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As a gift to celebrate the opening of their bar and club, also serving as a peace offering along with his own apology for the events on the night of Eowyn’s kidnapping Fane stopped by Tír na nóg to catch Nuadia bringing along a couple of items he managed to track down both incredibly rare by their own standard. He didn’t stay long, but hoped the items would serve as a thank you as well as hoping to ease any lingering ill will that might have been caused by Faye calling upon their bound name.

The first item is a rare autographed Sound + Vision CD set; one of only 350 ever put into production it is displayed in a birchwood box complete with three CDs, one DVD, a 72 page book and a certified autograph of authenticity.

The second item is a one of a kind piece of artwork, crafted with the same artistic fervor as the master of pop art Andy Warhol, this portrait of David Bowie (perhaps the most restrained piece created by the artist) allows Ziggy Stardust’s signature lighting bolt to convey the infamous and timeless singer’s panache. Mr Brainwash’s artwork hinges around the concept that anything is possible in practice, that “Art has no walls. Anybody can be an artist,” and Fane felt the concept seemed fitting for the fairy’s view on the world that he gleaned from their initial meeting.

He hopes that they will find a home somewhere around the club for the piece considering how influential Bowie was in Nua’s life.

Mini Fics

Prompt:  Sheldon singing Darlin’ to Amy :)))

Guests were beginning to make their way to bed. The plates were cleared. The noise was dying down. The dance floor was dispersing. 

The wedding was over.

The last few people, including Leonard and Penny, clung to each other for support as they drunkenly fell through the door on their way out.

The band finished packing, slowly wheeled out the instruments and now all that was playing was an old CD that was gently humming incomprehensible tunes.

Finally, the room was empty.

All that was left was the bride and groom.

Sheldon and Amy swayed gently in each other’s arms.

Neither wanted the moment to end.

The CD jarred in the player and skipped, however the couple barely noticed.

They had not noticed the hall clear. They had not noticed the guests leave. They had not noticed anything.

The serenity they lived in now was not easily broken.

That is until a familiar song rattled out of the ageing speakers.

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