Yūya attempts to defuse the situation, but Shingo let’s himself be provoked by Security and readies himself for a Duel and Serena joins him.
Then Shingo activates the Action Field with the Field Spell Cross Over, leaving Yūya to ask himself “Seriously?” with an half-exasperated/half-disbelieving undertone.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Episode 055

[Caleb was doing his best to keep himself distracted - it was a little harder on a day he had off, where he didn’t have work to distract him from the nagging worry. So he was currently out the back of his place, spading fork in hand as he worked to loosen up some soil. He’d spent the previous few evenings planning out a little vegetable patch, and had finally started to dig, turning over the dirt.

Caleb straightens up after a while, digging the prongs of the fork into the turned over dirt. He sighs a little breathlessly, padding over to where he’d left his beer on the edge of the porch, picking it up to take a few sips. The dogs were “helping” him, which really meant messing around in the dirt, doing a lot of frantic dog digging and chasing. 

Caleb plops down onto the edge of the porch, sipping his beer again, wiping a bit of sweat from his forehead with the hem of his shirt. It was hot out, now - getting properly into summer. He was definitely a little late on the gardening front, but it was nice to do something even if his first batch of two dollar seeds didn’t properly sprout.

He tuts his tongue at Peach when she growls at the larger dog, catching her attention.]

Settle down, brat.