Sup, so, I’m moving

And by Moving I mean, moving out for the first time and driving all the way across the country hoo buddy! It’s happening on Friday. Finally.

I wanted to get a bunch of buffer pages for BACKLASH done as well as my current commission queue before the trip to my new place, but it looks like neither of those things will be happening <:Tc I feel super bad about it!!! This post is mostly to let my commissioners know that I am very sorry for the delay with your pieces!! I promise I have not forgotten them and that they will get done as soon as I possibly can!! ;~; thank you for being patient with me, I’m really sorry!

Same for any kind of communication with me, I’ll try and promptly answer emails as I can, but if you don’t hear back from me for a few days I’m probably without internet or afk or something ;o;

I don’t know how much art I’ll be able to get done in general during the move and while we’re settling into our place. I’m spending this week with friends and family, as well as just getting ready for the drive itself (friggin… 30 hours… rip…) So if I’m not very active here, that’s why! I’m more talkative on my Twitter if you wanna hear my nonsense. 

Again, sorry for not being able to get everything done more quickly, I don’t want to rush anything and give you guys bad art just for the sake of having it done. I want you to get your money’s worth!! ;~;

anonymous asked:

Magic anon! Conan isn't tone deaf for a duration of your choosing. Use this experience wisely, tantei-kun. ;)

That’s not… that’s… not right…?


And of course I’d support him confessing to Tae!

They’re both already so close and I know Tae will take good care of our Jungkookie. They’re both good kids and sync up really well! Kookie is the happiest when he is with his favorite hyung~. So that makes me happy too!

i thought it’d be okay to toot my own horn a little and mention that today is… your modoodle’s birthday!! 

I turned 18 today, phew! I might as well be grandoodle from now on, huh? uvu);; Anyway!! I thought about having a fun stream later today, but how about a movie instead? :0 I think that might be pretty fun too!

Please let me know if that’s something y’all would be interested in! <3 And thank you for a wonderful year of Aya-chan! I couldn’t have done it without every one of you!

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Oh my goodness I would love to see what you think of my url! Your words are so beautiful

Thank you :)

The day you learn why humans are compared to drugs is the day the sky changes colour, some sort of pink with corruption. His hand is warm when he stretches out his fingers to take yours, to keep you safe, to keep you from getting lost. It’s soft enough to wake the lifeless and it’s all you want because it’s quiet and he’s safe and he keeps smiling with his eyes. The acidity in your blood dissolves morals and you’re fizzing with a self-depreciating hate because the one he belongs to is holding his other hand and you shouldn’t be harbouring this gentle longing. You want to rip your veins out through your finger tips because now you want him to want you back and you wonder if you’re wired wrong. You know that you shouldn’t be this socially disfigured. He asks if your ok but he doesn’t know that the drug he’s giving you, although still held between his fingers, isn’t the type he thinks he’s offering. The drug he gives you is in wanting something you shouldn’t, it’s in wanting something that you can’t have.

Send me an ask, I’ll answer with prose based on what your URL reminds me of.