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So my ask blog apparently came up with a miraculous ladybug au for gumceline XD

So just for the heck of it, lemme just give some precious new info for this new au.

Bubba ( Sweet Tooth ) - Son of a baker in a small cafe, kinda a loner, has abilities to summon (Edible, but much more durable than normal candy) candy weapons. Flexible.

Marceline (NightMoon) - Comes from a powerful family, like to play music in local areas (Including bubba’s cafe), can fly, has night vision, fights with an axe.


I’m not clever

I Have To Keep You Safe: Part 2 - Peter Parker

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Ok, first off, i wanna say thanks to all the people who asked for a Part 2. I really wasn’t expecting that much positive feedback because I haven’t written anything since probably last year, so thanks!! I got 43 messages asking for a Part two so, here it is!!!

This isn’t my best, vewy sorry. Read other works here : Can You Keep It Down? & A Sentimental Moment

Warnings : Cursing, violence?

Word Count : 1.7k

Part 1

Two Weeks Later…

“Left hook! Dodge! Come on, Underoos!” Tony shouted at the young hero.

Peter was back in training at the Tower, fighting against Vision in a practice battle. Usually, Peter would be dominating, spitting off little sarcastic quips every few minutes, but he was off. Really off.

He was holding back his punches, and making mistakes that no one ever expected from him.

“Something’s wrong with him,Tony.” Widow nudged him in the side, pointing at Peter.

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This game is awesome! Not only did I get to start out with a SUPER POWERFUL version of one of my all time FAVORITE characters, but I also got my favorite character’s “Fated Love”. And to top it all off, I can even team up to fight evil and gain another bonus with his dad.
It meant the world to me when I learned of Billy Kaplan, formerly Asgardian/currently Wiccan. Now, to see him and his partner in a video game, this is just absolutely amazing to me!
It’s a little thing, but makes a huge impact on me.

Waiting Room

Following his beheading and immolation at the hands of Edward and Bella, Aro found himself in what he knew from the memories of countless humans as a ‘waiting room.’

The walls were painted a dull sea-green, the floor was faded linoleum tile, and rows of uncomfortable chairs filled the space (along with a few end tables piled haphazardly with magazines). At the front of the room was a desk where a bored middle aged woman sat.

Aro noted that several of his departed dear ones already occupied many of the chairs. Demetri was there, drumming his fingers on his leg impatiently. Alec was comforting a clearly incensed Jane. Caius looked equally enraged, while Marcus sat with a serene smile on his face. It was only then that he noticed, sitting in a chair near the front desk, the figure of his dear friend whom he had murdered not a half hour ago.

“My, this is awkward,” Aro said.

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      Flashes of green invaded the darkness behind Korva’s closed lids, her breath catching and her brow gently furrowing as her eyes frantically began to dart back and forth; what had started as an innocent cat nap became a nightmare– no… a vision.

      Sulerion was fighting– a demon, a terrible monstrosity… the Kaldorei was panicking, she could hear his heart’s strangled scream of her name. She could only watch from her mind’s eye as he and the dreadlord locked into fierce battle before the bastard hauled him miles into the thundering skies.

      The Arakkoa’s chest began to rise and fall with laboured breaths, terror seizing her body. 


      Even when the foul thing had been vanquished, the hunter began to fall, and just before she could see what became of him she snapped awake– or rather, the Dark forced her awake. “Your body is too weak to handle such stress!” it hissed in its many voices.

      Korva immediately sat up and dropped from the branches of her tree, tears welling in her eyes as she shut them once more and called to her beloved from the shadows. “Sulerion… Sulerion!

      Her amethyst irises disappeared behind a well of inky blackness, wide with upturned brows as she dropped to her knees and dug her talons into the grassy ground. Anzu, she cried in her head, let him be safe…


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I'm really liking the commanded by, fight alongside and fight against questions. Okay War of Five Kings, which of the Kings would you be commanded by, fight alongside and fight against. (I'm guessing Stannis, Robb and Joffery)

This is another easy one. Commanded by Stannis, he’s an effective tactician and strategist, one who can create an effective formation to accomplish his objectives. Fight alongside Robb, he’s an Alexander, a monarch who fights alongside his people to unite them to his vision. Fight against Joffrey, a coward and bully who can’t lead a fire team, let alone an army.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King


That scene… sends chills… so many emotions

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I'm not the biggest fan of breaking dawn, but I do like the movies and my favorite part (I'm watching part 2 on HBO right now) is when in Alice's vision that Aro sees his brother/friend/really not sure about the relationship there still LOL- is like "finally..." When they kill him LOL. Favorite fuckin part hands down

It’s pretty great.  Poor Marcus just wants out of his lonely, pointless vampire life so badly. 

I still kind of feel bad for the Romanians though, since they wanted to kill the Volturi more than anyone and they only got to take out the one who actually wanted to die.  Like in a way they were being NICE to Marcus. It was sort of a mercy killing, I mean that’s kind of a hollow victory, right? Although in my head, if the battle had been real, the Romanians would have told the story differently:

“He had the strength of 5 vampires.”
“No, 10!”
“Yes, 10! And yet Stefan and I—”
“—we killed him.  Ripped off his arms and tore him in half—”
“-as he begged for his pathetic life!”

And everyone else is like, uh huh, yeah, riiiiiiight. 

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In spite of the contradictions, I loved to see that final battle. And may I say I just loved how Esme clung to the edge instead of letting herself go? I felt it was a beautiful metaphore of her life before and after Carlisle. When Carlisle found her, she had lost the most important person in her life (her baby) and attempted suicide by jumping off a cliff. In BD battle, she's once again in that position: the most important person in her life (Carlisle) is dead, and she's at the edge of a cliff.

(cont) I found it heartbreaking but beautiful at the same time that, this time, she chose ‘life’ over death. I felt like, in her mind, she wanted to give up so bad, but she knew that, if she did, everything Carlisle fought for, everything he did for her, everything he did to save her would have been in vain. So she clung for life in his honor, as a big thank you. Some kind of ‘You wanted me to live, so I’ll live for the both of us and keep your memory alive’ :)

Yes, yes, yes!  Amen!  I got some flack a few months ago when I unfavorably compared Bella’s reaction to being dumped in New Moon (“love, life, meaning… over”) to Esme’s reaction here at the battle, but c’mon, how can you NOT be impressed by Esme’s struggle to survive?  She could have easily just collapsed into a ball of grief or let herself fall into the pit, but she didn’t.  Even in Breaking Dawn (the book) Bella is planning to die if Edward dies.  She isn’t going to try and live on for her own child if she loses Edward.  But Esme—who had been driven to suicide by grief before—decides to fight on.  It’s awesome and beautiful and so heartbreaking.    How can you NOT interpret that as wanting to go on to keep his memory and legacy alive?  Everything he had built (and everything they had built together).   That’s so much more romantic (and brave!) to me than the Romeo and Juliet double death thing. 

BD2 Commentary - Condon is a Huge Troll

This one is a little out of order, but in terms of screencaps it sort of has to go here.  He’s talking about them basically trolling everyone with this fake vision.  He goes on to say, “And when it turns out to be a dream and that kind of slow realization that my God, they’re still alive, kind of gasp followed by nervous laughs and often just lots of applause because people felt so good about the fact that they were still here.”

Which is basically what I said here.