visionary complex

DAY 3351

Jalsa, Mumbai               May - June 31/1 ,  2017               Wed/Thu 12:15 AM

Birthday - EF - Barun Sen      Thu, June 1 .. blessings and aashirwaad on your birthday Barun .. love happiness always … love from the Ef

When there is time and space to rest longer and last more within the covers .. when there is no immediate programme to deliver on ‘call sheet’ timings .. when the rush of traffic amidst the ‘car oriented mobile workings’ ; those that give opportunity to finish all the messages and the responses while on drive - informing all, of movement, where what time for what and when back .. then it is the time to stall all else and revise the work for the day .. the screenplay the dialogues, the immediate learning process so there is no wastage of time once on set .. and on …

A multiple range of pending work takes a start .. rearranging of the files and the books and the clothing and the bag filled pictures of yore .. the various fresh meetings for the new work to be formalised .. that accidental coming across of another work of my Father’s, where, quite by providential chance, the coming across of a poem … a immediate recognition of its content its drift, its purpose .. and you sit down to wonder how on earth did he think of this , applicable now .. I mean NOW !!!

A satire   .. a quirk on the subject of ‘pad aur puruskaar’ .. status and awards .. and the irony expressed in it some 40 years ago still finds meaning to day .. not just still finds but, the vision of having thought then what is so applicable now !

‘…. ye pad ye puruskaar ..’ from there on, it is the brilliance of the writer and poet towards the visionary complex presents, of some truths that we face today .. how did today make way then

“this status this recognition this award .. these adornments of your ornaments .. you shall keep sitting with your talent, your capabilities, your ego of being the highest office holder of the creativity, like the Rishi Bhagwatdatt, the saint, the conquerer of all miseries ..

AND … someone else, with his servile pleadings, and the  excessive willingness to serve, to suck up, shall with his reach his connections, his importance of pressure, and publicity with almost prostrate cat like on the ground .. shashtaang .. laying down in front of the person, subjugated .. and on its strength quickly and rapidly, take it away - the award, the recognition .. !!!

And may the deserving be damned .. !!!” 

So how did the poet see years ahead, of what the circumstances of winning awards, was all about .. !!

Greatness .. can never be measured .. it shall and can be felt .. it can be felt by what has been written and left behind for the world to read and make their own yardsticks of approval …

The culmination at a theatre to release a song album done and sung by the wife of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Amruta and put together on film ..

They the 4rth Estate ask the reason for me doing the video of the song ..

I tell them its not because she is the wife of the CM, but because she is a woman a lady .. one who does not wish to remain shackled within the four walls of this house, be independent and free to pursue her ambitions and her dreams .. and if my pro-bono presence needs to be utilised .. then must it be done !!

BUT .. what remains at the end of the day is not the music, the debates, the meetings for future work .. but the words of my Father .. eternal and amitabh .. everlasting … !!!!

Amitabh Bachchan