Watercolor painting inspired by Jack’s play through of Event0. It was honestly such a cool game, space is really cool, and Jack’s just the coolest .

(9x12" kuretake gansai tambi)


My shot is done! :D

The Lord is omnipresent, which means He is in sight of every sexual encounter that is happening right now. Yet never does He Lust.

The Lord is omnipotent, able to do whatsoever He wills, however He wants. Yet never does He take advantage.

The Lord is eternal and can do anything He wants for as long as He wants. Yet His ultimate eternal delight is Himself.

This unimaginable, infinite amount of self-control is who you are a reflection of In Christ. And it’s this power that Christ has bought for you in His resurrection. Use that power, you are not a slave, don’t act like one.