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Do have any ideas/thoughts on stevonnies vision of the crumbling road and scary Kevin face?

I do actually! 

I think that this is what happens as a fusion is too overcome with a certain emotion. Recall that in Coach Steven, Pearl told Garnet and Amethyst that they were losing themselves. This is the case here.

It starts with having literal tunnel vision. And it’s a good way to present what’s happening. Steven and Connie were so upset about Kevin that they couldn’t think of anything else. They were consumed by wanting to beat him at his own game. That’s why all the scenery disappears and all they can see is the road and his car.

And then, they start to destabilise, in the same way the Road behind them is destabilising. They’re coming undone because Stevonnie is experiencing a lot of emotional turmoil from their components. Steven with tunnel vision, and Connie, who at this point is realising that they shouldn’t be doing this. That’s why it’s Connie later who brings up what they’re doing and what they’ve become: Consumed.

But that doesn’t mean Connie isn’t afraid as well. I think both Steven and Connie, as much as they loathe Kevin, are to an extent afraid of him. He violated their space and consent. And he kept coming. As children, that was terrifying for them, because I’m almost certain they’ve never been in this kind of situation before. And Stevonnie, realising this, and also being the one at the forefront of experiencing this in Alone Together, is afraid. I’ve written multiple times that Steven and Connie are a great relationship. But they prefer to have the comfort of each other in person than they are alone together (hence the episode title), and unlike Garnet, who prefers to be one person. 

To help cope with the fear, their first instinct is to unfuse. I don’t think these thoughts ran through their minds as a step by step plan, but these were probably what they were feeling, even without their knowledge.

Visions through Relics..expanding theory!

Seems like I may be on to something with the whole Kylo Ren getting a vision through Obi Wans saber post of mine: Obi Wans saber, a vision and Kylo Ren

My expanded theory is that relics give visions to whoever touches them and this is why Rey and Luke may be going around looking for them when training.

I also think that Kylo Ren had been doing the same before he meets Rey, searching for relics because they give him visions and connect him to the greatness of the past. He has Vaders helmet which I believe gave him a corrupted vision from Vader “Show me again Grandfather, the power of the dark side”

A theme has been raised in Rebels and in TFA  that masks hide the true person and as it was confirmed at the Star Wars Celebration, when Ahsoka breaks Vader’s helmet, Anakin comes back momentarily because he has a “I can see her with my own eyes” type of moment. This is why I think Vader’s helmet is all Vader talking to Kylo Ren and not Anakin.

I think Anakin gave Kylo Ren a vision of who was connected by blood to Obi Wans saber in an attempt to reach out and save his grandson( because Rey will be the thing that saves him.) I think he’s also the key to her finding out about who she is.

Obi Wan gave a vision of who was connected to Anakins saber to Rey because she needs to bring Luke and Ben home.

“Rey, these are your first steps” - Obi Wan directly speaks to Rey after she has her vision

So in I think in the past Kylo Ren went hunting for Obi Wans saber and you can see him holding it in the vision Rey has:

Kylo then seems to get a vision of Rey. In the novel of TFA, the moment Ren grabs this saber it is in the past and there is no rain, it is day time, he wrenches a saber from the ground after a fight and then it becomes night and rain and he sees Rey and walks towards her.

I think this is a cross over vision they both have into this future scene where they will meet again and something incredibly significant will happen during this meeting.

I also think masked adult Rey that he sees turns into this:

Whih causes this reaction to a girl on Jakku:

Rey also sees (possibly) Kylo Ren as a boy in her vision in the novel.

Its all falling into place methinks.


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A fic where the reader is an avenger. Pietro and reader like one another, but her avenger teammates are very protective. - Anon Request

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: None lots of Pietro fluff though!

A/N: Thanks for the request anon! I hope you like it. Feedback is always welcome.

5 minutes. That’s all you asked for. 5 undisturbed minutes alone with Pietro. The two of you had been trying to talk for almost a month now, but every time things began going somewhere one of the seven watch dogs would be right around the corner.

“I should say something.” you said, pacing back and forth. A frustrated hand running through your hair every now and again.

“It’s really no problem Y/n. I mean, they are only trying to protect you.” Pietro sat on the edge of your bed with a worried look on his face.

“That’s just it though. I don’t need protection from you.” you had now stopped in your place and turned completely towards Pietro. “I like–spending time with you,” you caught yourself, “and they can’t stop me. In fact, I’d like to see them try.”

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The Next Season of the Avengers Cartoon Stars Ms. Marvel, Jane Foster's Thor, and More
We’ve known for a little while that Ms. Marvel would be showing up on Marvel and Disney’s Avengers animated series, but now we have confirmation: not only will she be starring in the main team, the show itself is getting rebranded to Avengers: Secret Wars.
By James Whitbrook

Please god tell me jane foster will appear on this!!!
That gives me hope that she is still on the mcu

You don’t know how deeply you are intertwined with someone until you try to walk away from them.


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