Cheap Sunglasses - Tony Stark x Reader (Challenge)

Words: 3915
Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
Featuring: Natasha, Clint, Rhodey, Vision
Warnings: swearing
Summary: Loosely based off of Cheap Sunglasses by RAC, (Y/N) (L/N) is the owner and star reporter for a rising magazine. As well as an undercover, hidden agent of SHIELD…but only a few people know that. (Y/N) has to meet Tony Stark for the first time for multiple reasons, check on him for Fury, and get him on the cover of the magazine. It is an interesting week.
Authors Note: SO THIS IS FOR SOFIA’S @nataliarxmanxva SEASONS CHALLENGE AND I AM TERRIBLE BC THIS WAS DUE LIKE A MONTH AGO but ive been so busy omg AND ITS ALSO FOR THE 2017 SONG CHALLENGE WITH JADYN! We decided to do a Mashup theme this month, where she is mashing up two song chalenges, and I am mashing up just two challenges together. So it all works out, kinda.

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(Y/N): I guess I’ll be killing three birds at once.

Clint: Yeah? What do you mean?

(Y/N): I get to go to New York, I get to work on my next magazine and hopefully finish it, I get to do my spy job.

Clint: Don’t forget you finally get to meet Tony Stark!

(Y/N): Ew.

You rolled your eyes at the text as your driver announced that you just pulled into the Avengers facility. “Great, he said to just park out front, he would come and get my bags and I, then take me inside,” You instructed, dreading everything about to come of this next week.

The driver put the car in park and walked around to open the door for you. As you got out, you plastered a giant smile on your face and watched as Tony Stark walked out of the front door, ready to greet you. “(Y/N) (L/N)! A pleasure to meet you, and honored to have you do a story on me,” He extended his hand to shake yours. “Tony Stark.”

“I’m happy to meet you finally. And it’s not just any story, the main cover story for the next magazine!” You replied, just as enthusiastic as he was. Of course, you were faking it a little, but you could feel that he was as well.

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People will always try to tell you what you should be doing other than what your vision for your dream is. People tell me every single day what i should do, but only i know my goals and my personal objectives. I know what my plans are for tomorrow and the opportunities i have at hand. You have to be confident in your dream because if you don’t have a clear vision, it is easy to let these comments and opinions drain you. Remember that the only person that needs to believe in your vision is you. People aren’t going to see it or understand it simply because its NOT THEIR VISION. 

Kaidan Appreciation Week, Day 1 - Childhood

Oh boy so whatever I’’m real late, here’s a story okay let’s do this here we go alright got some of these written let’s kick it off here goes.


Kaidan was staring up into the glaring lights, willing himself to get a migraine.

It was the first time he’d really gotten a good look at the waiting room of John Shepard Hospital: usually, when his mom brought him in, his head hurt so much he couldn’t make out much of anything. Nothing but the teal and purple pattern of the carpet under his shoes.

Now his face hurt so much, he’d actually pay for a headache to come along and take his mind off the searing pain in his lip. His mom was outside the window, probably arguing with work about needing to come in an hour late because of her son, again. Every time he was brought in with a migraine, it seemed the urgent care waiting room was always packed—loud noises and crying kids and talking, talking, talking.

But for now, it was dead. Just Kaidan and the news broadcast and all the empty, uncomfortable chairs. Kaidan pushed the wad of tissues harder into his face, winced at the bite of pain. He knew he should be grateful nobody was here to see him like this. But. Oh well.

A boy walked in, about Kaidan’s age, but a little shorter, a lot scrappier.

“Go sit down in the waiting room,” said the woman towing him in. When she took off her coat, it was obvious to Kaidan she was a nurse at the hospital. “You keep pressing on that, and once I get your paperwork done I’ll take you back.”

The nurse hustled behind the desk, and the boy turned into the waiting room. He was holding a wad of tissues too, pressed to his hairline. His eyes immediately found Kaidan: bright blue, sizing him up.

He had an awkward gait, and he bee-lined through the waiting room and tumbled down—almost perched—on the chair right next to Kaidan.

“Hi,” the boy said, winced when he jostled the clump of tissues pressed to his forehead.

“Um, hi.” Kaidan didn’t look him in the face. Not his blue eyes or the dark red clump of tissues. The kid had thin legs and broad shoulders, he was sitting really close.

“Are you okay?” The boy asked more like he was hoping to hear a grizzly story, but he still leaned forward and tried to catch his eye. Kaidan looked out the window: his mom looked exhausted, still arguing. He sighed.

“I’m gonna be fine. I just need some stitches, probably,” he mumbled into his own wad of bloody tissues, shrinking away just a little from the boy’s intent stare.

“Yeah, me too. What’s your name?”

“What’s yours?” Kaidan fired back. The boy’s eyes got grim for a second.

“Not telling.”

“Shepard,” called the nurse from the in-patient desk. “You making friends or you making me regret bringing you in?”

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viv-vision  asked:

Okay but after they’re done with battle and their back on earth Thor learns what a PHD is and he’s so proud??? Of his bf??? He’s like WOAH WAIT YOU HAVE SEVEN OF TJOSE????? UR SO SMART WHAT????

bruce: what did you think it was????
thor: i wasn’t sure but you sounded proud of it and i like it when you’re proud of yourself so i kept reminding you about them.
bruce: ….oh

Bah, HumBuck!: Masterlist

Work In Progress

Pairing: Bucky x Female!Powered!Reader

Summary: For lovelynemesis’ Rockin Round the Christmas Tree Writing Challenge! Prompt: “This was a terrible plan.” “This was your plan.”

You’re the newest Avenger. Realizing that Bucky plans to spend Christmas alone, you enlist the help of Vision, Wanda (your best friend) and Steve (Bucky’s best friend and your mentor). You’re determined to make his Christmas amazing, but it seems like fate isn’t on your side.

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Plan A // Plan B // Plans C and D // Plan E // Plans F and G // Wing It

the worst part about losing my mcfreaking glasses is that i NEED my mcfreaking glasses to be able to FIND my mcfreaking glasses

even if they were right in front of my face i wouldnt be able to see them

i once lost my glasses for a whole month and they were literally sitting in a drawer that i checked almost every single day


viv-vision  asked:

Sometimes I like to think about Thor and Bruce just talking excitedly about their interests and looking at each other’s eyes like this started as a crack ship for me how did it get this bad

ok but u know that they are so patient with each other and when bruce goes off on tangents about what stuff he’s studying in space, thor just listens and smiles because he loves seeing bruce so happy and engaged, and cause thor is Smart he also engages in the convo, which delights bruce.

(highkey same fam like what happened)

btw  if  ann.abeth  at  sixteen  or  older  (  like  after  boo  )  ever  saw  the  sirens  again  ,  the  vision  would  be  of  them  sitting  with  &  gro.ver  &  tha.lia  &  rachel  &  the  rest  of  the  seven  &  chi.ron  in  new  athens  (  a  place  at  camp  they  built  )  laughing  &  smiling  with  no  prophecy  ahead  of  them