as the pinnacle of beauty, and a black woman - who usually wouldn’t be portrayed as soft and gentle and a darling of the people - is a princess, sheltered and protected and very much loved (well, by all but the evil queen, but it is a fairy tale after all.)

When it comes to disability, this whole series is a treat. To start with, Cinder is a cyborg who has two prosthetic limbs, and a variety of other mechanical parts. The first book deals in depth with the stigma she faces as a cyborg, as well as the day-to-day difficulties she deals with because she doesn’t have the mobility equipment she needs. 

Next up we have Cress (Rapunzel, basically.) She’s a programmer who’s locked away in a satellite orbiting earth for most of her life, tasked with spying on the Earthens for the Lunar queen. She’s brilliant, obviously, but also very, very anxious. (mild/general spoilers ahead)

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Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.
—  Japanese proverb
Eldritch Diabolism

“ Men of broader intellect know that there is no sharp distinction betwixt the real and the unreal; that all things appear as they do only by virtue of the delicate individual physical and mental media through which we are made conscious of them; but the prosaic materialism of the majority condemns as madness the flashes of super-sight which penetrate the common veil of obvious empiricism. “ -H.P.Lovecraft 

A Brief Synopsis 

 The term “Eldritch Diabolism” literally means “Strange Devil-Worship”. It is defined by classical Diabolism (the worship of demonized gods through the understanding that they were among the first.) coupled with the belief that the gods described in the works, letters and personal notes of H.P Lovecraft were visions and revelations of such demonized gods - making him as a prophet unto us. 

 One may ask: “Is it not foolish to believe in the writings of a horror-fiction writer?” to which it must be rebutted that some 229,157,250 Americans hold a faith based on a book - written by mortal men, and often choose to congregate in large buildings on a particular day to speak and read about the stories contained within said text. Should a scarce few then not be allowed such a privilege, should they hold it in a private and serious manner with those texts they themselves choose, with those texts which at least tell a good story?

It becomes fact to those who choose to work under this system that to be sane is to be ignorant to the world around you. We understand it may be considered outlandish to believe that mankind was formed from mud and the blood of a god, and we revel in the outlandish-ness of such concepts through the acceptance that these stories of old and new, of pious scribes and a horror author, fabulous or not, contain and reveal mysteries of the universe, to be found through the terror or glamour they cast upon us. This universe is to be understood to be but a dream, a series of stories. Make sure your part entertains the ones that dream, and the ones that watch from just beyond the gates of the void.

The revelations of Howard Philips Lovecraft

 From a young age, Lovecraft was prone to vivid dreams, nightmares, visions and bouts of inspired writing. In one 1921 letter to Reinhardt Kleiner, he wrote this:

[…] Amidst this gloom came the nightmare of nightmares - the most realistic and horrible i have experienced since the age of ten […] As i was drawn into the abyss i emitted a resounding shriek … and the picture ceased. I was in great pain - forehead pounding and ears ringing - but i had only one automatic impulse - To write…”

It is then the belief of the Eldritch Diabolist that Lovecraft was receiving the secret names and images of what he titled “The Ancient ones” and “The elder gods” -That is the primordial gods, such as Achlys, Erebus and Tiamat; and the terrestrial gods like Olokun, Thoth, Aries and Dagon.

Many scholars and Diabolists have compiled their revelations over the years since Lovecraft’s death, here are a few interesting selections:

Dread Cthulhu - Olokun, the chained god. Leviathan, serpent of the seas.

Shub-Niggurath - Lilith, haunter in the night. Ishtar, The risen Goddess. Tiamat, Mother of Demons, creator of the world.

Dagon - Dagon, god of the seas and fish.

Azathoth - Primal Chaos, Infinite empty nothingness, yet the potential for all creation.

Yog-Sothoth - Enki, god of seed, magic and knowledge. Apollo, God of knowledge, music, healing, plague and prophecy. 

This list is in no means complete, for the interest of time and the attention of the reader it will be left relatively short - but such connections are not difficult to be drawn up by even the novice researcher, and should prove an act of pious devotion. 

I trust that this posting will help people understand and perhaps even delve into this wonderful and misunderstood path. 

Sources: Cults of Cthulhu; Fra .Tenerous. The Satanic Rituals; Anton S. LaVey Cthulhu Cult; Venger Satanis. The Myths of Greece and Rome; H. A. Guerber. More annotated H.P Lovecraft; S. T Joshi and Peter Cannon. Tales of H.P Lovecraft; Joyce Carol Gates. Olokun; Ifadoyin Sangomuyiwa. Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses; Michael Jordan. The Tree of death and Qliphoth; Jon Gee. Devoted; V.A. 

drabble: shall we go again? [sw, anakin, obi-wan]

Anakin,” Obi-Wan breathed.

“Master,” Anakin responded. “Settle down. You have a concussion, and Kix is working on getting some bacta for you but you need to rest, alright? No sudden mov–”

And then his arms were full of Obi-Wan, squeezing him tightly. “You’re alive.”

Anakin laughed, but gently patted Obi-Wan on the back, trying to get the other man to let go. “I’m alive? You’re the one with the concussion, old man, what are you talking about?”

“I had a dream,” Obi-Wan said, quiet and thoughtful, like he wasn’t quite there anymore. “But it felt so real. A vision, maybe? No, a nightmare. But even a nightmare couldn’t have come up with all those years on Tatoine–it doesn’t matter. You’re alive.” He let go of Anakin’s shoulders only to pat him on the face with awe, like it had been years since he’d last seen Anakin’s face. “My Ani.”

That was strange: Obi-Wan had never called him Ani before.

“Hit your head nice and hard, didn’t you, Master?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Obi-Wan shook his head. “Maybe you aren’t even real, now, and the Force is playing games with me. Maybe Darth Vader is about to wake me up and tell me this has been some sort of mind game–”

Anakin frowned. “Darth Vader? Who the hell is that? Do we have another Sith to worry about now?”

“But I don’t care, because I need to tell you something,” Obi-Wan leaned forward, holding Anakin’s face in his hands, his forehead touching Anakin’s slightly. “I didn’t tell you before, because I thought–with the Council and the Code–I thought I shouldn’t. But Anakin,” he closed his eyes. “If I had to choose between you and the Jedi, I would choose you. In every life, in every time. I love you.” He blinked, slowly, as if coming back to himself somehow, and then: “I think I’m going to pass out.”

And then he did.

Hours later, Obi-Wan did not recall the conversation, but Anakin did, and that made all the difference.

afairlypudgycat  asked:

How often do warp horrors occur? Do we have bored yet exasperated astra militarum going "Emperor Damnit the walls are bleeding again someone get a mop."?

To be honest that’s probably not even so far off. Almost everyone experiences any range of discomfort during warp travel - sickness, fevers, waking visions, nightmares, migraines, nosebleeds, the works. Bleeding walls would be pretty far along the scale though.

You’ve really got to love 40k and warp travel - it’s the equivalent of tens of thousands of people locked in a spaceborne cathedral which suddenly becomes very haunted, not knowing if they’re going to emerge in the future, past or present, or even in an alternate dimension. 


Pairings: Tony x f!Reader

Request: Can you make a readerxtony, they are dating and they prank people? :D

Thor has created a chatroom.

Thor has invited Clint, Sam, Pietro.

Thor: Confess now, pranksters! Which one of you – I can’t even bare to speak of the villainous act!

Thor: We are brethren! I did not expect this from any of you. How could you do this to me? Monsters!

Sam: … Chill.

Pietro: As much as I would love to take credit for whatever happened, I can’t.

Thor: That leaves you, Barton!

Clint: Wait, you can’t just assume I did whatever it is!

Clint: Which is what, by the way?

Thor: You know full well what! You will pay for this.

Pietro: R.I.P in peace, old man.

Clint: It’s R.I.P or just rest in peace!

Pietro: I said that?

Sam: Oh my god.

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When we point out that Amerika was the most completely bourgeois nation in world history, we mean a four-fold reality: 1. Amerika had no feudal or communal past, but was constructed from the ground up according to the nightmare vision of the bourgeoisie. 2. Amerika began its national life as an oppressor nation, as a colonizer of oppressed peoples. 3. Amerika not only has a capitalist ruling class, but all classes and strata of Euro-Arnerikans are bourgeoisified, with a preoccupation for petty privileges and property ownership the normal guiding star of the white masses. 4. Amerika is so decadent that it has no proletariat of its own, but must exist parasitically on the colonial proletariat of oppressed nations and national minorities. Truly, a Babylon “whose life was death”.

The settler masses of Colonial Amerika had a situation totally unlike their cousins back in Old Europe. For the privileges of conquest produced a nonproletarian society of settlers. The large majority of settlers were of the property-owning middle classes (insofar as classes had yet become visible in the new society): tradesmen, self-employed artisans, and land-owning farmers. Every European who wanted to could own land. Every white settler could be a property owner. No wonder emigration to the “New World” (newly conquered, newly enslaved) was so popular in Old Europe. No wonder life in Amerika was spoken of almost as a fable by the masses of Old Europe. Young Amerika was capitalism’s real-life Disneyland.
—  J Sakai, Settlers: the mythology of the white proletariat

Request: Yes

Plot/requestFor a request: Jason having a nightmare about losing his s/o - anon

word count: 517

A/N:  I actually liked how this turned out! Oml, I hope you guys like it! And since this was done so soon I might be able to get another fic done!

warning(s): none? 

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ok slytherin anakin headcanons are sweet but…. hufflepuff anakin

…anakin whose actions are driven not by personal ambition, but by love… anakin, to whom family is more important than anything… anakin who strives for power and eventually falls trying to protect the people he loves… anakin whose life was confined to secrecy, not by choice, but by necessity, to protect padme and his future children.. fiercely loyal, desperately emotional anakin, who would run single-mindedly into the bloody turmoil at the heart of a battle, his life and the mission teetering on a knife edge, to aid obi-wan, padme, ahsoka… anakin who was tortured night after wretched night as he watched the people he loved be slain savagely before him, hearing their screams fade to their last ragged breaths, until he awoke, shaking, unable to tell the difference between vision and nightmare and memory… hufflepuff anakin is where it’s at.