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Favorite Stiles Scenes: Season 6, Episode 10: The Reunion with Lydia

Alright, so here’s the final reunion scene Stiles had in episode 10. I really do try to keep my blog ship-free so everyone can enjoy it but I wanted to do all three reunion scenes and have a complete set. My favorite part is the hug at the end though. I love how each reunion fits with the characters’ relationship with Stiles and they all got to hug him in their own way.

The other reunions: [Scott] [Sheriff Part 1] [Sheriff Part 2]

I love the coloring in this one. Everything is visible and clear. It’s funny I’ll do these gif sets, then go back to watch the episode and forget how completely dark it is! Now I’ll do other scenes from this episode and episode 5 (and I might slide some Theo in as well!)

Damen/Laurent Rec List

Because @playingfetchwithdinosaurs was finally seduced into reading this amazing series and then she came to me because she needed more. Also, coincidentally, @notagoodplace4gods finished yesterday CP, but told me only today that she was freaking out over their love and she needed more so here I am giving more to them ;)

💖: my absolutely favorite stories about those Kings

Canon AU

In the Gardens by JustDrinkTea 2,101

“I doubt your disappearance would go unnoticed,” Laurent countered, head tilting slightly. He was teasing. Damen couldn’t get enough of it.

“Is that an excuse to not go?”

“It’s a challenge.”

💖 Sent Away by Josselin [Part 1 of Sent Away] 2,504

A series of vignettes of young Laurent’s life when he is sent to be fostered in the Akielon court.

Courtship by songofthe52hertzwhale 5,425

Damen just wants to court Laurent. Nobody in Vere makes it easy for him, least of all the man he hopes to marry.

💖 Dear Aledosia, by wendlaa 12,368

“Oh,” Laurent finds himself saying. Damianos has excused himself from his conversation, and has begun to make his way through the crowd. Here stand the Princes of Vere, after all. The ethereal Veretian Prince brothers. Laurent lifts his eyes towards the ceiling, arching his brows. “Heavens,” he says, voice tight.

Auguste chuckles. “You have a minute head start.”

Laurent ducks away.

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On The Edge With You (Spencer Reid x Reader)

My first Reid smut! Just an idea that popped in my head. PWP. Spencer Reid x Reader smut. The reader wonders just how Spencer gained his stamina in the bedroom, he shows her just how he gained that skill.

“Spencer, can I ask you something kind of,” You hesitated, “Personal?” You were both on his couch, you lying down with your feet in his lap. It was one of his rare weekends without a case or paperwork. You both opted for a quiet night in after going out to lunch.

“Sure?” He said looking up from his book, a little concerned. “We’ve been together for months Y/N, I hope you know you can ask me anything.”

“How do you last so long in bed?” You blurted out, trying to ignore the heat rising in your cheeks. You didn’t mean for it to sound so accusing. It was a valid question though, just the night before you came three times before Spencer even seemed close to finishing. It got you curious, and even a little worried.

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make me bad

Title: Make Me Bad
Pairing: Tyler Joseph/Reader
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Innocent!Tyler (with a wild side), dirty talk, teasing, choking, hair pulling, unprotected sex. Just fun shit.
A/N: It’s the BBQ fic, ya’ll. Let’s have some fun tonight. I hope you like it, because I really enjoyed writing it. Hopefully, I’ll have some Josh stuff out for you soon!

Originally posted by tyjo-jishwa-imagines

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Captive Prince Fic Rec

Love of the Second Star by SteeleStingray - This is the top of my list because if you haven’t read this fic you need to stop what you are doing right now and go read it. Akielos and Vere have an agreement that the princes spend several months in the other kingdom every other year so Laurent, Auguste, and Damen all grow up together and it is SO GOOD (COMPLETED)

One the Other by Ruby_Wednesday - This is a long fic (38 chapters) where Laurent is taken as a ward of Akielos at Marlas and he grows up with Damen. It is also absolutely fantastic (COMPLETED)

Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you by ambrotterswriting (Ambros) - This is an Olympics AU that is so cute and great I highly recommend it (COMPLETED)

Trust Falls by ChristyCorr - I’ll just leave the summary here: Damen’s made some questionable life decisions before, but subbing for the co-worker he hates the most might just take the cake. Damn, Nikandros is going to kill him. It’s a BDSM fic that’s really more about the relationship between the two of them than the porn. I would read a whole novel about this world, but sadly it’s a one-shot. (COMPLETED)

A Perfect Commotion  by Ruby_Wednesday - In this fic, Laurent is a lawyer who desperately needs this job because he had to take time off for (so far vaguely mentioned) mental health issues and he lies! and says he took time off to take of his kid! that he doesn’t have! ENTER DAMEN who has a blonde kid and we can all see where this is going. (WIP)

building empires by dawnstruck - Summary: “Marriage,” Prince Auguste bursts out and everyone stares.
“A marriage between our royal families,” he clarifies, visibly clearing his throat and his head before he continues, “To symbolize the pact between our kingdoms, for generations to come. Not foes, not friends, but family.”
Arranged Marriage AU that’s a bit more complicated than that and features poetry! (WIP)

The Veretian Flytrap by Just_Another_Day - THIS FIC! Honestly, this fic and Love of the Second Star made me want to write this list. It’s A/B/O and the slowest fucking burn, enemies to friends to lovers, like this fic is LIT (WIP)

Okay, that’s all I got right now, obviously this is by no means a comprehensive list, but it includes some of my favorites and the two fics I think everyone should read (one if you really hate A/B/O). Let me know what you think!

HARDKNOTT PASS, LAKE DISTRICT, ENGLAND - photography: James Green - text: Julia LaPalme - Motorcyclist May / June 2017

  • “Snaking its way through the verdant hills of Lake District National Park between Eskdale and the Duddon Valley, Hardknott Pass is a favorite of motorcyclist, sports-car drivers, and cyclists in and around Cumbria, England. Hardknott owes its exciting course to the Romans, who first paved this route in AD 110. Looking west from the summit at over 1,200 feet, the Isle of Man is visible on clear days. Sections of the road have a 33-percent grade, making Hardknott one of the two steepest roads in England. As the summer months are the busiest, early morning or late evening are the best times to ride this challenging strip of tarmac.”

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Summary: In 2008, Dean takes over his late grandfather’s tailor shop in Normal, Illinois, and discovers an old leather flight jacket in the attic. A hand-painted set of wings on the back, the name Novak, and a three-quarters sewn circle of red cotton are the only clues he has to the jacket’s origins, and he enlists his historian brother to help him find the owner.

It doesn’t take long for Sam to trace the jacket to Lieutenant Castiel Novak–a pilot who lived in Dean’s apartment until his mysterious disappearance a few years after WWII–and what little information they find about him is fascinating. The guy was a stone cold badass. A stone cold fox, too, if the grainy old newspaper photo is anything to go by.

It’s to be expected that Dean idly wishes he could have known the man as he closes the annoyingly unfinished circle of thread on the jacket.

Less expected, however, is that wish coming true. 

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body language analysis series;

(1/7) Jeon Jeongguk ;

The way he carries himself; with Jeongguk in particular there’s a big difference between the him off today (YNWA era) and let’s say, Debut era, because he was just lil baby back then. So, he hadn’t yet developed his personality quite as strongly, he was still growing into himself quite a bit.

Jeongguk’s current day body language is the only thing I’ll be addressing because it’s the most relevant and actuate of his adult/developed personality.

Anyways, Jeongguk’s body language is CRISP, oh boy he’s super duper easy to read. This is pretty heavily due to the fact that he’s a physical person in general, less verbal, he tends to rely on physical intent and expressions to communicate his thoughts and feelings. So when/what he’s feeling, it tends to light up like Christmas lights, even if he isn’t saying how he’s feeling verbally, it reflects so super clearly.

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Between 12:02 pm and 12:05 p.m. the powder smoke can be seen as Dylan and Eric shoot from the library windows at deputies and paramedics rescuing the wounded. I was trying to make Eric look more clear and visible, but couldn’t find Dylan. I’m suspecting the object on the left side of Eric though.

  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: how does the justice system of the harry potter world function? are there jails besides azkaban for smaller crimes, or does one have to deal with crushing terror for peeing on a bush? why was barty crouch allowed to be involved in his own son's trial? is there any form of ethical training that goes into the ministry? also, how does azkaban work? are there human guards as well as dementors, or can dementors function well enough to feed prisoners or take them to visitation areas? if there are wizards or aurors who work within the prison system do they have to deal with constant feeling of dread from their coworker dementor jim just hanging out? what is the fugitive protocol? why were there no clear visible figures trying to find sirius, just dementors around hogwarts? can dementors function the same as u.s. marshals? is that what they're a metaphor for as well as depression? how did the law enforcement of the wizarding world close a case after finding only a man's finger, how did--

cyberneticwonderer  asked:

I loved the little drabbles of the guys supporting their wives in labor. May I ask for a Genji and Zenyatta one? Separately and obviously Zenyatta's child being from a donor.


Genji was no stranger to pain, he had both inflicted it on others and had massive pain inflicted on himself, from his own brother tat that. But he absolutely hated to see others, especially those he cared about it pain. So to say he was worried over you, was the greatest understatement known to man.

“I’m okay I’m okay I’m okay….”

That was your mantra as you sat with your legs criss crossed on the floor, rocking back and forth, only pausing to give a brief whimper. Genji held your hands between his warm metal ones, his thumbs gently massaging the back of palms. You craned your head back before looking at him with a pain and exhaustion-laced smile, sighing softly and squeezing his hand tight. Just looking at him made you smile despite your exhaustion. He had most of his faceplate off; his black hair and scarred face visible, his emotions clear as day to you. He had dressed up in a comfortable pair of black sweats and a lime green t-shirt that says ‘Future Daddy’. It made you laugh anytime you saw it and you were absolutely sure that’s why he wore it; his devotion to bring light and laughter resolute.

Your eyes squeezed shut for a brief second as a small wave of pain went through you, your shoulders jumping when Genji leaned forward to press his forehead to yours. He laced his left hand with yours, his right hand lifting to comb through your sweat soaked hair. You hummed softly, releasing out a slow breath and relaxing into his touch as the latest contraction began to died down.

“You’re okay”, Genji murmured against your knuckles, lightly pecking your hand several times. His brown eyes looked into your, a comforting smile on his lips as you nodded your head to affirm his statement. You squeezed his hand back gently as he pressed a hard kiss against your knuckles once more. “Thank you dearest…”



“Would you like to move into the water, my flower?”

You nodded your head enthusiastically, pressing your face back into the crux of Zenyatta’s shoulder and neck. The omnic was actually standing so that he could hold you up, his hands resting on the sides of your round stomach while your arms stayed tightly wrapped around his neck. He had been an absolute angel the entire time; he had set up the room to your liking with the lights dimmed and lavender oils burning in one corner of the room. His soft, humming words of endearment and encouragement prevented stress or fear from settling in, his gentle touches and ‘kisses’ getting you through the brunt of your contractions.

“Take a step when you are ready my flower.”

Your eyes dragged up tiredly to his as you nodded once more, signaling that you were ready to move with him. The both of you moved careful and slow, Zenyatta quietly reminding you to take a break if you needed to, that everything would work itself out and there was no need to rush. One of his arms stayed around you as he carefully assisted you with entering the tub and lowering into the warm water. You released a sigh of contentment as you felt the pain you had been feeling in the earlier contractions lessen while in the water, looking up at the former monk appreciatively. He took his hand in yours, gently patting it before pressing his forehead to yours in a show of affection.

“You are doing so well, beloved.”

Important Update

Recently this blog has garnered some negative attention, stirred up some discourse, and the ethics of running a blog like this that gets submissions like I do have been called into question. I’ve heard some good arguments against, I’ve received a ton of support, and rather than answer every message/reply I’ve gotten about the state of this blog individually, I decided to make a post here.

First off, I’m going to be tagging things more thoroughly. Any negative toned posts will be tagged as negative, all else will be tagged as positive. If you do not want to see the ‘discoursey’ posts or blogs that involve negative opinions, you can blacklist the tag “negative” without quotes. If this blog or the confessions on it has hurt you, I urge you to unfollow and block me, or at the very least blacklist the negative tag. That will keep you only seeing positive content.
Along with that, if you send in a post and I tag it as either positive or negative, it is not a commentary  on you, your opinion, or your post, it just is regards to the tone, it’s not an insult, please don’t send me hate about it. If you’d like, specify which when you send in a confession.

Some people do think I should weed out the darker, “more toxic” posts, which I am respectfully declining to do. A majority of those who sent in their opinions agree that I have no right to choose which is appropriate for this blog, and that would just defeat the entire purpose of the blog. I think tagging the post positive or negative is a good compromise, because that way people can still send in negative opinions but they can be avoided.

Also, let me remind you that I also do tag “fandom related”, “pet tinies”, “vore”, “gt violence”, which have been the hot spots for discourse lately. Feel free to block those tags if you so wish to.

Secondly, I received a few messages a bit worried about my well being as the mod. Some of you are concerned over the toll this blog takes on me. I will say I’m not in the best spot in my life, and I am trying very hard to get better, and all of the negative things involved in this blog does tax me at times. While I’ve decided to not delete or quit the blog, I am going on a hiatus. This means the askbox will be closed, and I won’t be responding to questions or replies. The queue will still run, but confessions and asks will be off, and I won’t be monitoring the blog as strictly as I did. Taking advice from a few of you, I’m taking a break and going to come back to this blog with a fresh perspective.

I’m not sure how long I’ll be gone, but I’ll be back before the queue runs out so there won’t be any delay in posting.

If any of you have any responses to this or any other ideas on how I can make the blog a safer space, feel free to reblog this and add on, as shortly after I post this the inbox will be closed.

I hope to be back soon.

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"Will you kiss me?"

Something I wanted to do for Bi-Visibility Week! 

Ohm had disconnected a good minute and a half before, Evan was keeping track.

The silence was haunting, and Evan kicked himself for what seemed to have been the eighth time since he said those damning words.

“If we make it out of here alive, will you kiss me?”

What in the name of anything, made him say that? How could he slip up so badly?

Delirious still hadn’t said a word in the minute and forty-six seconds, and Evan was pretty sure his heart was about to burst out of his chest. He thought of ways to make it seem more like a joke than it was, but he was coming up empty.

“So, you want me to kiss you now or later?”

Evan groaned loudly, despite Delirious’ teasing tone.

“Please, just please forget I said anything. It was only a joke.”

“Was it?” And was that hope in his voice?

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Choosing the wrong Priorities Part 1

This is part one of a two part story in which Harry wants to use the Hendall ship to be in the news more. His girlfriend isn’t too fond of that idea though.  I hope you’ll like this story. According to Wattpad, it’ll take about 5 minutes to read. Also, I’m using Kendall’s name because of her relationship to Harry. I don’t have anything against her personally. 

Coming home to him was what I thought about the minute I shut the door behind me when I left in the morning. He would be asleep, now that he got to stay home more and I’d have to leave him behind with his cheeks flushed and his plumb lips slightly open as he snore quietly. The urge to kiss him would sometimes overwhelm me and I’d steal a small peck. When I came home he always told me that he loved the gentle kisses I gave in the morning. That it gave him a sense of what we were, each other’s.

And it was because of this that I would never have imagined what tumbled from his lips that night. I was absorbed into a different world when Harry sat down by my side and carefully pulled my book from my grasp, trying to make me give him my full attention.

“We need to talk about something. S'important, love.”

His words worried me at first, but I relaxed when he smiled warmly. I scooted back on the bed to make more space for him and sat into a cross-legged position.

“What is it?”

Harry cleared his throat and pushed some of his hair back that had fallen into his face. I resisted to grin, admiring how handsome and genuinely beautiful he was. I loved the way his green eyes sparkled in contrast to his black shirt and how soft the skin of his neck looked. The pink of his lips.

“Remember how I told you that I would be meeting with Jeff today to discuss some ideas he had?”

I nodded, recalling it to have been a few nights ago when we were cuddled up in bed.

“Did it go well?”

“Yeah. He’s got some pretty cool ideas for what the guys and me should do for our comeback. We really need to get right back into business, you know?”

“You will,” I said confidently. “You’re adored so deeply as well as widely.”

“I sure hope so,” he chuckled. “But there is this one thing Jeff proposed I should do. He said it’d be in order for people to not forget about me. And you won’t be too fond of it, but I must remind you that it would be really good for me.”

When the only answer he got was a frown he continued, his fingers twitching nervously in his lap.

“Y/N, there have been a lot of pictures of us together lately. In a restaurant, you and me grocery shopping, entering this house.”

“None of them are displays of affection. They’re no prove that we’re dating,” I interrupted quietly.

We had agreed to keep our relationship as private as we possibly could. Only immediate family and friends knew. And Harry’s management of course. Naturally, we did spend time together outside our apartment and of course paps occasionally snapped pictures of us, but with neither of us commenting on them, there wasn’t much of a story for anyone to tell.

“I know that,” Harry agreed, “but Jeff says that he gets questions about us every day. He’s worried for our relationship and how I’m gonna be treated by the public once I’ll get back into the spotlight.”

“So you mean he’s worried for your image.”

Harry hesitated before muttering: “He doesn’t want every question in the interviews we’ll give to be one that I can’t answer honestly.”

“I understand that,” I assured him, lacing my fingers with his gently, “but I’m already worried about Jeff’s proposition.”

A small smile danced on his lips when I caressed his cross tattoo on the back of his hand.

“It isn’t that bad,” Harry mumbled, though he avoided meeting my eyes. He took a deep breath. “Jeff wants me to kiss Kendall and have some paps photograph it.”

His tone was slightly higher than usual and I was hoping that he was joking.

“I’m sorry?”

My voice stayed surprisingly calm for someone who’d just been told that her boyfriend was to make out with one of his ex girlfriends. I knew that he was still on good terms with her and that they occasionally met up when he went to LA, but he always assured that their friendship was solely platonic. And now they were to change that for it to be her in the pictures and not me?

“Magazines would talk about it for a while and it’d allow rumors about us to calm down again. He’s throwing a party next weekend and thinks it would be the perfect place.”

“I know he is,” I said dubiously and pulled my hand from his grasp. “You invited me to go with you, remember? Are you just gonna take Kendall instead while I’m to stay home and act the good girl?”

“Actually,” Harry began but trailed off when he finally met my eyes.

“What?” I growled.

He took a deep breath. “Jeff says it’d be ideal for you to be there as well. Just to make it more believable. I would leave with Kendall n'maybe give the paps some PDA while you leave shortly after. Or the other way around. It doesn’t matter really so you can choose. ”

“Oh jeez, thanks, Harry.”

I let out a harsh breath and shot off the bed. Harry watched as I stomped over to the window, putting space between us.


“What happens if I say no?” I asked, finally my voice reflected my emotions by trembling.

Harry scratched the back of his neck. “S'not really an option. Kendall already said she’d be fine with it.”

“Of course she is.”

He dropped his head and pushed himself off the bed as well.

“Look, it’s only half as bad as you think it is right now. It will all be a show to please everyone and that’s it. You n'me are still together aft-”

“Are we?” I shrieked.

My fingers shook heavily, my vision was blurred as my eyes drowned with tears and Harry watched me with an almost frightened expression on his face. I felt like laughing at him. He had obviously expected this to go much different. Easier I supposed. With less resistance and more understanding on my part. But how could I? It felt like he was willingly replacing me with her.

“I mean,” I began and backed off when he moved closer to me, “Jeff knows right? And you know that you’re my boyfriend, right? Not hers. And that I am your girlfriend, not her. That it’s me who’s coming home to you, not-”

“It’s not about her, Y/N!” he interrupted, his voice resounding from the walls. “I know that I’m with you-”

“Then why can’t I be the only one who kisses you?” I yelled and forcefully pushed away his outstretched hands when he reached for me.

I stepped further back and held up my own hand, signaling him not to come any closer.  

“I can’t understand how you could possibly think that I would agree to this. Why would I?”

Harry turned away and pulled at his hair in frustration. “I thought you cared about me doing well in my career, that’s why.”

“Oh, don’t you pull that shit on me,” I said, the tears falling rapidly. “You’re my best friend and I love you. Of course I want you to do well.”

His green eyes sparkled with sympathy when he turned to look at me as my fingers hastily brushed the water from beneath my eyes. Guilt crossed his features.

“It’s not fair of you to try and bribe me,” I mumbled.

He stayed silent and the only noise remaining was my heavy breathing mixed with the faint sound of traffic outside. When he spoke his voice was quiet and careful.

“I can ask Jeff if you being there is really necessary,” he tried to soothe me.

“That’s not the point, Harry.”

He shook his head and let himself fall back down on the mattress with a groan, hiding his face behind his palms. I wrapped my arms around my middle and stared at him wordlessly. When he removed his hands again he spoke with finality in his voice.

“Y/N, I’m sorry. Truly. But this is going to happen. I understand why you’re not thrilled. M'sorry about that. But you’re making this a bigger deal than it has to be and I’m sure that if you’d just went along with it, you’d see that it’s the best solution for our problem.”

The compassion hadn’t quite left his eyes, but he looked at me like the discussion we were having was  over. Like it was him who had ultimately the last say in this. I raised my eyebrows. My bottom lip quivered when I spoke.

“Then it’s going to happen without me.”

“That can be arranged. M'sure Jeff’ll understand that you don’t want to be there when-”

“No”, I interrupted quietly. “I mean, then it will happen completely without me.”

Harry tilted his head, his eyebrows furrowing. He looked so lovely. Even with his forehead glistening and his curls a mess on top of his head from being pushed back roughly repeatedly. I swallowed the lump in my throat and forced myself to continue.

“Either you stay with me and don’t do this, or you kiss her, but then you and I are over.”  

His mouth dropped open and he got back to his feet. I was glad when he didn’t try to move closer again.

“You’d break up with me?”

My heart hurt at how soft and vulnerable his voice sounded. The green eyes filled with disappointment as his jaw tensed and the vain in his neck got more visible. I cleared my throat.

“I don’t want to be with you when I’m not good enough for your standards.”

“Who said anything of that?” Harry asked, annoyance clear in his tone.

“You did when you said kissing Kendall would be good for you and the solution for our problem!” I shouted, emphasizing the last word.

I forced myself not to back away again. Fighting with Harry felt awful and wrong. Our relationship was always one of loving words, not arguments. He always playfully said that he was more of a lover than a fighter anyway.

“I get it, okay? Having pictures of you and a hot model cruising through the internet is way better than pictures of us.”

“Y/N”, Harry tried, but there was nothing for him to say. He had already said enough.

“I feel like you’re asking if it’s okay for you to cheat on me and it’s not.”

“It’d be for my fucking job, Y/N!”

“It says nowhere in your contract that you have to make out with a model to hide your relationship, Harry! This is just a stupid idea from your manager to hide your problem, as you put it, and for some reason you find it a brilliant one! Your career wouldn’t suffer if you’d refuse this proposition.”

Harry looked at me like he couldn’t believe what I had just said.

“You’re just being difficult. You won’t break up with me over something this insignificant. It’s just a fucking kiss for god’s sake.”

And with that, we walked out on me, leaving me by the window with tears rolling down my cheeks. He didn’t even look back. I jumped when the sound of our front door shutting echoed. Not quite believing he just left I let out a broken hiss and angrily brushed the rest of my tears away. My feet carried me to our wardrobe where I stood onto my tiptoes to reach my duffle bag. I felt my heart break into pieces but I knew that I was doing what was right. I loved Harry. I truly did. But if he couldn’t see that he was mine as much as I was his, then this relationship wasn’t a healthy one. His words kept replaying in my head. You won’t break up with me over something this insignificant.

“Like hell I won’t.”

Harry POV

The sun hid behind heavy grey clouds as the trees marking the way swung back and forth with the wind. I shuddered. It felt as if the London air refused to stay warm for even one minute longer after sunset. My fingers pulled at the sleeves of my shirt and it only now occurred to me how long I must’ve stayed out. When I left Y/N standing in our bedroom the thin material had been more than enough to keep me comfortable. I scratched the back of my neck, guilt spreading from the pit of my stomach up to my throat. The keys between my fingers shook heavily as I noticed the lack of light in the house in front of me.

By coincident my former schoolfriend John had come to the city and after leaving Y/N to cool off I decided to pay him a visit. He hadn’t met Y/N and I wondered if it was smart to go to him after an argument with her. Usually the person I talked to was Gemma, though it wasn’t like Y/N and I fought often, on the contrary. She was always understanding, loving and too kind for the world. This had been the first time where she hadn’t supported one of my decisions, even when she disagreed, she at least supported me. How she couldn’t see that me getting associated with Kendall Jenner was a good thing, was beyond me. Of course I understood jealousy. God knows I felt it often enough, but this wasn’t about being unfaithful to her, it was about promoting myself. Furthermore, a happy management meant more pay and more favors, like days off.

Due to John not knowing Y/N, I figured if anyone wouldn’t hesitate to call me out if I was in the wrong, it’d be him. And he was.

While yelling back and forth with her, it was a mystery to me how Y/N could possibly act the way she did. Why she refused being a help in my career, her, the person meant to always support me, even when it meant me having a meaningless make out session with Kendall. But after voicing my request a second time, the realization of how much of an asshole I’d been came crushing down onto me. Of course she couldn’t bear the thought of watching me kiss my ex girlfriend, no matter how fleeting our relationship had been. The mere thought of another man’s lips pressing against her soft ones made my insides turn. John had sighed and even admitted his surprise that she didn’t slap me. I found myself wishing she would’ve so we’d be somehow even.

“Don’t get me wrong”, John had assured, “I’ve seen Kendall and if I had the chance then I certainly wouldn’t push her out of bed. Tell you what, there’s hardly anything I wouldn’t do to have those legs wrapped around-”

“What’s your point?”

John had barked a laugh and reached out to clap my shoulder. “Your girl, Y/N, only has to cross your mind and your whole face lights up. I’d say you’re pretty whipped.”

I cleared my throat, nodding at his statement. I truly hadn’t ever been as in love with someone as I was now. Maybe that was somehow an explanation to why I sometimes struggled to

“I know you have to stay popular and all”, John had spoken gently, squeezing my arm, “but is it worth losing the girl who has you completely smitten with her and is just as utterly smitten with you?”

No. The word I spoke before practically running out of John’s hotel room and the word echoing in my head now as the fear crept up my chest. Our home looked so empty. My stomach felt as if in knots when I discovered that our front door was locked. It seemed odd, since Y/N wouldn’t have left our home without securing it, I’d reminded her of that often enough. There were no lights on, and even when she slept she normally left at least one lamp alight. But she couldn’t have left me this fast, right?

After not spotting her in our living room against my predictions, I quietly made my way to the stairs. I skipped the last few as I hurried up into our bedroom where I had left her. But this room, too, was empty. Instead, on the very bed Y/N and I had spend a night filled with kisses and whispered promises less than 24 hours ago, were our sheets in a heap and the shirt and shorts of mine she had been wearing today. My heart stopped and salty water shot to my eyes, drowning them instantly. She really was gone.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! Feedback is always welcome and so are requests.  :) 

Part two: 

/Sherlock Analysis Time/

• Red circles indicate hair popping out from places that they shouldn’t be since, everyone simply assumed there are only 4 people in the picture.

To me, it clearly looks like 6.

• Purple circle indicates shoes popping out.

• Blue lines indicate possible body orientations.

Now unless that’s Chanyeol at the back who decided to bring his Toben to hang out with him as EXO busies themselves with billiards and has decided to lay among the balls and caress his Toben casually with one hand as he places his other hand at the back of his head, the scene at the back is quite uncanny.

Since, Chanyeol is taller than the blue line of possible body orientation suggests, it’s highly unlikely that it’s Chanyeol at the back.

Here’s my guess. Most of EXO seems to have gone there. Even if 4 are clearly visible. *clears throat* Now, however unlikely it might be, if Jongin somehow decided to tag along…………*pause* and Kyungsoo too………….*long pause*…………….The scene at the back seems to be making some sense, doesn’t it? ;)

Can you imagine if dan and Phil willingly kissed on camera?
I think about this all the time.
Say if it was pinof for example. - “I dare you two to kiss”
And they’re like “alright” and it probably wouldn’t be like a quick peck. It’s been a long awaited moment. They talked about it. Like it’s a consensual kiss from between the two. And Phil’s hand cups Dan’s face, and their heads know where to go and they make it clear. Visible.
A Well known going-to-break-the-internet-for-days kiss.
Like what happens after that?
They don’t have to say they’re dating because chances are they won’t. They still won’t have to, it’ll just lead a whole new plethora of questions. Will they smile after it happens? Laugh? Look at the camera and say “yes that just happened” and move on?
Will the earth stop?
Would it change anything?
We’ll probably all gasp so hard our lungs will fall out of our backs.

It’s actually sad how much thought I’ve put into this I’m just gonna crawl back into my hole now.

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My Day Off {Cop!Bucky AU}

A/N: If you want a part 2, let me know!

**Disclaimer: I own no part of the Marvel universe or any of its lovable characters.**

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I always welcome a day off. Everyone probably does I guess, but after covering two twelves at the hospital for Cindy whose son was sick, and working another ten in addition to my normal three-day work week, I needed a day off more than ever. As I drove home that morning, all I could think about was a long hot bath and then an even longer nap.

“How long does a nap have to be before it’s called a coma?” I wondered aloud as I fiddled with my key in the lock of my front door. I laughed quietly at my own joke, then rolled my eyes at how nurse humor was almost always some degree of morbid.

When the door swung open, all humor was sucked out of me as I remembered why I had been so willing to work thirty-four extra hours this week. My boyfriend of five years had moved in with me after two years together, and then a year later started a new additional relationship. He dated the both of us for two more years before he finally slipped up, accidentally mixing up our Valentine’s Day presents. The breakup had been the easy part; he was out of town a lot for his job (at least I thought it was for his job). Sleeping alone wasn’t hard. No, it didn’t become real until he called me last week.

“Hey, Y/N,” his voice was soft. He sounded broken. It made me wonder if his other girlfriend had dumped him too.

“Hey, everything okay?” I cursed myself for even asking. After five years, I guess old habits die hard.

“Yeah,” he said a little too quickly. “I mean, no,” he sighed. “Of course not. Are you okay?”

I paused, not wanting to make the same mistake he did, and instead steeled my resolve. “Yeah. I’ll be fine. Did you need something?”

I heard him sigh again, and thought I even heard a sniffle as though he was trying to keep from crying. Maybe he’d lost his job. Maybe his family disowned him for being such a pathetic loser… Maybe he really missed me. “I found a place. I get the keys in a couple days so I can finally get my stuff out of your way.”



“I’ll come by on Wednesday to get started. It might take a couple of days…”

“I work a lot this week, just leave your key in the bowl when you’re done.”

My apartment seemed so empty. Colin hadn’t taken much – all the staple items remained including the large TV he’d blown a bunch of money on in college. It didn’t matter though. When I saw the light bounce off his old key in the bowl, it finally hit me.

It was really over.

Five years. Five years of happiness. Five years with my best friend… who I couldn’t trust as far as I could throw him. He was really gone. I worked my way through each room, and mentally thanked the letch for closing the drawers I knew were empty in the dresser. What I didn’t thank him for was the letter sitting on my bed. He even addressed it with the ironic pet name he’d bestowed on me after his favorite dessert.

My cherry pie,

I wish I had a better explanation for what I’ve done to you. I truly wish that I could have been honest with you from the beginning. I told you once that I didn’t believe in soulmates until I met you, and I meant it. You’ve been my best friend for so long, and I was so afraid of losing you that I couldn’t tell you that I wasn’t in love with you anymore. You mean the world to me, and I will never forgive myself for hurting you. I know I cannot expect you to forgive me either. I expect nothing from you, but if you ever need anything, you can always call me.

Your soulmate,


“My soulmate?!” I screeched. I ripped a pillow off the bed and muffled the loudest, most heart wrenching, exhausting scream I had ever conjured. I couldn’t be there, not now. Thoughts of my soak and slumber were long gone. Instead, I showered and attempted to wash away both the grime of the hospital and the grit of my failed – no, sabotaged – relationship. After drying my hair and throwing on some leggings and a sweatshirt, I gathered up my dirty laundry, grabbed a few things to keep me busy, and headed out the door.

I had to take the expressway for a short time to navigate my way to the closest laundromat. Though I attempted to distract myself with music, my anger consumed me as I thought about how misguided and stupid I’d been to date someone who would actually think he could cheat on me for two years and still call me his soulmate.

“Maybe if soulmates want to cut off your left nut and feed it to you.”

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So now that I’ve got my office / library in some sort of coherent order, the next step, which I’ve been meaning to do for AGES, is to get a proper handle on my witchy supplies. There are bins upon bins of things which are safely stored and neatly labeled. The trouble is, I don’t know what’s really IN most of them and to further confuse things, nearly all the bins look alike.

Ergo, tonight’s project is going to involve doing a proper inventory of all my herbs, seeing what needs tossing, what needs refilling, and what needs a bigger jar. I’ve got sponges and Sharpies and spare containers at the ready, and once I’ve got everything properly accounted for, I’ll be numbering the bins and possibly putting a sort of “packing list” in for easy visibility. (They’re all clear plastic.)

And for anything who’s thinking this isn’t much of a challenge…eh heh. My whole practice revolves around plants and herbal medicine, and I’ve been at this for more than ten years. I literally have more jar of herbs than I know what to do with. (Which may result in the sale or trade of some things later on, hint hint wink wink.)

If I get through four or five of the small bins plus my frequently-used shelves before I run out of spoons, I’ll be happy.