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So some of you have asked about fanfic recs and I actually have a link on my page with some of my favs HERE

But there are few that I just feel need to spotlight. 

Bitter Cold by mugglesarah by far my favorite Fourtris AU, heck it is possibly my favorite fourtris story period! Go read this! That’s all I literally have to save because once you read this your fourtris life will be complete. 

After October by wittleblonde42 is another AU one in which Tobias has a sister and so far I am loving every chapter the author has posted. 

Something New by inopinion is an alternate ending to Allegiant and is full of angst! Oh gosh so much physical pain reading this but I love it oh so much! 

Of course the traditional favorites and the best of the best,  bleuwrites and windchimedwriter have their stories which by now I have suggested their stories about a million times. Check out my dear friend cordys-vision too, because her stories are also a good read and she has an interesting twist to the Divergent World. 

© Yasuzō Nojima (野島 康三), ca. 1931, Model E

Yasuzō Nojima (1889–1964) is well known for his contributions to both Japanese and world photography as an artist and publisher. He was instrumental in raising photography’s status as a fine art in Japan in the 1930s. He published the periodical Koga in 1932. The magazine was the first devoted to modern photography in Japan and the first to present Japanese photographers to the rest of the world.

Nojima introduced a new photographic aesthetic to Japan, one that concentrated on the technical and aesthetic qualities of photography in its own right rather than as an imitation of paintings. Nojima’s early works, which were gum-dichromate prints, had a soft focus with a pictorial vision. His later still lifes and nudes, though still soft, were striking in their simple and direct forms. (+)

entropysexandphotons asked:

Is religion completely incompatible with an anarcho-communist society? It seems to me that a TRUE allegiance to Christ is a pledge to live a selfless life with no possessions.

The issues of believing in the divinity have been already addressed many times, especially by Bakunin. 
First of all, the belief puts man in a position of inferiority and subordination to a fantastic being on behalf of which men oppose themselves to other beliefs. And this is the first and most inconsistent of all the foulness of the institutional religions with anarchist thought.
Secondly, as described beautifully by Schopenhauer: either you think or you believe. And anarchism is based in turn precisely on the rational and anti-dogmatic feeling which allows the dynamism necessary for a free society. 
Furthermore institutionalized religion proceeds by inviolable dogmas, namely it moves from a few thousand years old crystallized vision of life which rejects the calling into question of its assumptions and the acquisition of new experiences and knowledge. In some cases religion goes as far as to deny science (indoctrinating children), as in the case of creationism or AIDS.
The ethical problem of religion is that people are not driven to achieve their best. In other words, someone who follows the prohibitions of the church is simply avoiding to be a criminal and not acting as a positive influence on the world. Indeed the very idea of hell contradicts that of free will. On the other side, while the religious prohibitions are insufficient (prohibitions only determine the absolute limit of evil that a society is willing to tolerate), the rational ethics can lead to a fully realized ethical life. 
Notwithstanding that the anarchists are not really in opposition to individual belief but rather to the authoritarian and deceitful nature of organized religion, those institutions are mostly hierarchically organized, and very often, in close alliance with the State and capital (as happened for the major fascists coups in Italy, Spain and South America).
Among other things religions usually prescribe certain rules in an authoritarian way, as seclusion or celibacy, that are incompatible with individual freedom promoted by anarchism.
In short, religion has always been seen by Marxism and anarchism as the opium of the people, or rather something functional to the coercive power of the bosses to which the faithful are subject loyally and obediently as much as they kneel to their god (religion puts man in the position of having to save his soul and earn the forgiveness of God rather than seize a decent way of life, and it calls for the submission to the pain, suffering and sacrifice because part of the misleading earthly life).

Some people think that these two things are not so opposed as some might think (one of the classic anarchist slogan is: No god, no master). There is even a christian inspired libertarian movement started from Tolstoj, but with deep roots in the tradition of the heretics, the Anabaptists of Münster and the radical Christianity of the Diggers (Thomas More and Campanella utopias were christian books, and Liberation theology has played an important role in Latin America socialism).
Anarcho-christians going back to the mythologized figure of Christ (regarded as the first true anarchist), claim to be able to recreate the kingdom of heaven on earth. In any case, the key thing is that they do not rely on the irrationality of religion, but derive from it lessons to be applied in a rational way.

Religion tends to conceive a genuine relationship with God in the observance of obsolete rites. Spirituality tends to replace the relationship with God with the connection with the real (natural) world. It is an overcoming of false hopes, meaning the re-appropriation of the present time and the discovery of the new possibilities of material life to live in an increasingly less material way. Spirituality is the search for understanding of life and the universe, the search for a higher consciousness, the union with others and return to nature.
And to me it is exactly this constant spiritual quest the foundation of anarchism and the reason why religion and spirituality (as well as religion and anarchism) are incompatible.

Title: A Vision Comes to Life

Words: 1931

A/N: Hey everyone! This is the next part in the A Ghost From the Past Sam Series! There will probably be one more part after this… We’re coming to a close people! Thank you so much for all of your support. I am 1 away from my first 500 followers and I am absolutely amazed by how great and kind you all are! As always, feedback is appreciated. I always want to know what you are thinking! 

“It’s been hours Dean! The poison should have worn off by now!” Sam exclaimed, pacing back and forth beside the bed. After they were sure the Djinn didn’t have any more victims, they had loaded everything into the Impala and drove as fast as they could back to their motel room. You were still unconscious when they placed you on the mattress, in an effort to make you comfortable. It had been five hours since they had returned, and you were still passed out, lost in your own world. They had taken to the books, looking for anything that might wake you up, but it was beginning to look hopeless.

“Sam, we have to think of the possibility that she doesn’t want to wake up.” Dean said from his spot at the kitchen table.

Sam stopped pacing and looked at his older brother, horrified that he could think such a thing. “What are you talking about Dean? Of course she would want to wake up!”

“Not if whatever she’s dreaming about is better than what she’s got, Sammy. For us it’s been a few hours, but to her it could be days, even years.”

“Well she may not even know that she’s dreaming. Maybe if we could find a way to get through to her…” Sam trailed off, and strode quickly to the table where Dean was sitting. He picked up his father’s journal and began to flip through, scanning the pages quickly.

“What are you thinking?” Dean asked, curious as to where Sam was going with this.

“When Charlie was captured by the Djinn on that case we worked…. Here!” he turned the book to the side, showing Dean his discovery. “We dream root to get through to her. We can do that for (Y/N)!”

“It’s worth a shot. I think we have all the stuff for the spell in the car.” Dean stood, taking the list with him, and left the room. He returned a few moments later, his arms full of the various ingredients. “Now, when I go under…” he started.

“You’re not going under. I am.” Sam stated.

“Sam….” Dean whined, he really didn’t want to fight his brother right now, there was too much going on. “It’s dangerous, I’ve already been under a few times. I know what I’m doing.”

“She doesn’t know who you are Dean. To her, you could just be some crazy person stalking her. If I go, she will recognize me. I know she will.” Dean looked at his little brother. He knew right then that he wasn’t’ going to change Sam’s mind. He rolled his eyes and began mixing the drink.

“Fine. Just remember, that once you go under you don’t have a lot of time. Every second counts, you gotta find her fast.” He turned around, dream root in hand and motioned for Sam to sit down in the chair next to you. “Have fun with that…It smells like feet..” Sam took the glass, and held it to his lips. He glanced over at you, motionless on the bed. He took a deep breath and threw the drink back, swallowing it in one gulp. Here goes nothing.

“Sam! Hurry up or we’re going to be late!” you yelled as you slipped into your heels.

“I’m ready!” came a reply. You rolled your eyes before checking your outfit in the mirror one last time. You had on a dark blue sleeveless dress with matching shoes and a bag. The necklace that Sam had given you hung around your neck and the pendant sat nicely on your chest. Your hair was up in a sophisticated bun, but you had left some curls to frame your face. Out of the corner of your eye you spotted him in the mirror. You sighed.

“Sam this is a fancy restaurant. You can’t wear jeans…” He scoffed at you.

“Well I didn’t know that I was engaged to the fashion police!” he teased.

“Oh shut up.” you said, smacking his arm. He smirked at you before leaving to put on his suit. You turned to make your way back to the bedroom, but you froze when you were thrown into what seemed like another reality.

“She doesn’t know who you are Dean. To her, you could just be some crazy person stalking her. If I go, she will recognize me. I know she will.” The man that was apparently named Dean looked at Sam. He rolled his eyes and began mixing a drink.

“Fine. Just remember, that once you go under you don’t have a lot of time. Every second counts, you gotta find her fast.”

And just like that you were back, staring at the walls of your bathroom. This wasn’t the first time you had seen something like this. For the last few months you had been having flashes of them, and each time you did it was harder to ignore the uneasy feeling in your stomach. They were always short, only lasting for a few seconds, and sometimes they happened so often that you thought you were going insane. You haven’t bothered telling Sam about them. You didn’t really want him to worry about you.

“Ready to go?” Sam asked, suddenly appearing in front of you. You nodded, pushing the thought of your visions to the back of your mind.

“Yeah. Let’s go.”

The drive to the restaurant was silent. You were still thinking about what you saw earlier. It had been somewhat different than before, more clear, more….. real. Sam could tell that you were lost in your own mind, and gave you the time you needed to think. He was always so good about knowing exactly what you needed. When you pulled into the parking lot, he walked around and opened your door, holding his hand out to you. You took it and the two of you walked in to meet the rest of your party. Jessica greeted you when you reached the table.

“(Y/N)! It’s been too long!” she stood up from her chair and came to hug you. She squeezed you tight, and you squeezed back, as hard as you could. “Hey, go easy on me. If you squeeze any harder this beach ball is going to pop!” she laughed, bringing your hand to rest on her pregnant stomach.

“Well, we wouldn’t want that now would we.” You said with a smile. Sam came over and hugged Jess before moving around and greeting her husband.

“Good to see you again Brian. How’s it going man?”

“Pretty good if you don’t count the late night snack runs and the pregnancy hormones.” He said, pointing to Jess.

“Oh come on man. It can’t be that bad!” Sam reasoned.

“Oh really!?! We’ll see if you sing the same tune when it’s your turn.” Sam turned and gave you a smirk.

“We’ll actually…” he started. Jess interrupted him.

“No way. Are you pregnant?!? Oh my God this is so exciting! How far along are you?”

“I’m ten weeks.” You said sheepishly.

“OH! I’m so happy for you!” she gave you another hug before you all took your seats at the table. You nudged Sam with your elbow.

“I thought we were going to wait until after dinner to tell them.” You whispered.

“I’m sorry! I’m just too excited to be starting a family with you. I couldn’t hold it in anymore.” he defended.

“You’re lucky that you’re cute.” You teased.

“The luckiest.” He smiled and leaned in to kiss you. After a moment, the others at the table began to tease you, so you pulled back and straightened your dress, trying to hide the blush rising to your cheeks. You picked up your menu and began scanning the many options that the restaurant offered.

“(Y/N)!” You looked up at the sound of someone calling out to you. You dropped the menu and stood up, not believing that this was happening. ‘Imaginary Sam’ stood a few feet away from you, but this time.. he wasn’t just in your head. The others at the table stood too, your Sam coming around to stand in front of you.

“What are you doing here?” he said. The somewhat unfamiliar Sam stopped when he spotted Jessica. He stared at her with misty eyes, unable to hide the shock of seeing her. After a long moment, his response came in the form of a whisper.

“I’m here to take her home… where she belongs.”

“She belongs here.”

“Will someone just tell me what is going on!?!?!” you yelled, confused about why you were seeing two Sams.

“He’s not real (Y/N). None of it is! This is all in your head!” ‘imaginary Sam’ yelled, becoming even more determined to get you home.

“Shut your mouth!” the Sam in front of you shouted. The other Sam wasn’t fazed and moved closer to you.

“You’ve been seeing things right? Hearing voices?” he asked.

“How did you know that?” You felt sick at your stomach.

“You’ve been poisoned (Y/N). You’re not seeing visions… You’re seeing the real world. Your actually unconscious on a hotel bed.”

“You stupid…! You just had to come in and ruin everything for her! She’s happy here, leave her be.” You couldn’t believe your ears. The Sam that you knew and loved seemed to know what was going on, and you were over him keeping you in the dark.

“What the hell are you talking about? Is he telling the truth?” you questioned him. He sighed and took a breath before turning to face you.

“Technically… yes.” He followed you when you moved away, reaching out to touch your face. “But, you can be happy here. You can live a full life with everything you ever wanted. You just have to stay here with us.”

“He’s right (Y/N).” Jessica said. “It will feel like years. We can have our children together, be soccer moms…. everything that we would have been doing.”

Your brain felt like it was going to explode. You stepped back away from them. You looked at the man who seemed to have popped out of thin air, he looked haunted. There was something in his face that made you heart hurt. “If this is true… What happens if I stay/”

“You’ll die.” He whispered. “Please come home. Please.” You stood in front of him, your eyes searching his.


He released a shaky breath at the sound of your question. He threw himself forward and captured you in a hug. “Don’t freak out… but you have to kill yourself.”

You pulled away from him, suddenly terrified. “KILL MYSELF? I THOUGHT I WAS TRYING NOT TO DIE!”

“No! Listen,” he took both of your hands in his. “It’s to wake you up. My brother.. He’s done it before.”

“You’re asking me to kill myself.. How do I know this is even real? How do I know that I’m not just imagining this?”

“Hey! Look at me!” he brought his hands up to cup your face. “I am real. This…” he leaned in and kissed you. Sparks went off the moment that your lips touched. “This is real.” You separated yourself from him, and moved over to the table. You picked up a knife from beside your plate.

“(Y/N), please don’t do this.” fiancee Sam said. “ I love you so much. We are going to have a family together…”

“I’m sorry.” A tear fell from the corner of your eye. You looked at Jessica, she was crying too. “I am so sorry.”

Then you plunged the knife into your chest.

lunahour asked:

Hello loves! Jessica - I just donated to you lovelies. Since you're doing career readings, I have a question about my Lunahour business. Just really feeling the increase in productivity with it, and I am making the goal to try and either even out my job and Lunahour or to make Lunahour a full-time business..I know these things take time but if you could give me some insight regarding this journey, I would really appreciate it! :)

You are just the sweetest, whenever I see your icon in our ask it always brightens up my day. :) I really look up to you as a reader, and I love your blog. (and that past life vision I had makes me really look up to you as a person too, a vision like that really helps you get to know someone lol)

Before I even do the reading, I do want to point out that the other day your grandma recognized your business, she was encouraging you to go for it, that your business would be successful.

Doing the reading, I think that you should go ahead with this plan, but I don’t think that you are ready yet.

One day I can easily see you opening a little shop, maybe even from within your own home, and I see you being successful in doing this.