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OMG I LOVE LOVE LOOOVVVVEEEE YOUR ART S O M U C H!!! I was wondering if you could do a drawing of Wanda and Vision. Maybe with Tony nudging Vision and Steve nudging Wanda into making Wanda trip and almost fall while Vision catches her AND THEYRE BOTH BLUSHING! Or something like that! I love this couple OML

Thank you so much sweetie! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my art! It means a lot! These messages are really sweet once in a while :)

I actually have something Vision and Wanda related that I’ll post right after this. How convenient how you asked for something ScarletVision when I was already drawing something. In the meantime, enjoy this warm up drawing !

No Spoilers (Avengers X Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Spoilers of AOU


Request: If you would be so kind I would like a Avengers x reader (around teenage) request where the reader from our universe gets dropped into the avengers.

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It’s not the first time the Avengers have seen a portal from another dimension. But it was the first time that a person has fell through and then have it shut.

At first they thought you were a possible threat, but quickly realised by the fact that you were in your pyjamas and looking at them in disbelief that you weren’t a threat.

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For people keep seeing and reblogging this (top one…which btw the end part with Cap and to the right is fake) the bottom one is real and was released by marvel studios themselves. Just thought I would post this cause all I see it the top one all over my dash and not the official one (bottom)

The Recruit

Written for @jurassicbarnes​‘s 1 year blog anniversary writing challenge. Prompt 21; “Jail isn’t so bad, it could be worse.”

Tony x Reader

A/N: So I have no idea why I wanted to do this, I am so not a writer, but I figured, ‘eh what the hell’. I probably won’t ever do one of these again since I’m sure it will suck but without further ado… enjoy! BTW todays my birthday.  

Tony sighed as he looked through the two way mirror.

He took in your appearance.

Not bad, he thought but then shook his head free from that train of thought.

Not now.

As he took the file from Vision’s hand, he turned and walked into the office.

“Hello Miss Y/L/N” he greeted, taking a seat at the desk, “I’m…”

“I know who you are,” you cut the billionaire superhero off, “And like I told your friends” indicating Vision and Hope van Dyne, “I’m really not interested in joining your superhero gang.”

Tony paused waiting for you to get it all out, not interrupting her the way he’d been on the receiving end of this.

“I’m not the hero type, Stark,“ you finished.

“Tony,” he corrected with a smile.   

[Continue Under the Cut]

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look i love tony, steve, and bucky with every fiber of my being but LITERALLY i do not want to see them in black panther besides a cameo or a credit scene. i don’t need any more white men overshadowing black characters and taking over predominantly black movies okay okay