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My impatient ass

Friend: What do you think will happen in Infinity War? Wanda and Vision seen to be very close to each other but…

Me: The twins

Friend: … they have been just in two movies together.


Friend: We have not even seen them kiss! Do not you think it would be too soon???


Adorable Jerks + Bonus Chat

Pairing: Sam x f!Reader


Could you do a Sam x reader where the reader and sam just constantly tease bucky and Scott (maybe with the use of memes)

Sam has created a chatroom.

Sam has added Y/N, Bucky, Scott.

Scott: Hi! :) How are you two?

Bucky: what is this

Bucky: what do you two want





Bucky: S T O P

Scott: I have one question, that really needs to be answered: How did you get pictures of those events?

You: A tech genius never reveals the fairly obvious answer.


Sam: when you see an insect


You: when the insect sees you

Bucky: You think you’re so funny :(

Bucky: Well you are but whatever :(

You: thank you snape? ◔̯◔

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Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (2012) #1 (of 9)

“I go to all the trouble to rescue you, and you two are in here making out? You’re prisoners. Prisoner don’t stand around making out with each other. Do they?”

I love Tommy so much, even if it’d be nice to get a kiss after such a tender moment.

T’Challa’s Abilities

Just a few things he can do, nothing much really. A pretty lowkey king.

  • Super-Genius Intelligence: 
    • Polymath genius
    • Eidetic memory
    • One of the 8 smartest people on Earth
    • Has a PhD in physics from Oxford University (possibly more)
    • Combined alchemy w/ science to create a new scientific field called Shadow Physics
      • allows him to track vibranium on a quantum level, craft weapons that are effective against vibranium
      • created a teleportation device which at the time ripped apart anyone using it w/ great healing ability
  • Master Martial Artist: 
    • Master of all martial arts including African an unknown forms
    • Master of stealth, disguise, etc.
    • Considered one of the best martial artists to have ever walked the Earth
  • Weapons Master: 
    •  Has mastered all known weapons
  • Master Acrobat: 
    • Rigorously trained gymnast and acrobat
  • Expert Marksman: 
    • Master marksman adept with hunting knives, firearms, and other projectile weaponry
  • Master Tactician: 
    • Genius tactician, strategist, and leader who is practically peerless 
    • Was taught tactics and strategies in his youth by his father who encouraged him to always think two steps ahead of his enemies and three steps ahead of his friends
    • Able to out think and out maneuver individuals such as Tony Stark, and other geniuses
  • Expert Tracker & Hunter: 
    • Even without his superhuman senses, he is a master tracker and hunter. Can pick up a prey’s scent and memorize tens of thousands of individual ones.
  • Multilingual:
    • Can fluently speak his native language, English, and other various languages.
  • Master Inventor: 
    • Can invent various devices with special properties when needed
    • Can duplicate practically any other technology after learning how they work or by glancing at the designs
  • Superhuman Strength:
    • Demonstrated exceptional feats of strength like wrestling down a Rhino and breaking its neck, knocking out a Polar Bear, stopping a Elephant’s charge, sending Namor flying with a kick despite his opponent’s superhuman durability, destroying a water mill by bracing himself on the ground and flexing his muscles, even killing a T-Rex dinosaur while using a palm tree as a catapult while in a weakened state
    • Classed at the peak of human potential
    • Marvel handbooks class him strong enough to lift 800 lbs
    • Superhumanly acute senses (like heat vision), enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, healing, and reflexes
  • Diplomatic Immunity
  • Insanely Rich

Despite being a leader of the Young Avengers, poor Patriot (Elijah Bradley) looks like he had been demoted into the background while Kate Bishop the second-in-command is front and centre. This looks like a foreshadowing to Kate Bishop’s popularity and her rise to Hawkeye series as well as the demotion of Patriot by sending him to Comic Book Limbo after this storyline. 

- Avengers: the Children’s Crusade #1


6 Ways Visualisation Can Help You Manifest Your Dreams

To manifest the life you dream of you first need to create a clear mental image of what this life looks like. The process of visualisation is the beginning of the manifestation process - anything your mind can perceive, you can achieve.

1. Details - what does this life look like? What can you see, hear, smell, taste & touch in this ideal future you want to live in? How is it different to where you are now? What does each day look like? Writing down each sensation adds finer details to the overall picture - the physical act of taking something from your mind and bringing into your current reality starts the process of manifestation.

2. Emotions - how does your vision make you feel? Concentrate on how it would feel to live in the future you want to create, what else could give you the same feeling? For example if you feel a great sense of peace during the visualisation you could practice meditation or go into nature - aligning your actions with your vision speeds up the manifestation process.

3. Vision board - what inspires you? Building a vision board of pictures related to the life you want to create will help inspire you in your daily life during the process. If the beach is an integral part of your vision and you see it on your vision board every day it will serve as a reminder of what you’re trying to achieve. This can be particularly useful if your goal will take some time to achieve.

4. Meditation - harness the power of the mind. Sit with your eyes closed and let your mind wander - observe the thoughts that flow through you. Acknowledge any doubts around your ability to create the life you seek & counter each one with a positive affirmation. “I can have whatever I desire”, “I am worthy of the life I seek” & “I am creating the life I dream of” are powerful affirmations to use during meditation.

5. Use your voice - speak your reality into existence. Find a manifestation buddy or someone you trust and speak about your visions, exchange ideas & support each other through the process. This greatly helps with all manifestations because it allows you to bring ideas out of your head and into the now - words are vibrations, you can use them to align yourself with the reality you want to create.

6. Next steps - reverse engineer the goal. Perhaps the most important part of the visualisation process is working backwards from where you want to be to where you are now and understanding what you have to do to bridge the gap. Map out your actions over the course of days, weeks, months & years to help you create the life you dream of - having a map makes it a lot easier to get to your destination.

Anything the mind can perceive - we can achieve.

Peace & positive vibes.

Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (2012) #1 (of 9)

Back when the Young Avengers was really taking off on tumblr a few years ago, I was a little confused on where they had come from. I was familiar with Young Justice over at DC but since I had been spending so much time with DC stuff it was like, to me, the Young Avengers just appeared out of the blue. 

So I didn’t know where to start to catch up so it was actually this limited series that was my first real introduction to the team. That might seem fairly random (and it is) but as such this story has kind of held a special  place for me as one of the reasons I began getting invested in Marvel again after years of having gone turncoat in aggravation and sticking with DC instead. 

But let’s talk about this cover: this is like, basically a movie poster. They could not fit more dynamic character poses into this if they tried. And while there’s definitely some math problems so far as even rep for girls and boys, I do like that Kate and Cassie get like actual poses instead of just busts out looking vaguely sexy. 

Wanda gets the short end of that particular stick. Her head’s not nearly as big and menacing looking as Steve and Tony’s!

Carol’s.. there. Much like her role in the comic itself. But we’ll get further into that.


TWICE Signal AU | By @jeanchevaljean and @confessionsofashyfangirl

Enhanced Strength - Chou Tzuyu
Telekinesis - Son Chaeyoung
Enhanced Speed - Hirai Momo
X-Ray Vision - Park Jihyo
Temporal Rewind - Im Nayeon
Invisibility - Minatozaki Sana
Time Freeze - Yoo Jeongyeon 
Hypnosis - Myoui Mina 
Self Duplication - Kim Dahyun
The Parent Crap: 15 Superheroes Who Seriously Messed Up Their Kids
Being a superhero doesn't necessarily make one a super parent. We've found 15 superheroes who've been the worst things to ever happen to their kids!

Okay, so about this list.

1) I don’t know if I should be upset for lack of Slade “the worst” Wilson but I guess they limit it only to superheroes and not supervillains who sometimes have heroic phases.

2) They somehow got Batman’s entry wrong. No, Bruce didn’t get Damian killed, Talia did. And you REALLY should mention his crappy parenting moments in pre-flashpoint continuity, esp. regarding Cass and Tim, not just be dismissive of all Bruce’s adopted children because “they’re not actually his”.

3) VISION GOT ON THE LIST TWICE! Once with Wanda (although CBR sure undermined how his passive-aggressive demand for children pushed Wanda to create kids that would become Billy and Tommy) and once for Vin and Viv.

4) Is your entry on Beak solely based on the fact he HAS kids while being ugly?! What the hell?!

5) Okay, so they made an entry for Green Arrow for abandoning Connor. Then they made Roy Harper entry based solely on the fact he is Ollie’s sidekick and a former drug addict? I mean, they don’t even say anything why they consider him pad father except that Green Arrow is so he’s too…because. And twist everything to the contrary to make him look bad AND blame him for Lian’s death. That’s fucking low.

- Admin


Captain America (Steve Rogers), Avengers, Young Avengers and Secret Warriors assemble to take down Iron Patriot (Norman Osborn). 

Now for a close-up at the three star-spangled themed superheroes at the second pic. There’s Patriot (Elijah Bradley), Captain America (Steve Rogers) and Captain America (Bucky Barnes, also nicknamed as “Bucky Cap” or “Captain Bucky”). 

- Siege #3, 2010

I am a Scarlet Vision Trash

After Civil War

Me: OMG OMG you saw  them, don’t you?! THEY WERE SO BEAUTIFUL TOGETHER!

Sister: oh dear god

Me: he was cooking for her and she smiled at his jokes!  Billy and Tommy are basically confirmed!!!  I CAN’T WAIT FOR INFINITY WAR!!

Sister: … 

Sister: Don’t you think is a bit soon…?


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what young avengers taught me

eli taught me to stand up for what you believe in no matter who tells you you’re wrong

kate taught me that you don’t need powers or training or much of anything to fight for the right thing

teddy taught me that being kind to everyone is not a weakness and neither is unexplainable love

billy taught me that having depression is something that you can recover from and that believing in yourself is an important step

tommy taught me that it doesn’t matter where you started it just matters where you’re going

jonas taught me about being an individual

cassie taught me to respect my roots

noh varr taught me that a positive outlook on life is a good thing

david taught me that intelligence and wisdom are badass

america taught me that sometimes you just need to kick ass

nate taught me to not fuck around with time travel or you might become kang the conqueror



Avengers: The Children’s Crusade (2012) #1 (of 9)

“And you think I have the power to do something like that… Because you believe Tommy and I really are the sons of the Scarlet Witch?”

“Here we go…”

“Tommy has doubts, but how else do you explain a speedster and a witch named “Thomas” and “William” who could be twins?”

What, it’s been months and Tony can’t be bothered to fork a few hundred dollars and have you two DNA tested? You’re going to tell me that at the very least the two of you still haven’t confirmed you’re twins? Or that SHIELD or Tony Stark himself doesn’t have a DNA sample for one of their longest timed members turned most feared mutant on the planet?

No one’s given anyone a paternity test?

But I suppose that level of thinking would also mean like… Tommy and Billy having to think of how weird it is to be on a team with a teenage version of their former kind of dad?

Nevermind, it’s okay, that’d be a weird thing to think about. Leave this giant plot hole in its place instead. 

I do love Billy calling out the Avengers on the hypocrisy of how they handle people though. I always love when heroes get called on these things because it’s like. At least the writer’s can admit that they’re making the characters contrived to justify what they’re doing. And you can feel that way and still love the characters on the receiving end.

Just look at how many Batman reviews I’ve given!