Quest for Skinks

(So my sister challenged me to write a cute Faust fic, so here’s a special treat for y’all.)

The smell of skink woke Faust from her doze.  Warm sunlight rippled over her scales as she stretched in her sun beam.  She could hear noise from the kitchen, but wasn’t sure if it was Asra or the apprentice.  Then again, if it was skink, if was probably Asra.

With a soft “plop” she slithered off the snake bed that was attached to the shop’s window and onto the counter.  Someone hadn’t cleaned up the shop counter, so she wove her way through various bottles and containers.  Now she could hear someone humming in the kitchen.

Asra.  And then her tongue flicked out and she caught the more important scent again. Food.

Winding her way down to the floor, she slunk along the wood.  She had to be stealthy if she wanted that skink. Asra didn’t like sharing.

Carefully, she made her way into the kitchen, shimmying up a table leg to get to higher ground.  Asra was humming as he cooked, moving carefully around the kitchen.  He turned towards the table and Faust quickly darted behind a bread loaf.  It wouldn’t do for him to catch her now, oh no.

Hidden so well, she missed the amused glance the loaf received.

Peeking out from behind her amazing hiding spot, she was proud to see Asra turn back to the stove.  Who was the master of stealth now?

Three close calls and one carefully timed leap of faith later, and she’d made her way to the counter.  She was close now, close enough to see the skink on stove.  Her tongue flicked out excitedly.  That skink was as good as hers.

And then suddenly the floor vanished from under her.


She paused, tongue flicking out cautiously.  It hit the invisible, infuriating barrier known as glass and confusion washed over her.  Glancing up, she realized she must have fallen off the counter and into one of herb jars.

Another tongue flick only confirmed her bad luck.

Lemon grass.

She rose upwards to try and escape her smelly prison, only to hit the lid with her nose.


“You seem to be in a spot of trouble.”  The mirth was obvious in Asra tone and eyes as he appeared in Faust’s vision.

Faust perked up, moving her tail to gesture towards the lid.  Help?

And then she remembered the most important thing.  Skink?

stubbom  asked:

Out of interest, who is the most beautiful woman in art history in your opinion?

This is exactly the kind of question I love! First up at the plate is Emma Hart (later Hamilton), my icon and dream girl:

(Sketch of Emma Hart as Circe by George Romney, 1782)

Bouguereau’s work is also up there, especially this one:

(The Wave by William Bouguereau, 1896)

I love this sculpture by Antonio Corradini, partly because it is insane to me that you can make marble look like that, and also because…I mean, that body:

(Veiled Truth by Antonio Corradini, c. 1750)

And Luis Ricardo Falero’s witches also deserve a mention. I like a girl who looks like she could eat me alive:

(Vision of Faust by Luis Ricardo Falero, 1878)