Marvel Adventures: Super heroes vol.2 #004

Everyone should take dating and living advise from Tony Stark!


Scarlet Witch/Vision

Recommended Issues Reading List

  • Avengers v1 (especially #76, 81, 91, 99, 108, 110, 113, 126, 137, 140, 156, 160, 200, 233-235, 211, 233-235, 242-243, 254-255)
  • Giant Size Avengers #4
  • Marvel Fanfare #32, 58
  • Vision & Scarlet Witch v1
  • Vision & Scarlet Witch v2
  • West Coast Avengers #37-44
  • Defender vol.1 #112-114, 116
  • Avengers: The Crossing
  • Avengers v3 #4, 23
  • I ♥ Marvel: Marvel Ai
Street credibility isn’t more important than personal integrity…Don’t let adversity or jealously take you away from your destiny…If your friends can’t see beyond felonies or complacency…Just keep moving forward towards the farthest galaxy
—  Born Free #therealbornfree (The Book of Born Free…The Wisdom of Living Right Now!)
Things all visually impaired people relate to
  • Them:"Look at this!"
  • Me::/
  • Them:"Want to watch a movie?" Me: "Sorry, I can't."
  • Them:"What's that over there!?"
  • Me:"I have no idea."
  • Them:"Oooh that's so pretty!"
  • Me:"It is?"
  • Them:"You have a spot on your shirt /something in your teeth"
  • Me:"Oh wow that's so embarrassing, I couldn't see that."
  • Them:"Look, its a <insert cool/rare animal here>!"
  • Me:"Where?"
  • Them:"Let's go this way"
  • Me:"Which way is this way?" Them: "I pointed over there,"
  • Them:*points again*
  • Them:"weren't you paying attention?"
  • Me:"Which way are you pointing???"
  • Them:"What does that say?"
  • Me:"Sorry, I can't read it from here."
  • Them:"I have something for you! I'll put it here for you."
  • Me:*searches for 20 minutes to figure out where they put it*
  • Them:"Hand me the wrench."
  • Me:"Where is it?"
  • Them:"With the other tools on the table behind you." Me:*leans down to peer at each tool closely, squinting, and gliding my hand across each surface to feel which one it is.*
  • Them:"What's taking you so long!!?"
  • At night
  • *sees a tall dark blob* Is it a person? A light-post or a mailbox? Is it a tree? Is it the shadow of one of these objects? What if the person is a rapist/assassin/thief??? Do I keep walking? Is turning back weird at this point? Would they chase me?
  • *sees as wide dark blob*
  • This could be anything from a car to a rock to a bear, have fun figuring out which.
  • *sees something shiny*
  • probably something metal or glass but it could be anything
  • *Is pitch black and no one can see anything*
  • Hello darkness my old friend