visins of mabon

Visions of Mabon.

Watercolour and a bit of gouache, 15 x 22 inches on 140lb Strathmore watercolour paper.

This piece is based off of a dream I had. I debated on what to call it for a very long time. I think I even made a post about how I was at a loss at what to call a painting. I’ve typically got a title before I’ve got a sketch, so this was very annoying to work though. Any way, in the dream I was underneath a series of megalithic archways and this sublime golden light was shining through them. The last thing I remember before waking up was how awe-struck I was. I knew I immediately had to paint it.

The title comes from a dream city in a series of books by Charles de Lint. The city is called Mabon and seems to always be bathed in a golden twilight light. At least, that’s how I remember seeing it. I knew that my dream city was my Mabon.