She put both her hands on his shoulders and gazed at him long, with a deep look of ecstasy and yet searchingly. She scrutinized his face to make up for the time she had not seen him. She compared, as she did at every interview with him, the image her fancy painted of him (incomparably finer than, and impossible in actual existence) with his real self.
—  Leo Tolstoy, from Anna Karenina (Penguin Classics, 2004)

Wanda being your best friend would include…

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  • This would be special
  • With Wanda, friendship is like a little different
  • She has a very hard time opening up to people bc of what happened in her past
  • Besides her brother she basically did not really like humans at all
  • But when you joined the Avengers, something clicked between y'all
  • First of all: You weren’t afraid of her powers (didn’t even really know how powerful she really was until your first real mission together)
  • You always thought the others exaggerate when telling you abt her freaking awesome witchy red and black smoky powers
  • You were partners, which Wanda wasn’t happy about (babysitting you lol)
  • You’d be a little intimidated bc Wanda would kinda have this judgmental expression on her face the whole day
  • (She was more or less just waiting for the moment you’d run off bc of her and that’s why she looked grim)
  • She really liked that you didn’t know a lot abt her past and about her and she liked how you didn’t ask stupid questions about the team and all
  • She actually thought you were super cool, kinda like a less chill version of Natasha
  • And she kinda wanted you to be her friend cause female friends, or any friends at all, has been rather not there in her life
  • You worked good as partners but when enemies approached Wanda obviously had to use her powers. Let’s assume she did like the mind control thing and you saw it
  • You were positively amazed and said something along the lines of: ‘Damn that’s freaking cool’, assessing her power more or like a new gun or some new Avengers tech.
  • Wanda was totally surprised. You weren’t scared or intimidated or thought that she was psycho. You were curious
  • Not about THE POWER in itself bc that everyone wanted to know (egoistic people)
  • But…You actually asked her to describe how she does it and no one ever cared before how Wanda even uses her power and how that makes her feel
  • You had all the questions!!!
  • You immediately realized her passion for the power itself but her burden of carrying the power and getting it under control and tried to avoid the stuff she usually gets such as: where did you get it? can you kill with it? are you crazy? how much money do you want for doing this and that etc.
  • After that conversation on the way home Wanda was basically convinced that it was worth it to maybe open up a little more to you
  • I’m pretty sure the bond between you would grow slowly but steadily into a beautiful friendship
  • It would literally need all the nutrients and water and stuff in order to blossom like a beautiful flower (aaaalright. I’m definitely way too excited abt this)
  • And Wanda is like super chill when she gets comfortable around someone
  • And she actually has the funniest and weirdest humor
  • And she has the weirdest movie taste: basically the shittiest romance trash
  • And let’s not forget about the time you set Vision and her up to FINALLY talk
  • She had like the biggest crush on him since months and kept lowkey talking abt him all day
  • And the day Natasha was basically added into the girl group, you guys were unstoppable (and that’s a whole other story to tell;)
  • Ahhh I love this.

You’re Beautiful

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Peter Parker X Reader

Request: Nope. I wrote this for @phiauniverse because love, you are beautiful!!!! and I also wrote this for everyone who needs to know that they are beautiful. I love you all. (Side note: The outfit the reader is wearing is literally the same thing I wear, flannels are my thing, so please don’t judge.)

Warnings: Reader doesn’t think they are beautiful, fluffy as well because we all love fluff.

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The Dark Secrets I know (pt.2)

Words: around 1600

Genre: slight angst

Pairing: avengers x reader

A/N: Okay so finally here’s the second part. I really hope you like it. In this or next part i am also going to ask you to please vote on the pairing. if you like it please reblog, comment… Love you all and I hope you enjoy.

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You were lead out of the secured room by two security guards. Tony and Nat promised they’d explain everything once you get to the Stark tower. You were sceptical about this. Whatever was going on it must have been big, considering they turned to you for help. you were now out of the secured area, nearing the main hall of the building. Jasmin was already waiting for you with a key for your cuffs.

“Oh please Jasmin, there really is no need for your hands to be shaking like this, I don’t bite.” you said nonchalantly.

“Well, not unless you want me to.” you added in a seemingly dangerous voice and gave here an intense stare.

The nurse took a sharp breath in, trying her best not to shudder in front of you, but knew she was failing. you noticed of course. You notice everything.

“You two are crazy for doing this, you have no idea what she’s capable of and what you’re getting yourself into.” She whispered harshly in Tony’s ear.

Tony just shrugged. was he worried? Damn right he was! But if he had to choose between you and Hydra, his pick was obvious.

He sighed. “Well,let’s hope for the best.”

You walked into the main room, where the team was already  gathered. you quickly scanned the place. 

“Everyone, this is Y/N, Y/N meet the team.” Tony said, gesturing to the Avengers.

Steve was the first to stand up and offer you a hand. “Welcome, I am so glad you’ll be able to help us”. He said with a kind voice. 

Even though you haven’t completely agreed on helping them, well at least not until you know what this is about, you still managed to give him a kind smile. 

The next was Sam and then Wanda and Vision, who wouldn’t leave her side when you were near. I guess you could see where his fear was coming from, but why nobody ever believed when you said you were innocent. You weren’t the one who plotted the attacks, you merely tried to warn people from it and what you got was years of being imprisoned in the government’s institution.

“So how good is she exactly?” Sam asked.

“Too good” Tony answered downing his shot of whiskey. “She’s able to tell your life story from the perfume you use.” he somehow muttered under his breath. 

“She what?” Rhodey almost spit out his of juice.

“That’s bullshit. No one can be that good. I mean come on! Perfume? Really? And she can what tell your future from the your toothpaste?” Bucky said.

“I agree she isn’t just that good. Nat is what I call good, but her? She’s…” Tony was about to finish his sentence when you suddenly showed up the door.

For a moment everybody went quiet. There were some confused and unsure, even untrusting glances thrown your way.

“ Well, Tony here says you’re some kind of psychic, knowing other’s story from their well… smell? Now I call that bullshit, so how about you explain yourself a little.” Bucky said, with a slight smirk playing on his lips.

“Well… I would never call myself psychic or anything of the sort, merely… very observant.”

“Observant? Just how observant is that? Can you give an example?” Sam teased.

“You want me to read you?” you asked.

“No, not me, or any of us for that matter. Everybody knows us, you could’ve easily pulled the information from the news. I want it to be someone random. A nobody.” he added.

“A nobody? You see people that’s your problem right here, you believe there are people who don’t matter. But guess what, those are the people that can do things that you’re concerned about because they can go under the radar while you’re convinced that they’re a nobody. I tell you now. There’s no one that is a nobody. But yes, I accept the challenge.” you said.

“Tony, turn on the cameras please.” you said.

Tony turned on the cameras around the tower  and suddenly there were hundreds of people on the screen in a conference room.

“Good, now Sam, be my guest and pick one.” you gestured to the people on the screen.

“This one.” he said pointing to the elegant looking man that was sitting ona bench, talking to a pretty girl next to him.

You took a few seconds to zoom in the photo, paying attention to the details, then cleared your throat.

He’s a fisherman and he’s not fishing for a hobby, but for sports. He has a brother somewhere in the US, lots of hobbies, but he’s especially interested in photography. a very talkative man indeed. He prefers a pipe over a cigar or cigarette, he’s good memory and he’s also a great observer and he still knows some poems he learned in school by heart.” you said.

“Oh yes, I can definitely tell that too. I am surprised you don’t know which book he last read. “ Sam joked.

“C?mon Y/N, you gotta give us something to believe what you just told us. You can’t expect us to believe you just like that can you now?” Bucky said, but with a tiny bit of seriousness and curiosity in his voice.

“Fine. Look at his sleeves. The edges are just a bit torn and used, some threads can be seen around the bottom edges, which we often see on sport’s fisherman because that’s they dry their fish hooks by hanging them on their sleeves. When they pull them off, they tear some threads.

His shoes are, due to their color and the way of production different from European models. These kind of shoes ar only worn in south parts of the US, but since he does not have an american accent I assume he came to visit  a relative, assumingly his brother, who’s probably the one who sent him the shoes as the gift.

Small wrinkles around his eyes suggest that he was blinking a lot due to the sun and wind present where he lives, so as far as I can tell by those facts and the slight tan of his skin he probably lives near the Mediterranean  sea.

His nails are slightly damaged. The damage is definitely caused by the acid, but not a strong one, so it’s probably the one they use for photographs. We know for sure he’s a smoker, based on the slightly yellow thumb that he uses to fill the pipe, while if he smoked cigars there would be two yellow fingers, usually the middle and the pointer finger. The wrinkle in the middle of his forehead suggests good memory and the wrinkles above his eyes show that he’s a good observer. 

Now i could spend the entire afternoon explaining how wrinkles form on our face depending on what we do in life, but I’m willing to bet I won the challenge.” 


Everyone keeps saying that “it’s confirmed! so-and-so won’t be playing insert-their-awesome-character-name-here anymore!” 

Like… no. Stop. Stop taking their words out of context. Yeah, they all have the potential to not return. Of course, they do. Their contracts are over, and all things considered, they kinda have to say that they might not come back, but they can’t say they won’t either. 

If one of them says “Oh, yes, I won’t be coming back for sure. I want to focus on other things.” Then we’re all going to go like: “OH, so he/she will be killed off if they for sure are not coming back.” and the directors/actors/company doesn’t want us to know that.

So yes, they all have the potential to not come back. THEY ALL COULD POSSIBLY NOT COME BACK. Except for the few who have movies coming up that we know. The ones that are filming right now. Other than that we have no idea. 

Also, the who, “I could potentially not be playing the character again” thing could mean more things. 

1) I want to take a break but I also want to come back, I don’t know yet. 

2) My contract is over and I haven’t signed a new one, (yet)/ I haven’t been offered the right amount to renew my contract(yet)

3) I am not doing full featured films but I’m doing cameos. 

4) No more full films are planned for my character but I will be appearing in other films alongside the others. 

5) I was killed off but I could be doing flashbacks or they could bring me back later. 

6) I want to spend some time with my family for a while.

It could mean many things these are just a few. I doubt any one of them is so willing to just shut the door so soon. They have all grown to love their characters. They’ve spent years with them, years inside their heads, they know they have fans who love them. They know what they and the characters mean to us. I’m sure it’s hard to let all that go so easily.



From Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #299, “Desperate Measures”

Art by Adam Kubert, Juan Frigeri and Jason Keith

Written by Chip Zdarsky

18.01.18 [34/100]

I have done something incredibly awesome, I have learnt the Alphabet in Braille. You may be asking “Cannuk, you’re a sighted person! Why are you learning Braille? Are you going to make fun of the blind?”

The answer is yes, I am sighted. No I am not making fun of the visually impaired! I learnt the braille alphabet , numbers, and the grade two level “er” for an important reason that will be revealed later… Can you guess what it is?


After @thorofficial, here is my new triptych - entitled “Sentinel of Liberty” - dedicated to the #Marvel #CaptainAmerica films trilogy. I mainly based this work on the characters so I hope you will enjoy it as much as the last one. #Avengers

credit to @RicoJrCrea) french touch!