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Waiting Room

Following his beheading and immolation at the hands of Edward and Bella, Aro found himself in what he knew from the memories of countless humans as a ‘waiting room.’

The walls were painted a dull sea-green, the floor was faded linoleum tile, and rows of uncomfortable chairs filled the space (along with a few end tables piled haphazardly with magazines). At the front of the room was a desk where a bored middle aged woman sat.

Aro noted that several of his departed dear ones already occupied many of the chairs. Demetri was there, drumming his fingers on his leg impatiently. Alec was comforting a clearly incensed Jane. Caius looked equally enraged, while Marcus sat with a serene smile on his face. It was only then that he noticed, sitting in a chair near the front desk, the figure of his dear friend whom he had murdered not a half hour ago.

“My, this is awkward,” Aro said.

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Idk if you're still doing these but if you are can you do Prompt #11, Wanda to Vision, because I'm Scarlet Vision trash ;_;

It’s okay, I am willing to dig myself deeper into the trash heap XD

“You don’t need to protect me.”

It’s softly spoken, a request, but he flinches as if it were canon fire come to rip his world apart; and, in a way, it is.

Wanda stares at him, eyes soft but jaw set stubbornly, red glittering around her fingers as she prepares to dart back out of the door, back into the fight.

The Avengers are outnumbered - as they often are - and outgunned - a rarer occurrence, but nothing they couldn’t deal with - and he’s been her shadow since the battle started, phasing through enemies and ripping them apart before they could even approach her.

She’d held her own on the ground, but it was obvious she wasn’t meeting as many enemies as the other Avengers were; they were all practically swarmed, while she took out three or four at a time, no more than that around her when Vision was at work.

It was selfish of him, foolish, but he couldn’t stop; the thought of her getting hurt, of her with blood running red on her hands instead of her power, was enough to bring a ringing to his ears and a pounding to his heart.

He couldn’t lose her; the last few months of becoming one of the Avengers would not have been possible without her kind smile and encouraging presence.

She could handle herself, he knew that, but even the possibility of something going wrong-

The crimson light faded as her hand rested against his cheek, pulling his distant gaze back to hers. She could read his thoughts; as she’d said long ago, she could see what he truly feared.

The smile that lifted her lips was warm, solemn but hopeful.

“I’ll be all right, Vizh,” she assured him quietly, and he rested their foreheads together, trying to convince himself of the fact. “I’ll be fine.”

He could almost believe it; somewhere deep down, he knew it was a fact not easily contradicted, but still…

He worried.

“I suppose that is just another human thing I’ll have to live with,” he acknowledged, and it felt like something was squeezing his heart.

Her smile widened. “Yeah, but worry helps; just so long as it doesn’t turn to paranoia. I don’t need that in my life.”

He started, a bit surprised at the joke, and then she was pulling away, scarlet wreathing around her once again.

“You first?” she offered, nodding toward the door.

He nodded.

The villains of this story didn’t stand a chance.


I’m about to attempt to watch the fourth episode of Marvel’s Netflix Daredevil series. Or take a stab at completing my Age of Ultron review. I haven’t been as exhausted today, so, here I go! *Feeling pumped* 

Recently, I happened to re-read Daredevil Volume 8: Echo: Vision Quest (published under Marvel Knights) while diving into Marvel’s Daredevil show. Containing issues #51-#55, written and illustrated by Kabuki creator David Mack, the trade places the spotlight on what I consider one of the most complex (but criminally underused Marvel characters) Maya Lopez/Echo. She is one of the few deaf and Native American heroes in comics. If you’ve never read it, I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND IT! For Mack’s sensational artwork and narrative for the character: just WOWZERS. I hope she someday eventually gets the live-action treatment. :) 

Oh, Mack is currently providing the glorious cover art for Fight Club 2, the comic book sequel story to author Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club (and the cult film of the same name directed by David Fincher). cameron-stewart is providing the interior visuals. 

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The whole "arent you going to wish me luck" bit gave me visions of future Robron fighting and Robert going to a job interview and trying to get Aaron talking to him. And Chas just rolling her eyes.



AND THEN WHEN AARON DOESN’T SAY NOWT, ROBERT GOES, “I don’t need it anyway, but I know you’ll still wish it me, just when I’m not in front of you.”


And Robert’s stood at the side hiding, waiting, and when Aaron says it, Robert peeks his head in like, “SEE!”



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50% rad 30% would probably fight people in an endearing way 20% charlie cox trash tbh

omg do you know how much my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach when i saw the lil message thingy i was so terrifyed that someone was going to absolutely shit all over me but thank u friend <3
I love u <3333333

honestly it’s kinda 55% charlie trash 40% would fight and 5% rad 
but i dont fight in an endearing way holy shit bro. 

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asjdhkjsdk what are the avengers' favorite movies??

Steve: Pearl Harbor
Tony: The Notebook
Thor: Footloose
Natasha: Black Swan
Clint: Robin Hood (the Disney version)
Bruce: Free Willy

and just for s&g

Wanda: Mean Girls
Pietro: Fight Club
Vision: He quite likes watching that old reel of Howard telling Tony he is his greatest creation.

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I'm not the biggest fan of breaking dawn, but I do like the movies and my favorite part (I'm watching part 2 on HBO right now) is when in Alice's vision that Aro sees his brother/friend/really not sure about the relationship there still LOL- is like "finally..." When they kill him LOL. Favorite fuckin part hands down

It’s pretty great.  Poor Marcus just wants out of his lonely, pointless vampire life so badly. 

I still kind of feel bad for the Romanians though, since they wanted to kill the Volturi more than anyone and they only got to take out the one who actually wanted to die.  Like in a way they were being NICE to Marcus. It was sort of a mercy killing, I mean that’s kind of a hollow victory, right? Although in my head, if the battle had been real, the Romanians would have told the story differently:

“He had the strength of 5 vampires.”
“No, 10!”
“Yes, 10! And yet Stefan and I—”
“—we killed him.  Ripped off his arms and tore him in half—”
“-as he begged for his pathetic life!”

And everyone else is like, uh huh, yeah, riiiiiiight.