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Rey’s visions were probably a group effort by Force Ghost Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Yoda.

Obi-Wan is like, “We can’t show her too much… Just enough to get her to Luke. A subtle nudge.”

But no, Anakin has to go ALL out to the point where Rey gets scared and tries to run away from her destiny.


Pokeani Characters under the Ace umbrella

Drew and Harley headcanon credit to @itstimetodrew

Kenyan headcanon credit to @impergaytr


Boat-house by Geir Drabløs
Via Flickr:
© All rights reserved Old Norwegian boat-house. 

Pont Vanis

Following another divine vision, the group finally had their sights set on a new destination. Come to think of it, Judeau had never once ventured so very far from Windhelm, let alone set eyes upon the ocean. He’d heard stories and seen paintings of it, but in spite of having the childhood dream of becoming a pirate, he’d never once actually experienced the ocean for himself.

Nosferatu Zodd was perhaps the least enthusiastic, the idea of being stuck on a boat for an extended period of time already wearing thin his nerves. Once the mountains gave way to the flat coastal planes, Zodd found that travelling alongside the wagon was far less troublesome than trying to fit inside it. He may as well enjoy the freedom of movement now before being confined to the desk of a rickety old warship.

It took some time, but eventually they neared their destination. Already the air carried with it the scent of the sea, constantly moving with the force of a gentle breeze. Farnese had been given the task of guiding them through the last leg of the trip, and for that Judeau had been very grateful… at least for a time. When Farnese was preoccupied, it seemed that Griffith’s antics reached whole new levels of churlish.

“You need help with what…?” his voice rang out timidly.

Judeau hadn’t been quite sure he’d heard correctly. Really, he’d only turned his attention away for a few minutes to admire the grassy plains just outside Pont Vanis, and when he turned around, Griffith had already begun his usual beautification process. As fate would have it, Judeau had heard correctly. Griffith needed help with the lacing of his corset, all while only partially clothed in sheer stockings and the daintiest of undies.

Really, could Griffith have picked a more distracting hobby?

“I don’t know the first thing about lacing that thing up.” he insisted with a slight puff of is freckled cheeks, “Why not get Farnese to help you? I can switch spots with her right now, if we must?”

Granted, Griffith needed to be prepared before entering town if their tried-and-true scheme were to hold up, but Judeau had never once so much as undressed a lady, let alone helped her with a corset. Given the Hawk’s current state of dress, if one could even call it that, Judeau couldn’t think of a worse time to learn how.

“Farnese, come back here and help him with this thing, wont you?” he asked sheepishly, averting his eyes out of habitual politeness.

Meta on Character Name Inspirations in "The 100"

Some names are given by Kass Morgan in the books, who it seems favors sci-fi authors whereas the characters added for the show seem to come from fictional characters in well-known literature.

According to my observation, the characters are called by the name (first or last) that is the one they are meant to be identified with…i.e. Murphy instead of John).

Clarke – Sir Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey He predicted satellite communication and other futuristic ideas for his time like going to the moon; known as prophet of the space age. He popularized science thru science fiction…a fitting name for a child of the ARC to be named after a visionary. Clarke’s character is consistent with this namesake because she sees the reality of what is coming and shares the vision with the group.

Bellamy - Edward Bellamy, author of Looking Backward, utopian science fiction, originally wrote for entertainment but caught the vision of his own work and started nationalist movements and the People’s Party. Bellamy identifies with this author as he initially uses his skill for his own gain and protection but soon catches a larger vision and uses his charisma and skill at casting vision for the true good of his people.

Octavia – Bellamy explained at her birth that she was named for the sister of Ceasar Augustus, sister to a ruler. The name Octavia means eighth child, which could also have overtones to her status as an “extra”/”burden”. I actually think it was chosen because the name is beautiful and if you have a better idea of why she embodies a literary or historical Octavia, leave me a comment!

****Gustus – I’m inserting this early because I think his name was chosen for the express purpose of paralleling Bellamy…just in case it wasn’t made triple-decker clear by the dialogue. Gustus is the shortened form of Augustus (Octavia’s brother), and his loyalty to his princess was unbreakable, even though she was willing to sacrifice him for the group, just like Clarke did symbolically to B. by closing the dropship door and sending him into Mt. Weather. Gustus could also come from the name Gustave which means “royal staff” which is also consistent with his position as Lexa’s right hand.

Lincoln - (duh as if the statue wasn’t a big enough hint, lol) Abraham Lincoln, uniting factions in that were in civil war…seeking equality and nobility.

Finn – It seems obvious that Finn recalls to mind Huckleberry Finn. Lowest class, better at earth skills than academics, he does what seems right to him despite hearing opposite messages from his society. He makes his own rules, flawed as they are but he is not content to settle for the established right and wrong of the group.

This one gave me chills:

Raven - Edgar Allen Poe’s narrative poem “The Raven”, is the tale of a talking raven’s mysterious visit to a distraught lover, tracing the man’s slow fall into madness.

Just, WOW. They knew from the beginning where Finn was headed. RESPECT.

Wells – H.G. Wells, author of The Time Machine. Classic enough to not need meta, yet I will dig in and remind that Wells wished to go back to a time when he and Clarke were close, but instead found himself thrust into what he thought was going to be far in the future; a trip to a new world.

Jaha – usually an African girl’s name, meaning Grandeur. This is appropriate for the Chancellor for his high social status and for Thelonious and his determination to only speak eloquently and with great vision.

Thelonious – the name that embodies him even more as it means “one who plows the earth”. The determination to take back the earth and make it home despite the trouble of planting is one I think we can expect to see much more of. On the ARC he was probably named for the famous jazz musician Thelonious Monk.

Oh these two…just wait….

Abigail – In The Bible, Abigail’s husband disrespected refugee King David, which set David off to attack their home. Abigail took food and gifts out to meet the king to ask forgiveness for her husband, behind his back and against his wishes. This greatly impressed David and he showed mercy. Later her husband died anyway and David married her. Do you see the parallel? Abby told on her husband’s “treason” to Thelonious, whom she trusted to have mercy. That didn’t really go as planned, but he did continue to show her favor. Abby is a peacemaker first and foremost. She abhors fighting and will do anything unreasonable to prevent conflict…as long as it’s her way, lol.

Kane – oh this guy… “He never sought to analyze his motives and he never wavered, once his mind was made up. Though he always acted on impulse, he firmly believed that all his actions were governed by cold and logical reasoning. He was a man born out of his time - a strange blending of Puritan and Cavalier, with a touch of the ancient philosopher, and more than a touch of the pagan, though the last assertion would have shocked him unspeakably. An adabest of the days of blind chivalry he was, a knight errant in in the summer clothes of the fanatic. A hunger in his soul drove him on and on, an urge to write all wrong, protect all week or things, avenge all crimes against right and justice. Wayward and restless as a wind, he was consistent and only one respect - it was true to his ideals of justice and write. Such was Solomon Kane.” From Solomon Kane by Robert E. Howard. Do you think they had a blueprint for this character or what!? Marcus could be from Ceasar Marcus Aurelius…it’s a good leader name.

Jasper – such a fun name. Jasper Fforde, author of The Eyre Affair - a book where u can literally get lost in literature, the hero attempts to save Jane Eyre from being kidnapped out of her book to stop literary homicide. Literally the only time Jasper man’s up is when he needs to rescue someone…i.e. Octavia, Monty, Maya, MONTY….

Monty – I’m at a loss on this sweetheart’s name inspiration.

Shortened Montgomery “power of man”. Monty Hall problem: brain teaser of probability.

I’m a total loss and open to any better suggestion. Not including Monty Python.

Maya – our sweet mountain princess: I’m going to solidly claim that she was named for Maya Angelou, author of the autobiography I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Let me pause so you can cry ***********

[BTW – Cage and Dr. Tsing (pronounced Sing)] 

In case you’re not getting it, Maya is the bird…

Dante, President Wallace – Dante’s Inferno is the tale of a man’s trip through hell and purgatory…sounds just like Mt. Weather, eh? Oh and everyone in there has a tendency to burn up in the sunlight.

Murphy - Murphys law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Story of his life. Why do you think no one has called him John until Jaha invited him to hope?

Miller: Walter Miller, author of A Canticle for Lebowitz. In the story monks preserve remnants of civilization after nuclear war.

I’ve seen some great compliations of grounder name meanings and I think they have that covered.

An explosive beginning

Some time back, my dad, some of his friends, by brother, and I, were playing Deadlands. This was the either 2nd or 3rd session. We were camped out in a very small town in Kansas, little more than a few buildings. We were set up around the church. My character was a mad scientist (important to note) and I was on watch due to having glasses which gave me the best vision of the group. That’s where this starts. [End introductory explanation]

GM(my dad): Ok so you have someone up in the church’s bell tower keeping an eye out for trouble. Give me a roll.
Me: *Rolls high*
GM: Off in the distance you see a small flicker of fire that seems to be approaching quickly. In a few seconds you are able to make out that it is a carriage on fire, with the horses attacked to it panicked and speeding straight towards you. It’s coming quickly, but you reckon you should have plenty enough time to warn the others and clear out.

*The speed/turn order hand of cards gets dealt.*

GM:…And the carriage was just apparently going literally blazing fast and hits the church before you can even get more than a “Hey!” out. *Reveals a hand full of Kings for turn order, meaning 3 full turns of movement before anyone else could act* The church now has a burning carriage and dead or unconscious horses rammed into it, making a big hole in the side and beginning to set the place on fire.

———Not too long later———

GM: So you get out of the bell tower finally and come down to see the rest of the place already going up in flames. You see your teammate trying to put out a large tapestry that seems to be the main source of the fire, aside from the wagon. Are you going to help him put it out?
Me: Heck no! I run straight out of there!
GM: You arent going to help him?
The player putting out the fire: Yeah, you aren’t going to help me!?
Everyone else: *beat*
Other player: Ok yeah you should get straight out of here I may be set on fire but I don’t want to be exploded too.


Hey taylorswift

I contemplated not making this post for a long time because I never want to hurt or upset anyone even unintentionally but I can’t stand it anymore and I am honestly so proud of what I have developed and I’m finally going to tell you about this giant street team I created called melbourneswifties

A little over two years ago I decided to experiment and hit a “create group” button on facebook little did I know that moment would change my life! Over those two years I have had up to 500 people join my Melbourne Street team.

I started running Melbourne based Swiftie meet ups and each meet up more and more people would come (started with 13 members to 50+ now attending events). Straight away I had this vision of the group making a big difference in this world and I can proudly say our vision has come to life. Each event we have raised money for the Ronan Thompson foundation as well as the Cancer Council, easily we have raised over $1000 for charity which is a lot when you’re asking these lovelies who show up to events from hours and hours away to donate some coins after they’ve traveled from up to 6 hours from outer Melbourne but they still want to make a change.

Every single chance I have, I jump online and watch the group, interact and just feel nothing but happiness and love! People from all over Aus have joined the group and have started creating street teams following my path to make a change state by state and having that influence on people is something I am so proud of.

I don’t do much right in life at all, I constantly feel like a failure. But when people from this group message me essays about  how this group has helped them, giving them an outlet to be themselves and meet other swifties who are struggling with breathing but this group gives them a sense of belonging, I do not take that lightly. This group is extremely important to me and many others, call it dramatic but some members think it is a life saver having these events to come to, to let go and share love with fellow swifties, we’re all such a family and people have tried to tear us apart by spreading rumours about us but all of that has made us stronger because trust me I know the hearts of everyone in this team.

Thank you for tweeting our group collage/liking some event posts but I hope you properly understand what that giant group of people in the photos do and who they are. Seeing their reactions to you noticing us in my entire life so thank you for their happiness, they really deserve that.

Anyway I’ll stop rambling but I thought it was finally time for you to hear about what I’ve been most proud of in my 9 years of loving you! Check out the melbourneswifties event tab to see what we’ve done from charity/music videos/random acts/ serenading people etc

The best people in life are free..

PS the group constantly calls me their own Taylor and always say “more proof that Sam is Taylor Swift” so I guess we have something in common.. 

Lets hang at one of the 3 shows I’m attending in Melbourne or have a birthday bash for you or something..

I have a group Everlark art project idea...

If I know your email address/phone number/gchat/Skype/snapchat/IG/twitter/etc (or you know mine) or if we’ve ever chatted before and you want to take part in this idea I have, send me a picture of your handwriting of the word “real.” Cursive is preferred, but if you think your cursive is gross then you can just print it out.

It’s an idea, guys and gals (a real, live idea!). The more the merrier. I’m looking at all of you. Don’t make me start tagging people… Send it to me. And ask me if you need my info. If I know you I’m probably cool sharing it. Like this: IG pap_of_glencoe.


Blcns gllr da Zel Nunes

I like how they subtly show Wanda’s combat skills developing without ever drawing attention to it through dialogue.

Like, when we first see her, she’s totally non physical; using her powers to sneak up on opponents, give them terror visions, and slip away. In contrast to Pietro who’s whole shtick is basically body checking people really fast. The first time Wanda gets hurt in battle (by way of Hawkeye’s shock arrow), she’s screaming with pain and Pietro wants to get her out immediately, but she insists that she stay. So you get the feeling that taking damage in such a way is something new for her. 

In Sokovia, we get a pretty creative extension of her powers via mentally controlling people to evacuate, along with throwing up shields and deflecting debris as she protects civilians. New uses, but still all defensive based.  After a panic attack from witnessing the devastation, she gets her infamous pep talk from Hawkeye and only then starts using her powers offensively;  blasting enemy robots en mass and standing strong alone or in a group pitch battle.

Also, it’s quick, but we see her levitating to the ground in the final moments of the film… implying that she’s gained flight abilities as well.

That’s really… cool, y’know? Showing not telling and tying character development into power development which is befitting a comic book movie.