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24 July 2016 |

Today marks the last day of winter break. Life will never be the same; who knows where I’ll be this time next year? This morning I found a note I had written to myself this day last year, it was somewhat surreal in that I looked at the note and remembered exactly what emotions I felt when I wrote it. For now I am blessed. Blessed with a loving family, soul friends and experiences that have widened my perspective on life.

I am inspired by everyone I meet, and even more so by the creatives out here who are seen as ‘radical’ for altering the lenses of their reality by following their vision and fighting for what they believe.

Earlier this year someone I am particularly fond of asked me if it was love or fear that motivated me, this question has been one of the most profound questions I have come across. The context and experiences we endure define how we may approach such a question.

Anyway, let’s enjoy this undercover summer weather.

- yukaphoenix

Avengers as Pokemon Types?
  • Iron Man:Electric/Steel (or Electric/Flying?)
  • War Machine:Steel/Flying
  • Captain America:Fighting
  • Winter Soldier:Steel/Ice
  • Thor:Electric/Fighting
  • Hulk:Fighting
  • Black Widow:Poison/Dark
  • Hawkeye:Normal/Fighting
  • Falcon:Normal/Flying
  • Scarlet Witch:Psychic
  • Quicksilver:Normal/Fighting
  • Vision:Oh god. Electric? Electric/Flying? Electric/Ghost??
  • Black Panther:Fighting/Ground
  • Ant Man:Bug (Bug/Steel?)
  • Spider-Man:Bug/Fighting
  • Loki (just for yucks):Dark/Ice
throwing stuff against the wall

and let’s see what sticks.

So? Some confusing spoilers? 

What if the JR filming from yesterday is somewhat related to Emma’s sword fight?

Morpheus guides people through their dreams, and I’ve been wondering if he hasn’t done that with Belle in the sense that he guided her straight into Killian’s dream with perhaps a warning?

Because if Emma had a dream or a vision of fighting some hooded figure and then being stabbed, would she have told him or anyone about it or dismissed it outright as being a silly thing not worth worrying her loved ones over?

Belle as far as we know is still under the sleeping curse, and there will be a price for waking her, unless she is being used as the price by Morpheus because he’s using her to do his bidding. 

This is sort of why I’m wondering if Morpheus doesn’t send Belle straight to Killian. Killian has a rather extensive “history” with the Gods. He was sent back to Emma by a God, so if Emma is going to be in trouble, it makes sense that he would also get a warning about it.

Plus there’s that whole scene at the cannery where we know Emma is being called in for assistance, so I’m wondering if they won’t pick that up sometime next week, because I still think that Killian and Emma are off on the JR on their own.


Fighting for blindness

Speculation time!

I’m loving this season, but each episode adds more layers to the D’avin puzzle. And that puzzle begins back to his time in the army. Why was he chosen for that program? Did the army know he was immune to Level Six conditioning? That he had the power to repel not only the goo, but the creatures themselves. Or is his immunity and power a result of the procedure done to him? Also, when he had his vision of the fight, he “occupied” the body of a soldier. A vision he wasn’t supposed to have at that point in his conditioning. I mean…it’s obvious D’avin is special, but why? Is he a once-in-a-generation human, who is vitally important in Kline’s secret war against Level Six/RAC/Nine? Kline protected D’avin and kept his existence a secret from Level Six at great risk to himself. I need answers. This season is only 10 eps long. 

anonymous asked:

What song would you use to describe each of the avengers

“Okay, uh - 

Bucky: Good Man, Devour The Day or I’m So Sorry, Imagine Dragons

Steve: Lonely, Akon 

Thor: this one 😂😂  don’t question me, bro! come on, that guy looks exactly like Thor.

Wanda: Shots, Imagine Dragons (Broiler Remix) - mun’s favourite song

Pietro: Runnin’ Down A Dream, Tom Petty

Vision: Superman, Five For Fighting

Bruce: this one - aw, c’mon, you know it’s perfect…

Sam: you know it’s this ….was I ever gonna say anything else?

Tony: Cooler Than Me, Mike Posner

T’Challa: No, Meghan Trainor - it just IS.

Natasha: Killer Queen, Queen

Myself: The Lazy Song, Bruno Mars

Done. Yes, I am proud of myself - I think they’re all perfect.”


Fight Vision Season 1. Muay Sangha Internal Arts Open Lesson 6


Open lesson in Muay Sangha Internal Arts part 4.

Head trainer - Pedro Solana.

Fight Vision - martial arts techniques & camps reviews.

Can we discuss how useless Vision was made to be in the stand off between Team IM and Team CA???

Because, like, a phasing/lasers/indestructible/fast/flying/infinitely strong/durable/density morphing ANDROID would win a fight against Team CA single handed (unless Wanda came at him again with the controlling… but she didn’t! The only person who could take him down and they are not seen pitted against each other in the confrontation!)

I get it. If he went “full Vision” on everyone, the fight would have been 5 seconds (That’s also the problem with Superman, which is why you either have to dumb down his power or mess with his emotions (oh hey there; that sounds familiar!)) but they literally show him gearing up to face off, and then something flies over his head, distracting him… and then he is not on the screen for a good portion of the fight. Not until The enlarged Antman sequence. 

What was Vision doing in all that time? I really would have liked to see him. He is the most powerful wildcard and he acted more of a spectator, occasionally offering his powers to create an obstacle, but never following through!

Was he feeling conflict? Like a child who didn’t want to decide between parents, but still acts obedient when orders are barked? Did he feel that he might accidentally KILL someone if he intervened too much? Was he purposely avoiding Wanda cause he was ashamed or unable to bring himself to think of hurting her? A few shots of his indecision and lack of focus would have been acceptable… but instead the narrative forgets about him until it needs him to provide an obstacle.

That bothers me so much! At least in age of Ultron, his brush with Ultron leaves Vision unconscious, so the stakes are raised because their wild card is benched, giving plenty of time to have focus on the mortals of the team. And when he comes back with gusto, he doesn’t go away. He takes out more robots then the rest, but it still provides action for everyone else because THERE ARE MANY FREAKING ROBOTS. 

So please. Explain why the film makers decided to just “not show” Vision instead of logically explaining why he couldn’t fight six people. PLEASE.

More Steven Universe

So this has probably been done in some form. But I’m a fan of SU and of Dungeons and Dragons so I’ve been contemplating what classes the gems are…. So here’s my ideas.

Garnet- monk. Because she strong and punches stuff! And is also magical (future vision!)

Ruby- fighter. Fights anything and everything

Sapphire- sorcerer? Because future vision and her magic comes to her naturally as far as I can see.

Pearl- paladin! Has a strong moral code and is v lawful. And her “deity” is Rose Quartz basically… Which is kinda weird bc of friend worship but due to Rose’s absence it’s more appropriate??

Amethyst- barbarian. Though she fights with a whip rather than a sword/axe/hammer/other stereotypical barbarian weapon, she fights with passion (and is just passionate in general), which is how I interpret barbarians’ “rages.” Plus her alter ego purple puma is totes the image of the stereotypical manly barbarian type

Rose Quartz- cleric. Bc healing and her affinity for all things nature~

Greg- bard. Not a gem, but is around sometimes to provide moral support for Steven, Connie, and the gems. Esp for things they don’t know about like taking care of baby Steven. Or transmitting that message from lapis lazuli

Steven- bard primary class, maybe cleric picked up later. Not only because it’s a mix of his parents’ classes. He was basically raised on music by Greg so that helps. He also adds a protective buff with his shields/bubbles. He obviously also has the healing powers which are kind of touch and go, so he’s kinda like a bard with healing spells. As he develops that particular power, he might start “gaining levels” as a cleric

Connie- ranger. I kinda wanted to say paladin, cuz that would totally work too since she trained under Pearl and has Steven as her… patron (for lack of a better word that’s not “deity” lol). I said ranger though because her she’s not as fanatical about her patron, and has a moral code based on her own moral compass. Plus she’s totally smart and studious, which I translate to Rangers’ special knowledge of nature and combat

Lapis Lazuli- wizard. I was kinda on the fence about sorcerer or wizard. Cuz her powers come to her naturally like a sorcerer, but she also has a specialty skill (anything water) like a wizard might have after studying a specific school of magic for their whole lives. Her deep knowledge of gem and earth history (that Pearl mentions as one of the characteristics of the mirror Lapis was trapped in) also reminds me of a studious wizard type. Also she’s little but totally powerful!!!!

Peridot- ummmm. Not sure. Maybe not one of the main combat-oriented classes, but like a blacksmith/tinkerer/strategist. Maybe an aspiring Druid due to her growing interest in earth and nature~

Jasper- barbarian/paladin. Really on the fence about this one bc she’s obviously big and buff like the typical barbarian, but she also has a strict moral code based on her “deity’s” laws (Yellow Diamond). So maybe multi-class.

That’s all I got for now. Anyone reading is welcome to comment, I’d love to hear your ideas :) esp other ideas for their classes, characters I didn’t list, and their fusions’ classes!

I’m glad Marissa Meyer gave us an example of an intelligent man losing his mind slowly in Dr. Erland so we know that no matter how smart you are, you cannot completely fight the visions. Dr. Erland was extremely smart and very old, and he didn’t give up his gift until later in life, and so his hallucinations came at him slower. Winter said when her mind was focused on a puzzle was when her hallucinations were fewest, and Dr. Erland was determined on a huge puzzle for a long time on Earth (Princess Selene/Letumosis). 

This brings me to Winter. Winter is smart. Winter is intelligent. She can puzzle through and work things out and speak eloquently but also with intelligence. She is not a silly little girl. She is a smart girl plagued by her decision not to use her gift, and it’s giving her hallucinations that are hard to handle. She’s been having visions since she was 13. She did not have years of practice with her gift before she stopped. Sometimes I mistake Winter for being crazy and writing her off as not as important because of that. But she’s not. Dr. Erland, Dr. Logan Tanner, and Winter are all smart people who made hard choices and chose not to use their gift. They are all still the same people they were, with a a side of hallucinations to torture them for being strong enough not to use their gift.

Insane || Avengers x Reader

Anon: Can you do one where the reader has a vision before the big fight?

A/N:That happens at 3 am when I can’t sleep. I get creative! Oh my god I just remembered of DHIS and I don’t think I’m sleeping tonight at all lol


It was late January when it happened. Some nights were terrible. You had the same dream for a long period of time. But it was getting worse it’s time.

You decided to talk to the team but they didn’t listen to you. They said that it was just a dream. Well you had to believe them. But it felt so real.

There was a really big fight. Two teams were standing against each other. One of them had Tony, Natasha, Rhodes, the vision and two other superheroes you haven’t actually met. The other team must be lead by Steve and the rest of the Avengers except Bruce and Thor with two new additions, the winter soldier and ant-man. You couldn’t hear what they were saying. In all of a sudden they started fighting.

The strange part was that you were nowhere to be seen.

It haunted you. You knew that it wasn’t real, but, it still was painful. Watching your family fight against each other wasn’t a thing you’d like to experience.

One month after the nightmares begun, you were on the edge of freaking out. You couldn’t sleep at nights, overthinking about it. It was like a battle scar. It never left.

“Just listen to me, for once” You tried to talk to your best friend Steve, he didn’t listen.

“Y/N, it’s just a dream” That’s what they all said. It’s just a dream.

You were bored of hearing to those words.

“Tony, I know you will say the same thing to me just like the others but please, can you hear me out?” He nodded and looked at you. “Lately I’ve been having..”

“I’ve heard the story. For the fifth time this week. Y/N I just think you need to relax.” You sighed and rolled your eyes, tears threatening to fall from frustration.

“I know it’s going to happen. But I won’t be there, so please, when it happens, try to stop it with a good way.”

“What do you mean you won’t be there?”

“Something bad is going to happen to me” Now tears were soaking your cheeks.

It was true. Two months later you decided to go for a walk to clear your mind from all the missions and your vision. Then it happened. You felt a tight pain in your chest. It made you knees week and you fell to the ground panting for air. Your vision went blur. The last images you saw were all the avengers together. But the very last was all of them divided.

Noone knew what really happened to you. The cause of your death. High-trained doctors almost said that you died in peace.

Another month passed without your presence. The avengers were getting depressed. Then the Sokovian Accords came.

There was a disagreement between Tony, Steve and the other Avengers. Some of then did sign, some didn’t.

Then Steve found his long lost childhood best friend, James Buchanan Barnes. The atmosphere was full of anger.

Then it happened. The remains of the team and new additions gathered into the airport. They said it was just a dream. Noone believed you and now, there they where, fighting each other in an airport. Family vs Family.

They didn’t listen to you. Noone stopped fighting.

It’s been a year since the fight. Tony saw Steve for the first time, looking down at your. He hesitated at first but then moved closer to him.

“They were right..” Steve mumbled. A tear left his eye. He didn’t look at Tony. “If we did listen..”

“Nothing would have changed.” Steve shook his head.

“They would’ve been alive. Don’t you understand? Those nightmares killed them. We killed them. We thought they were insane.” Tony took a deep breath.

“I miss Y/N”

“Me too” Steve looked at Tony for the very first time. “Y/N wouldn’t want that..”

“I know.. It’s about time to reunite the team. For Y/N

“For Y/N”