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You think saku would know whether sasu wears glasses or not since you’d need to have reliable vision in a shinobi fight in order to survive the outcome. Karin is a prime example here. In both the FoD and in the fight against Kaguya sasu didn’t need to wear any assistive devices.

It’s really not a matter of, oh I don’t see him very often, so Idk. You saw him in fights. You even fought him yourself. If there is anytime to wear glasses if you need them, its when the difference between life and death depends on being able to see your enemy. In the times that you were there with him, in those critical moments, was he wearing glasses?

If not, then did he need them?

If not, then would he wear them???

Rly Saku, why couldn’t you just be honest with your kid like a decent parent? Are you really so doubtful of your kid’s own competence that you insist on sheltering her?

Another thing to think about, in the land of iron, the only reason sasu didn’t smite his teammates was because his vision was blurry as hell, making it impossible to land and dodge attacks. He was under the full CoH too, so he wasn’t pulling punches. If Obito handed him some glasses that somehow greatly improved his vision at that time, do you team 7 would be alive?

Avengers Rant

Avengers - Age of Ultron! (7.5/10)
Great movie that sets up stuff for Phase 3 and Ant-Man.

The movie just that, a set-up for other movies. No further character development except for two people I really don’t care in an Avengers movie - Black Widow and Hawkeye. Seriously, come on!

RDJ is leaving in one or two more movies from the series. So, they couldn’t set-up more Iron-Man scenes? Thor left at about the start of the movie and did not come back till the final fight.

Vision was awesome but only had ten minutes of screen time and not even a decent Vision vs Ultron fight scene. Just a two minute talk and bam!

We have two new characters - Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Their stories are butchered and their father is forgotten and ignored. They got powers from a frigging rod!? What the frack? And Quicksilver can’t dodge a bunch of stupid bullets? What the hell? Why do you take us for fools Joss? This is a guy who can run circles around a speeding bullet!!! COME ON!!!

The Hulk leaves, Iron Man is old, Captain America is stubborn and frowning, Thor is confused, Quicksilver is dead, Scarlet Witch is slow, Haweye, Black Widow and Falcon are now Avengers!

The Avengers have a new team - yay! And I’m excited? o.O;

It’s going to be very disappointing if Vision sides with Tony in Civil War.  Not just because it’s made clear that he is no longer JARVIS and has evolved to have a will and desires of his own, but because as he says, he’s for life in general and sees shades of grey in everything.  Being forced to choose a side at all would be contradicting that stance he made, wouldn’t it?  Both have their pros and cons, but I feel he’d be looking for some sort of compromise as a peacemaker.

Okay so I know people are pitching bitch fits over how, in Ultron, we saw Peggy but didn’t see Bucky when Scarlet Witch messed with Steve’s head. There is a reason for this.
When the vision starts, there is a party and soldiers are home with their girls and dancing and what not. Peggy shows up and explains that they won; the war is over. Then she says they can go home, settle down. Steve is fighting the vision and it flashes an empty room and then to he and Peg dancing before he pulls out of it.
Bucky is never shown. But here’s the thing: Wanda was showing people their biggest fears. Cleary, Steve fears the war ending. He needs a war to function, and its even said later in the movie that that’s the case. He also fears going home and settling down. Whether it’s settling with Peg that frightens him or settling period is unclear, but it’s the case none the less.
Steve isn’t frightened about Bucky. He isn’t afraid of Bucky, or frightened that he won’t ever remember again. He isn’t frightened off their past or their future, whatever that may be.
That’s why we didn’t see him during the vision. You can take this information how you like.

Just watched avengers age of ultron. Fourth of the six infinity stones found. The Vision introduced. Plenty of fighting. It’s all the friggin best

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How do you feel about people comparing Peripheral Vision with Title Fight's recent record?

I think it’s a little silly how some people think it’s sounds the same. They’re a great band and great people though so whatever. 

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"How are you still alive?"

Angst Starter Masterlist

      She groans against the pain that makes the edges of her vision tunnel, fighting
      against the unconsciousness that threatens to send her over the edge into darkness.
      Her wounds are bad – she knows that much at least, & perhaps even life threatening,
      but she has NEVER been one to give up & while there was still the possibility of
      protecting her daughter, she wouldn’t give anyone the satisfaction of watching her die. 

                       “Did you really think I would be so easy to kill?”

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You got no reason to let people keep you down. Stand up and fight for what you are. And your biggest challenge is the one that lies within yourself know what you’re fighting for.
(Kevin Chalfant)

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Age of Ultron

After seeing reactions on Tumblr, I have to say I agree with the negative reviews of characterization (mostly of Nat), but one could write them off as being

after-effects of Wanda’s attacks on them. That fear lingered with them until they could confront it in the face by fighting Ultron.

  • Vision was probably the greatest thing about the movie. If the movie built toward anything it was his appearance, and it certainly changed the game.
  • I’m still kind of confused as to what the Lullaby is. I’d find it incredibly stupid if somehow she were just able to calm him without some training or subliminal hypnosis thing or some drug on her fingertips. I mean she’s not Betty Ross and she never should be. Where did Hulk and Nat go and become that close anyway?  It’s ironic considering how terrified she was of him in the first Avengers.
  • I never shipped Wanda and Vision in the comics but when he picked her up and looked into her eyes. (Vision never seemed like husband material to me but damn)
  • Vision lifting the hammer would upset me outside of the movie, but I like how it was used to show he was trustworthy. (obviously it’s also because he can phase-shift stuff)
  • Steve’s fear scene. HNNNNNNGGG ALL THE FEELS.
  • There  were quite a few shots from the original trailer (Cap kicking doors open, the woman in the pool, Ultron singing?, Vision opening his eyes) that didn’t make it. Makes me interested in seeing the uncut.
  • I didn’t really like the idea of Hawkeye having a family because it ages him tremendously. (obviously his Jimmy Fallon appearance threw us off) It’s such a deviation from the ass he is in the comics. I like how it was done, quite a bit actually (Auntie Nat!), but it was weird.
  • Ultron was also a huge deviation from the comics, but I also really liked him. It wouldn’t really work outside of this movie though.
  • They screwed up Ultron’s origins but made up for it with Vision’s.
  • That prima nocta line was actually horrible though. I didn’t understand it during the film, and I think it’s something Tony would say just for shock value without meaning it at all, but it’s still pretty bad.
  • I’m guessing that during the final fight the Hulk just ran throughout the city and Vision took a really long nap?
  • I wasn’t really a fan of War Machine and Falcon becoming the new Avengers because of the way they’ve been portrayed as Tony and Steve’s friends who have their own lives and don’t really want to be Avengers (so it seemed). Although yes, Falcon has been a staple of the Avengers, but that was a very different character. MCU Falcon doesn’t seem like a leader. Wanda and Falcon’s costumes though, AYYYYYYYY HOT DAMN!!
  • I was also upset that it wasn’t Cap’s Kooky Quartet.
  • I guess I really liked the twins. I don’t really get the whitewashing hate because they weren’t depicted in comics as non-white (yeah I get that they’re at least half-Jewish) but did everybody complain about Magneto’s white-washing?