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Do you think Tessa and Scott's success has been specific to them being together? Or could they have found equal amount of success with different partners? I've always gotten the feeling that Scott has known from a pretty young age how valuable Tessa was as partner and basically never let her go no matter what.

it’s interesting to think about bc for a long time, scott was visibly more talented than tessa. i think they talk about this in the book? tessa’s like ‘when we were kids, everyone said scott was better than i was’ and scott totally denies it, which is sweet…….but also false. (idk i’m prob paraphrasing this all wrong, i haven’t read their book in like 5 yrs.) there’s this story of vm being at a jgp and an official/judge walking up to scott and gushing to his face about how talented/great/amazing/literally-the-reincarnation-of-jesus he was while completely ignoring tessa standing right beside him. scott was literally like a skating prodigy when he was younger - i remember when he was like 20 and people were saying he was the best male ice dancer since chris dean and they hadn’t won a damn thing yet. one of my favorite things about tessa is actually how hard she’s worked to pull herself up to his level when she didn’t have half his natural talent……and all with her chronic leg injury. i never thought she could be as good as she is now, both as a skater and as a performer, when i first saw her at 07 worlds. you could probably argue as far along as worlds 2009, she was still visibly the weaker partner - i don’t think you can say that by olympics 2010. 

i think scott could have still been moderately successful without tessa. maybe no olympic titles but at least a couple of gp and world medals. he was just too talented not to have his pick of partners. talented ice dancers are hard to find, but talented male dancers are even rarer. and a talented dancer of scott’s generational talent? like unicorns. while tessa was injured in 08, he had girls throwing themselves at him and offering him a lot of $$$ trying to lure him away. i find it hard to believe he wouldn’t have found someone eventually. eg. it’s not hard to imagine an alex paul/scott moir partnership working out ok

tessa’s trajectory without scott feels like its harder to track because idk if she would have improved so much if she werent trying so hard to keep up with him. just practically, i think she’d be less successful than him because good male dancers are hard to come by. i think tessa’s also a very specific type? her ballet training, her grace, her delicate “look” - she needs a stronger energy to contrast against and bounce off to be able to perform most effectively. not so much now that she’s matured and come into her own, but def when she was younger - it’s why people always talk about vm in terms of being ‘a man and a woman’. i dont think it really even has much to do with their chemistry - its about their qualities as skaters and the archetypes they fit. tessa as soft, feminine, classically beautiful and scott as strong, masculine and the leader work so well as roles they embody because that’s the way they naturally are. i know fans have talked before about a crack partnership between tessa and andrew poje, but while they would be really good looking together, i just don’t think it’d work well at all. tessa and andrew are both more internal, softer, muted skaters and they both need more aggressive partners like scott and kaitlyn to balance them out. not to bring it back to alex paul again (or dog on mitch), but i think tessa’s career would have turned out a lot like hers without scott - it’s hard for tessa, as the “type” of skater she is, with her more subtle qualities, to carry a team on her own

ok i just wrote an essay and im p sure its all rambling and none of it makes sense lmao. enjoy all the typos

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Jussie Smollett & Jurnee Smollett Bell Raise Their Fists For Black Power In New Campaign + Zoe Kravitz Hangs Out With Godmom Cree Summer

Its’ a family fair all around.  Jussie Smollett and his sister Jurnee Smollett Bell are using their starpower to help kick-off a brand new social justice movement. Meanwhile, Zoe Kravitz is spending quality time with her godmom Cree Summer.

There’s a new movement in the works. And it’s already bringing forth some powerful imagery.

“Empire” breakout star Jussie Smollett and his sister Jurnee Smollett Bell, who’s gearing up to star in a new series “Underground,” have joined forces for the Creators of Color movement, just in time for Black History Month.

The new platform will highlight diversity in the creative sphere through images, visuals essays and insightful interviews to tell our stories and to make our talents more visible.

We’re SO here for black empowerment!

In the compelling pictorial, Jussie and Jurnee are dressed in all black while raising their black-gloved fists in the black power salute. Their photo is the first installment of an ongoing portrait series shot for Creators of Color. The campaign will be highlighting artists both in front of and behind the camera who inspire us to push the limits of creativity everyday.

Jussie shared the image on his Instagram with the caption, “Happy Monday. #StayWoke @l10_lax for @CreatorsOfColor portrait session – a new platform highlighting diversity in the creative sphere through images, visual essays and insightful interviews. #creatorsofcolor”

We’re sure folks will have something to say about this, just as they did when Beyonce and her dancers held up the black power salute during her halftime performance at Super Bowl 50.  If you haven’t noticed, tons of think pieces both supporting and condemning Beyonce’s performance have taken over the net since Sunday.

We’re certainly here for empowerment and anything else that inspires our community to be great.

Hate on haters….

In another black-and-white family flick….

Divergent star Zoe Kravitz found time out of her busy schedule for a girls’ day out yesterday with her godmom, who happens to be actress & voice-over star Cree Summer.

Zoe’s mom Lisa Bonet and Cree have been great friends for years, ever since they starred together in “A Different World.”

Cree posted up the family flick on her Instagram page, with Zoe looking like a spitting image of her mom, captioning, “When My Goddaughter is by my side … @zozobear121 @zoeisabellakravitz #supportyourlocalgirlgang #GODBLESSTHEFREAKS #PIRATES”